Trump more psychopathic than Hitler, Oxford study finds


Adolf Trump

[Editor’s note: It really isn’t fair to liken Trump to Hitler, after all, one was a massively popular leader, a legitimate war hero who transformed a country in ruins into a superpower in less than 5 years and the other is Donald Trump.  

Hitler, contrary to current black propaganda, was never a police informant nor a homosexual; he shut down the bankers, abolished the Zionist central bank, cleaned out all the pimps, drug dealers, perverts and the rest of the criminal underworld in short order, setup a free healthcare system, free tuition at universities, one month paid vacation for all workers and the list goes on.

He found a starving and broken people on their knees, lifted them up from Zionist-imposed debt slavery and very nearly conquered the world, thus freeing it from the grasp of the Zionist cabal.

Compare that to the policies Herr Trump espouses and his ‘achievements’ in bankruptcy and divorce…..

Now you tell me, which one is the psychopath?  Ian]


Trump more psychopathic than Hitler, Oxford study finds

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has more psychopathic traits than Adolf Hitler, a researcher at Oxford University has found.

Psychologist Dr. Kevin Dutton has ranked the psychopathic traits of the Republican candidate and various historical figures using a standard psychometric tool – the Psychopathic Personality Inventory – Revised (PPI-R).

Experts suggested likely scores against a series of questions. Trump scored 171, two points more than Hitler.

Saddam Hussein topped the list, scoring 189, while Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton received a score of 152, putting her in the top 20 percent.

Margaret Thatcher scored 136 points, and Elizabeth I was put at 130.

Dutton says the test scores people on eight traits that contribute to a psychopathic character. They are fearlessness, cold-heartedness, egocentricity, ruthlessness, self-confidence, charisma, dishonesty and deficits in empathy and conscience.

“Some of those traits, such as fearlessness or stress immunity, can be positive. Others, such as blame externalization or being unconcerned about the future, are more likely to be negative. One, cold-heartedness, can contribute to good and bad leadership,” Dutton told the Telegraph.

“Both great and terrible leaders score higher than the general population for psychopathic traits, but it is the mix of those traits that determines success.

“For example, someone who scores highly for being influential, fearless and cold hearted could be a decisive leader who can make dispassionate decisions. If those traits are accompanied by a high score on blaming others, they might be a genocidal demagogue,” he said.

Trump outstripped Hitler on factors such as social influence and fearlessness dominance, while the Nazi dictator scored higher on the Machiavellian egocentricity and cold-heartedness.

While ranking lower than her rival overall, Clinton far exceeded Roman emperor Nero on traits such as “Machiavellian egocentricity.”

“It is interesting that these scores reflect both the praise and the criticism that Trump and Clinton receive.

“In the end, while both score relatively highly, it will be up to voters to decide on whether their mix of positive and negative traits should send them to the Oval Office.”

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  1. I suppose heredity affects everyone’s perspectives to some extent. About 1/2 of my ancestors came from various parts of the UK. Another have came more recently, around 1900, from Germany. From my thoroughly impartial and unbiased perspective, it certainly is refreshing to hear such a frank approach to this history from an English author.

    • Frankly, my elders practically elevated Harry S. Truman to sainthood, and I had one great uncle who regularly attended the same card games as Truman and his circle. At this stage, the real cause of WWII seems to lie with profligate Jewish interests, and submissive American and European leaders, who were instrumental in inciting Poland’s obstructionist anti-German policies. Thereby, they prevented a negotiated resolution to German-Polish disputes over Volksdeutsch in Poland, and Danzig Germans. These differences could have been resolved without a world war that killed 60+ million people.

  2. When the intelligence community, or representatives of it like here on VT, becomes politicians their credibility disappear.

  3. The best coverage these matters has been at Inconvenient History, “Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP,” by V.K. Clark.

  4. Very good summation of Churchill, he was a thorough bastard. Stalin is a little trickier as there is the whole issue of the Zionist Jewish Bolsheviks under Lenin and Trotsky – they killed tens of millions, Trotsky especially with the way he lead the Red Army in the Civil War was guilty of huge numbers of murders. Stalin appears to have been something different to them, he purged the majority of the Jews out of leading positions in the party and instead of being devoted to spreading the revolution to the rest of the world, he focused on building Russia. Of course, his methods were ruthless and brutal and millions died, but you have to wonder just exactly what he was as we know he wasn’t one of the Zionist puppets from the way he got rid of them with a bullet to the neck, or in Trotsky’s case, an icepick. Was Hitler created in order to be built up into a tool to smash Stalin? It’s an area that intrigues me.

  5. Yes, I think you’re an idiot as nothing has changed, not one thing at all, my opinion on Trump and my reporting on him has been absolutely consistent from the moment he announced his candidacy.

  6. Mr.Greenlaugh, I apologize for sugesting you should read the comments. You obviously do, and.Gordon too. The.constant poundin Trump is receiving from VT has me commenting before even reading nothing more than the banner line, or reacting picture. So there I said I’m sorry. It doesn’t mean I agree with your portrayal of Trump, or the use of a test without a base in science. Jim Dean’s editor lead in is great., and Gordon Hillary is very sick. Hey Amelius, her resume of evil acts includes Honduros, Brazil, and Columbia. Venezuela too. She so global. Right?

  7. I believe you are broadly correct, certainly about the crushing of Germany being the prime goal of the world wars. One othe detail to consider s that the Czech govt paid a large sum of money to a British group called ‘The Focus’ of which Churchill was a member. This is significant in understanding the events of 1938. Also, the British liked Hitler quite a lot, Chamberlain was an admirer – he planned to implement Hitler’s financial model in Britain, which would have destroyed the London powerbase of the banking cabal. Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia because the Czechs had begun to ethnically cleanse the Germans living in the Sudetenland which fatally undermined Chamberlain and his govt. The same trick was repeated in Poland a year later – the Poles were ethnically cleansing the Germans from the Danzig Corridor and the border region so Hitler stepped in to protect them. Twice they tricked Hitler into starting a war to protect German people living outside the border of the Reich. Sadly we will never know all the politics and chicanery going on behind all of the events that lead upto ww2 as the German records have been partially destroyed or remain secret in the case of the British archives.

  8. Duff mixes his defense of the Clintons with attacking the Zionists and the 9-11 perps…..
    What drug are these guys smoking or shooting?
    How about the Clintons are in bed with Bush Sr and his mafia faction?
    How about OKC false flag?
    This is surreal…..

  9. Only things deleted are posts that had no purpose other than to insult or attack someone, usually me. Any topic is allowed, you can say anything you want as long as there is some point to it, if it’s just to say ‘F you’ or allege something unpleasant about me or any other member of VT staff then it’s liable to get deleted for the simple reason that it spoils the debate for others, having to wade through a load of pointless posts that are just trolling. We appear to have picked up a few trolls recently, probably due to the election.

  10. Who is worse Adelson/Trump or Soros/Clinton? Really who?
    Soros and Clinton have more dead civilians across North Africa, Middle East, Balkans, and Ukraine. That’s my take. Clinton has killed 6 informants in 7 weeks too.
    So Duff/Ian are equating Trump to Hitler. And Hitler is good since he double crossed his Zionist handlers and supported Nationalism.
    Ok as long as we all agree. *wink, wink

  11. Hi Cynthia. I didn’t write that, it is in the article that I reproduced. I agree with you that it’s a bit of a joke as since the election of Bush Jr and probably before, the manipulation of ballots, particularly through the electronic voting systems, has been prevalent.

  12. It’s too big a subject to adequately deal with here, perhaps I will publish something on the subject in the near future. Certainly foreign money flowed into Hitler’s coffers via bankers and industrialists such as Thyssen. However, after he came to power in 1933, Hitler turned on his international financial backers who had created him in order to have a tool to attack Stalin. That is why they decided that Germany must be destroyed utterly. To this day, one of the key goals of the Zionist cabal’s policy is to avoid an alliance forming between Germany and Russia.

  13. Do you want to know a real psychopath ? See here

    Turks living in Germany should show ‘high level of loyalty’ to adopted nation – Merkel
    ht tps://www.rt. com/news/356825-merkel-germany-turkey-loyalty/

  14. @gary??, black propaganda ?!!! I think you’re at the wrong site, STORMFRONT is down the block. BTW TRUMF, isn’t running for president! he positioning myself to start a new NAZI- FASCIST media outlet! like david duke said, ”we’ve taken over the GOP!!” racism is a mental disorder!! and unfortunately around 20 to 25% of usa caucasians suffer from it.

  15. Mr. Duff, I am honored you asked a question of me. No, I wasn’t serious about wanting people to Google Hillary’s health, and just mentioned it to make a point about how the MSM is still using the term conspiracy theory to describe a subject we have to research through the internet because it is a story they won’t cover, like 911 being an inside job.

    I am surprised you think so much of Hillary and so little of Trump. Most likely I will vote for Trump because I see him as a nationalist, but if not, I am writing in Gordon Duff for President.

  16. Donald Trump just gets stronger the more the media slams him, Mr. Duff is just doing his part to get him elected.

  17. Its quite amazing to see, read how people react when their world is coming to an end. And I think many many people are seeing just that– An End. America and Britian are at the end of their cycles and everyone is up in arms bashing each other – belittling one another and trying to find scapegoats for their Mass Failures. Hell, if this is the best ” Oxford” can do in the world of psychology — they flunked – PS -if Trumps psycho analogy is compared to Hitler — what does Oxford have to say about that Negro President in the US that did a Complete 180 on all his campaign/ champagne promises ?

  18. I hope everyone has Googled Hillary Clinton and health on the advice of Rudy Giuliano. Did anyone else notice CNN used the term conspiracy theory over and over again while tying it to 911.

    You can fool some of us anymore, MSM.

    • You’re seriously suggesting people should listen to a nonsense piece of black propaganda out of the mouth of one of the leading figures of the criminal cabal responsible for 9-11 and the subsequent destruction of America?

      There’s nothing wrong with Hilary’s health, just more crap from the Zionist controlled media.

  19. Hilary? You mean the liberal democrat who has pledged to tax the rich, rein in the bankers, protect the environment, raise wages and stop Republicans from sending jobs overseas and staging all their false flag terrorism crap?

    Do you really need to ask why no illustrations lampooning Hilary? Nah, I’ll stick to kicking the racist, biggotted, unstable and downright ludicrous candidate thankyou very much.

  20. The picture got a chuckle from me, but seeing how the questions weren’t answered by the individuals named, the result given by a third party is meaningless.

    How exactly is this a story?

    While working in the nuclear industry I took the MMPI several times, does any know why they are so interested in whether we like flowers or not. I get why they ask whether you like your mother or father over and over again, but flowers? Come on..

  21. Show me the background of Dr. Dutton to see why he is judging this way. No more propaganda plz.And where ranks Papa Bush ?

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