Pentagon can’t account for $6.5 trillion of taxpayer money – IG report


Aerial view of the Pentagon. © AFP
The Pentagon failed to account for $6.5 trillion in its financial statement, a recently-recovered Inspector General’s report on the 2015 fiscal year said. It reveals the audit of the Department of Defense was “materially misstated.”

The army failed to provide “accurate, complete, timely and well-supported” documents that could have explained the use of trillions of dollars in quarterly and yearend adjustments.

The US military made $2.8 trillion in wrongful adjustments in one quarter alone in 2015, and $6.5 trillion for the year, but could not provide anything that would detail what it spent the money on.

There were a total of 64,321 journal voucher (JV) adjustments made in the third quarter and 142,355 by the yearend, but only 7,083 of them were supported with detailed documentation of transactions.

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The IG has also found that 16,513 of 1.3 million records were “removed” from the Pentagon’s budget system during the third quarter of the 2015 fiscal year.

“Without support for why these records were removed, we could not determine whether the records continued valid transactions,” the IG said, adding that the Defense Finance and Accounting Service Indianapolis (DFAS Indianapolis) could not explain why the files were removed.

At the same time, data that Army General Funds (AGF) cited in its financial reports in both the third quarter and yearend“were unreliable and lacked an adequate audit trail,” which are necessary to confirm “accuracy, completeness and timeliness”of transactions, the Department of Defense Inspector General found.

The IG obtained computer-processed data, which the report said only supported the conclusions, even though investigators could not “attest to the reliability” of the files they obtained from the Army.

DFAS Indianapolis said that misstated adjustment occurred because they “decided to use system-generated adjustments rather than manual” when preparing AGF’s financial statements.

“The unsupported JV adjustments occurred because OASA(FM&C) and DFAS Indianapolis did not prioritize correcting the system deficiencies that caused errors resulting in JV adjustments,” the IG said, adding that “sufficient guidance for supporting system-generated adjustments” was not provided either.

However, the military has reportedly downplayed the severity of the findings.

“Though there is a high number of adjustments, we believe the financial statement information is more accurate than implied in this report,” an army spokesman told Reuters, stressing the Pentagon’s eagerness to root out problems.

In 2015, Army General Funds reported assets of $282.6 billion and $42.7 billion in liabilities as well as budgetary resources of $ 219.5 billion.

Earlier this year, Congress set a September 30, 2017 deadline for the DoD to obtain a full financial statement, but there is a risk that “the Army will not achieve audit readiness.”

The findings by the DOD’s IG were released back on July 26, but at the time, the report failed to attract attention to the Pentagon’s fudged accounting.

However, the Pentagon – the single largest US government bureaucracy – has been accused of delaying its financial accounting multiple times.

A former Defense Inspector General official in charge of auditing the Army General Fund, Jack Armstrong, told Reuters that the same type of unjustified changes to Army financial statements, as the IG’s report revealed, were already being made when he retired in 2010.

“They don’t know what the heck the balances should be,” Armstrong said.

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  1. As if U.S. governmental mismanagement of taxpayer money isn’t bad enough, there seems to be a hole in the U.S. Treasury. Come on… we all know the money didn’t just vanish, but was inappropriately taken by person’s unknown. You know, they just stole it because they could. There have been so many scandalous cases of Treasury gold, or millions of dollars that just seem to have disappeared that some heads should roll because of it. Every time a huge amount of money is appropriated to fund some military or government project overseas, most of it goes missing. Projects are built then just abandoned like the several million dollar command center in Afghanistan. A brand new facility sitting there not being used; most likely it’s now been ransacked by either the Taliban or Afghan citizens. Where is oversight? Oh that’s right, we can’t oversee things, because that would make it just a little harder for the thieves in our government to steal taxpayers money. The shameful waste that our government exhibits is appalling & I bet all those connected to this disgrace watch their personal bank accounts and investments a lot better than they watch the taxpayers money. How might President Obama or Hillary Clinton feel if their bank accounts got hit and they were out a few million dollars. It seems like no one cares, as long as the shoe is on someone else’s foot.

    • It wasn’t taken by persons unknown to those of us who have common sense, and aren’t blinded by ingrained loyalty to Israel. It was gradually stolen over decades by the many Mossad spies and criminals who are employed by our Zionist government under the guise of accountants and such. The missile hitting the Pentagon on 9-11 was precisely aimed at the portion of the Pentagon that contained all the records of the theft, and were destroyed by Israeli Mossad engineers and their Zionist assistants as part of the 9-11 master plan. Got it?

  2. The same thing happened at the end of the Soviet Union – with regards to money but not close to the same amounts – The US Gov. has already stolen about 6 -8 trillion from the Soc. Sec. fund – never to be replaced so the end is near – for the citizens – not the thieves.

  3. Back on Sept 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars had been lost by the Pentagon. The next morning a Tomahawk missile hit the Pentagon, eliminating the ONI investigators who had gathered to examine the records. Was this meeting requested by Rumsfeld? As far as I know, nobody has publicly raised this question. Now we are seeing much higher numbers – but off-world colonies, space fleets, and military forces are expensive to maintain, even if they are only getting “seed” money for operations that will pay their own way at least until 2022 when slave labor becomes illegal. The thing occurs to me is what city gets blown up to distract everybody during the next week or two? Two weeks ago Fulford suggested Atlanta, but then, what does he know?

  4. This is the second heist. A punisher for this behavior is to freeze all financial accounts of every public servant in the USA, dual-citizens, lobbyists, foreigners with connections to those mentioned herein, and add other suspected criminals to this list, as they become known. Oh yes, there will be primal screaming and gnashing of teeth, but when all these people cannot fulfill their basic human needs (food, etc.), their tongues will wag and the buried treasure will surface.

  5. Rumsfeldt and his lackeys pulled the plug on around the same amount – give or take a trillion or two, back in September 2001 and rode off into the sunset and left an enemy entity to ‘turn an immense pecuniary mangle’. Congress might ask for some answers but across the logos-lacking landscape of Washington run by dual-citizens, who is going to initiate an investigation? Our chem-trailed air has an uncomfortable pre-storm gush to it, a great sucking sound that usually precedes an incoming artillery round only louder this time like a Cruise missile. Cover up!

  6. Surely if only a few families and clans would be interrogated, most of that money would be traced down. Probably most of US officials and people know of these clans and yet they remain untouchable. The Lucky Luciano of Pentagon.

    • Perhaps Mr. Bennett should investigate this, I am sure he will find them. Remember his book “Shellgame” ?

  7. Patriot act and overdose patriotism forbids investigators to pursue the money trail. Gods of war remain gods of war.

  8. They can but they must open their knowledge about secret space programs and other dark sinister plans. Go to yesterdays False Flag weekly news and listen what the guest has to say

    Friday, 08/19/2016 False Flag Weekly News
    ht tps://youtu. be/3W0sGM6Y3PY

  9. There is even more to this financial scheme. Add the uncounted billions of drug trade money made by – whom?? the Bushes, the CIA ( IS really a difference there?), the banks, ??? I suppose that the REAL amount AND use of all the money made, distributed, used and misused there will never be found out. Everybody is cheating everybody and all of them do have hidden agendas…

  10. Ha ha ha! “We have a slight discrepancy – errr, about six are missing!”
    “Six of what. Six thousand?”
    “Surely you do not mean six million?”
    “A bit more than that!”
    “Dear God! Are you saying that you have lost six Billion?”
    “Err… A little over that…”
    “So are we talking about six tr…” (faints and falls to the floor)

    • Good one volker-dee. Let’s have an alternate ending competition! 😉 But originally I was just trying to illustrate what a KNOCK-OUT that sum is!

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