The 16 times mainstream media gave a voice to Anjem Choudary to spout hate



[Editor’s note: The MI5 operator Anjem Choudhary has obviously served his purpose or has become burned out or otherwise has outlived his usefulness, that is why he has been ‘convicted’ and ‘imprisoned’. In reality, I expect he has shaved his beard, thrown off his Islamic garb, adopted a new name and is sunning himself somewhere far away from the interracial tensions he has done so much to promote and provoke. 

This man has been the ugly face of Islam to the British and much of the rest of the Anglosphere for more than a decade, his task was to put the worst possible face onto the Islamic population and the Islamic religion, to practice hate speech whenever possible, to make all Moslems look like unpleasant, hate-filled and unreasonable assholes, just like him.

Choudhary bears prime responsibility for having created much of the anti-Muslim ill feeling that exists in Britain today, whenever an Islamic talking head was required by the media, it was Choudhary’s offensive visage we were presented with; anyone who has seen this man talk has probably had the same reaction – a strong desire to punch him in the face coupled with an unpleasant churning of the stomach in revulsion.

This man was a disgusting fake, he did not represent any form of Islam or any group of Muslims, he was nothing more than an agent of the intelligence services playing an assigned role with the purpose of fomenting inter-racial and anti-Islamic tensions with British society. I am sure most Muslims are as glad as I am that he has finally left the scene.  Ian]


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The 16 times mainstream media gave a voice to Anjem Choudary to spout hate

After years of courting controversy in the UK media with his loud-mouthed support of militant attacks, controversial UK cleric Anjem Choudary is now facing jail for inviting support for the Islamic State (IS) group.

For years, however, Choudary – a former underwear stall owner from south London – was a regular guest on TV and radio news shows in the UK, US and even Denmark. He was repeatedly asked to feature on flagship prime-time news shows, where he was openly invited to spout his own brand of violent Salafist rhetoric to millions of viewers worldwide and where he was allowed to build up an international following.


The BBC repeatedly invited Choudary to feature on its programming, including the widely respected Newsnight.

In one of his two Newsnight appearances, Choudary did not deny that in his utopian “Islamic” caliphate, he would execute “apostate” Maajid Nawaz, a former UK politician who campaigns against extremism.

Despite Choudary’s statements and his conviction for inviting support for IS, the BBC re-posted Anjem’s incendiary outburst from its archives on Tuesday.

Choudary was also appearing on the BBC when he proclaimed that he spoke for all Muslims by saying that “not many Muslims disagree with” the Woolwich attackers, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who brutally killed British soldier Lee Rigby in 2013.

The BBC also sparked outrage when Choudary was invited to talk on the popular Radio 4 Today programme in late 2013 and then live tweeted the interview.
After his conviction on Tuesday, the BBC ran the story “How Anjem Choudary’s mouth was finally shut”, stating that “Choudary loved the limelight and revelled in media attention”.

However, its journalists have complained that they were ridiculed for trying to restrict Choudary’s appearances.

BBC3 radio journalist Iain Lee claimed on Wednesday that he and a colleague “got flack at @bbc3cr when we cancelled an interview with Choudary that had been booked”.

Fox News

Choudary has similarly been a regular on the Hannity show on Fox news, appearing three times in the span of five months between 2014 and 2015. The station is currently the number one prime-time channel in the US with an average of 2.2 million viewers.

His appearances include speaking on the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in 2011:

Then again talking about the beheading of American journalist James Foley in August 2014.

Then, when Choudary was arrested for suspicion of supporting and encouraging the Islamic State the following month, Fox decided to give him his first interview after the arrest.

And in January 2015, despite having been charged as a terrorism suspect, he was invited on again to give his views on the Charlie Hebdo attack, carried out by supporters of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.


CNN has also wanted him to discuss and give his views on the Charlie Hebdo killings in which 12 people were killed.

Nor was this the first time. Back in 2010, Choudary was invited to talk about terror attacks with the presenter starting the interview with the irony-free question: “Do you not worry that it is your voice that’s helping radicalise people who want to do this?”

This CNN presenter introduced Choudary as a “radical’ Islamic preacher” before going on to ask questions like “How are radical Islamic views spread?”.

Channel 4

In May, 2013 Channel 4 also got on board and hosted Choudary, who had been widely accused of “brainwashing” one of the Woolwich attackers, and asked him to explain whether or not he had radicalised the London attacker.


The media’s relationship with Choudary goes way back. As early as 2009, Britain was waking up to Choudary sitting on the sofa of the GMTV show talking about Iraq and Afghanistan.

CBS News

CBS has also hosted Choudary in their popular TV show 60 Minutes in June 2015:

CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network)

As has a Christian broadcasting network which brought him in to discuss Sharia law:


Choudary has likewise been given a platform on Russian state-funded broadcaster RT.


His appeal has even spread to Europe, with Danish media wanting a piece of the action when they hosted him on one of their main TV channels.

Daily Star

Some media has dared to speak up about Choudary’s increasing fame. In 2013, the Guardian published an open letter by Richard Peppiatt, a journalist with the Daily Star who famously resigned in 2011 over the tabloid paper’s increasingly anti-Muslim coverage.

In his letter, Peppiatt accused the Daily Star proprietor Richard Desmond of allowing the tabloid to magnify its coverage of Choudary’s comments. In the letter Peppiatt states: “Not that my involvement in stirring up a bit of light-hearted Islamophobia stopped there. Many a morning I’ve hit my speed dial button to Muslim rent-a-rant Anjem Choudary to see if he fancied pulling together a few lines about whipping drunks or stoning homosexuals.”

Al Jazeera presenter Mehdi Hasan has also been quick to call on Choudary to be shunned. Six years ago, he was one of the first people to call out the hypocrisy of featuring Choudary, penning a piece entitled “Please don’t listen to Anjem Choudary”.

“Our sensationalist and irresponsible media has, in fact, been deeply complicit in the rise and rise of this fanatic, devoting quite disproportionate and counter-productive coverage to his various rantings,” he wrote.

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

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  1. The perverted version of Islam, like Bill Orielly is the perversion of Christianity. He should have had his own desk at Fox. Those moderator questions though!!! “Are you one the dole, are you on the dole, are you on the dole…..propagating what the government want to do…..have you had a hair on your head touched by freedom and democracy….” Jesus, that Paxman is a crude little punk.

  2. Thanks to VT for outing this clown Anjem Choudary. Most of the UK media are using his sentencing for some more more muslim bashing. This is despite the fact that most muslims in the UK suspect this clown works for MI5, want nothing to do with him and have never asked to be represented by him.

    There was even an incident a few years ago where he arranged a interview with the BBC (who else…) outside Regents Park Mosque where a group of right wing anti-muslim thugs had gathered for a ‘protest’. Anway, he stood outside with the Mosque in the background acting as if he was there on some official duty, until someone from the Mosque came out and, in the middle of his interview, made it pretty clear that Anjum Choudary did not represent them.

    Interesting how a stall owner suddenly finds he has interview/PR skills, which he uses to bring negative publicity to his own community and anger the public at large everytime he openes his gob. Mossad must be really proud of him.

  3. Yes, maybe sunning himself on a beach in Israel, minus the clobber,(like the Taxi guy Muslim in the US who turned out to be a jew) but he had better be quite, look what happened to Jean Charles Menezes, gunned down by “special forces” of the British Army after a brief chase on a railway platform. The same crowd that “rescued ” 2 MI6 operatives from a prison cell in Basra, after they where caught in a explosive laden Toyota Cressida.
    Its the same MO with the MSM, who are these so called terror experts who come on our screens and talk rubbish, as Lenin once said, “To control the dissent, you lead the dissent.”

  4. The CIA/CFR got as much mileage out of this ‘useful tool’ as they could. Time for him to enjoy his retirement, but he better keep looking over his shoulder because drones have a tendency to follow these guys.

    • I lived from 94 to 99 in Bradford, aka ‘Little Pakistan’, and I can verify what Kevin says – Islam is a peaceful, tolerant religion and whenever one of these hate preachers shows up, they are always working for the intelligence services. There is probably one in every mosque, they always tend to spout the same rhetoric time and again, following the script they have been given. When Choudhary said stupid things like he congratulates the men who flew the planes into the towers on 9-11 or he wants to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque then he really is making it obvious that he’s deliberately sowing tension between Muslims and the rest of Britain. Don’t think the Muslims aren’t aware of these traitors in their midst, I know they are aware of it, they told me so back in the 90s, it was how I first became aware of the problem.

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