Updated: Soros email hack reveals plans to fight ‘racist’ Israeli policies



Commentary by Gordon Duff

When Trump melted down, not dementia but rather uncontrolled bipolar disorder and stress, it was 24 hours before Infowars, an Israeli controlled disinformation organization, laid into Hillary as having a mental disorder based on their imaginary source.  Infowars would be wrong if they gave the time of day.

Alex Jones was long ago tied to the Bronfmans, through his legal team, something he can never escape.  They are the very center of neocon organized crime and the Israel lobby in the US and Canada.

As with Soros, those of us who aren’t internet trolls, know his full page ads attacking Israeli settlements and the Bush neocons.  Soros is hated by the Zionists and under continual attack.

That attack is pushed into the internet, attempting to claim he is financing color revolutions and working with his Zionist neocon blood enemies, a silly claim, virtually insane but the kind of thing trolls and the ignorant buy into, people who have no history in the real world.

Those of us who worked in Washington shake our heads in shame at the ignorance of those whose lives are controlled by scurrilous internet fabrications.  Soros is all that stood up against the Bush mafia and their police state.

To get the story straight, the truth anymore is the total opposite of the half-baked vitriolic rhetoric from  the trolls and cowards or the misled.  Even Dean and James, people with great intel training but virtually no political expertise, find themselves following the Israeli/Jones/Infowars/Global Research/Counterpunch/Wikileaks propaganda.

If you want to know what a good guy is, anyone attacked by Wikileaks is a god.  End of story.  Grow up. G

Ian’s comment on Gordon’s commentary:

What we recognise from this is that Trump has adopted the classic victimisation/Holocaust scenario. Americans on food stamps, living in trailers and forced to rob their neighbours to support their meth habit are crying their puffy little eyes out over a billionaire draft dodger. Those who don’t work don’t worry about his programme to cut wages or his love affair with big pharma and….

I have noticed a highly disturbing level of brainwashing on display in the VT comments section ever since the US presidential campaign began. Every time I or anyone else at VT writes about Trump there is an immediate and incessant flow of ‘but what about Killary?’ ‘why is VT so biased’  ‘why doesn’t VT report about this or that about Hilary’ yada yada yada. This is an absolutely Pavlovian response, the result of the programming carried out on the US populace by the Zionist owned and controlled MSM. They have programmed you to hate Killary, clearly it has worked.

We don’t report on the stories about Hilary that the MSM and the alternative media put out for the simple reasons that they are nothing but stories, fantasies dreamed up to demonise her. If something of substance based in reality and backed by fact comes along involving Mrs Clinton we will report on it, but we are still waiting and don’t bother trotting out the tired old lies about Wikileaks email releases or the ludicrous nonsense about Benghazi, it’s not worth our time to debunk these fairy tales yet again.

I am not an expert on US party politics, have never professed to be, but when I write something about politics, I try to make sure I am correct and I do so by consulting people like Gordon Duff, a veteran of 15 US elections and very much an expert. Therefore when I write something like the intro below, explaining the common misconception about Soros, Israel, the Zionists and the relationships betwixt, I haven’t ‘done a Fetzer’ and plucked it out of thin air, it is the result of untold hours of study and a lot of careful listening to experts like Gordon. I am a sponge trying to soak up as much of the lifetimes of knowledge possessed by the likes of Gordon, Jim Hanke, Lee Wanta and many others who shall remain nameless for the simple reason that those esteemed gentleman are reaching the denouement of their careers and someone younger has to pick up the baton and run with it and keep the fight going.  Ian

George Soros is a very misunderstood man, most people seem to think he’s evil. Well, that’s what the Zionist owned and controlled mainstream media wants you to think. Soros is most definitely not a Zionist – another widespread misconception, that is why he is so demonised by the Zionist media.

Israel is a Zionist state, it was founded by the Zionist Rothschilds and today is totally dominated by them via the ruling Likud party. The Likud is right wing and closely allied to the US Neocons and in particular, the US-Israeli join citizens.

Soros is not a part of the Zionist right, he is their sworn enemy, he is part of the liberal left, a part of Jewish politics that has been pushed into the background since 2001 by the right wing Likudists, largely because the left favours peace with the Palestinians, including giving back some of the stolen land.

Because Soros is bitterly opposed to the Likud and Israel, he spends his money financing those who oppose them, as described in this article. Soros also funds Hilary Clinton, not just because she is on the liberal left, but also because she is the opponent of the US Neocons and their Zionist allies in Israel.  Ian


Times of Israel

Soros email hack reveals plans to fight ‘racist’ Israeli policies

Hacked emails show that the Open Society Foundations led by Jewish billionaire George Soros have as an objective “challenging Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies” in international forums, in part by questioning Israel’s reputation as a democracy.

The documents are available on a website, reportedly backed by Russia, that uses anti-Semitic stereotypes to attack Soros.

They reveal that Open Society, which was founded and is chaired by the hedge fund billionaire and philanthropist, gave nearly $10 million since 2001 to groups advancing the rights of Arab Israelis, with an emphasis in recent years on countering what one document says are Israel’s “restrictive measures” against minorities.

“In recent years the radicalization of public opinion and consecutive Israeli right-wing governments have resulted in more restrictive measures against Palestinians within Israel,” a Sept. 1, 2015 review of Open Society’s Arab Regional Office’s work said.

It cites as an example the Jewish Nation State bill, advanced by its sponsors to entrench Israel’s Jewish status, but decried by some Arab Israelis as further marginalizing non-Jewish minorities. The bill has yet to pass.

Among achievements listed in the document, the Arab Regional Office includes increased advocacy by “Palestinian citizens of Israel,” or PCI, in international forums, challenging Israel’s “racist” policies in the face of its reputation as a democracy.

The document advocates the “development of a more organized and efficient PCI advocacy and presence in international forums (UN, EU, US), especially in light of the increasingly limited domestic avenues available for seeking justice.”

“In shifting to international advocacy, PCI’s [sic] are up against Israel and its image as a democratic state before the international community, therefore Palestinian civil society organizations in Israel feel the pressure of filling this gap by strengthening their relations with international actors and systems such as the European Union and United Nations to put their issue on the international agenda,” it says.

“There have been a number of successes in challenging Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies in the international arena and influencing EU-Israel bilateral negotiations,” the document says.

The emails were posted in recent weeks by DC Leaks, a group Bloomberg News, in an August 11 report, quoted security experts as saying is likely backed by Russia’s intelligence agencies.

In a statement to JTA, Open Society said that it reported the hacks to the FBI.

“A number of Open Society Foundations documents, including strategies, work plans, and funding requests have been published after being removed from an online community that served as a resource for Open Society Foundations staff, board members, and partners across the world,” said the statement. “A security firm reviewed the incident when documents first began to appear online in June and the FBI has been notified.”

Former communists in the Eastern bloc have reviled Soros for years for promoting democracy and free markets in their countries. At the same time, some Jewish groups have labeled Soros, a child survivor of the Holocaust, as anti-Israel.

The Soros page on the DC Leaks website, in broken English, notes Soros’ Hungarian Jewish roots. Depicting a sinister-looking Soros presiding over an array of news photos of rioting and violence, it invokes anti-Semitic tropes commonplace in Russia and Eastern Europe, describing him as a “vampire” managing “puppets” and “slaves,” who “spill blood of millions and millions people just to make him even more rich.”

Soros is a major backer of the presidential bid of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s campaign has accused Russian intelligence of being behind a deluge of recent embarrassing email dumps and has alleged that Russian President Vladimir Putin is backing her rival, Republican nominee Donald Trump.

An August 6, 2015 document details Open Society’s Arab Regional Office funding of civil society groups in Israel since 2001, amounting to $9,591,801. The group obtaining the most money is Adalah, a legal rights group for Arab Israelis, which received a total of $2,688,561 over the period.

Another grantee is the New Israel Fund, a clearinghouse for Israeli civil rights groups, which received $837,500 from 2002 to 2015.

Notably, the Sept. 1, 2015 Arab Regional Office review depicts as a positive a controversial initiative, the 2007 Democratic Constitution, calling it one of several “important cooperation efforts among leading OCI civil society groups.”

That document, which the review describes as “the most direct and substantive challenge posed by Palestinian citizens to their status in the Jewish Israeli state,” was decried by pro-Israel groups at the time as promoting an outcome that would all but remove Israel’s Jewish character.

Adalah was one of the drafting bodies, and the subsequent controversy led the New Israel Fund in 2010 to revise its funding criteria to reject any group that “works to deny the right of the Jewish people to sovereign self-determination within Israel.” The NIF policy was not retroactive and the group still funds Adalah.

The Open Society statement to JTA said the documents focused on “big picture” strategies. “The Open Society Foundations work with Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations to support democracy and human rights in Israel and Palestine,” it said. “We oppose human rights violations on all sides of the conflict and support implementation of international law.”

The release of the Open Society documents was overshadowed by last month’s similar dump by WikiLeaks of Democratic National Committee emails, also believed to have been hacked by Russians. Those emails, revealing antagonism within the DNC toward the ultimately unsuccessful bid by prohibitive underdog Bernie Sanders for the party’s nomination, led to the resignation of top DNC officials.

NGO Monitor, an Israeli watchdog, uncovered among the DC Leaks trove a separate document prepared by Open Society’s European Policy Institute suggesting questions for September 2014 hearings to confirm senior European Union foreign policy officials.

Among the questions are one that promotes labeling products from West Bank settlements and another that favors the ascension of the Palestinian Authority to the International Criminal Court. Israel adamantly opposes both policies.

Assistant Managing Editor
Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Lets look at privatization of the American government.

    who was the first under Reagan?

    The Postal service.

    Who went on strike in 1970?

    A clerk and carrier on food stamps prior to striking and a fine middle class income after that strike.

    They hate us the most cause we stood up to the tyrants and its as simple as that.

    I was in the Union and better off for it.

    Gordon is correct and “to stupid to live” is to good for some of our “friends” here on VT.

    Chomsky said it best when he calls it simply income inequality.

    Its amazing to me how many vote against their own interests.

    Keep up the good fight Ian your work is great….



  2. Also it seems like people have the tendency to hate the other candidate. Or people think that when you criticise one candidate you automatically support the opposing candidate.

    Or when I critique provocations by NATO towards Russia or correct the propaganda news article that stated that Russia violated our national airspace with their Bear bombers coming in from the north sea, for the 20th time in 2 years. And then you see people respond to that, attacking Russia verbally and proposing to shoot the next one down or something.
    When I try to explain that those Russian Bear bombers never entered our national airspace, but we have extended the range that we want to ID what plane it is that’s flying there without transponders, so we intercept and shadow the planes 50 or a 100 mile away from where our national airspace starts.
    That’s enough to be called a Russian shill or Putin lover.
    People are conditioned to think like that it seems.

    • Very well said and I fully agree. I have not defended Hilary one syllable, but I have attacked Trump many times. There is a simple reason for this – Trump has done so much so often that bears harsh criticism. If Hilary had done any of these same things I would also have criticised her in the same manner. People have said ‘why don’t you criticise Hilary for X or Y’ and the answer is always the same, those are just fairy tales, find me something true and accurate, based in reality and supported by facts that Hilary is responsible for and I’ll write about it. Don’t expect me to write about the wikileaks email nonsense, it’s nothing more than a disinfo psyop, as is everything else wikileaks does. Don’t expect me to write about Hilary’s guilt over Benghazi as she was not involved in any wa, sahpoe or form, that was a CIA operation of which Hilary and the State Dept. had no knowledge.

      Yet I get accused frequently of being a Hilary supporter…. a most assinine and stupid allegation.

      I’ve been called a Russian propagandist too – for honest reporting on the events in the Donbass and Crimea.

  3. So a pro-Soros article on Tuesday and a history of the Khazars article on Wednesday.
    Did Soros feel the heat from VT and get to Ian and Duff?
    Put two exclamation marks on your next article headline if Soros is threatening you family. Then we will understand.

    • Oh dear, someone’s been sipping too much conspiracy juice. A pro-Soros article? Not hardly. The article was written by the Shin Bet controlled Times of Israel who are no lovers of Soros, and in no way, shape or form can it be considered as ‘pro-Soros’, it is criticising him for his opposition to Israel. As for my intro, it is neither attacking nor defending Soros, it is merely pointing out some common misconceptions about him and correcting them, in the hope that this information helps people to better analyse world events. It’s called honest reporting and is something that has largely died out elsewhere, so maybe that is why you failed to recognise nor understand it.

  4. Evidence? Or is this just more nonsense like the emails ‘scandal’ and blaming Hilary for Benghazi? Have you ever read any of Thorne’s works? I have, found them to be inadequate in most aspects, particularly honesty.

  5. No-one has flipped loyalties and you are just an over-opinionated, under-informed troll who thinks he knows more than he does.

  6. You seem to have a curious blend of ignorance and arrogance. Clearly you know next to nothing but think you know everything. There are half a dozen ludicrous statements in your comment.

  7. My dad always said one could not trust a Russian

    Under Bill not a problem with them

    Under trump a weaker position with them

    I have income

    From the Feds

    Called a pension

    Look what they stole

    Well “g” maybe they shall get their

    I have adopted your Moro

    To stupid to live


  8. I am not attacking your stance on flipflopping,
    but if you still think Trump is not part of the (or at least supported by the jewish) ‘elite’ (Misnomer if there ever was one), then you have not been doing your homework or paying much attention.

    You have been called out to support your claims, I think they mean, provide links, screenshots, way-back-machine-dumps, etc.

  9. The staff a President-elect chooses has more to do than anything else in whether that president’s agenda will be implemented, as they’re supplying him with the information flow and are either helping or opposing him/her. We don’t know what Trump might do, but Clinton has proven herself a reckless warmonger (one example–she was still publicly in favor of continuing the Iraqi War in late 2006, when virtually every Democrat was against it) and together with her husband is on a par with the other worst criminal family in America, the Bushes. Neither candidate is a good choice, but our chances of all being vaporized are much greater with Hillary.

  10. What VT taught me about American politics is just priceless. Hell…even if one wants to understand the Middle-East just go to Washington..that was an advice I wont forget. Now the Hilary vs Trump thing…Hilary got people around her that wont let the world burn down under her tenure. Atleast thats what Im hoping. Trump is popular because he comes trough as a raw person whos communication is on par with the average Joe and Jane…easy to understand, little to no political jargon…not much mental gymnastics needed for it. Atleast thats my take on him. But an important issue was raised…why would a person who did nothing but enrich himself his entire life suddenly make a good president. He wouldnt. And God only knows who and what kind of people he has around him. Atleast Hilary has clinton. As for Soros…hes one of those Evil people who goes solo…hes not with those “other bad people”. …eh..

  11. “If you want to know what a good guy is, anyone attacked by Wikileaks is a god. End of story. Grow up. G”

    That makes Hillary Clinton the Goddess of the Democratic religion.( totalitarian fascism in disguise, but you don’t attract many votes being honest about that.

    “As with Soros, those of us who aren’t internet trolls, know his full page ads attacking Israeli settlements and the Bush neocons. Soros is hated by the Zionists and under continual attack.”

    Weren’t the Bushes and the Clintons thick as thieves? Two heads of the hydra, branches of the same tree. Iran contra connected.

    Remember that the controllers prefer to control al sides, naturally. Sometimes new groups form or controlled groups temporarily go rogue, or pretend to go rogue. But everything will be done to infiltrate, hijack or destroy them.

    “attempting to claim he is financing color revolutions and working with his Zionist neocon blood enemies, a silly claim”

    So he, or the NGO’s and think tanks he funds weren’t involved in setting up the Ukraine coup, Egypt, Syria? Yugoslavia civil war? We know State Department was heavily involved.
    I remember Soros commenting on a plan he had to help the economy of Ukraine back on its feet. He would invest 1 billion, and others(EU) had to invest another 50 billion to set it in motion. That 50 billion never came so that never materialised.

  12. Perhaps Soros is more interested in re-establishing Khazaria for his Khazarian brethren than in a Khazarian Israel. By stopping the greater Israel he could increase pressure for attacking Russia and regaining the original homeland. Or maybe he just wants to take over Russia.

  13. Folks in eastern Europe may for good reason despise Soros for bringing his capitalist version of CFR western “democracy” to them. At the detriment of local identity and markets by forcing open borders. And playing and manipulating financial markets from behind a veil. With no democratic legitimization at all. Like Adelson but then on a much larger scale. And these folks (who are now protected by Putin against this evil) can be forgiven for their misguided opinion that Soros is a Zionist, but this is clearly not the perception of Soros in the alternative media in the west. The general perception of Soros in the west is that he is indeed furthering the Arab / Islam agenda in the EU, so it is no surprise at all that he is following the same strategy in the state of Israel for whatever reason. As a key member of the Council on Foreign Relations (and Black Noblity Bilderberg), he indeed operates covertly through obfuscated financial channels to exert influence from behind the financial curtain. Furthering globalization which is of a more Jesuit / fascist nature then Zionist. And this is where his financing of Hillary and the NWO agenda fits like a glove.

    • because there is a body drawn together from the best humanity has to offer that will no longer be ignored, with more power than any President

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