‘I don’t give a sh*t about them’: Philippine president threatens to leave ‘stupid’ UN



The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, has threatened that the country could leave the UN, after the organization urged the Philippines to stop executing and killing people linked to drug business and threatened that “state actors” could be punished.

“I do not want to insult you, but maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations,” Rodrigo Duterte told journalists on Sunday. “Why do you have to listen to this stupid?”

“I don’t give a sh*t about them,” he added. “They are the ones interfering. You do not just go out and give a sh*tting statement against a country.”

Calling the UN “inutile”, Duterte said the Philippines could invite China, African nations and other countries to create a rival international body. He went further, slamming the UN’s response to other global issues.

“Look at the iconic boy that was taken out from the rubble and he was made to sit in the ambulance and we saw it,” Duterte said. The picture of Omran Daqneesh, a five-year-old Syrian boy has recently gone viral around the globe.

“Why is it that [the] United States is not doing anything? I do not read you. Anybody in that stupid body complaining about the stench there of death?”

The Philippine leader also attacked the US for more members of the public dying as a result of police violence.

“What do you think the Americans did to the black people there? Is that not rubbing off also? And (critics) say what?”

The angry tirade at the news conference in Davao City came after the UN’s special rapporteur on summary executions, Agnes Callamard, urged the Philippines to stop extrajudicial executions and killings, saying “state actors” could be punished for the “illegal killings.”

About 900 people have been killed by unidentified attackers since May, when Duterte was elected, and another 665 died at the hands of security forces, according to the national police chief.

Duterte, however, has vehemently denied these accusations, and said that the police only fired in self-defense, while he also lashed out at the UN.

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He shrugged off the prospect of repercussions that could follow as a result of his remarks.

“I don’t give a shit about them. They are the ones interfering,” Duterte said.

He also wondered whether UN officials were indeed threatening to jail him and repeated that he was ready to sacrifice his life and presidency for his country.

Duterte has developed a reputation for being very outspoken and even rude at times. Earlier in August, he called the US ambassador in the country “gay” and a “son of a bitch.”

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  1. Enough said. He is a personal hero of everyone. The only ones who need to abandon the UN are its senior elite club founders, the UK and USA, because they have used UN ad infinitum to sack, destroy nations, and instill and freeze neocolonial agendas. The UN is literally a ‘piece of shit’ organization.

  2. The Philippine President would do well to ask as to when all the other members of the so called “United Nations” met, discussed, voted before sending the message out……they didn’t….the “United Nations Organization” not speak for the people …. I couldnt agree more with the President, who the hell do they think they are?…. its a blind eye they turn to the genocide and killing of children but start killing the drug lords and traffickers that run side by side with pedophelia, human trafficking, prostitution slavery and all the harvest that reaps and they soon speak up…threatening

    • yup! Duterte is RIGHT about this and more. the “United NAZI-ons” doesn’t even begin to have a leg to stand on, “where the UN goes, crime follows”.

    • Edward I agree what you say is technically correct. hitler was a stooge catapulted into power by them to ensure another destruction of Germany. what most dont understand is the acronym is NAtional ZIonism, the same “nazis” they have so effectively demonized. all the “intel” staff was rescued and relocated to the USA and newly formed izrahell, to take over. most dont understand about bolsheviks, but they have been made to understand “nazi”.

  3. I get through a lot of news and have to say Duterte is my favorite subject. When your country is on the verge of complete dissolution, this guy doesn’t mince words, kill ’em all.

  4. While lambasting the despicable UN, he would have done better to point to the US’s extrajudicial Drone murders and invite a response from them on that subject

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