Syrian air defense to Israeli regime: It’s time to make you taste your own bitter medicine


syriaYou violate our air space? Well, we will shoot you down.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


The Israeli regime has always thought that they could do just about anything they want, including violating the air space of any country in the Arab world, without serious repercussions. No more.

Sputnik News has reported a few days ago:

“The Syrian air defense shot down an Israeli warplane violating the Arab country’s air space… The Israeli fighter jet was targeted over the city of Al-Quneitra on Friday. Israel regularly violates the Syrian airspace and launches missile attacks against the country.”[1]

If Norman Finkelstein is right in saying that “People have the right to defend their country from foreign occupiers” and “from invaders who are destroying their country,” then the Syrian army had the right to defend their country from a brutal regime that has caused nothing but horror throughout much of the entire world.

The army must protect Syria against a country that “nearly burned down the world in 2013,” as Gordon Duff rightly argued. Let us not forget that it was Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld who postulated back in 2003 that:

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”[2]

No Muslim leader or military personnel can make such a statement and get away with it. The Zionist Mafia would be jumping around like chickens saying that we need to annihilate that country. Yet not a single Western leader has challenged van Creveld. Not a single Zionist outlet (Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) has ever presented that quote to their viewers.

Instead of challenging the country that has posed the biggest threat to peaceful harmony in much of the world, the Zionist Mafia and their lackeys are asking all of us to put Vladimir Putin’s head on a silver platter.

Newsweek in particular has been producing hundreds of articles demonizing Russia and Putin. In fact, one can say that Newsweek doesn’t spend a week without saying some ridiculous things about Russia and its leader. They have recently asked, “Is the West doing enough to dissuade and deter Russian misbehavior?”[3]

Well, to their chagrin, the answer is negative. They lamented:

“In a series of war games, the RAND Corp. examined the shape and probable outcome of a possible Russian invasion of the Baltic States. RAND found that ‘as currently postured, NATO cannot successfully defend’ them. Russian forces would reach the edge of Riga, Latvia, and Tallinn, Estonia, in 60 hours or less.”[4]

Good news for us, bad news for the regime. We can conclude by saying that whenever a Muslim country stands against the tyrannical rule of the Israeli regime, then that country is doing a good thing. In that sense, the Syrian army deserves to be applauded. Thanks to Russia, the Syrian army continues to thrive and make great progress.

[1] “Israeli War Jet Shot Down Over Syria – Media,” Sputnik News, August 22, 2016.

[2] Quoted in “The War Game,” Guardian, September 21, 2003.

[3] William Courtney and David Shlapak, “The West Must Do Far More to Keep Putin at Bay,” Newsweek, August 27, 2016.

[4] Ibid.


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  1. Mr Alexis – Salute!

    With me, the episode of a few years ago of Hezbullah flying a drone for two hours and nearly fourty minutes around Haifa and tel avive with several missed shots of missiles and patriots all going wasted was enough of a laughter to last even today…

    The israeli military know that the game is up with no longer it’s superiority being of any benefit, apart from their false senses of security. If a ragtag army with just rifles and AK-47s could humiliate the most modern and well-trained power on this earth by making their personnel seen wailing and begging to go home to their momas on the battlefront just because they saw a few of their friends get killed & sent to hell during the July 2006 War wasn’t enough of reality-

    Can’t wait myself for the next and long awaited war with Lebanon to kick start sometime in the near future (knowing that these zionist idiots always want revenge for the humiliation. The 2006 was a revenge for the 1996/7 fiasco, which in return was an attempt for revenge of previous defeat up until the 1986 running away from South Lebanon with the israelis seen scrambling for the border without even looking back.)

    • lolomg.. that drone thing needs to happen a LOT more often. even better if they drop confetti everywhere that says “Jesus Saves!”, a sure way to cause an anti-Christ-anic panic.

  2. The Russian/Syrian/Iranian coalition will not disappoint the ME. If they could free Libya and Afghanistan and Iraq even the misguided shallow minded newsweek zombies would have no choice but to prevent more embarrassment by ignoring all of it and stick to the Presidential race.

  3. The playing field is hardly level. The Israelis probably have three tactical aircraft to every surface to air missile the Syrians have.

  4. shining examples I would say, on the front lines for us all because our world simply will not sit back and survive on their “do as I say, not as I do” mentality any longer

    • a time of heightened alert for all and hearts to lock-in on the right side of thi…the side that runs counter to long established lies of an Establishment preparing to go under in more ways than one

  5. Great work, I wish i could master the English language like you Jonas.

    But alas, i only received a rudimentary course from a zionist owned education system.

    Payback will be a bitch…

  6. Yes Bravo Syria Air Defense. This is the first I have heard that an Israeli plane was downed. I guess this is a major moment for the yids, and testament to fear of the Russians. What else explains the lack of resonse, and a silent media. They don’t want the word to get out that they are powerless. Does anyone know which platform was used to erase the Israeli jet fighter? Was the missle anti-semitie, or antisemitic? Usually Israel doesn’t pass up a chance to sell the Holyhoax again, and again.

  7. Today if not tomorrow a major news organization (accepted in the west) preferrably CNN, and the New York Times) must be purcased by either Russia or China. How else will news get to the masses, and be balanced.
    I say R or C because only a nation could afford it. Personnally I believe both firms I mentioned are state sponsored. If the west didn’t print the dollars I am sure the price for one would by fall by 90%.

    • I like it, it’s true funny and sad all at once, because it’d never be allowed.
      perfectly OK for all OUR refineries and distribution hubs to be sold to BP of course, it wasn’t treason and we never had a revolution against the “royal” dope-death dealers either nope..
      perfectly OK for all the “news” outlets to be owned by dual-citizen izrahell firsters, and same critters lodged in every key position of government everywhere… ya know, hitler had ZioJooz in all kinds of higher positions when Germany got destroyed AGAIN. are we incapable of adding 1+1 anymore?


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