TRUMP 2016: Enjoy Last Great Election on Race in U.S. History


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by Johnny Punish

I know it does not feel like it but we are witnessing the beginning of the final death blow to the white nationalist movement in the United States of America ending 400 years of white anglo-Euro rule in the Americas.   This is the last gasp folks!   Enjoy It!

To TrumpBots reading this, I am very sure they are already yelling at the screen right now saying “Go to hell Punish, we’re NOT racists” blah blah blah.   But hear me out first!  I am NOT against you.  I just think you’re fighting a global demographic tidal wave and it’s about to drown you for good.  But don’t worry you’ll learn to love the new colorless world that is about to emerge.

Here are the actual facts that support the tidal wave killing race elections in the USA:

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement is clearly a call out and a yearning for yesteryear where white supremacy reigned and people of color were 2nd class citizens.  Ya’ll remember those white only water fountains right?  How’s bout them back of the bus colored people?   It may have worked then for some but that time has come and gone.

Look this is a Neo-Fascist White Nationalist Movement to put the old rightful owners back in charge.  Plain and Simple!  Own it!

The challenge for the supporters of this movement is that it’s simply too late.  The demographics of the United States of America and world have shifted becoming more brown, more beige, more colorless then ever before.  And its moving super fast towards a world of rainbows and all colors making everyone look beige not white.  This is real demographic truth!  And there is NO stopping it; nothing!  No law and no hero with orange hair and a golden toilet can stop the future.


We saw this demographic change when Barack Obama was elected in 2008.  We we were all shocked a bit and full of hope for our future.  But these last 8 years have been no bed of roses right?  I mean the USA has had to endure 8 years of attempts to de-legitimize the nations first non-white male President pretending it was this or that when it simply a black leading our tribe which was not cool for many.

I mean evolving forward is never easy.  It is painful.  Some make the transition fast and easy, some come along a slower pace, and some fight till the very end while they grit their teeth as the tidal wave of the future hits them so hard they can’t recognize anything around them anymore.   For the sake of this article let us refer to the latter affectionately as TrumpBots!

And that’s where Election 2016 comes in.

The last old warriors, the last fighters for white supremacy, white power, and a return to a world to which they understand are giving it 110%.  The effort is amazing!   They want to rule the tribe again in a way they used to know.  And this is exactly what we are seeing manifest itself in the TrumpBot movement.  It is really that simple!  Yes it’s primal plain and simple; very tribal!   Come on folks…don’t make it complex.   It’s just human nature!

Oh sure they claim it’s broken government, the economy, immigration, Muslims, or Crooked Hillary or whatever they want but take an actual look at the Trump demographic and it tells no lies;  mostly white over 40 non-college educated; the exact demographic that one would expect to find in a movement looking backwards in a world where they no longer recognize or know and feel like they don’t fit in.

Now fast forward to the 30 and under millennials.  They are 70% against the TrumpBot movement.  That’s right!  Millennials are overwhelmingly rejecting this 20th century retro movement.

Why?  Because they want the future not the past and they simple don’t know that world the over 40 crowd yearns for and talks about.  They grew up in a world with the internet, smart phones, and listening to music because they liked not because it was “white” or “black” but because it was good in Mp3 not on an 8-Track.  They just don’t see color as the divider their 20th century ancestors did and don’t accept this backward vision of the future.

Look this subject is NOT easy to digest because it’s painful.  No Joke!  Many older white folk really feel pain.  They see their past world slipping away.  And its scary.  I mean older people hate change as it is but this?  Whoa!   This is more than change for them.  They feel their whole existence is being erased.  And to some extent, it is being erased.  But that’s evolution!  So let’s have some empathy okay!


I mean it’s actually simple to explain. You see people want their tribe to be led by someone like them; someone they know and understand.  It’s that simple folks.  Please don’t defend or get offended because that’s human nature not just in USA but everywhere around the world.  And its not exclusive to white people. It’s all people like what they know and fear what they don’t know or understand.

The actual conflict comes in the huge information age generation gap.  The old know what they know. And the young, well, they look at the over 40 people and say WTF?  The gap is bigger than ever before and it has become an all out clash.

Now here’s the kicker and where evolution and competition will kill this dying on the vine movement after this 2016 election.

But first, we will all have to endure the next 83 days until the election.  It’s going to be super ugly!   Trump will lose.  Being the nasty extreme narcissist that he is, he won’t concede.  He is already setting us up for his last self-serving face saving “its’ rigged” performance.  He won’t be polite, civil or nice.  It’s not his nature folks.  He’s a nasty guy.  You know it and I know it.  Expect it!

Instead Trump will call it rigged, come up with phony stats, and demand his supporters fight back to save his good name.   They will rise and riot for this selfish 5 time deferment billionaire anti-American coward.  It will get violent and people will die because this war is personal to the TrumpBot white warrior.  They instinctively know that this is their last chance to reclaim their past.   The US Government will have to call in the National Guard and even the US Military and put down the old folk 20th century rebellion.  But when it’s all over, the demographics will win the day as it always does because evolution has no sides folks!  Its kind of like the sun, it shines on all of us not just some and never stops even if we are scared, hate it, or wish it would just go away.


So yeah Trump will lose and the GOP will get their leverage back and a new GOP will emerge.

This new GOP 2.0 will be forced to finally accept that a movement based on race has no future in the USA.  It’s just not a winning strategy; comprende amigos?

Cooler heads will prevail making Election 2016 the final nail in the race movement coffin.  And when in 2020  an old TrumpBot wearing that worn out dirty red baseball cap with the Trump mantra “Make America Great Again” on its face demands a white movement agenda again,  the angry rational crowd will politely take them away and put them into the corner for bad ideas gone wrong because it didn’t sell in 2016,  it won’t sell in 2020 and it will never ever sell again.  Its’ over!

In fact, I will say it right now!   GOP 2.0 will win election 2020 and do it selling a brand new unified true vision for the 21st century America that far exceeds anything the DEMS sell.  Yes, I think they will make a complete 360 degree turn becoming the party of all Americans sending the left over relics to a marginal dying 3rd party; really!   Let’s see if I am right.  I mean, 4 years ago I predicted a false savior for GOP this cycle and  I was right so…..

Anyway, the good news for the USA is NOTHING STOPS EVOLUTION!
The bad news for the old 20th century folk trying to “Make America Great Again” is that NOTHING STOPS EVOLUTION!

In the end, the old guard will die off and young will take over. And our future generations will look back at Election 2016 as the last great election on race in America. Good Riddance! One Love Ya’ll.   Is the NFL on yet?

I invite your passionate respectful civil comments.

Johnny Punish, the artist, is the founder and General Manager of VT. He is also a writer, global citizen activist, visionary, musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. In business, he’s known by the name John Allen

Punish was educated at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (1980-81) and California State University Fullerton (1981-1984) with studies in accounting and business. Before the “internets” were invented, he owned and ran (5) U.S. national newspapers.

He has over 100 original songs penned, recorded, produced and registered with ASCAP with several songs placed in feature films. His music is promoted worldwide and played on all digital networks and net radio.

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  1. It appears the candidate Hillary R Clinton is of banana republican stock, killing left and right her opposition and any opponents in her path of rather sick stumbling, vaguely in the direction of the Whitehouse, literally supported by secret service men and hastily constructed hand rails.

    That is what the ‘alternative “truth” media’ are now saying that is, and the odds are in their favour this it seems.

    Donald Trump on the other hand with ever more policemen volunteering to guard him from the airport to his venues, no doubt because Donald absolves america’s white male police personnel from all black and ‘negrette’ (Patrice O’Neal joke) killing,

    this same category of ‘alternative “truth” media’, but perhaps different ones, involved in truth discovery,

    are reporting and discovering the rather dark friends and the milieu Donald Trump was raised from.

    Homosexual predators, gangsters, corrupt politicians, Melania Trump not merely a cover girl but an actual call girl, biljonair paedophiles, bribing, financial scamming, all this surfaces in Trumps path to riches.

    And now there are the rather damning witness statements that Donald Trump use to fondle his daughter Ivanka Trump in public, when at the restaurant, under the table, observable by the waiters ‘who all new’, this Donald Trump who would ‘have married her’ Ivanka ‘his favorite’, if he could.

    Oh boy america, you are in some rotten white puddle right now (we’re not really watching anymore).

  2. As usual we see another zionist trained self-hating white weigh in that the only “TRUE” solution is White Genocide. Answer me this Punish: Being the smallest true Minority on the Planet why is that White societies are the advanced ones and the brown and yellow societies are the 3rd World ones? While Whites (notice the capitalization used to denote a group like you would do for say African-American or Jewish) have had advanced societies for thousands of years meanwhile Africa is still in the stone age. How do you account for this “white privilege”?

    Don’t like your skin color? Slash at it, cut yourself while staring in to the mirror and denounce your race, then check in to the mental health clinic. You need some serious help.

  3. Excellent observations by “Resist the Darkness.” I will add that the mind-controlled civil rights episode of the 60s, and subsequent “social standards” imposed on and now embedded in people has created a new generation of self-hating whites – literally scared of being labeled “racist” for speaking the truth.

    Although one can sorta say our nation is run by “anglo-americans,” to identify THAT as “white power” is pure BS. They are just a bunch of greedy psychopathic whites who throw their own people under the bus so they can maintain power. And to guarantee it, they have allowed a carpet of Zionist (Khazar / Edomite) operatives to be laid in the D.C. Gov. Why?

    Maybe it’s as simple as Mike Christopher states in his facebook comment above, that this article is “a disingenuous attempt to incite racism.” Or maybe it’s just the supreme manifestation of brainwashing.

    The world would probably function best with honest recognition and respect of various ethnic and racial groups, and work to prevent their destruction by the interracial genocide that is most obvious here in America.

  4. The only race that its OK to openly trash in today’s culturally marxist politically correct world is whites, and especially white Christian males. Anyone who has anything favorable to say about whites is demonized. Its only OK to be white if you are a self-hating white, which is a message that our young people are force-fed for years in public schools and in college. Apparently the world won’t be ‘diverse’ enough until whites are gone. There is a group of people who are over-represented in the power structures of all western nations. The only group that has historically been able to oppose them are white Europeans, who have forceably expelled them hundreds of times for their scheming and treachery. This unnamed group also has nearly complete control of both mainstream and co-opted alternative media. Of course any candidate who wants fair treatment for everyone (gasp–including whites!) is going to be seen as a threat and raked over the coals for imaginary racism

  5. The media needs shock and awe to remain virulent in our white society. That’s what its geared for. Trump is the poster child for corrosive stereotyping on steroids.
    Ever wonder why black people don’t get charged up about CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS etc. They are smarter than the the white man and woman who gets a charge out of the propaganda when news of Black lives matter is smeared or race hate videos cover the air waves. They know its sensationalist infotainment. . Philippino’s, Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese and Hawaiian folks have better things to do than become absorbed in the hate while the white folks too dumb to know better mire in it like a dog in the grass.
    The “white race” needs an ego adjustment and Trump is the exact opposite of whats needed to educate the racist out of us. We need stability, not fanatisicm.

  6. “Free Air Time” That’s called TROLLING the PRESS and Trump is a genius. Miss Bobble Head Killery has not had a press conference on iver 200 days.

  7. NullnVoid, I wrote RIGHT MESSAGE WRONG MESSENGER last week. Read it. There is no doubt that Trump started with the right message “government is now working for us…” but then he quickly ruined it by pandering to racism and bigotry going off into insults, condecension and more attracting the “white nationalists” and then full embracing it in the primaries to overthrow the GOP establishment turning the GOP into the RACIST PARTY.

    So yeah, I get where you stand with Trump’s RIGHT MESSAGE but you keenly “look the other way” when he engages in race baiting, bigotry, and just being plain insulting and rude to everyone group that is NON-WHITE aka the WRONG MESSENGER.

    I think that’s where you fail to accept….the guy is leading a white nationalist movement party now that has no future in a multi-colored USA.

  8. America has always been a very racist nation, it was built on racism and has killed hundreds of millions of non-whites if you add together all the native Americans, black African slaves, Phillipinos, Cubans and other victims of the USA and it’s white supremacy.

    Supporting Trump should be seen as a sign of insanity, the man is an utter joke and it mystifies the rest of us how Trump supporters have fallen for his BS.

  9. Infowars is a disinfo site funded by the Zionist Bronfmans, therefore anything they have to say is rubbish not worth our time.

  10. The antonym for “punish” is SURRENDER. Therefore, Johnny “Surrender,” one of the devil’s offspring, your skulking days in the communications medium are but days away to a dead end! No one except your devil cousins will join you in yap-trap goat bleating as you fade-out on the horizon…. Ha, ha, ha!

    • I wouldn’t put it past the deceptive biased frauds at CNN to have dubbed in alleged shouts of “White Power” at this rally that you placed in this political hit piece. CNN is known as the Clinton News Network. An objective “Journalist” you’re not Johnny Punish. It’s apparent you’re a Democratic Party operative disguised as a “Journalist” and will use any and all deception, as CNN & MSNBC does, with your presentations of Donald Trump.

    • I appreciate a good psyop, this is just bad tradecraft. Seems to be the trademark of the entire US establishment. Trillions of $ is spent on systems and processes for global domination and out comes poo.

    • I did NOT personally alter the image. However, clearly someone else did. The image was meant to be provocative and meant to set the tone for the article.

      If you need actually images of Trump rallies with KKK supporters or racists, just google it. There is plenty out there. So please don’t try to de-legit the issue by claiming a photo shopped image meant to make a point.

      Now, give a legit comment on the issue. Do you believe this is our last race based election? Or do you think Trump will win and turn America white only again?

    • >Do you believe this is our last race based election?

      If you ask me, the concept of whether this is about race or not is flawed. From my perspective the race issue is a diversion created in order to DDOS peoples minds so they stay away from the real pertinent issues.

      There is no question the entire political establishment is corrupt, a criminal mafia in uncle G’s wording. Now, this criminal mafia, including their marketing dep. i.e. the MSM is going completely ballistic over the possibility that Trump will defeat them in an election. That alone is an indication that he is not one of them and that he is a real threat to them.

      >Or do you think Trump will win and turn America white only again?

      This is like asking “have you stopped beating your wife?” The establishment isn’t threatened by Trump treating certain ethnicities badly. Look how these bastards themselves treat the Palestinians, Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians and other people from all around the world. They kill them gladly, they bomb women and children with phosphorous and fragmentation bombs or drone them with Hellfires.

      The issue is not objection to the treatment of certain people this is about the real possibility of loosing power.

    • I’d like to add that since it has been pointed out that the photo you use to make your point is falsified you should be honest about it and put in the original one.

      “I am for humanity NOT aiming to exploit it”, walk your talk?

  11. Using a photoshopped photo of the women and their tee shirts that really stated “Make America Great Again” to look like it stated “Make America White Again” is such a cheap shot. If you have to use deception to make Trump and his supporters out as “racists” in order to score cheap political points with a populace of readers that come to this site that don’t know any better than you’re the one that has moral issues, not Trump or his supporters.

    This is one of the reasons I very very seldom come to Veterans Today anymore.

    Editor’s note: I have removed your insulting language, if you can’t make your point without resorting to calling people names then you need to go elsewhere where such behaviour is tolerated.

  12. You call yourself a visionary, then you reduce global politics to demographic evolution. I find that petite cute, Johnny.

    Some of the material published on VT attract some fairly smart people, which in turn becomes problematic when diversion pieces like this one and others are put out.

    Where has the finesse in diversion gone? I guess it’s panic mode now.

    • A suggestion, I’d leave out global citizen from my business card if I did your kind of work. What it actually reads is globalist. Don’t underestimate your target audience.

    • SweetLove, actually I am a globalist. You’re right about that. I am fully aware the world has gone global and has been on that path for over 50 years now. As our technology grows and connects, the peoples of the world get closer. Travel connected us in the 20th century and now the smart phones put us ever closer and closer. Whatever comes next will be even closer.

      So yes, I am a globalist. But unfortunately, I hope to your dismay, I am NOT the globalist that is plotting to run the world from Dr. Evils lair. No, I am a globalist in the true sense of the activist word; a globalist with an eye on humanity NOT the inhumanity of what is commonly refereed to by the New World Order folk. In other words, I am for humanity NOT aiming to exploit it. I am more of a Jacque Fresco Venus Project type globalist NOT the Bilderberg type. But nice try….cute!

    • >I am a globalist in the true sense of the activist word

      I’m sorry, you are either living in a dream or not very smart. I sense some idealism in you so I’ll go for the dream alternative.

      There is one thing you have to consider and give thought to and that is that there cannot exist anything Global without structure and processes for this Global whatever one like to label it system to function. It doesn’t matter if you slice it from the left or right, there is always some interests that will control the structure and considering the level of consciousness at present, will use the structure for oppression and control.

      Activists proposing Global solutions may out of idealism believe in that utopia, but the real matter of fact is that solving todays issues requires not Global focus but local focus. Starting as local as it can get, with ourselves.

      I suggest that for humans to survive and thrive societies need to be decentralised, not centralised. At the present level of consciousness technology is a curse, since it takes away people’s ability for introspection. Advanced societies (advanced in good human qualities) may draw some benefit from technology, I can admit that, but nowadays technology is not used in a way that furthers human evolution of consciousness.

      We have, by design, lost our connection to nature and to our Creator. Our first priority should be to re-establish that.

      Respectfully, SL

  13. Johnny Punish,

    Do you love your family? They and the rest of us European-American Gentiles are being rapidly exterminated by our genocidal rulers. Ditto for Europeans, white Australians, etc. Our leaders are going for the Final Solution. In a few months you will be sobbing like a baby when you see what you have wrought. You are a disgrace to our nation and our race.

    • That’s the problem Johnny. Unless the globalist plan for race extermination by interracial genocide continues, there is no such thing as the “human race.” There are various races and ethnic group which should all be recognized and accepted. These were spawned by different progenitors, not evolution from one source any more than horses, donkeys and zebras. And if any are part of a nation that is majority one or the other – THEY should not dictate how things go.

      This is the REASON the Zionist-globalists want the destruction of the various groups by interracial marriage, and letting down the borders so that the death of ethnic white majority in America can be complete. Can’t you see how the media and public school programming has worked feverishly to accomplish this? This is Soros / Rockefeller / Rothschild at their finest.

      Go to Soros’ sponsored site, and see what you are promoting with your brainwashed rhetoric.

    • That’s the problem Johnny. Unless the globalist plan for race extermination of ALL Races by interracial genocide continues, there is no such thing as the “human race.” There are various races and ethnic group which should all be recognized and accepted. These were spawned by different progenitors, not evolution from one source any more than horses, donkeys and zebras. And if any are part of a nation that is majority one or the other – THEY should not dictate how things go.

      This is the REASON the Zionist-globalists want the destruction of the various groups by interracial marriage. Letting down the borders so that the death of ethnic white majority in America can be complete is the most visible program. Can’t you see how the media and public school programming has worked feverishly to accomplish this? This is Soros / Rockefeller / Rothschild at their finest.

      Go to Soros’ sponsored site, and see what you are promoting with your brainwashed rhetoric.

    • Sorry for the double post. The website glitched upon entry of the first one and it would not appear at first. So I tweaked it a little more and re-posted. Then the first one showed up as well!

  14. Well, let’s revisit this ideology about the whites in power. Today the equality of all peoples in the US are different from the 30s-40s etc. and the “Race thing” is now a tool for the Government. And the government is Not for the people anymore so that is where Trump comes to play – he’s openly telling the public the truths about life in these here US of A – both foreign and domestic – and it isn’t Obama’s -” We are already Great shit either. When South Africa’s previous President was asked if the country was better off now , or better off under white rule – he Honestly said — White Rule. OK now – is America going back to slavery of the blacks with plantations and whips? Nope – the slaves are those that have to work in order to keep the MIC , gov. employees, and politicians in the upper class. The government’s are the racists and are playing America people for all its worth – and the people are behaving exactly as the Gov. Plan dictates. The NWO neocons had this mind all along for the US and EU – and its working – they are getting rich and the peasants are getting used like they should be – White Power works only if the Powers are equal and fair – for everyone.

    • Excellent Garry – EXCELLENT. We were ALL made slaves by the 14th Amendment in about 1871 under the “U.S. Corporation.”

  15. Johnny – you either do not understand what is happening or are deliberately riding your rails into the basement full speed at the behest of some think tank. (or perhaps just over-socially-engineered).

    “White America” has been thrown into the toilet by the NWO for some time now. The think tanks have shaped the America you are talking about, with aggressive social engineering. The bad guys had to do so because they could not CONTROL the strong dna / blood of western Europeans. Hence – control of media and public schools.

    So, we’re going to have racial issues at this juncture in history because we have been forced into a stall to mate the whiteness out. It is not working, and now we have a backlash – NOT A LAST GASP. These things must be discussed logically.

    Hang in there. It’s not about hatred. It’s about TRUTH and HONESTY. We know the statesmen, architects and engineers who shaped America and the WORLD (prior to the social engineering of the ZioNazi Khazarian Mafia) – was the Nordic, English, Irish / Scot / Celt, Dutch and Germans.

    And by nature, they are a kind people who were put on this earth to “till the garden” so to speak. And they generally run from the psychopaths who do not represent the race, like, Rockefellers, Bushes, you know the names. The “white race” of those psychos is not the “white race” I’m talking about.

    There is not going to be a race war because honest white folk that I know would never follow anybody to do that bullshit.

    • But it’s definitely Not the “last great election on race in U.S. history.” White-folk are just getting warmed up.

    • The US is the ultimate White Power country Already — look at the House, Senate or Congress – they are a huge Party of Whites — Rich Ones ! And if the President is Black – he threw his people – under the bus – for tons of money and kickbacks – once he out of office. Where I was born and raised -Chicago -Obama wouldn’t be called a Black – he’d be dat otter name !

    • Like I said Garry, “the ‘white race’ of those psychos (oligarchy that you are saying are the “white power” in charge) is not the ‘white race’ I’m talking about.” Appreciate your comments.

  16. You know what I notice Mr Punish? I think President Putin would prefer to work with Clinton than Trump. I say this cause RT and Sputnik are running MSM reporting rather than being pro Trump. What do you think?

    • BeyDety, we know that Trump both knows and does not know Putin. We know that Mannefort was or may still be on Russian payroll. As for Clinton, reports on the inside say she has very cold relations with Putin. But since I am NO expert on Russian politics, I think it best we consult with Jim Dean or Gordon Duff who spend their days working the ins and outs in US/Russian relations.

    • lol… Yeah the he knew Putin one was stupid, that’s maybe just one of the many reasons Russia cannot take him serious cause of how quickly he can flip flop, can’t work with an unstable POTUS, especially one with that sort of ego. With Clinton, they know how she operates and what she stands for. These are just things I’ve started to notice. Yes, I would very much like to read the opinions of Mr Dean and Mr Duff.

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