UFO Proof? Flashing Lights Spotted Near International Space Station


[Editor’s note: This is a nothing story, a couple of bright spots appear momentarily, doesn’t look like anything that couldn’t reasonably be explained as a reflection or something else equally mundane. 

However, that is not what is interesting about this story. What is interesting is that the Russians chose to publish it. Why would they bother to publicise such an insignificant youtube clip?

Of course, one cannot overlook the obvious – that it allows the Russians an opportunity to poke fun and ridicule the ‘experts’ who are so exited about a couple of bright blobs.

That would seem like far too flimsy a reason to me, I feel there is a deeper significance to why this story has appeared.

It is the latest in a string of articles published by the Russian media that deal with various space topics such as the ‘wow’ signal found by a Russian SETI team last week and the Chinese plans for a base on the moon. 

I suspect that the Russians are running some kind of psyop that is seeding these articles into the media.

Why? I leave that to the fertile imagination of the readers, but I remind you of that most curious remark by Russian leader Medvedev about a folder on aliens being given to the president along with the nuclear suitcase.

I am pretty sure he wasn’t joking and Russian friends agree with me, pointing out how unusual it would be for a senior Russian politician to make a joke of any kind, they are serious types not readily given to flippancy. Ian]

UFO Proof? Flashing Lights Spotted Near International Space Station

UFO enthusiasts are over the moon, after strange lights were caught on camera passing by the International Space Station.

The fascinating footage has lead UFO expert Scott Waring to declare that the lights are proof that aliens are monitoring the International Space Station (ISS).

“The first UFO is smaller… which tells me it’s farther away than the second larger UFO,” he told the Daily Mail.

The lights are seen to vividly zoom past the Progress capsule of the ISS. Instead of continuing off camera, however, the lights disappear, leading some overheated commentators to speculate that NASA edited the footage in an attempted cover-up.

“It almost looks like a giant spaceship is passing by but the rest of it is being blocked by some kind of invisible wall perhaps using some kind of software,” one UFO hunter declaimed.

“Something is blocking that pic, to the left and top! NASA don’t want you to see!” another user expostulated.

Claims that UFOs are monitoring the ISS are not new, and are usually accompanied by assertions that NASA systematically shuts off their feed anytime abnormal activity occurs.

In April, NASA commented on the theories for the first time. “The station regularly passes out of range of the Tracking and Relay Data Satellites used to send and receive video, voice and telemetry from the station,” NASA spokesperson Tabatha Thompson, told ValueWalk.co.uk.

“For video, whenever we lose signal video comes down on our higher bandwidth, called KU. The cameras will show a blue screen indicating no signal or a preset video slate, depending on where you are watching the feed.”

When asked if NASA ever shuts off the feed, she replied “No.” As far as strange lights being spotted in the feed, she suggested that they are reflections from station windows.

“Reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artifacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory.”

Skeptics do not buy the explanation, and continue to closely monitor the ISS video stream, as sightings continue.


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  1. That is interesting Ian. As far as these sightings go they do happen all the time. What I find intriguing is how rt and sputnik have increasingly posted similar stories, as you have pointed out. Why now?

    • That’s a good question Peter. Anything I were to propose would be mere speculation. So I will continue to keep an eye on this subject and report as there are further developments. Maybe we will get some answers but i doubt it.

  2. As for all this horse manure being intimated in the comments that there is no ISS, it’s all CGI. I say, get a telescope and look up! Or is the sky a CGI fake as well?

  3. People you don’t really think NASA will show anything of importance. That’s not to say things of extreme importance aren’t occurring, not by a long shot. But just try to prove it.

  4. Actually when Mevedev was the Russian President and was in Davos { I think} and he had the podium where he openly asked the US and all the countries and corporations to start the dialect with the people of the world with respect to the Alien senario now influencing the Planet. I believe he has tried several times to push both Bush and Obama into fessing up. Unfortunately, the Pole Shift is Pravda and I remember studying it at Wisc.s geology dept. I think its time for VT get an Article ready –

    • Putin has been pushing for alien disclosure for months, and Pope Francis released a major disclosure statement around a year ago. NASA’s Secret Space Program is well-documented, with details supported by career aerospace engineers and scientists. I see no reason to question the explanation that Nazi-Illuminati-cabal members are opposing alien disclosure due to the potential liability they face as a result of their involvement in some alien activities.

  5. Search for “Project Blue Beam”, fake alien invasion and antichrist
    Von Braun’s Legacy
    ht tps://youtu. be/gP8ftWzFYI4

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