15 years after 9/11, Americans show “staggering” signs of cognitive impairment

ABC.net reports on "impaired" first responders
ABC.net reports on "impaired" first responders
ABC.net reports on “impaired” first responders

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

To paraphrase Amiri Baraka:

“Somebody blew up America’s brains.”

barakaA recent study reported in Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring has found “staggering” levels of cognitive impairment in 9/11 first responders. The study suggests that PTSD is the main culprit.

But 9/11 first responders weren’t the only Americans afflicted by 9/11 PTSD. According to research cited by Martha Stout in The Paranoia Switch, almost half of the US population – nearly 150 million people – suffered from symptoms of clinical PTSD after 9/11.

No wonder the “indispensable nation” is suffering from unprecedented levels of cognitive impairment.

Americans are so cognitively impaired that many of them actually believe that 19 Arab hijackers led by a guy on dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan caused three skyscrapers to explode into powder at near free fall acceleration through the path of most resistance…using only two planes.

Now THAT is impaired!

“This new research highlights the significance of ‘re-experiencing symptoms’ which are known as intrusive thoughts of past trauma that occur while awake or during sleep. ‘Our results support research noting the importance of re-experiencing symptoms as an early marker of mental pathology,’ Dr Clouston said.” -ABC.net

But it isn’t just first responders who are “re-experiencing symptoms.” It’s the whole country.

The same forces that orchestrated 9/11 – namely, Operation Gladio B which is essentially a joint NATO-Israeli project – continue to inflict trauma on the American people with their ongoing false flag operations.

Every time the Operation Mockingbird mainstream media trumpet a new massacre allegedly committed by radical Islamic terrorists, the whole nation is forced to re-experience, in a smaller way, the trauma it underwent on September 11th, 2001.

The American people are like a boxer floored on 9/11 by the world’s most horrendous knockout punch. The boxer gets up and staggers around, too “cognitively impaired” to see what hit him. BOOM! Another blow to the head. The boxer falls.  Then gets up, slightly more impaired. BOOM! It happens again. And again.

As the false flag operations keep hitting us, we are getting stupider and stupider.

Exhibit A: Alex Jones and his InfoWars crew.

Rhetorical Question: How stupid do you have to be to (A) understand that 9/11 was a false flag, yet (B) not understand that its whole purpose was to incite Islamophobia?

Rhetorical Answer: About as stupid as Alex Jones.

Then again, maybe Alex isn’t as stupid as he looks. Maybe he knows that if he acts stupid, he will be permitted to make a lot of money, live in relative luxury, and get invited onto big media periodically as a supposed “truther” – whose real purpose is to make truthers look like idiots.

Of course, Alex Jones may act like an idiot. And he may talk like an idiot. But don’t let that fool you. Maybe he really IS an idiot.


Maybe the barrage of false flag blows to the head has killed off most of Alex’s brain cells.

Which raises the question: Is there a cure for Early Onset False Flag Dementia (EOFFD)?

Yes, there is.

The cure: A megadose of truth.

My edited False Flag Trilogy, featuring 55 leading public intellectuals pushing back at the propaganda unleashed by the biggest recent false flags, provides such a megadose.

All of these books are now available in affordable Kindle editions, as well as the original paperback.

Anyone who reads all three of these books will almost certainly experience full recovery from EOFFD. And even when taken at lower doses, these books offer significant benefits, including improved cognitive functioning, enhanced reality-testing, and the elimination of paranoid hallucinations concerning such common themes as “radical Muslims hate our freedoms and want to chop off our heads and impose shariah law on our headless bodies.”

Does anybody out there know how to get these books into the hands of Alex Jones…and the tens of millions of others who could benefit from them?

We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, ANOTHER French False Flag, and Orlando False Flag: Take only as directed.
We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, ANOTHER French False Flag, and Orlando False Flag: Take only as directed.




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  1. consider the “fluoride” in the water and the aluminum in the chemtrails, its a wonder that anyone can think clearly at all, even if they aren’t taking some of the psychoactives big pharma and “government” are trying to stuff down everyone’s throats..

    people more resistant to all the brainwash are evaluated as potential threat against what is undeniably waging WARFARE against us all, and we are not supposed to comprehend it.

    I’ll go along with a little Alex Jones bashing, but he DOES understand they deliberately sabotaged our real working economy to usher in a privatized police-prison economy “state” that they control. people WERE catching on, investigations WERE underway, all destroyed with the big 911 “look over there” magic trick that kept them all out of prison for treason.
    (yes there are things he will not ever speak of and I dont trust him much)

  2. on the books….many well known musicians “made it through” in nations other than their own first…. truth like music will always find a way to seep through….put them out as a “trilogy of truth” they are educational and need to be opened for discussion maybe in nations other than your own first…..an Arabic translation …. engage the youth, their future being engineered they need to be alert to

  3. I dunno Kevin, depending on how deep you want to dig into the “unseen hand”, the very first one I can identify was Ireland. ALL of it. That was the first “experiment”, and it worked. They have been pulling this stuff ever since, and yes, it really got started here with Mcarthyism, then went into high gear when they killed Jack/King/Bobby (and god knows how many more).

    I must strongly disagree however, with your optomistic view that many people can be “educated” to understand. The don’t WANT to understand! They revel in their ignorance. Anti-logic, and anti-reason are pillars of their society. You can’t make an idiot think, no matter how hard you try. The majority of the population of this planet is too far gone. This was by design.

  4. Well, I don’t have EOFFD, thanks to Alexis Jones and I am always indebted to him for cognitive reasoning, having morals in my right hand and ethics in my left hand and as for my crown, my integrity!

  5. Great stuff and always the most important. Overdose of truth, nothing like it. Maybe if the original Gladio was partially a response to the Soviet scare (with those days media and intel) probably partially it was a part of real politik as there really have been threats and divide and conquer on both sides. But 9/11 Gladio had no real enemy other than invented one, and since the junior Bush days the US army and NATO are considered in Europe and Asia and Africa (and probably most of not-anglosphere) a synonim for stupidity/lunacy/aggression. The Arab hijackers have pulverized the Twins as much as the Dutch commies have burned the Reichstag.

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