Nukes to Belgium? The “Waffle bomb?”



ScreenHunter_439 Aug. 15 09.47The US considers sending long-term shipments of weapons-grade uranium to a medical research reactor in Belgium.

The Belgian Nuclear Research Center is attempting to get approval for 317 pounds (144 kilos) of highly enriched uranium (HEU) from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The delivery would be long term, in a series of shipments over 10 years.

According to its website, the Belgian Nuclear Research Center, “conducts groundbreaking research into nuclear energy and ionising radiation for civilian use, and develops nuclear technologies for socially valuable purposes.”

The United States has supplied the reactor, which produces radioisotopes for fighting cancer, with HEU for decades. However, the long-term nature of this latest request is unheard of, as previous agreements have been for shorter periods of time of one to three years.

The Belgian center says the reactor supplies about 25 percent of the world’s radioisotopes used in detecting and treating cancers and more in peak demand periods.

One of the critics of this proposal is Armando Travelli, who until 2005 headed the U.S. Energy Department’s program to convert research reactors to safer uranium and bring bomb-grade uranium back to the United States.

Travelli warns that Belgium could be left with an oversupply of HEU if they close their reactor before the end of the 10 year deal, leaving the US with little control.

There are also security concerns in Belgium given its recent terrorist attacks. Police have said that the Brussels’ bombers had secretly filmed the movement of the head of Belgium’s nuclear research program. Police said the terrorists, who were part of twin bombings on March 22 that killed 32 civilians, had planned to target Belgium’s nuclear research facilities before changing their minds.

Alan Kuperman, coordinator of the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project at the University of Texas, suggests the US is not serious in its efforts to retrieve HEU if the Belgium deal goes ahead.

“In the wake of the recent terrorist threat to the Belgian site, we have a request for bomb-grade uranium that is unprecedented in both duration and amount,” said Kuperman.

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  1. Does not France enrich a lot of uranium that’s taken (exported) from African nations? AND they are EU neighbors.

  2. Trying to gain approval. Nothing suggests approval is imminent or, will ever be granted for such an amount. I guess any web site can make any claim it wishes but who knows at the end of the which is fact and which is fiction?


  3. Follow up..

    They have to divert the massive growing anger of the European people against “ALL” they do. I’m waiting for some really great bang in Europe, because the “WANNABE” Empire is falling rapidly now.
    My prediction for Germany in clear terms without any nearer arguments to this time: Germany will crack during the coming year, some other countries will be in disarray and total diisruption even before (Italy, Portugal, Spain and the France). You will not hear this from anywhere, but sadly, it’s true.
    If the USA government through its DOE is initiating such a fake “long term” deal with Belgium – a total non country since his English invention, from any point of perspective – there is a deeper motive for such thing and it indicates to me a really great terror act which can easily be hidden by the technical morbitity of these old shruggy Belgian nuclear reactors. Such “bang” would also be highly symbolic, which they always prefer.

  4. The DOE has a long track record in very strange dealings. If this news should be true it would hint to a deeper connection or a hidden purpose here, my fore commenters stated.
    The Belgian nuclear reactors are nothing more than very dangerous centers of industry corruption (using bad materials, not doing correct oversoght, constantly hiding emegency situations, opening some outwardly hidden channels to let go large amounts of radioactive isotopes …). The recent incident was last week, people over there are “really frightened” – with or without any deep mind manipulations – because the owners are a bunch of criminals. These reactors should have been shut down for a long time.
    Gordon stated, that Belgium is a the heart of medical isotope supply for other countries. I dont’t think so. My knowledge is that Israel is one of the largest supplier of medical radio isotopes and that this country doesn’t like Iranian competition in this important commercial and medical field, which was one more motives for Netanjahu’s overlords to press him into a very aggressive position against Iran.
    This “official” justification smells more like a diversion taktic to hide the real thing and that might leed directly to the suspicion written by my fore writer.

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