Donald Trump campaign opens in Israel


The debate over who is backing Donald Trump  is now over, this report is the nail in that coffin. As I have been telling everyone for months, Trump is the Zionist candidate, that is why Sheldon Adelson finances him and it is why the GOP has chosen to campaign in Israel.

This story also reveals just what a farce American ‘democracy’ is and to what extent US sovereignty has been surrendered to the Zionists. The whole idea of dual citizenship is ludicrous to begin with, especially when the American-Israelis have shown time and again, their loyalties always lie with Israel.

Now we have a situation where the citizens of another country could well decide the result of the US  presidential elecitons.

To quote Jim Dean ‘you just can’t make this stuff up’….

Arutz Sheva
Donald Trump campaign opens in Israel

The Donald Trump campaign launched a ground campaign in Israel today, trying to get US citizens living in Israel to make sure to vote for the Republican candidate.

Marc Zell, Chair of Republicans in Israel, who is leading the campaign, said: “There are 300,000 to 400,000 potential votes in Israel, and many of them are coming from the key battleground states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. These are states with large Jewish populations, where the Jewish vote matters. We estimate there might be 10 to 12 thousand votes from Florida alone here.”

Speaking to potential voters, Zell recounted how in 2000, George Bush beat out Al Gore thanks to a few hundred votes in Florida. “1,500 votes for Bush came from Israel during that election. So if they hadn’t voted, Bush wouldn’t have been President. Your vote really counts.”

Campaign activists are hitting Israeli malls in areas with high concentrations of American citizens to make their pitch to voters on the fence, and have begun distributing Trump hats, stickers, and buttons.

Emphasizing his support for Israel and playing up frustration among American-Israelis over the Obama administration’s handling of America’s relationship with Israel and the Iran nuclear deal, the Trump operation in Israel has rolled out a new logo with the slogan “Trump – the Israeli Interest” – in Hebrew.

“The Hebrew logo was designed in the same spirit as the American logo,” said a Trump campaign press release. “The message is clear: he is appealing to the American-Israeli community, which leans to the right politically and is more associated with the Republican Party.”


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  1. Ian – where does Haim Saban fit in with Adelson and Soros? He donates to the Democrats, but is that just covering all bases?

  2. Excellent comment, I think I am in agreement on all points to some degree. I would point out that Adelson and Soros are on opposite sides of the left-right split in Jewish politics and bitter enemies. In some ways, you can view this current US election a being a battle in their ongoing civil war.

  3. Ian, I appreciate your edit of your reply to gogh removing your insults…Obviously, it’s not your “reporting” on Trump that is bias…Its your gaping hole in “reporting” on Hillary. But, you know that. My point was about the lack of journalistic integrity suffering in MSM including blatant bias. My hope was that VT would be different. Once again, I won’t be voting in this corrupt election system. I will also reiterate that we all know both major parties are corrupt and fed by the evil elite. My comments were about your general lack of vision and apparent bias feeding one of the wolves. After reviewing your last several dozen articles, that you personally wrote, it’s clear that you are choosing one of two evils. The question is “Why”?

  4. Many of us who look to VT for clearer and more concise information are now sadly disappointed in many writers/editors. Thankfully there are a small amount who still seem to have stayed on task. They still have their focus on the RKM and their masters. Please simply report the unbiased facts as best you can with the upmost integrity while keeping your personal feelings/opinions to yourself. That is what has been stolen from us in America. We hoped VT was going to be different. A site we could trust to give us the truest and least bias information.

    • Since when has VT not been about opinions as well as facts? How is reporting on Trump biased? Hilary isn’t campaigning in Israel, if she was I would report on it. Your criticism is unfounded I’m afraid.

  5. Enough of the personal insults Greenhalgh. All it does is weaken your arguments and reputation. Anyone can see that BOTH parties are corrupt. Both take money from Zionists…We know they own the majority of the world’s media. Many of us hoped VT could do their best to weed out the rhetoric and refrain from OpEd rants. If the Zionist MSM is brainwashing against Hillary(As you said), then why does it seem to most others observing that the majority of the MSM is heavily bias in her favor? I refuse to vote for our wholly corrupt system. I can’t image, with the vast knowledge most writers and editors here at VT have or have easy access to, you could not come to the same conclusion. However, after reading such blatant support for one candidate or the other(heavily one), I must say I’m very suspect. Especially when educated professionals succumb to personal attacks and name calling when questioned or challenged. We get enough of that in MSM and vast numbers of websites on-line. Instead of trading insults, why don’t you lay out your argument in a logical way with supported data.

    • Of all the pro-Trump Hilary bashing I have read, this is one of the most stupid and ignorant examples. Trump listens only to his advisors/handlers, he is a good puppet because he will say any nonsense they tell him to. As for your diatribe about Hilary and war, it’s utter nonsense and not worth correcting. Are you really this stupid and misinformed or are you deliberately spreading nonsense?

  6. Truly the work of the devil. Being forced to chose you route of demise. The 2016 election is just an opportunity to chose which form of fast moving cancer will tear through you.
    One who shows moments of promise between retarded and almost mind controlled jibberish and the other is just sounds confused by an adder all induced turrets fit.
    Two of the biggest sellouts to ever run for office. We’re F-ed.

  7. Trump was meant as the fall guy for getting the real Zionist neocon candidate Hillary into office. The fact that a few Israeli dual nationals are distributing flyers in Israeli shopping malls is no nail in any coffin that Trump is the real Zionist neocon candidate. Adelson may have financed Trump, but Soros finances Hillary. But you choose not to mention that. Why do you not mention that? Why do you incessantly attack Trump? I refer you to the current contribution by Allan Roland on Hillary. Titled “America’s Dark Side is Hillary’s Cross of Iron”

    • Soros is no Zionist, in fact he is their arch enemy. He is part of the Jewish liberal left and they are bitterly opposed to the right wind Likudist Zionists. Hilary is no friend of the Zionists either, but obviously you have been brainwashed into believing all the nonsense written about her by the Zionist owned MSM.

    • Ian, learn to read. I never stated that Soros is a Zionist. But aside from that: according to your editor Jim Dean Soros is worse: the NWO arch enemy of humanity. Is your editor quite clearly clueless? Or is he brainwashed? Now read the leaked e-mail to which I referred you, quoted by your fellow contributor Allan Roland, titled “America’s Dark Side is Hillary’s Cross of Iron” The nail in the coffin showing that Hillary is in bed with your liberal left Iran hating Jews who cannot mention their nukes.

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