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… by Gordon Duff,  VT Sr. Editor    … and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Private Joel Bluett Culpepper, 40th Alabama, CSA… my great-grandfather
Private Joel Bluett Culpepper, 40th Alabama, CSA… my great-grandfather

[ Editor’s Note: What you are about to read in Gordon’s new NEO piece is not pretty. In fact, it’s damned ugly. But it is what it is; and readers looking for sugarcoating sure as hell don’t come to VT. Today y’all (I’m half Southern) are about to get a good dose of Gordon’s “How the world really works”.

We actually have countries that ask for these briefings by VT people, not a lot, but some. One of the reasons is that they do not have complete trust in the Intel product they are getting from their own institutions, due to the huge investment and effort being made in disinformation atmospherics.

It is a huge industry, pays very well, and we could be living financially cozy lives by being a part of it, but we have chosen a different path. And that was not because we are perfect or on a supremacist kick.

We leave that to the Zionists. But we will brag with no embarrassment at taking credit for learning from our mistakes.

We have made them…plenty… but never the same ones twice. People who do not learn from their mistakes are walking poster child examples of security risks to everyone around them. 

Fresh faces - that had no idea what awaited them
Fresh faces – that had no idea what awaited them

Years ago, Gordon was filling me in on what I had missed in Vietnam with my low draft number, but where a college car wreck had reduced me to a 125-pound weakling with a medical deferment.

He shared in vivid detail what it was like being one of the 7000 or so Marines patrolling the Danang perimeter to protect the 350,000 Americans inside, and it was all quite memorable.

He said it took a “newbie” grunt about two weeks to figure out that he had pulled the biggest cannon-fodder posting of all time — a one-tour death rate of 40%, higher than any WWII Marines, because none were in combat almost constantly for a year.

They knew that, other than their families and platoon comrades, nobody gave a crap about them. These platoons were the original Band of Brothers; and he can count on one hand the number of them from two tours who are still alive, where many became “delayed casualties” after they came home.

So we do not shirk from speaking out, for we speak for not only those who have gone before us, but also the the cannon fodder waiting in the wings to have their turn, and who are clueless about what they are really getting into. And that canon fodder now includes the general publicJim W. Dean ]


Flag bullets crop

– First published  … August 30,  2016

DHS Tank
DHS Tank

America has built a total security state, not to enforce a political concept or to assure complacency during a period of national emergency but something far more insidious.

Americans have been profiled, categorized and are now subject to that long threatened martial law takeover, not for the sake of national security but rather pure and simple economic slavery.

What we are saying is this, a monstrosity beyond imagination is there already, waiting to be triggered, one beyond party politics, beyond the concerns of religion or ethnicity.

During seven years of the Obama presidency, something happened that is not being discussed, not even by Obama’s political enemies. Bush era clamp downs on individual freedom after 9/11 have been not only carried forward, but have been pushed on to levels unimagined.

America is much more than a police state and far more a “total surveillance state” than even the harshest critics imagine.

That this was done under a liberal democratic president is unthinkable. Even more unthinkable, however is that Obama’s political enemies not only don’t think he went far enough, they are attacking Donald Trump as well for being, and this is the truth of it, “weak on tyranny and dictatorship.”

Where Things Are Now

Few are aware that every person who visits America, not just those to live there, carries a personal threat profile. This information, available to police during traffic stops and even to potential employers or educational institutions, even banks and credit bureaus, is an amalgamation of factors including:


  • How you are written about on the internet and what is said about you in social media
  • The phrases you use in email and on telephone calls including quality of language and tone of voice
  • Your daily habits including where you walk and drive, tracked by your mobile phone
  • Every page you view online, every click you make, every search you have ever done, every letter or number you have ever entered into a text box
  • The history of your interactions with government agencies or making customer service complaints or even returning defective purchases
  • All healthcare issues including when you don’t get your teeth cleaned or when, after personal stressors and tragedies, you FAIL to seek psychiatric advice.

Few are aware, except those with the highest security clearances or “need to know” through over-compartmentalization, that buying explosives or guns, or even stocking up on canned goods isn’t considered suspicious.

Threat profiles are based on algorithms processed at massive NSA datacenters that profile individuals based on their ability to fit in to acceptable behavior models applied to “enhanced circumstance” scenarios.

This means, simply put, you can be on a list to be rounded up if you question overcharges on your phone bill as this makes you a “potential troublemaker” during those times when those who have managed to assume unwarranted authority feel that the public needs to be protected against themselves.

The Occupy movement joined the Marines on the Danang perimeter
The Occupy movement joined the Marines on the Danang perimeter

Here’s another one. Let’s say you watch lots of conspiracy television shows, and there are nearly two dozen networks that show little else, aliens, ghosts, even plots by biblical characters not to mention angels, demons/jinns and everything in between.

Rather than make you a danger, those attracted to conspiracy theories are rated as highly malleable and easily influenced and, even more importantly, useful in controlling others, either driving them to useful panic or even more useful feelings of hopelessness.

Thus, charismatic critical thinkers have a higher threat profile than terrorist bomb makers.

Here is a case in point; the perfect individual from a political standpoint is one that believes either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the two presidential nominees for the 2016 election, either belong in prison or are murderous psychopaths, this being the basic tenor of campaign mudslinging.

On the other hand, a dangerous individual, one likely to be rounded up quickly, is more likely to express; “Why are these two idiots running for office at all?”

The “Blister”

The Maginot Line
The Maginot Line

Between World War I and II, the French built the Maginot Line to defend against another devastating German attack as in 1914.

The line itself, a series of fortifications, mostly underground, covered much of the areas from the Swiss border in the South all the way to the lowlands of Flanders in the North. From time to time, blisters or “ouverages” with visible gun emplacements and fortifications could be seen.

Without these open air security nightmares and their useless 75mm gun emplacements, no one would have known where the money went, the tradeoff between poor quality security and pure idiocy.

In America, the industry bankrupting the nation, even more devastating than the billions shuttled to Israel or the theatrical military buildup to fight off even the more imaginary enemies, China, Iran and Russia, is what was at one time, the invisible surveillance state. They just couldn’t keep themselves under wraps for that day pretty much all Americans see coming.

Let’s look at something that might well have been innocent, the Affordable Care Act. Originally, as outlined by then First Lady Hillary Clinton, America was going to extend full national paid healthcare to all citizens through the exiting Medicare/Medicaid. Essentially, America’s from a healthcare standpoint, would become “retirees” at birth.

What was embarrassing about this is not the simplicity or how inoffensive the idea was, but rather that it would actually have been a huge economic boon to American industry by killing the bloated medical bureaucracy that had strangled America since the 1970s.

When the average cost of an automobile went from $3000 to $22,000, three factors brought about 80% of that dramatic increase:

  1. Energy costs
  2. Healthcare costs
  3. Financial industry manipulation

The percentage of the cost of a vehicle tied to wages alone dropped dramatically with major subassemblies coming from Mexico and other “slave labor” markets.

West Point cadets got theirs for free - the kind you worked your ass off for
West Point cadets got theirs for free – the kind you worked your ass off for

Let’s look at tuition costs. In 1970, the typical cost of college tuition was around $15 per credit hour. Decades later, that cost is now close to $400 with classes, more often than not, taught by part time instructors, low paid teaching assistants or “online.”

Again, we have the 1, 2, 3 of energy, healthcare and financial industry manipulation.

The blister is what we feel, what we see, TSA searches at the airport, the chips in the credit card, the retailer loyalty cards and, though few realize why, the robocall. Let’s take a second here.

Many years ago strong penalties were enacted against companies that called Americans without permission. Americans were encouraged to register their names on a national “do not call” list and those who called these individuals would face heavy fines or even imprisonment.

Years later, most Americans use mobile phones as their primary communications medium yet, by some estimations, nearly 30% of all calls in America are unwanted nuisance calls. Many return to the “do not call” website and register over and over and leave complaints that are never acted on despite text promising otherwise.

The calls themselves aren’t important, often surveys, too often minor financial scams or political idiocy. Were one to be conspiratorial, one might wonder if there is some hidden purpose here, and in fact there may well be one behind this phenomenon.

One source in Army intelligence has confirmed that the huge increase of illegal robocalls Americans are plagued with are part of a psychological warfare program that covers many aspects of life, modifications of food, rumors of tainted water, controlled weather, electronic irritants, microwaves, sound or other methods, all “out there” to destroy social cohesion.

Would a government alter traffic light timing or put up useless construction zones for the same reason? Remember the TSA? More TSA employees have been arrested than terrorists, by a factor of 100 to 1.

Are diseases created to promote healthcare industry profitability? We have certainly seen laws enacted that allow financial fraud to victimize American consumers, steal their homes, destroy their lives. Our point is simple, none of this is by accident, not hardly.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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  1. A terrific article and touches upon the basic KM/Zio Banksters strategy its policy-makers impose of their Intel agencies: it’s classified as low intensity warfare and psyops, designed to destroy the American spirit and transform We The People into weak, spiritless serfs. The day is coming when we will have to fight these scum on every street corner and within their own system with everything we got and it will be a replay of the first American revolution in which we fought the same bloodline families mercenaries and dupes. The blood will flow coast to coast. But this is what the entities running this want destruction of both sides one against the other.

  2. that old “all seeing eye” hiding in the capstone in full view on every US Federal Reserve paper note, surveillance its security and controlling the “atmospherics” with whatever means necessary as “the end justifies the means” for this Temple set
    ….take heart, awareness affects atmospherics….all have walked or lived in ignorance at one time, bar none and as far as holding the dirt “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”…the human experience has been “tampered” with in non-human ways…….. they can’t surveille an awakened heart turned to truth, the General Smedley Butler’s of the world all experiencing a new fragrance the sweet smell of freedom in the wind with the change of atmospherics they can no longer counter

  3. It was reported here and only here by VT that dhs fusion centers and dhs found no domestic terrorist simply because we are not terrorists. We know who they are. So the paranoia really comes shinning through.

  4. The “Medicare for all” from birth until death, that should have been done in the US back in the 1960s when other countries did it, and could have been part of the War on Poverty. And yes, it could have been done in the Clinton years. Well, better late than never. Why can’t it be done now? The US could finally join the rest of the developed world in that regard.

    • The biggest excuse over the years for NOT doing Medicare for all, was the supposed lack of privacy. But I don’t know why anyone would have bought the privacy line. The Medical Information Bureau (now MIB Group) always had access to everything you did that was covered by medical insurance of any kind. So since there’s no privacy anyway, bring on the Medicare!

  5. “Obama was manufactured; an unknown, unvetted quantity.”; Obama is a CIA creation whose parents were both CIA, according to declassified CIA records used in voltairenetdotorg articles, and very possibly an MK-Ultra product, since U of Hawaii was an important MK-Ultra programming facility during his years in Hawaii.
    I watched this Ted Gunderson video recently, made during his presidential campaign, and was surprised to hear him state that current USG-NGO fascism is a policy set in a 1982 Illuminati meeting (@ 22:00);
    an acknowledgement of its control of the UN – interesting info on voting machine fraud, too:

  6. Thank you guys! VT is one of a VERY FEW places where the sanity prevails over madness. “That cannon fodder now includes general public…” needs to be on every running string of advertising, instead of “Go Lakers”, “Go Broncos”, “Eat you chicken and shut up…”, etc. And “what was done under a liberal democratic president” is indeed unthinkable. You’re also absolutely right – they are not afraid of “conspiracy theorists” and try to utilize them, but only as long as those theorists do not “cross the line” and start touching some sensitive areas, especially those that can be easily proven beyond and doubts. Then the creeps get really nervous, and that’s only when the real scale and scope of things becomes visible.

  7. I read this yesterday at NEO. This is a great article, and caused me to say to myself…”welcome back Gordon”. Good info. I experienced something odd this morning. I feel this is related. while using my the micro phone option to record into the memo app, my notes on the “ownership timeline of CBS”. I said, “Viacom splits itself and reforms as CBS”. When I looked at the screen I saw this. “Black ops glitches”. Weird, right? I followed the lead and discovered court actions between the gov’t and CBS (S. Redstone) from the ’80’s related to tracking and surveillance of subscribers. The communication between phones, and cars, etc. All things unknown to us. There are so many adjoing doors.

  8. what I’d like to know is whether the threat profile is tied to use of certain technologies that I suspect even Gordon does not know for sure exist. It is true that I was not among those who would have easily fit into an acceptable pattern under enhanced circumstances. Now? I’d rather not go there. The iniquity of going after someone for their virtues, if that is indeed what happened, is something that I get triggered on every now and then, for example when reading an article such as this one.

  9. the surveillance is only one aspect, I’ve commented before about “supermarket loyalty cards” and shared information through relational databases going to insurers and HELLthcare providers, for nearly 2 decades now.

    sure I’m probably listed for being aware and not liking it one bit, that we are being farmed like cattle, complete with tazer cattle prods, thug criminals in uniforms and worse.

  10. Gordon, I couldn’t help frequently laughing out loud, as I read this article, since it typifies the ‘first principles’-“why-are-these-two-idiots running-for-office-at-all?” thinking that makes the surveillance state sit up and take names ! The butt-kicking is presumably for dessert.

    It’s what many of us come to VT for, isn’t it ? To see the surreal grasped in all its craziness in what is today the banal, the quotidian, which passes over our heads a lot of the time ; and those of many, all the time.

    Looking for more of the Salvador Dali articles, Gordon, Keep ’em coming, as long as they’re in the offing. I think Shakespeare might have got wrong, not quite right, anyway : the world isn’t so much a stage, as a gallery of surrealist art.

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