PressTV: Foreign Cash, Goldman Sachs Holding Trumps “House of Cards” Empire Together



US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (AFP photo)
US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (AFP photo)

No wonder he keeps his taxes and financial records, most of which are offshore, secret.  No wonder he loves Israel and is willing to take orders from Sheldon Adelson, a fellow casino boss and business competitor.  The truth is, most certainly, so much worse than this report….

Businesses owned by US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are carrying a debt of at least $650 million, a new report has revealed, raising doubts about the New York businessman’s claims of running a successful enterprise.

Trump’s campaign filings show his businesses owe at least $315 million. However, a report, released by the New York Times on Saturday, revealed that the real figure is at least twice that amount.

The investigation, which was carried out by a property information firm, searched publicly available data on a number of properties linked to Trump and shed light on his heavy reliance on loans and credit to prop up his ventures.

One of the examples mentioned by the Times was Trump’s sale of a 43-story Manhattan office tower to a company in 2007, where he retained a 30 percent stake in the property as a limited owner.

A loan document reveled that five years later, Trump facilitated a deal with four financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs and Bank of China, who agreed to lend the office tower’s owners $950 million.

This is while Trump has repeatedly blasted China for refusing to properly pay taxes for “taking” American manufacturing jobs. He has also railed against his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for receiving a $675,000 payment by Goldman Sachs for speaking fees.

Three other partnerships, holding a significant portion of Trump’s wealth, owe a further $2 billion to a group of lenders, the report further revealed.

“I am the king of debt,” Trump once told CNN. “I love debt.”

The report is expected to raise new controversies about the bombastic candidate’s net worth.

Despite his own claims of being worth at least $10 billion, recent estimates by Forbes and Fortune magazines as well as Bloomberg have put the figure at less than $5 billion.

In his Federal Election Commission filings, Trump has claimed that his assets are worth at least $1.5 billion but that is expected as the FEC forms only ask candidates list assets and debts in ranges rather than precise numbers.

Those ranges top out at $50 million, allowing Trump to hide the true extent of his debt by simply saying it surpasses $50 million.

The billionaire has yet to respond to the report, which comes at a time when he is already under immense pressure to release his tax records.

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  1. If only the seven wonders in Falls Church Va. would do more at home instead of worrying about overthrowing foreign governments. Next time seven wonders in Falls Church, VA. if you could please tell the public who is actually owned by THE BIG GIANT VAMPIRE SQUID that would be great. Don’t call out one candidate and not the other though. You let Hillary be exposed but kept it on the down low that Trump was owned by Goldman Sachs and Zionist billionaires loyal to Israel first. Next time don’t try spelling anything out for God sakes just be crystal clear. Americans are too stupid and you have to be bold and just say it out loud. Donald Trump is now elected and he is a president bought by evil Zionists for Israeli interest. Make America great again? Yeah, I don’t think that will happen or was ever the real plan.

  2. drawing from his own personal experience Donald Trump once said, “when you give to them, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.”….big donors expect that…… he now is on the receiving end of his own statement ……meaning he knows he is expected and will “do whatever the hell” they want HIM to do….. israel owns him

  3. Maybe Trump is pursuing candidacy so he could save his casinos and cover his debt, that is what a genuine apprentice would do. A lot of money rolls in these elections surrounding deep state and the apprentice just wants a piece of the pie, since Hillary is already the decided establishment candidate. After G.W.Bush I don’t see how any Republican could ever win again on regular votes, unless he would ban and prosecute the Bush clan in its entirety and denounce their ex-presidency. Trump is a businessman, shark one.

  4. Duff and Ian,
    We know that you have been compromised. Soros is on the ropes, getting his ass handed to him, he may be a fugitive in his last years.
    Now you two are reporting that Soros and Hillary are not pro-NATO, pro-Bush CIA, pro-NWO, and Neocon Zionists. Next you will tell us that 911 was an outside job?
    Nobody believes this, you know as much.
    If you or your family’s lives are in danger of Soros hitmen then just let us know. In your next article heading include two (!!) Exclamation marks. God help you.

  5. Gordon Duff and perhaps even Ian Greenhalgh most probably mean well. They know full well the true narcissist personality disorder of Hillary (the brain disorder is BS but lover Yoko Ono is not) and know that Bill Clinton is in effect a sexual predator and a drug dealer) that has been groomed by the few to become what he became). And that the Clintons did not earn over € 100.000.000 by honest work. Both are easily and secretly blackmailed into permanent and utter submission, and could be investigated and compromised into utter oblivion by the media if they only half-heartedly tried, but somehow everyone critical drops dead around them without the Clintons probably even realizing. But Gordon Duff is taking a bet that full disclosure might be in safer hands of Hillary and the p[owers behind her, than in the hands of an unpredictable outsider like Trump. If you do not immediately recognize the full and fundamental implications of disclosure (and I do not mean 9/11, because disclosure will pale 9/11 into insignificance and will relegate it to the side lines) , then do not even try to understand this post any further.

  6. money is just worthless paper if you have nothing in gold or commodities, just crimes, weapons and drugs to back it up. That is the real problem behind your banking system. And twisting world ´s arms around doesn´t work anymore because the whole western world is bankrupt and out of material, especially gold. The grip into a naked man´s pocket you may find balls, but nothing else.

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