Russia starts designing main superheavy rocket for lunar program



[Editor’s note: The timing of this Pravda article is significant as it coincides with the Chinese announcement of a plan to build a lunar radar base. I don’t believe in coincidences often and this is no exception. 

I strongly suspect that the Chinese have no concrete plans for a lunar base and I strongly suspect that there is no Russian lunar program. This story about the new design of super heavy lift vehicle really is nothing of substance, and the significant part is that they have chosen to tack on the snippet of information about a lunar program.

So what is really going on? Why have these stories appeared? I think that it is the Chinese and Russians playing political games with the US. 

The game is quite simple – there is something being kept secret about the moon, something big, something that would change our entire view of the world and our place in the grand scheme of things. By saying they are planning to go to the moon, the Chinese and Russians are putting pressure on the US and NASA who are the gatekeepers of the secret knowledge.

I do wonder what the Chinese and Russians wish to gain from this pressure – is it just political points scoring or are they pushing for disclosure of at least part of the secret? Ian]

Russia starts designing main superheavy rocket for lunar program

Experts of the state-run corporation Roscosmos started designing a new superheavy rocket on the basis of the “Energia-Buran” program.

The new rocket is said to be built with the use of the existent RD-171 rocket engine. “We do not consider using hydrogen circuits on the first and second stages of this carrier. We intend to take the third stage from the currently-operating Angara rocket,” a representative for the corporation told the Izvestia newspaper.

According to General Director of Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Vladimir Solntsev, the new rocket will be able to deliver about 80 tons of payload into low support orbit. Its further evolution on the basis of RD-171 engines implies the possibility of increasing the carrying capacity up to 120 tons and, if necessary, to 160 tons. It will be possible to increase the payload by changing the rocket structure and expanding the capacity of the engine.

Thus, the creation of the new superheavy rocket will be possible within five to seven years. According to the official, the projected rocket will be the main carrier for the future lunar program.

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  1. We have never been to the moon and never will be. It’s just another mind trick. Bill Kaysing got it right, way back 1976.

  2. That would certainly explain the US bombing the Moon. At the time I thought it was just a show of force.

  3. Ian,

    It’s very peculiar that the Russians don’t disclose any secrets and don’t point a finger at the US — they have provided no insights into 9/11, for example.

    It is very likely that this Russian/Chinese “lunar program” is nonsense. Lunar projects are very expensive and the Russians still remember the last time they overspent on this. The moon is a quarter million miles away, which makes it a bit far for the radar station the Chinese are threatening to build there.

    So they might possibly know something and are reminding the Americans of this fact — as you have pointed out.

    The most damaging information would of course be that these lunar landings never occurred. Proof of this would call into question everything else that the US has ever said or ever says in the future.

    What are your thoughts about what the Russians are alluding to?

    • Hi Peter

      Well, there is a whole can of worms to be opened when it comes to the moon. Is it artificial? Is there an alien base on it or in it? I am sure we have been there, but I wonder how, given all the holes in the Apollo story, most likely the answer lies in the secret space program and black technology. One of the main reasons I am sure there is a big secret about the moon being hidden is all the obvious disinfo put out about the moon, if there was nothing to hide, why throw up a smokescreen of lies?

    • This is where I completely agree with Ian. Everything about the behaviour of Neil Armstrong from dat one is suspect as if he was torn up by it all and was burdened with the truth. Other astronauts for instance like Buzz Aldrin and Edgar Mitchell, especially the last who were much more outspoken on the subject of alien existence (both on Larry King) give far less indication of being burdened by a secret. Of course mind control cannot be underestimated. You only have to take note of highly detailed accounts like those of purported space / Mars officers (Solar Warden) Randy Cramer to see how it would be possible to implant memories (although his memories could also be true). It is highly improbable that Randy Cramer is a flat out liar as he really seems to believe what he recounts. I think the Apollo astronauts (aside from possible mind control) might have been prepared to go along with the hoax of the technicalities as long they had actually visited and did not have to lie about the actual walking on the moon. Also take note of the fact that (contrary tot Randy Cramer) the Apollo astronauts apparently were not able to remember much of their Moon visit. But much photographic material from the Apollo mission is highly suspect as a fact..

    • You only have to look at the dejected faces of the three A13 astronauts when they give the press conference afterwards to know something was wrong. Their colleagues who got roasted alive in the capsule was probably in their minds – that incident, I believe, was a murder designed to keep the astronauts silent. I tend to think that we have barely seen a single glimpse of either the lunar or Martian surfaces – the vast majority of what they have shown us is fabricate, false. Something is being hidden and it is something big, but I just don’t have enough info to guess what. I have theories and speculations of course, but nothing concrete. I would write more on the subject if I came across solid info, but such is like hen’s teeth or rocking horse droppings – rare indeed.

    • Interesting also is Jay Weidner who states that the purported glass structures (Richard Hoagland) on the moon are nothing more than a consequence of studio green screens / Front Screen Projections.

  4. The “big secret” about the Moon is that YOU CAN’T GO THERE AND COME BACK ALIVE! Neil Armstrong never walked on the Moon.

    Gus Grissom was the first man to walk on the Moon; he (and his crew) died on the way back–or shortly afterward–in the CCU of the USS Coral Sea from radiation sickness. The corpses from the Test Module fire were “MIAs” from Vietnam. Everyone involved in the Moon landings knows this.

    There is a band of radiation that is just outside the Van Allen Belts, not considered part of them. This is the radiation that poisons the astronauts on their way out; it’s 2-3 times the yearly allowable amount of radiation–taken all at once.

    When they get to the Moon, they are already sick; they stay there until they become too sick to get out of the module and walk around for the cameras. Then they get back to the capsule and come back home.

    The second massive dose of radiation they take on the way back kills them. The dead astronauts who actually went to the Moon were all listed as KIA or MIA in Vietnam. That is why the Moon landings ended when the Vietnam War did: they didn’t have corpses available any more.

    It’s true. An astronaut told me.

    • The new product line uses Demron(TM), a radiation protective fabric created with nanotechnology. The material is lightweight, non-toxic and lead- free. Fused between two outer layers of fabric, Demron(TM) can be manufactured into any garment pattern, such as a full-body suit, that can effectively shield the human body from ionizing radiation. The material has been tested and confirmed to be an effective shield against radiation by the U.S. Department of Energy and other institutions.

      7th January 2004

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