Russian increased bombing due to Western aid to Syrian terrorists

Hamadan Air Base
Hamadan Air Base

Russia’s bombers make third raid from airdrome in Iran to attack IS

… from  TASS,  Moscow

Thermobaric bombs being used on jihadis, traps set up by retreating Syrians to catch them in open areas with no civilians
Thermobaric bombs being used on jihadis, traps set up by retreating Syrians to catch them in open areas with no civilians

[ Editor’s Note: The verdict is in, just in case anyone missed it. What we are seeing with the forward basing of the Russian TU-23 bombers is a response to the US-NATO-Turkey’s and Gulf State’s reinforcement of both the jihadis and opposition groups during the ceasefire to put more pressure on Syria’s allies to agree to have Assad removed.

They are hell bent on denying the Syrian people a vote on it, despite their having had a front row seat on all the carnage the country has endured. This is the dark underside of American exceptionalism.

The bombing campaign is destroying as much of that resupply equipment in Jihadi logistics centers while it is concentrated. Its destruction would be more difficult process if attacking it while in transport, or after being dispersed among smaller combat units that we know have been mixed in with “good terrorists” who are not supposed to be bombed.

The jihadi command structure is being heavily attacked, as those are the locations where “foreign helpers” would be assisting, in terms of handling secure communications, providing both ISIS and rebels with active intelligence. We have the report today, that the Russian command discovered that the jihadis were getting advance notice of incoming bomber strikes, and had been dispersing to protect themselves.

These depots are where the jihad advanced weapons would be found, like the TOWs and MANPADS flowing in from Gulf State, Jordanian and Turkish inventories. You have not seen the Russian helicopters being used much anymore, due to the increased threat from heavier weapons, which the increased bombing is making up for.

We are still waiting for some official, legal, international body to charge certain Western, NATO and Gulf State countries with aiding and abetting terrorism — a rather serious crime, and one for which these same countries reserve the right to conduct aggressive drone strikes to kill the command structure of said entities.

It is way past time to open up a discussion on whether that same response should be used against “all” aiders and abetters, and if not, what is the justification. I will not hold my breathJim W. Dean ]


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– First published  …  August  18,  2016

MOSCOW, August 18. /TASS/. Russia’s long-range bombers Tupolev-22M3 and frontline bombers Sukhoi-34 have dealt another strike against Islamic State targets in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province from bases in Russia and Iran, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“On August 18, 2016 long-range bombers Tupolev-22M3 and frontline bombers Sukhoi-34 took off from bases in Russia and Iran to deal a massive strike against the facilities of the Islamic State group (outlawed in Russia) in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province,” the Defense Ministry said in a news release.

The planes eliminated five large warehouses containing weapons, ammunition and lubricants.

“Six command centers were hit and a large amount of artillery positions, armored vehicles and manpower was destroyed,” the Defense Ministry said.

Sukhoi-30SM and Sukhoi-35S based at Hmeymim, in Syria, provided protection.

“All Russian planes coped with their tasks and returned to base,” the Defense Ministry said.

On Tuesday, Russian planes for the first time used the Iranian airdrome Hamadan to bomb terrorists in Syria. Long-range Tupolev-22M3 bombers and Sukhoi-34 fighter-bombers raided facilities of the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra (both outlawed in Russia) in Syria’s provinces Aleppo, Deiz ez-Zor and Idlib. On Wednesday, August 17 Sukhoi-34 bombers again used the airdrome in Iran to bomb IS positions in Deir ez-Zor province.


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  1. Nothing will change until the heads of the multi-headed snake are chopped off.

    Bomb the knesset, and the gulf states headquarters, and watch the terrorists funding get cut off.

    They can’t fight without ammo suppliers…

  2. It should now be clear to all that ISIS is sponsored by a major state(s). There is no other explanation for 4 nations to pool resources to fight a “terrorist group”. Russia, Syria, Iran, and China are at war. Against who? Who, or what group has the power, the means needed to threaten 4 great nations? Please think people. This war is not about Islam. The protaganist’s goal is to control and profit from vital ME resources. So, as always who benefits from the dissolution of societies in the region? It is no longer necessary to wave a flag and win a war. It is only necessaty to destroy the infrastructure and keep factional entities warring. The prize is doubled. The agitator gets to sell weapons to whoever, and also gets to rape the target nation. And as always the targeted nation is of darker skin. And the targeted nation’s gold reserve disappears never to be seen again. And the first building reconstructed is now a Central Bank. The list of “ands” is long. The list of countries with the ability to cause 4 seperate nations to join ranks against “a group of terrorists” is very short. It is a fight against Imperialism, and it’s very expensive. Too expensive for a “group” to play. Group of nations yes. And remember it’s not about Islam, and it’s not about you or me. It’s a business thing.

  3. By the way can anyone shed light on the report from NPR radio of 17,700 inmates in Syrian custody died in the past…? No time frame was mentioned.

    • These are numbers generally supplied by the opposition, who have “outside” helper intelligence people coming up with the numbers. Certainly there are a lot of legitimate deaths from incarceration abuse. You will notice that these numbers are NEVER reported together with “improper killings” by the rebels in all of their various categories, a strong indication that no “news reporting” is going on. When Intel money is being spent on media a common fingerprint is that no competing stats on what the murder count is as the hands of the “good terrorists”.

  4. This morning NPR radio news if off the chain. NPR’s blatant anti Trump slant is offensive, and the anti Assad, anti Russian bullshit coming from the radio serious. Listeni ng was like being slapped upside my head with a sap glove. Nothing happening here, least of all fair reporting. I am forced to the net daily in search of an honest view. VT and NEO is as good as it gets. Thanks Jim for a good assesment of the Syrian crime scene.

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