Cold War Chill: US Congress Wants to Block Future Presidents Working With Russia



… from  Sputnik News,  Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: This story is a tempest in a teapot for two reasons. Russia can do just fine with the US locking itself out of the Russian market. Plus, presidents have a wide hand when it comes to foreign policy, so the huffing and puffing is the usual election-year theatrics.

But that said, the record of Republican fear-mongering is carved in stone, which is why I used the images of Putin with his good buddy Bush when the NeoCons were firmly in the saddle. They used foreign policy to line their pockets with the War of Terror military contracts and the billions whizzed away on Homeland Security on a long list of failed efforts, through an orgy of contractor hype and fraud.

They also tapped into the Afghanistan drug money, big time, where those tens of billions are annually flowing into political campaigns all over the Western World, at least those with a NATO presence there in a good poppy-growing area. America’s military and reserves were used and abused by these people, who have never given them the contempt back that they deserveJim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  August 18,  2016

Will Trump's hot air carry him across the finish line?
Will Trump’s hot air carry him across the finish line?

As Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has expressed interest in renewing ties with Russia, the US Congress seems to be scrambling to ensure that ties between Washington and Moscow will remain sour.

During a news conference last month, Trump suggested that he “would be looking into” acknowledging Crimea as part of Russia, a reversal of current US policy that refuses to recognize a referendum in which 96% of the peninsula’s residents voted for reunification with the Russian Federation.

Trump’s statements have caused panic with hawks in Washington, and US lawmakers are hoping to pass the STAND for Ukraine Act, which would make it significantly more difficult for a new administration to improve relations with Russia.

The bill, introduced by Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel of New York and Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, would effectively make it impossible to remove certain anti-Russian sanctions unless Crimea is returned to Ukraine.

As Jason Ditz points out for, the bill is about more than just the Republican presidential candidate. It’s not just about Trump, however, and aims to preclude any president at any time in the future from such considerations, making the sanctions a permanent aspect of American policy,” Ditz said.

The bill also places two major lobbying arms at odds with each other. While ongoing tensions with Moscow would undoubtedly be a positive for defense contractors which have seen increased sales to NATO, US oil companies are desperate for the lifting of sanctions in order to complete multi-billion dollar agreements.

“…ExxonMobil’s agreed-to $500 billion drilling deal with Rosneft [is] at risk if the sanctions become permanent,” Ditz writes. “Even this enormous deal could potentially just be the beginning, as the Russian Arctic contains untold oil wealth, and American oil giants are the best positioned to get it out of the ground.”

This is the latest example of anti-Russian sanctions doing more damage to Western corporations than to Russia.

“For the past two years, Western attendance at the [St. Petersburg International Economic Forum] SPIEF was low to nil,” political analyst Bunn Nagara wrote in an articlefor Malaysian daily The Star Online.

“As two-way sanctions bit deep, Western businesses could stand it no longer and returned to the forum in hopes of getting back to business as usual.”



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  1. – amazing the secrets of the leadership of Israel and the USGov that former MOSSAD agent, Ari Ben-Menashe revealed in “Profits of War Inside the Secret U.S. – Israeli Arms Network.” Reading only pages 68-76 reveals the motive of Judaism-MOSSAD and Bush/CIA/MOSSAD for its defamation campaign against Ben-Menashe and the release of his book in 1991-1992.
    The book also reveals the control of the Western World that GHWBush/MOSSAD/CIA has exercized since prior to 1947, before the CIA was legalized. While Victor Ostrovsky, former MOSSAD agent, has also revealed the deceit of Judaism´s MOSSAD, Ari Ben-Menashe´s semi-autobiography retains first place. “Profits of War Inside the Secret U.S. – Israeli Arms Network” should be translated into Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic to enable earth´s population to learn the identity of the Western Worlds´ string-pullers.
    Soros ?
    A puppet. That´s all. A distractive puppet.

  2. Putin should double the price for his ‘Uber Rockets’ which transport American astronauts to the ISS.

  3. Sooo, the Amerikansky Pres. – with a stroke of her pen, can go to War anywhere in the world without the Freeloaders in Congress – but can’t negotiate with Russia – who they want to go to War with – in the first Hitlery place. America is sooo F up that there is No room for any rational thinking – what so ever. Oo dah chee – Good Luck

  4. The hubris of congress. Foriegn policy is really the presidents ballfield. Will some one please follow the bread crumbs left by Engle, and Kinzinger. Holes in their pockets may lead right to AIPAC’s back door. The Ukraine debacle benefits a few large corporations. But which nation? Not the US, rather Israel. Like most countries Israel is controlled by Khazarian Jews who yearn for greener lawns, and 4 seasons. Tax the silk road anyone?.

  5. As the major part of the world is open to do trade with Brics and SCO, western Nations either give up the sanction politics or gets left behind. All of Europe depends economicly on Russia one way or the other. And the US can´t prosper solely on her own. So we will see a fundamental change in the coming time (months / years – we´ll see) with the dispersal of prosperity over the globe. The US is digging her grave right now. And there will come a time when the elites suddenly are found to brown nose the East to get a cozy place at the fleshpots again. If the Sanctionists wait for too long, they´ll be lesft behind. The big deal is placed in Asia in the future and Russia made herself to a first row player in this region.
    Western regions are sucked dry. Best example is the US with a dwindling industrial production and a trade deficit of about half a trillion a year. Without a MAJOR war, or a Turkish style political turnaround, the West will fade out into insignificance.

  6. The day you step into congress as a politician, you have to sign a pledge to the Zionist state of Israel.
    Enough said.

  7. the jackwads are supposed to be there representing their state/peoples interests, NOT trying to set national and global policy, attempts which should be grounds for their removal.

    • PS.. these same jackwads are sure trying to pass “laws” against any person or business who refuses to do business with izrahell (BDS).

  8. If there is an upside to a gerrymander, the districts knot heads like these claim to represent need a shake up.

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