Is Soros Pumping Money into ‘A Jewish Voice for Peace’?



[ Editor’s note:  Despite my having explained the actual political alignments of George Soros, people continue to call him a Zionist and insist that he and Hilary, who he financially supports, will do Israel’s bidding. That is utter nonsense, quite frankly.

Soros and Hilary are not Zionists, neither are they Neocons, most of all, they are no friends of the Israeli right wing which has been in power for the last 15 years. In fact, they are the arch enemies of the Israeli Likudist right and the hatred is very mutual, hence the constant attacks on both Soros and Hilary we see in the Zionist owned and controlled media.

You don’t have to take my word for it, the Israeli media has stated many times that Soros is no Zionist nor is he a friend of Israel, as in this 2013 article from the Jewish Press.  Ian]


George Soros: No friend of Israel

by Vic Rosenthal

I’ve written ad nauseum that the most energetic and effective anti-Zionists are Jews, not Arabs or Muslims. A perfect example is the group called “A Jewish Voice for Peace” (JVP), based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but with chapters all over the country, mostly on college campuses.

JVP has been growing by leaps and bounds, with their 2011 form 990 (a tax form which all non-profits are required to make publicly available) showing an income from contributions and grants of $871,250. This is very big money for an organization whose membership appears to be mostly students and young people, and there is reason to believe that they have recently started to receive much more. Unfortunately non-profits that don’t give money to political candidates are not required to disclose the identity of their donors.

This week, during the annual AIPAC meeting in Washington DC, JVP has purchased 100 advertising signs in DC Metro stations, working with the very professional “Avaaz” group (more about them later), to “challenge [AIPAC’s] influence on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.” Here’s an example:


Ads like these cost between $400-$950 per ad for 4 weeks, depending on “timing and market.” So let’s say (very conservatively) that they are paying $250 per ad for two weeks. Their 100 ads cost them at least $25,000, probably twice that.

JVP likes media attention, and one of its favorite tactics is to disrupt pro-Israel speakers and events. Both the advertising and the disruption appear to be intended at least as much to attract attention — and recruits — to their organization as they are to change public opinion about their issues (promoting boycott-divestment-sanctions, portraying Israel as an apartheid state and human-rights violator, etc.).

Here is something else that I noticed on JVP’s form 990, which supports the idea that it is focused on growth. It has only one paid officer, Executive Director Rebecca Vilkomerson, who is listed as receiving total compensation of less than $75,000. But they also list $355,090 in “other salaries and wages.” Who are the additional employees? What do they do? It’s not the janitorial staff of JVP’s small Oakland office.

My guess is that they are organizers stationed on college campuses and other places where young Jews can be found. Although the organization wants to give the impression that it is an all-volunteer, ‘grassroots’ group, it seems that it is actually a disciplined professional operation that is rapidly growing. Their grants and contributions have increased by an average of more than $100,000 a year (with the exception of 2008, a bad year for all nonprofits).

Someone is pumping JVP up, and I think we can get a clue about who from the partnership with Avaaz. Avaaz is not (yet) big in the U.S., so you may not have heard of it. But let me quote from NGO Monitor’s analysis:

Avaaz was co-founded in 2007 by “Res Publica, a global civic advocacy group, and” The former received grants totaling $290,000 from the Soros Open Society Institute in 2008. The latter received a $1.46 million grant from George Soros in 2004. Res Publica describes as its “primary current project.”

According to a 2007 ABC News report on’s call for the firing of Paul Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank, is a “global advocacy group funded by philanthropist and financier George Soros, and the labor group SEIU.”

According to the 2009 Form 990 (page 87) filed by the Open Society Foundations, OSF gave $600,000 to via New York-based Res Publica; $300,000 for “general support to” and $300,000 for “’s work on climate change.”

A check into OSF 990s for 2010 or 2011 show no grants for Avaaz nor Res Publica. According to its 2011 990,’s total revenue for that year was $7,519,028. claims it is “wholly member-funded.” Avaaz does not publish a detailed list of donors on its website or 990 forms, and therefore this claim cannot be verified independently. is active in the Israeli-Palestinian arena. Its 2011 campaign “Palestine: the time is now,” was aimed at pressuring the UK, France, and Germany to support a Palestinian bid for recognition. The petition and accompanying video titled “Middle East Peace – The Real Story” promotes the Palestinian narrative. In 2007 launched a petition calling to “End the Siege of Gaza: Ceasefire Now” demanding an end to the “blockade and growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza” and “ensure the free flow of supplies by land, sea or air.”

Soros also funds J Street, the phony “pro-Israel” lobby, although J Street’s director, Jeremy Ben Ami lied in an attempt to keep it secret.

Avaaz, with its huge budget, is as slick as it gets (here is a discussion of how it managed a fake grassroots Internet campaign for Palestinian recognition). My guess is that Soros is getting behind JVP as well, and with the same objective: to create a ‘popular’ Jewish anti-Zionist movement.

Soros, in other words, is pitching a whole line of anti-Israel merchandise to Jews. Are you a progressive who wants to distance himself from Israel along with your left-wing friends, while still remaining a member of your (liberal) synagogue? Buy some J Street! But suppose you want to see Israel replaced by an Arab state and don’t care who knows it — if you are suffering from stage-4 Oslo Syndrome — then JVP is for you.

There is a reason why so much of the heavy artillery of anti-Zionism is turned on the American Jewish community. True or false, it is seen as the key to American support for Israel.


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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

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  1. “Facts” is an interesting word. Judaism claims its mythical “holocaust” is a fact. Laws in various European countries classify as a crime, statements that question Judaism´s “6-million” mythical version. A current case in German courts is that of Mrs. Ursula Haverbeck Wetzel. She was sentenced to 10 months in prison for publicly revealing accurate information about Judaism´s holocaust myths. Previous articles on veteranstoday provide information that supports the reverse of this article. An interesting video reveals Mrs. H. Clinton stating accurate information about herself and Judaism´ mayor of Chicago. Her comments support the reverse of this article.
    Considering the information published only on veteranstoday, I would have one basic question. How does the practice of the progeny of the Khazarian Empire differ from that of the progeny of Judaism of 50 BC?
    Perhaps there is a difference in the function of Gilead´s spies vs the function of the current MOSSAD. Maintaining the belief that the constituency of Judaism is a race perpetuates its system of myths. Which myths continue.

  2. Soros is funding anti-Zionist groups? Sounds like the age-old Zionist game of funding both sides. Theodor Herzl, the founding father of Zionism, stated that anti-semitism helps the Zionist cause. I think it is safer to be sceptical of Soros and assume a malign reason for his actions…

    “The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies.”

    Page 84 in Herzl’s Diary.

  3. Ian: Soros is a well-established expert at controlled opposition – with the ability to keep cover over what he is REALLY doing – until somebody blows it off. Read: SNAKE.

    And defending Hillary just to put down Trump is no way to win friends and influence people in America right now anyways. And here’s a quote from a Hillary leaked email of 2015: “The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.” I wonder if she will “help” the people of Syria like she “helped” the people of Libya.

    From this year’s AIPAC speech: “The second choice we face is whether we will have the strength and commitment to confront the adversaries that threaten us, especially Iran. **** After all, this remains an extremist regime that threatens to annihilate Israel. That’s why *** I ultimately supported the agreement that has put a lid on its nuclear program.”

    She says “… threaten US ..” and she is clearly speaking in terms of “US” being Israel.

    As dual Israeli-US citizen Haim Saban stated in a recent speech, “I hinted to you – that I know, but I can’t reveal to you things that were said behind closed doors. She has an opinion, a very well-defined opinion. And in any case, everything that she thinks and everything she has done and will do will always be for the good of Israel. We don’t need to worry about this.”

    Come on man. I’m beginning to think your posts are controlled opposition to get reactions like mine. hmm

    • The VT comment edit function had dumped a revised line earlier – I did not notice when pasting back in. Meant to say:

      “She says “… threaten US ..” and she is clearly speaking in terms of “US” being Israel and it’s big buddy the United States.”

  4. “The political Jews outside Israel in the diaspora are most times Liberalists, which means in the end, Bolsheviks”. Yes, the powerful ones usually ultimately have no true allegiance to their home state (with ironically the possible exception of Henry Kissinger). You only have to think of the ones that in part were responsible for the birth of the Soviet Union. And of the mostly Jewish oligarchs. And Rothschild and Soros of course. This is essentially a non-Zionist tribal phenomenon. But there is a difference with Zionists (whether Jewish or not) outside Israel whose main agenda is to support Israel at any cost by destabilizing ME and turn a blind eye to human rights of Palestinians. Zionism has never been a religious movement, until the more recent phenomena of Christian and Jewish religious Zionists. Jewish Zionists outside Israel may be a contradiction in the diaspora, with the notable exception of the US where the tribe may be mostly liberal (think of Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein) but the powerful in media, politics, academia and business will be increasingly Zionist as well.

  5. I don’t know whether Soros is Good, Bad or somewhere inbetween, I just try to report the facts as I can determine them. Soros has spent huge sums of money opposing AIPAC and the NeoCon-Zionist-Israel lobby in the USA, so we can take that as meaning that he is their enemy. We know they are bad guys due to their track record of criminal activities, 9-11 and the War on Terror at the forefront. Soros being their enemy does not mean Soros is therefore a good guy, it just means he opposes the bad guys. I’ll report more facts and leave it to others to form their own opinion of the man based on those facts. I think that is the best way to approach the subject with honesty and integrity.

  6. I started reading VT and other Alt media sites about three years ago (My waking up period) and I always enjoyed the ‘REAL’ news they brought, recently, I’ve started to think that these sites have been bought up by the CIA et al, Zerohedge and VT have become mouthpieces for Hitlary Clinton and George Soros characters, I can only imagine that Mr. Jim dean, Gordon Duff and Tyler Durden are on a beach somewhere in Fiji downing Long Island Iced Teas.

    George Soros is a big piece of shit that should be hung by his neck until he dies, no question. The same goes for Hitlary Clinton, the end of America is not far off, and this supposed ‘Journalism’ only goes to push forth that ending.

    What a sad fu$king outcome has befallen us all when such ‘good sites’ as VT, Zerohedge have been hijacked by Zionist fu$kin’ shills as these.

    Sad times my friends, sad times.

  7. Entities like Soros have US passports for convenience and financial reasons. But do not feel bound to the US Constitution, nor have they any affinity with values of the founding fathers, nor with long term interests of small time hard working people and their savings and interests. Their allegiance starts with the Federal Reserve and money magick. Basically financial mercenaries who will bet on any profitable horse under the pretext of Pussie Riot liberalism / globalism. Anyone, whether it be Mikheil Saakashvili or Hillary Clinton, who lets themselves voted into office by money magick, can be trusted as a patriot. While money alone doesn’t buy elections, it does buy politicians, whether they intend to be bought or not.

  8. I would place George Soros more in the category of globalist Jewish identities like Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright, with the energies of Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign relations etc.. What they always have in common is fear of Russian success as an independent and strong economy and identity. Soros was meddling in former Soviet states by aiding and abetting rogue states like Georgia and Ukraine as we know it. In very general and simple terms Soros is much more fascist NWO-“Rockefeller” as opposed to ZIO-“Rothschild”: they oppose each other here and there, but Rockefeller ultimately will take its orders from Rothschild. And so will the most probable next president of the United States Hillary Clinton. Soros made a killing betting on the winning Brexit-horse, and so he will probably be equally successful with backing Hillary. Rossiya is in for hard times.

  9. Soros is brilliant..

    would work for him in a New York minute.

    He spends money on peace?

    Peace unites and war divides.

    At least Jones got it right.

    We are at war.

    an informational one…



  10. Sorry, but I have to agree with Gilad Atzmon on these organizations as being “anti-Zionist-Zionist”, and yet another expression of Jewish tribal exclusiveness.

  11. that’s a lot of money pumping through in adds alone, impressive for those who are “progressive” and wish to distance themselves from what israel is now globally seen as ……’s a go to help you out … about that money flow through to the Palestinian youths in the refugee camps to pay for scholarship programs… that they may have a choice before being recruited into a militia, paid pittance, thrown a new AK 47 and all the cigarettes they can smoke…I believe the Palestinian Embassy in Beirut would be happy to oblige, the framework is there ….. extend a hand towards peace…that would be sincere

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