Slavery of Foreign Women in Wealthy Arab Countries


slaveryThrough the past years, growing concern has surrounded these women who have been voicing their discontent that they do not receive sufficient salary. At times, they are even exploited by their bosses.

Some of the African countries that send women to other countries for a job have expressed their profound dissatisfaction at the way women are treated. Some of these countries have demanded women’s return. All these dire circumstances catapulted the case into the parliament for a detailed discussion urging the officials to take a drastic action.

In some cases, some of the hiring agencies smuggled African workforce. Regarding this issue, “Alrai,” a Kuwaiti newspaper, confirmed that thirty people from Malawi have asked for a return to their homeland; all the while, the same scenario has agitated Ghanaian workforce too.

It seems that women’s career problems are not restricted to African countries as myriad cases have emerged of women abuse and smuggling workforce by hiring agencies. It seems there is no end in sight to these controversies as International Federation for Human Rights announces in a grim annual report the desperate conditions surrounding Kuwait which has tarnished their global image; not to mention that, Kuwait is acknowledged as a source of humanitarianism.

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    (U.S. mothers and fathers should pay close attention to this. Some of your daughters are imprisoned there as well…)

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