Subjects and Serfs of the Lesser Gods (Part I)


by Preston James


Statues of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. It’s a good guess that the Greek and Roman Gods were based on legends from earlier times of lesser gods interacting with humans.

[ Note: If you have no interest or knowledge of background in Secret Space War matters, the secret and almost completely hidden machinations of the Top Chieftains of the Khazarian Mafia (KM), or the incredibly dark, evil, etheric non-corporeal entities which they serve in order to get their power, you are probably wasting your time reading this article. For those interested, this is a long article and you can save time by reading the bold print and then the conclusion. Doing this you will get the most important points of this article.

global chess

Thanks to a major world power shift that has occurred, the Khazarian Mafia (KM) has been significantly checkmated and is now being progressively and incrementally deconstructed. The KM’s biggest secrets have historically been protected by their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which refuses to publish the facts of their extreme evil because the KM Moguls that run it follow KM policy that has been set by the KM Top Chieftains.

Instead of publishing the truth, the CMMM publishes KM big lies, false-narrative and USG propaganda, and by doing so has created a false social reality which makes the truth implausible to most. Since the KM assassinated JFK, this false reality has traditionally caused most Americans to view truth nuggets dispensed by the Internet’s Alternative Media as mere “conspiracy theory” by whacky “conspiracy theorists”.

Gander Canada Flight from Egypt
Gander Canada Arrow Air Flight from Egypt

All secrecy is now ending, and there are so many breeches from all over the world that it cannot be stopped. Some new KM-mandated laws have slowed this process down somewhat, but those too are becoming quite ineffective. Even so, many of the most serious secrets are so obtuse, so deviant, so incredibly evil, few will be able to fit them into their heads, once told. The biggest secrets that the Top KM Chieftains live by and keep are so nasty and so esoteric that they are incredible to all but a very, very small group of those who have worked at their periphery and who have well-corroborated information and evidence they just can’t ignore.

The most closely guarded secrets of the KM Chieftains and their powerful associates are their private intersections, associations, subordination, and operational “slavery” to the unimaginably evil, ethereal, non-corporeal world they have sold out to. Strangely, the KM Top Chieftains and their associates do not understand that they have lost their very souls and have become slaves of the the evil spirit guides (lesser gods) they serve, and that this path leads to only one thing — judgment and their final demise. In becoming slaves of the hidden realm to evil lesser gods (fallen ones), they have been granted the power to rule over evil on Planet Earth and have made serfs out of most of whom they rule over.

Men who were lost that day on Gander Canada Arrow Air Flight from Egypt
Men who were lost that day on Gander Canada Arrow Air

This three-part series of articles is dedicated to all who have been murdered on the orders of the KM Top Chieftains using evil subordinates who run their Intel Agencies, such as the CIA, the FBI’s Div. 5, MI-5&6, the Mossad, to mention a few.

Their blood cries out from the ground for judgment against these KM Top Chieftains. Because of twisted, sick and demonic policies the KM Top Chieftains (due to their subordination to evil non-corporeal spirit entities), these notorious world’s worst criminal sociopaths have been producing all the illegal unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars of aggression and acquisition for the benefit of the KM and its associates.

This article is also dedicated to all the Intel agents and federal whistle-blowers that have been “terminated with prejudice” by the secret notorious “signed findings”, and also members of Seal Team Six recently murdered by their own commanders to keep them from leaking the fact that the man they terminated, murdered by a secret “dead or alive” warrant, was actually a Colonel Tim Osman double, when the real Osama bin Laden died in late 2001 long before.


This article is also dedicated to the murdered US Special Forces soldiers of the Gander Canada Arrow Air Flight from Egypt, the murdered eleven US Special Forces “Spooky Teams” in South America, the murdered DIA Agent Tiny McKee and his four other team members on Pan Am 103 at Lockerbie Scotland returning to America to expose the massive CIA/Pan Am drug Trafficking pipeline into America, all murdered by orders from CIA commanders and their superiors in sinister “ends justifies the means” cover ups.

The blood of all these fine American Soldiers cries out from the ground demanding justice be brought to those responsible for their murders. Anyone who would order the murder of a brother in arms is the worst kind of soulless traitor there is and deserves justice and final judgment to be delivered no matter what. And this is the typical kind of person that sits in the top Command positions inside the CIA and the Pentagon right now and continues to betray American Soldiers and Intel agents every single day. They violate their Oaths of Office and betray We The People. They deserve to be fully and publicly exposed and dealt with by federal RICO prosecutions, as well as prosecutions in International Courts for crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the tortures and murders of innocent kidnapped teenagers at numerous black prison sites, including on the notorious black prison ships. PJ ]


Demiurge represented by the lion-faced serpent
Demiurge represented by the lion-faced serpent
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The Plutocrats and Oligarchs who rule us do so by means of their secret, hidden associations and strong personal relationships with other Plutocrats and Oligarchs, but they share one thing in common.

In order to obtain their status they have risen through specific occult-based initiation rituals which become increasingly evil.

At some point when they near the highest initiation into the KM Hierarchy, they will be approached by non-corporeal entities in the hidden spirit world and will be asked to enter into a contract, selling their very souls in exchange for extreme power over others, incredible riches and high status in society.

But they have to perform seriously deviant, criminal acts in secret against the masses in order to be so empowered and to maintain their level of power attained. These acts are parasitical and required by the lesser gods they serve.

In so serving these lesser gods these Plutocrats and Oligarchs have been able to create a secret kingdom, an Establishment Hierarchy which they must maintain through covert political manipulations and exercises of their secret power that has been given them.

Hollywood proudly promotes the Demiurge at every opportunity
Hollywood proudly promotes the Demiurge at every opportunity

To protect this kingdom of power, wealth and status they have built up a pyramidal Establishment Hierarchy. This Establishment Hierarchy is the world’s largest organized crime syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia.

These Plutocrats and oligarchs who are the Top Chieftains of this KM Establishment Hierarchy syndicate have created their own Intel agencies and used them to protect their Establishment Hierarchy.

In addition they have also created numerous secret, top secret, above top secret, black, deep-black and beyond-black programs hidden in various defense contractors (usually as Intel proprietaries) to create even more tools to control society and pursue technological developments that will aid their cause.

These Plutocrats and Oligarchs have hijacked the American State; formed close relationships, groups and associations; and routinely invoked the false-cloak of so-called “National Security” as cover for their evil, illegal and unconstitutional deeds, which are necessary to keep We The People under control.

Some of the most hidden of their secret programs are deep-black and beyond-black “unacknowledged special access programs”, often not even known by the defense contractors in which they are embedded.



These deep-black and beyond-black programs, like so many covert operations of the KM’s Intel Agencies, are financed by “black money” raised through large corporate/state bust-outs, bailouts, corporate welfare schemes, international arms, and large scale narcotic trafficking and other illegal rackets.

Some of these deep-black programs have gone rogue and become a major secret power to themselves, independent of the Top Chieftains of the KM who set them up or authorized them in the first place.

Raising Black funding for black programs is a very big, well-protected business of the KM.

The reason the country of Mexico is a narco state and a totally failed nation is because the CIA started and built up the Mexican drug Cartels and has used them them to raise immense amounts of black funding. When one cartel gets too big and too powerful, the CIA builds up a competitor, and then covertly provokes a drug war between them. This weakens them and keeps them in check and thins the herd by producing thousands of murders, many of innocent civilians.

Meanwhile they keep using these cartels to provide illegal drug profits for their large wall street banks to launder for them. Just take a wild guess why casinos have been so popular with the CIA, the world’s largest narco-trafficker that is totally controlled by the Top Chieftains of the KM.


Some deep-black and Beyond-black programs have developed a life of their own, gone into secret arrangements with Alien ET groups, and have gone rogue.

And some of these beyond-black programs have spun out of control and developed a life of their own, running parallel to the Power Control Group that is supposed to control them, the world’s largest organized crime syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

At least one of these programs has been transformed into a faction actively working against the KM at many levels through very sophisticated psyops, covert ops and ultra high tech psychotronics, mimicking what the KM is doing to the American masses in secret, but likely much more proficiently.

alien-midway1 (2)

In some of these beyond-black special access, unacknowledged groups, those involved have been deeply mind-kontrolled and now serve as agents of these Alien ET leaders and are helping them attain their own agenda, which plans to make an end run around the Globalist NWO Agenda of the KM.

It is not too hard to imagine all the trouble this is now causing the Top Chieftains of the KM. Stay tuned, because much more is on the way.

Some of the slickest covert operations in history are going to be deployed against the KM. It would be great if this Alien ET Agenda were one supportive of We The People and the human race. But so far it looks to be something just the opposite. They appear to be doing some of the things We The People want, but with what overall goal in mind, that’s the rub, because they seem to have an endgame that is anti-human and may just be clearing the field of the major power players so they can move in their place and take over openly in some form, perhaps through new Cutouts.

The agenda of this certain group of Alien ETs is substantially different than the Top Chieftains of the KM, whom this Alien ET group has been using as disposable cutouts to gain control over the nations and major institutions that run humanity.

Once they have done that, then they plan to dispose of humans in three intermingled ways.

They plan to deploy war and disease taking a toll of 90%. This was sold to the KM Top Chieftains as necessary chem-trail spraying, high tech eugenics in the food, and vaccination poisoned healthcare, and purposeful pollution and radiation spills and contaminations.

They plan at some point to start deep-sixing all the KM Cutouts and Doofuses and useful idiots who sold out their fellow humans for temporary power, riches and status, as soon as they are no longer necessary and these spirit guides (lesser gods) have set up the necessary means to relate directly to the masses and elicit a world populism they control. They will manipulate the masses to become lemmings, while the eugenics and mass deaths from war take their intended toll.

Depleted uranium effects

The Alien ET Agenda seem like the KM’s Globalist NWO Agenda, but is actually far worse and evil beyond the imagination of most.

The Alien ET Agenda is actually a secret agenda of the lesser gods, the fallen ones that rebelled against the God Almighty and were cast down and quarantined upon Planet Earth and its surrounding space.

A certain group of Alien ETs are well organized “spirit entities” (lesser gods–Dracos) and have an age-old plan to repopulate the earth with their own new race of strange creatures that are Alien ET/human hybridizations. They intend to genetically engineer these new creatures and enmesh A.I. computers and “machine components” in their genetic structures, which will be triple helix-based and thus self-healing.

Jupiter Ascending 11_zps4yandrpv

Their special new race will be the merger of “clay and iron” will be hived by quantum A.I. capabilities built into their genetically engineered CNS. These creatures are intended to have advanced psi-powers, IQ’s of 200 and over, and will serve the group mind, preventing deviance and rebellion (as well as free will) in this new race of hived man/machine/Alien ET hybrid.

Obviously much of this subject would be either incomprehensible, unimaginable to those who are not up to speed on the history related to these subjects. But there are numerous vetted witnesses who have spoken out on the US Secret Space program, Alien ETs and relationships between deep-black unacknowledged, SCI proprietaries.

Slowly but continually over the last 50 years significant reports and actual USG documents have leaked out and we have anecdotal reports of those at the fringes of the KM who have talked about the incredibly deviant initiation ceremonies of the KM’s Establishment Hierarchy.

There is a group of vetted, highly trained ex-military and government witnesses who have come forth in unity and spoken out against their secrecy agreements, because these secrecy agreements are null and void because of criminal behavior of those who administer them. This is Steven Greer’ MD’s Disclosure Project. I don’t agree with all his conclusions, but the evidence his group presents is rock solid as are his “first-hand” witnesses.



Because there is a major cosmic correction now on the way, this sinister plan is doomed to complete failure; but because these entities running this are soulless beasts driven by evil instincts, they cannot process the truth or stop themselves from heading toward judgment and destruction.

The coming break point when the KM Top Chieftains and their KM are going to be dis-empowered and taken apart at the seams is now approaching. As these monsters who walk free are de-throned, they become confused and wonder what went wrong.

In Part II, the powerful effects of the worldwide Internet in exposing the unimaginable evil of the Khazarian Mafia and their counter measures will be explored.

Brit Intel


This can be a negative and depressing subject so I have included some great entertainment from the very best Blues man out there who has an uplifting back-story to share.

Besides being the world’s top stage performer and top Blues Guitarist, Joe Bonamassa is a populist. His story is one of incredible success despite enormous odds against him. He refused to sell out to the music industry and started his own company after deciding to create his own following and his own business. He deals directly with blues lovers and has a very big following because he shares so much personal information and so much great music. Joe has overcome almost impossible odds and risen to the top independently outside the mainstream corporate music industry, a feat that almost never occurs anymore.

Joe has his own website, tells his full story openly and provides lots of his best music for free to those that can’t buy his excellent DVDs and CDs and cannot attend his shows. He has the best video and audio techs, records everything now in HD and has the best sound engineering and video production possible. He has made several videos on his life story and those he works with which are very interesting.

Joe has the very best in his band. He doesn’t care what their age, race or sex is, he will play with them if they are the best. His music is ever expanding and some of his new work is amazing. Joe started out as a guitar prodigy and after extensive voice lessons by the best, he has progressed to the very top. What he has done is almost impossible but early on he decided to always pick quality people to work with. If you look closely you will notice Joe is playing a guitar previously owned by the great Albert King. When Joe performs it is obviously he puts out 100%, everything he’s got, and this man is oozing with raw pure talent. His popularity is growing by the day and his following who frequent his website is international in scope now. He has just recently reached top superstar status by dealing directly with the people, having the best performances anywhere and recording and selling his own videos in HD without the big recording corporations being involved. He never seems to run out of great new material and each performance seems even better, harder hitting than before. This incredible artist deserves all the success he has now attained. He worked very hard for every bit of it and its taken 25 years of hard work and dedication to attain this success which has placed him at the very top.

Here is one of his new recordings from his new DVD Live at the Greek Theater, and it is pretty amazing.




  1. You wrote: “But they have to perform seriously deviant, criminal acts in secret against the masses in order to be so empowered and to maintain their level of power attained.”

    It is not done in secret. It’s in our collective faces . . . JFK was a “hit” . . . he didn’t sign off on Operation Northwoods which was penned by KM Joint Chief of Staff Lyman “Lie Man” Lemnitzer. Then the investigations, which are always crocks of shit, are obfuscated by the very people who cover the trail.

    Pathological people are allowed to rise to the creamy top . . . amid scandals in your face deviancy, criminal acts. It’s so covert . . . it’s overt. It’s so shallow . . . it’s deep.

  2. In my view everything you’ve written is accurate about the K-Z-M, why do you have to ruin your credibility with this alien overlords blood mix garbage. Same thing with Jeff Rense, he mixes truth, half-truths and complete imbecility so I can’t take him seriously. There’s not one shred of proof offered anywhere aliens, ufo’s or little green men exist anywhere at anytime, why talk about it, it is gibberish. You just come across as a loon when I read this garbage intermixed with the truth.

  3. Seal Team Six, true patriots, American heroes, who deserve to be remembered! (and btw, the CMMM is parading an imposter around who is pretending to be the one who shot “Bin Laden”)

  4. Excellent article, Dr. James. Thank you for your diligence and courage.

    I have come to several conclusions in the last year as I have sought to connect the dots found over the last 50 years.

    The American Military is sadly the Hessians of the NWO. This observation is not critical in any way of our patriots who serve in the military. They do not know the traitors in our government such as Henry Kissinger and his ilk are wrongfully wasting their lives and efforts.

    The Khazars are tares planted in the wheat by satan to rob the true descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob of their promised land and standing with God.

    The “Christian’ church is unbelievably stupid and ignorant. It has been totally duped into accepting the Ashkenazi converts to Judaism as Hebrews.

    Anti Zionism is not anti Semitism. The Ashkenazi is not Semitic- not a drop of Jacob’s blood in them!

    There is a lot of money involved in the support of Israel (Khazarland)- don’t know how that greed could be overcome.

    The grand design of satan is to dilute if not remove the bloodline of Jacob sufficient that there is no Jew for the fulfillment of the end time prophecies. I’ve read the end of the Book and satan gets his ass kicked along with all of his following. The jerk knows this but is simply looking to take as many as he can with him.

    I pray our LORD and Savior returns soon to take away the misery of this world.

    • The greatest conspiracy that the world is under, today, is the independent Jewish Freemasons, the “B’nai B’rith”, or as it was known at the start, on October 13, 1843, “BUNDES-BRUDER”, it was set up by eleven Jewish freemasons; in a New York Coffee House, Henry Jones, proposed to, Isaac Rosenbourg, William Renau, Reuben Rodacher, Henry Kling, Henry Anspacher, Isaac Dittenhoefer, Jonas Hecht, Micheal Schwab, Hirsch Heinaman, Valentin Koon, and Samuel Schafer. Today of the some 16 million Jews on this planet about half a million are members of the B’nai B’rith, secret conspirational Society! They are the ones, calling the shots in the world on Politics, Economies, and Wars!

  5. Noted a few remarks regarding CERN. Have studied a little bit about it myself. Can’t offer any definitive opinion other than to say that what is supposedly being done is far, far, far beyond my skill set. As Dr. James and others learn more and share insight and connect whatever dots to our Khazarian Mafia-driven bizarre reality, I will be motivated to read and learn. By the way, really terrific blues music Dr. James shared in this his latest VT article. Thanks.

  6. Thanks again Dr. James for another awesome article on this very difficult to deal with subject.

    Svali was an Illuminati whistleblower who was introduced on the scene several years ago. She spoke of a time where the “elite” or Illuminati would present themselves to the public as their hidden leaders and “creators”. She called it the “revealing”. It was supposedly slated for around 2020 or 2025, but it appears their plans may have been thwarted. Is this conflict you mention above perhaps a part of this planned turn of events?

  7. Heard from a few sources including UK’s Simon Parkes that there was an attempt to use the technology at Cern to open a portal. It was to be used by the reptilian species in question for further needed supplies and equipment. Supposedly the last few “tests” have been unsuccessful and the portal has remained closed and non-functional. The act of a human sacrifice has a similar effect, in that it is meant to open portals to allow these dark energies to cross over and work here…so I would not be to quick to call the video in the news from a week ago a fake.

    • Jordan Maxwell has discovered some quite interesting esoteric based practices of the secret rulers. Where we differ is that he seems beat down, defeated, seems to have little hope. I have lots of hope. I believe there is a God Almighty that will intervene as He has so many times in the past. Every time the secret rulers try to take over the whole world, judgment falls and they are pushed back. Those who love God, then love their neighbors as themselves(treat them the way they want to be treated) will come through this okay and will have an exciting future to look forward to in a future existence that has complete peace, health and justice.

    • Quoting our good man, Dr. Preston James: “Those who love God, then love their neighbors as themselves(treat them the way they want to be treated) will come through this okay and will have an exciting future to look forward to in a future existence that has complete peace, health and justice.”

      Sure hope he turns out right!

      Have to admit that all of this has me nearly beat down to a pulp. I most definitely can feel Jordan’s despondency and demoralization. It is a huge step in the right direction when VT through Gordon and Mike publicly shared the term “Khazarian Mafia”. With that laser beam definition, now many of us can place our finger on the face of the true enemy.

      How far do the Khazarian Mafia’s tentacles reach? Virtually every secret and notoriously nefarious organization? Or, are there other cunning, diabolical earthly forces outside the sphere of the KM?

      Ir order to win (and wouldn’t that be great!), it is first necessary to understand precisely who the enemy is. One thing that appears quite certain: it, the enemy, sure as hell ain’t Putin!

    • @taylormoore:

      “So shall it be at the end of the world, the angels shall come forth, and SEVER the wicked from among the just.”

      There can not be a world full of lab created alien hybrids, nano-robots, supersoldiers or demonically possessed humans without Divine Intervention! It is the Law of Nature and Creation.

  8. Excellent article, but I think it best if you stick with talking about the evil spirits and not talk about E.T. Aliens as if they are independent of the former. All the evidence points to the truth that the latter are but physical manifestations of evil spirits/demons, and they tend to make people disbelieve in demons and the existence of hell.
    Here is a powerful and efficacious prayer that Pope Leo XIII composed after having a vision of what the devil, i.e., Satan and his fallen cohorts planned to do in the 20th and 21st Centuries:

    St. Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
    and do thou,
    O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
    by the power of God,
    thrust into hell Satan,
    and all the evil spirits,
    who prowl about the world
    seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

    All priests said this prayer after celebrating Mass from the time of Leo XIII (d. 1903) to after Vatican II (1962-1965), when it was eliminated from the new Mass which got tragically imposed on the Church with disastrous results.

    • You have a fairly large number of Christian believers that support your view and you may be correct. Some folks believe the Alien ETs certain deep-black Intel groups have entered into working arrangements with are of two types, evil and good. I only have personal and direct knowledge some the evil ones. I have also heard the idea the the good ones are deceptive and playing out a script to con folks and mind-kontrol them into going along with their own secret agenda and are thus actually not good at all. We shall have to wait and see. Someday all truth with be shouted from the rooftops. The Internet is the beginning of this strong trend toward the end of all secrecy and is too far advanced now to ever be stopped, so stay tuned. This is going to get very interesting fast.

    • @darrelid

      The prayer to Michael the Archangel works against all evil beings including their master Satan.

      I found out how powerful it is because in the actual true case that the movie “The Exorcist” was made from, that prayer and a small statue of Michael the Archangel was what finally worked to remove Satan from the 13 year old boy, after dauntimg months of performing the Rite of Exorcism. It took only 3 minutes. The boy was uplifted off the bed by unseen hands and held up while a battle ensued inside. They could hear the commotion between Michael and Satan. After 3 minutes, the boy went limp and fell on the bed completely fine. You can find the detailed notes that were written by the two Priests that were involved.

      Of course, the satanic hollyweird perverted version of the story changed it to a 13 year old girl and directed her to do disgusting things and speak vile insults with a old man’s voice.

      And they left out the most important part that Michael the Archangel has ultimate power over Satan!

  9. There certainly are discarnate entities throughout this world, of all stripes. It boils down to this; there are 3 possible stances for such entities.(1) spiritual beings that will help if consciously sought after.
    (2)Those that are indifferent and pursuing their own agenda.
    (3) Those that are malicious and anti-human.
    The last two, may be difficult to discern any difference between them.

    • Some entities ARE malicious and anti-human but there are physical differences:

      ET’s are flesh and blood.

      Demons have never had physical form but crave to take over a body and then destroy it from within.

      Demons can posses ET’s.

  10. Nothing strange, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places! Wherefore, put on the whole armour of G-D! Now I would know nothing among you, but Christ crucified, the beginning of your strength and victory and joy unspeakable.

  11. I don’t know much about Cern and am not a nuclear phsicist, but the strange ritual which looked like a fake human sacrifice that occurred at Cern inside the locked gates which has armed security suggests that those who run it were involved. Or the Indian statute at Cern Shiva which allegedly can symbolize destruction and death. Like the new EU tunnel opening ceremony with strange dancers at the Swiss Gothard tunnel, another obvious ritual. It could just be harmless esoteric rituals by secret society folks, or it could be much much more. Until we have vetted reports of insiders who defect psychologically, we cannot know for certain what Cern is all about as far as these esoteric displays go. But if it turns out that Cern is concerned with more than just colliding atomic particles that would not surprise me.

  12. Dr. James, you are speaking in 21st century language of what our ancestors, the Gnostics, or ancient Kemetic priest, warned us about 2000 years ago. Yes the KM vermin will be disposed of like so much use less wiping paper they are. The Archons, or alien jealous cousins, think their transhumanist agenda is being implemented by the “elite”, but that luminous child (humanity) will prevail. The disinfecting light of the internet is vanquishing the enemy of humanity. Thank you for your work.

  13. we are further along, not a case of what they plan to do, they are doing it…. in another space the transfer has already taken place… first lock-in, as they are locked out…. the power source from which they draw is quick-set to dry up fast…lov’in the music

  14. Dr James, a few years ago it dawned on me after much deep thinking and before I read anything of your work that there was more to the problems on planet Earth than power crazy politicians. I reasoned that our problems just had to be from an off world or inter-dimensional nature. This or these entities new what they were doing, to me their intentions were to get the human race to turn on its self, to self destruct with wars and greed (for us to do their work for them). They stay hidden, manipulating and directing events and all the time worming deeper into society ready to take complete control. The worst thing is most humans would not realize they had been invaded and taken over so subtle is this entity. I know I may not be right in all I say, but when I read your work it was refreshing to know I was on the right track. Please keep up the good work.

    • Truth please, you are another example of the typical VT reader who is remarkably well informed about events not covered truthfully by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and the policies and groups that really set the agenda politically and socially. It is obvious that VT readers are some of the brightest best informed most knowledgeable individuals anywhere. I continue to be impressed by the knowledge base and expertise of VT readers on so many issues as evidenced by their excellent comments.

    • @truth please,

      Not only are they manipulating and directing all of the misfortunes and disasters upon us, but they FEED ON IT. It is the substance that keeps them going. That is the reason for all of the false flags, murders of actors, musicians, etc. to cause negative emotions which is their life blood!
      (in addition to the actual human blood they ingest at their occult satanic ceremonies.)

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