Top US commander warns Syria & Russia against operations near American positions



[ Editor’s note: With the US having ‘advisors’ or whatever other euphemism du jour you prefer to describe the presence of US personnel alongside the supposedly more moderate headchopping scum, it seems almost inevitable that one day those big, bad Russkis will bomb them. The moral of the story seems simple – if you don’t want to get bombed, don’t hang around with people who are going to get bombed.

However, I get the uneasy feeling that there are elements within the US military-political sphere that would actually love nothing better than Russian bombs killing US troops as it would allow them to score political points…. Ian]



Top US commander warns Syria & Russia against operations near American positions

Counter measures will be taken by US troops in case they “feel threatened” by Syrian or Russian air forces, according to a senior US military official. The warning comes in the wake of a recent incident with Syrian warplanes attacking areas close to US Special Forces.

“We’ve informed the Russians where we’re at … (they) tell us they’ve informed the Syrians, and I’d just say that we will defend ourselves if we feel threatened,” recently appointed US commander of American forces in Iraq and Syria Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend said in a telephone interview with CNN on Saturday.

The US-led coalition had to order up its planes stationed near the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakah after two Syrian Su-24 jets dropped bombs “dangerously near” the US forces positions on Thursday, Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told reporters shortly after the incident.

The US-led coalition on the ground tried reaching the Syrian warplanes on a common radio frequency, but there was no response. They had to contact the Russian command that confirmed that their plane wasn’t involved.

By the time the US planes arrived, the Syrian jets had already left. The bombing caused no casualties, Pentagon reported. The US Special Forces were ordered to change location as a precaution while US jet patrols over the region were beefed up.

The US would “take whatever action is necessary” to defend their troops, Davis also said.

Earlier in July, the chief of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov reported that Russia and the US are exchanging information on “most sensitive issues.” He admitted “despite the problems that exist,” the secret services “are in a constant contact.”

“With regard to anti-terror issues, both we and they [Americans] understand the need for concrete cooperation, information exchange, and working together,” Bortnikov said.

Next week Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US State Secretary John Kerry are to meet in Geneva to discuss the Syrian settlement and, among other issues, the Russia-US cooperation and more active exchange of intelligence, media reports suggest, citing unnamed US officials.

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  1. Enlight me… what American troops are doing on the Syrian territory without Syrian Government permission? against our Congress, against UN resolution ?

  2. for JOHN Z . re DC. WELL SAID THAT MAN. i’m an IRISHMAN 66 YRS. and its time the shit hit the fan in the USA. with a few exceptions like
    CYNTHIA MC KINNEY. ” hope i said it right,!” that are on the side of the people,and the rest are EVIL . there is no other word in the dictionary to describe to use .eg; SPECIAL RENDITION = KIDNAPPING ,TORTURE ,AND MURDER. INNOCENT PEOPLE which they thought would validate their CRIMES.EVEN THE WASHING LINE CAN BE USED. peace and justice for ALL . mylo

  3. It’s time to announce the restored Republic of America and shut down and expose the crooked corporation operating in Washington DC as the “government” of the United States, Inc., which is bankrupt. They have breached the original trust agreement called the “Constitution for the united states of America”.
    The document that authorized them to manage the trust and provide services to the people – the American Nationals, the true heirs to this nation. US Citizens are “government” workers.
    The military knows this, and all the incursions into foreign nations is being done by the private mercenaries of the corrupt corporation that is aligned with the Clintons/Bushes and their mafia for the purpose of controlling the resources of other nations for their private gain.

    The Constitution does NOT give them authority to enter and bomb other Sovereign nations, so who gave them that authority? Where is the agreement by the people? These corrupt acts are like a cancer. Unless and until you arrest the criminals, it will only grow and get worse. Hillary and her ilke are absolutely involved. She needs to be arrested along with her rapist husband so we can start cleaning house. So US Marshalls, get busy and do your jobs. Same for the “Justice” department. Or else face arrest.

  4. @Steve K…Absolutely. It never hurts to get it in writing. Whether it does any good, is irrelevant. Being ‘on record’ and to be able to point to it in negotiations or PR can be of great value later.

  5. It’s just time for Putin to let Assad go to the UN and inform them, not ask them, tell them that they do not require any ‘more’ help. Thus far most ‘help’ has been counter-productive. Therefore, we are forced to announce, effective tomorrow morning a ‘no fly zone’ in the entirety of Syria. In this way we shall eliminate all terrorist groups quickly and effectively. Any nations with personnel in Syria, should have them arrange transport and leave immediately. All foreign nationals not registered with the Syrian authorities may be prosecuted as terrorists. Send a memo to the World Court and tell them they want to report trespassers.

  6. I think planty of this arse wipes SO’s and many other NATO scum have already been hurt and killed throughout these bombings, so now he’s whining about further loss. They are there helping terrorist scum like themselves, kill hundreds of innocents on a daily basis. They’re no different from ISIS, accept they have a country.

  7. A timely scripted retort as some impostor Mig Two- Ones with Syria paint schemes are waiting in the “wings”.

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