Nazi UFOs: The Plot Thickens!


[ Note: As I was polishing the final draft on Ernst’s opinion piece below, guess what? On the world’s ET message board, at Wiltshire, there appeared on August 27, 2016, a spectacular stylized swastika. Take a look!Ingrid Zündel ]

A 180ft-wide crop circle cut in a Nazi swastika-like design has mysteriously appeared in a field in Wiltshire, southwest England, sparking conspiracy theorists (unsurprisingly) to speculate about alien involvement.
A 180-ft wide crop circle cut in a Nazi swastika-like design has mysteriously appeared in a field in Wiltshire, southwest England, sparking conspiracy theorists (unsurprisingly) to speculate about alien involvement.


There’s folkish wisdom in the saying: “If you slip on a banana peel, don’t blame the Jews.”

An artifact of the above, widely practiced by even the most open-minded of our Internetters, is the unspoken dictum: “If you slip on a banana peel, be sure to blame the Nazis!”


The Nazis, as the West’s obligatory punching bags, are always a sure bet. That’s how one can put oneself in the company of the Forever Righteous Ones and get oneself a tree planted with one’s name in the thriving Marxist statelet in what used to be called Palestine.

A judge, no less, named Michael Shrimpton, referred to sometimes facetiously as “the Shrimp” in commentaries on Veterans Today, claims that a shadowy organization is planning big mischief. And wouldn’t you know it? It’s the Nazis again! Three generations ago, the bloodiest war in history was unleashed on the savages to finish them off, once and for all – but there they are, resurrected!

Since the world’s democracies have just about run out of original rogues, this time it’s the UFO Nazis. We are talking about those who were transferred out of the ruins of a beaten, smoking Germany at the end of and after the war. With some imagination, you can spot them on the Net – they are tall; they are blond; they are white; and they are in–your-face with their own race and ancestry. According to today’s politically correct etiquette, all of these telltale features are suspect.

Ever heard about their Ahnenerbe? That is a term that’s very chic to use. It means that they insist their genes store hidden powers of defense they know how to tap into against those they consider their foes. Shrimpton derisively calls them “the Huns” – a term coined by the British War Propaganda agencies of World War I. Ethnic slurs are extremely useful as political weapons. They can and do survive a century!

There are plenty of stories around about the UFO Nazis’ to chill you. The Internet is full of it; they are in a category all by themselves, and tomorrow if not sooner they are going to, yet one more time, try to enslave the world.

Didn’t we – the blameless ones, the good guys, filled to the rim with moral rectitude, rally the rest of the nations world-wide and in pitiless warfare send them and their offspring to the very pits of hell? And now they have the chutzpah to show their visages again?

There is earnest talk on the Net that a brand new Nazi disaster is looming. It’s called the Fourth Reich, and you better watch out. There is dark talk about tunnels and lairs as well as clandestine submarine action about which the rest of the West is carefully kept in the dark.

Some of our better minds who follow urban lore are curious about just what is really going on. Ingrid had a little note from Gordon Duff, Chief Editor of Veterans Today, an Internet contact she values not just for his spectacular intel connections but his unorthodox ways to get to the bottom of issues. She passed it on to me:

“What can Ernst talk about?”

As one of the West undeclared political hostages still being held in Germany, what can I really talk about within the mental gulag that is the Europe of today? Well, I suppose I can talk about my politically incorrect past which got me into plenty of misfortune. The Zündel UFO stories are in the public domain, as are my early airbrush renderings of various UFOs of Nazi origin. There is hardly a UFO book or film of that era that doesn’t feature them.


“DVD” doesn’t exist

One of Ernst Zündel's early UFO publications
One of Ernst Zündel’s early UFO publications

Let me take a new look at some old ones and tell you what I know – and what I still suspect. One of Ingrid’s VT colleagues who writes for Veterans Today mentioned a book he asked for my opinion as to its claimed veracity. It’s called Spyhunter, authored by the above-referenced Judge Shrimpton. I tried to read it in pdf format, but gave up after just a few chapters. Ingrid does not have a high opinion of the chap, he being a particularly nasty German-basher. But his hypothesis of Nazi villainy of classic vintage resurrected intrigued us both, so we made an honest effort to see what the Shrimp has to say.

This author stipulates that there exists a Nazi outfit, founded in 1928, still active, highly structured, with evil tentacles worldwide, operating shadowly where you would least expect to run into a Nazi. This secret outfit, claims the author, exists as Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst – abbreviated, “DVD.”

Well, now – let’s see. Let’s analyze this acronym. We start with the assumption that Germans are old-fashioned. To no one’s great surprise, the Third Reich Germans were badly out of touch with Marxist gender sentiment that levels all sexual distinctions. Those Aryans of yore had proper gender titles even for their nouns, to which the latter-day Germans still stubbornly adhere.

English language cannot hold a candle to old-fashioned German grammar. Without getting my readers entangled in convoluted intricacies of Germanic Grammarian Gender – now there’s an acronym for you that ought to make you smile! – let me explain the bare basics.

The English use one bland, all-purpose “the” in front of a noun – whereas the Germans have three: male, female, and neutral. Germans like genders to be orderly and proper. Der Mond. Die Sonne. Das Weltall – where Nazi UFOs allegedly soar. Futhermore, German gender even controls adjective suffixes preceding a noun, depending on when and where they are placed.

Ingrid took one look at the source on which the Shrimpton acronym is based and knew in an instant that what she saw was sloppy German – a clumsy imitation pretending to pass for the real McCoy:

“See, Ernst? Right there! Two errors in three words! The noun Dienst requires the male article der – as in der Mann, die Frau, das Kind. Das Dienst? That’s laughable! It’s der Dienst, if you please!”

Shrimpton’s acronym exposing transgender German is a dead giveaway up front – and please don’t miss the compound noun Verteidigungsdienst, which must be a contraction, but isn’t in Shrimpton’s suspect acronym. If you object that such a teensy-weensy error should not be held against a British barrister whose hobby is to smear the Germans, then you misjudge the very essence of what nature crafted and Aryans perfected — namely a cultured lifestyle. Ingrid concludes that the Shrimp doesn’t know what he is talking about. By bowdlerizing German so disgracefully, he has just advertised his ignorance for all the world to see.

Not only that:

In Chapter 20, subtitled “UFO,” the Schmierfink has decided to incriminate not only Nazis generally but me by name and pedigree. My last name is Zündel – with Umlaut. Two dots above the “u”. What does he write? “… Dipl-Ing Ernst Zindel … designed the Ju 52 transport, the Ju 87 Stuka and the Ju 88 dive bomber/night fighter, yet after 1945 was a ‘guest lecturer’ at the Technical Academy at Mulheim. No doubt he was, but what was he doing the rest of the time?”

Donnerwetter! What a prodigy I must have been! In 1945 I was a barefoot, starving six-year-old guarding our precious family goats on whose milk our family of six – our mother and five of us kids – depended to keep us from starving to death. Ingrid tells me that she has seen similar claims by otherwise “scholarly” UFO authors who insist I was part of the Paperclip booty– those gifted Hitler scientists who were brought to America to jump-start the USA’s early space program.

And here is the clincher:

Shrimpton pinpoints Nazis’ shady trickeries still haunting our planet as having had its start in 1928. At that time, there existed indeed a Weimar-like organization whose function was counterintelligence. The Weimar Republic, a politically corrupt interim government put in place after Imperial Germany collapsed, was saved from a Bolshevik take-over just in the nick of time by an old-fashioned German General, Hans von Seeckt, a soldier of the Imperial Prussian Army.

Not sure
Von Seeckt served as Chief of Staff for the Reichswehr

In those years, the Weimar Republic’s military mind was von Seeckt. He created a counterintelligence agency called the Abwehr – translated, Defense – to shield Germany against spies, infiltrators and traitors from within. It was an internal security agency like the FBI or the CIC/Counterintelligence Corps.

Germans really aren’t suited by nature for spying. They consider that activity dirty, dishonest, and disgusting. To be detailed into an espionage outfit was considered guaranteed career suicide.

At any rate, we can assume, dire circumstances of those years convinced von Seekct that he should reconsider. During the Weimar Republic, this agency was headed by some bureaucrat/functionary whose name I can’t recall. A brief reprieve resulted after von Seeckt’s fabled Freikorps units of volunteers had stabilized the situation at the borders and inside Germany proper by creating the Reichswehr – a small professional army of 100,000 men allowed by the Treaty of Versailles – which otherwise forbade the Germans from having tanks, air forces, submarines and heavy weapons.

The logo of the Abwehr

As part of the various emergency measures von Seeckt put in place, he did create this provisional internal spy system, which became known as the Abwehr. It seems that three generations later Shrimpton’s hyperactive imagination created a brand new Nazi scarecrow out of the Abwehr’s one-time existence.

Here is the gist of the facts on the ground. One might endlessly debate about some of the political half-measures at those massively chaotic years, the sad truth is that von Seeckt’s generals next made a secret pact with Bolshevik Russia, then run by Bronstein/Trotzki, Lenin, Stalin and others of its ilk.

This treaty allowed the Germans a huge military base south of Moscow, large enough to build their own airfields, air craft manufacturing plants, tank factories, hands-on training facilities on heavy weapons etc. Tens of thousands of Weimar Republic Reichswehr’s military men were rotated through these secret military base facilities, receiving hands-on live fire and other military training.

This was a godsend for the Bolsheviks because now they could see all this German equipment up close and spy on the latest top secret German military hardware. This helped them tremendously in their own military development later on.

It also allowed the Soviet secret police to send in “comfort girls” for the lonely elite German officers, which they housed in bordello-like villas. The Soviets filmed and photographed their sexcapades – and in no time at all, the Soviets had gathered miles of sexually incriminating film and other evidence, which they subsequently used to blackmail these German elite for decades in peacetime and well into the war against the Soviets later on.

Sounds familiar?

This Soviet blackmail of the Abwehr business came to an end with Hitler’s emergence as an authoritarian but much admired leader. In 1935, Hitler unilaterally canceled this covert German-Soviet military training cooperation agreement. This story is not exactly one of which a still-struggling Germany could claim to be proud.

One might think of excuses due to the chaos of those years, but still – what happened was un-German and cost Germany dearly in years and decades to come.


Traitors Canaris and Gehlen

Spin back a few short years – and then forward. After Hitler took control and consolidated his power, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris was appointed Abwehr Chief by Hitler.

Not sure
Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, Chief of Staff of the Abwehr, executed toward the end of the war for Treason

Canaris was a monarchist-type German, not ideologically committed to the national-socialist agenda then put in place. Secretly, Canaris stood in opposition to Hitler’s ideology and aims.

A minor Abwehr official called Gehlen moved slowly up in the ranks until he was responsible for the important sub-section Fremde Heere Ost/ Alien Armies East whose function was to identify Soviet troops’ disposition and concentrations in the East in front of the German lines. Gehlen at the time was an unknown underling – a mere cog in the machinery of the Abwehr – until war came. Only at that time, Canaris appointed Gehlen to head the very important section Fremde Heere Ost to keep an eye on Soviet divisions that were facing the Wehrmacht in Russia.

Off and on, Hitler’s government tried to cleanse these Abwehr services and their internal spying webs, but there is massive evidence that the Hitler regime never quite succeeded in its efforts. Sleeper agents remained in place and did their damage in the shadows.

This is where Gehlen’s treason comes in. By not identifying many Soviet Divisions in a timely fashion, and not alerting the German leadership and military to the danger posed by these Soviet divisions, especially in the later years at Kursk and Staligrad, the Wehrmacht was blindsided by powerful Soviet elite troops that were coming at them from Siberia. Thus, they were overwhelmed by sheer numbers, and Kursk and Stalingrad were lost – and with it, World War II.

Canaris? Not sure
Reinhard Gehlen, an appointee by Admiral Canaris, who rose in the ranks of the Abwehr and became a useful tool for the Allies after the war

Canaris and Gehlen, were the traitors responsible for this series of hideous disasters that turned the tide of war. All kinds of books have been written since the end of the war about Gehlen and his organization’s treasonous activities against Hitler’s regime and, thus, Germany. Canaris, Gehlen’s boss, was finally discovered and exposed to be sabotaging the German war effort. He was arrested and convicted of treason – and strangled to death. His execution took place while the war still raged on.

Gehlen was never found out during the war. His role only emerged after the war and has been whitewashed by the Allies and the regime they set up in post-war Germany. Naturally the Western Allies loved Gehlen’s treacherous activities and made him their trusted agent – tasked with setting up their post-WWII spy agencies in West Germany and integrating their still existing networks for Allied benefit.

The name Abwehr ceased to exist in 1945, banished by the Allies.

That is the thumbnail sketch of what the Abwehr really was and how it fit into the then existing geopolitical landscape. It has since been clearly established that the Abwehr apparatus was working against the then German/Nazi government’s interests for years, sabotaging many plans and initiatives. The Dulles brothers and the OSS, forerunner of the OSI of Wild Bill Donovan’s ill fame were the contacts and liaison people out of Bern, Switzerland, with links to Canaris-Gehlen and other German traitors.

This unsavory Abwehr situation undoubtedly produced all these thousands of Germans who subsequently acted as leakers, traitors, and spies – which made Germany lose the war in Russia by massive treason and spies in their own midst, due mainly to much of Germany’s elite compromised by sexual blackmail.

In summary, the Abwehr was, in fact, a Weimar Republic Masonic outfit, from its inception constantly ruining Germany’s national interests . It was manipulated and utilized by an international cabal of Gentile and Jewish High Finance – the Schiffs, the Warburgs, the Rothschilds et al – at a time of enormous upheaval in Europe. This can best be illustrated by how Schiff and Kuhn-Loeb, Kerenski, Lenin, Trotzki, Stalin, Litvinov and others were financed and protected by this cabal of killers and thugs, cutthroats and bank robbers that were a curse upon all of the civilized West.

Weimar Germany had so many traitors and Marxist revolutionaries agitating and infiltrating all of German society from 1917-1933 that it was nearly as much victimized as Russia and other European nations from 1918 on – until Hitler seized power away from them and won a short reprieve of peace. From its inception, these selfish aristocratic and financial elite traitors stood in clandestine opposition to the emerging Nazi regime. The Abwehr outfit, staffed and run by traitors, had much in common with treasonous elements still troubling the CIA in our times.

Thus, Shrimpton is clearly out to lunch by re-christening the Abwehr and, by way of deception, making it an “enduring” Nazi spy outfit. In Marxist fashion, he stands history right on its head. Appropriating a traitorous agitating outfit, largely anti-German to begin with, the fabulating Shrimp changes its name, invents a new ghost of long-forgotten years of the “Hun’s” duplicitous nature, and peddles it to latter-day generations of Internet UFO readers as something to be feared. He calls it “DVD.”

“DVD” doesn’t exist. Never has.

I never heard of such an outfit in my life. We can safely dispense with Spyhunter as a reliable source to verify the existence of a mysterious Nazi-liaised entity alleged to be planet-wide, deeply embedded in traditional political establishments and NGO organizations, and bent and determined to do us all in. It’s a figment of Shrimpton’s feverish imagination. It had no significant budget, which would have been in the hundreds of millions, and no organizational structure. Shrimptons German-bashing brainchild, Spyhunter, endlessly winding itself around its own fictitious inanities, is boring and shamefully inaccurate twaddle.

I’ll go a step further. I believe it is likely that Spyhunter is a deliberate disinformation campaign still usefully employed by our current CIA. A child would know that the Allies would have known about this Super-German NSA-like agency and controlled it like everything else they did then – and since – just as they do today when the NSA admittedly bugs the private “Handy” of Angela Merkel, America’s most loyal and devoted ally in Europe.


One of many currently popular "conspiracy" texts
One of many currently popular “conspiracy” texts

There are other authors, such as, for instance, Joseph Farrell, Peter Levenda, several underground/underwater Polish explorers, and maybe even Stephen Greer and VT’s Preston James, as well as specialized UFO aficionados like Catherine Austin Fitts and Alexandra Bruce who should be taken seriously, but not the way you think. The premise from which they start writing is faulty.

They all start with the assumption of Nazis as demonic by nature. That this Western weltbild is a psychological false flag is too alien for them to even entertain as a possibility, much less to revise. It’s like asking a Christian to revise the image of Satan. No wonder Historical Revisionist, especially Holocaust Revisionists, have such a tough time!

These authors have done prodigious research about a global mystery that does, in fact, exist. We’re talking about scientifically sophisticated space vehicles, piloted by what are called “ETs” that fly at an uncanny speed and seem to take a peculiar interest in what is happening on Planet Earth, specifically our military programs.

These mostly American writers have drawn some provocative, vexing conclusions – for instance, that there exist on planet and off-planet “break-away societies” that seem upsettingly authoritarian.

These authors aren’t fools. They have a great deal of value to say, but they lean, in my opinion, too much on esoteric fairytales and what spy services would like them to believe – and spread! – to divert us from serious research and very serious issues like US space programs by Nazis, alleged moon and Mars bases by Nazis, revenge plots by Nazis, and other such topics of geopolitical interest.

Take Dr. Joseph Farrell, for instance. He talks about a “bifurcation” within existing elites that happened fairly recently – where orthodox seekers of power – i.e. the “Globalists” – now find themselves in competition with hoary Nazi outfits who also strive for power for selfish ends by tightening the choke hold on us all.

These writers sense, correctly, that something must be going on that looks and feels “Fourth Reich” – and, therefore, devilish. They sense that someone is out there – but where? And why? What is there we don’t know – but should know?

That is where the second part of my essay comes in – why I must take a stand yet one more time for Truth in History. I’m giving you the benefit of my experience as well as my conclusions about those viciously besmirched yet envied space contraptions called Nazi UFOs.

I claim with some admittedly mixed feelings to have accrued some Nazi-UFO credentials that are unique in urban lore. Among some other things that caused me grief in later life, here is what started it all.


German Secret Weapons

In the exuberance of youth as a new emigré to Canada, I published about half a dozen speculative paperbacks on Nazi UFOs. That topic was widespread when I first came to Montreal, a 19-year-old Expat out of the ruins of Germany. It was briskly debated among the post-war European Expats – and in the Canadian media at large – and proved to be my training vehicle in public speaking, because my audiences could never get enough.


My modest booklets, many emblazoned with a swastika and question mark, got me onto hundreds of radio and television talk shows all across Canada and the Continental USA as a budding populist and spokesman on behalf of my ever more demonized kin.

While I was honing my political assets in the late 1950s and all of 1960, Canada was rife with stories about a group of German scientists who had left the Third Reich during and after the war. Rumor had it that these scientists were at first hiding out in South America, then moving to Antarctica, and in no time at all to off-planet places such as to Mars and to the backside of the moon.

Unlike most new arrivals from Europe who struggled for financial subsistence, I had a marketable skill as an accomplished graphic artist and, thus, the means to follow my dreams wherever fancy took me. I was a willing captive to those heroic, mesmerizing stories about mysterious UFOs of Nazi origin.

I met many former greats of national-socialist lore and listened to their tales with rapture. For years, I corresponded with many of them. Over time, I met many more – such as the Huntsville Wernher von Braun Paperclip Germans. I had long conversations with them in their homes. These gifted rocket scientists had credible, precise ways to illustrate what they were doing and where they were going to go – namely out into space without limits. In their opinion, the Allies did not even have a clue, with their pedestrian research, much less the scientific tools, much less the cosmic vision.

For me, that was a sweet getting-even of sorts on behalf of my vilified Expats who, in my own mind, now depended on me and my political vigor to set the record straight about Germany’s true role and goal in World War II — with its eyes on the star-studded heavens.

Project Paperclip Team at Ft. Bliss
Project Paperclip Team at Ft. Bliss

The Sixties, Seventies, and even early Eighties were still those years when you could speak your mind on Third Reich Germany’s scientific brilliance without having to look over your shoulder. It was all in good fun – my modest booklets on German Secret Weapons were wildly popular for years, and very lucrative in a global niche market. I sold many, many thousands worldwide.

I was invited to fancy Star Trek conventions and other UFO events to advertise my special brand, and no one took any offense. Hard to believe in today’s censorious climate, isn’t it? For instance, during one Star Trek convention in of all places Manhattan, I gave 13 detailed Radio, TV and print interviews in three days, eventually losing my voice!

I stopped the production of my “secret weapons” publications because I got mired down in other, more serious topics presumed to be in the politically incorrect vein. I don’t need to tell you the details – they are all on the Net, for the asking. Once, the Canadian-style Zionist-Marxists fixed a malevolent eye on my hobby, I was forced to fight long, costly legal battles about some contentious historical claims that they themselves had cooked up. The rest is history. And isn’t it ironic that it was those mischievous Zündel Nazi-UFOs that financed and indirectly helped launch the research juggernaut we now know as Holocaust Revisionism? Sweet irony!

As we all know and are never allowed to forget, that branch of scientific research is now off-limits to be talked about in most Marxist-controlled Western countries parading as “democracies”- in fact, research activities as well as unpopular writings are labeled as a “criminal offence” in Israel, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.

As a result of my high profile activities as a political maverick discussing awkward topics the powers-that-be wished to keep under wraps, I soon drew deadly fire from certain politically well-entrenched quarters. Those bipeds – if you can call them that – will cloak themselves as universal saviors and virtuous humanitarians shrieking “Racists!” as loudly as they can to make our European-descent Expats who founded this Continent scurry like frightened rabbits.

Well, I was white. I was proud; and I was not about to tuck tail and run like so many of my later marginal co-Expats, who got out of the kitchen because they could not take the heat. As a result, I was pretty much alone politically once I was criminally charged with having “… spread false news” about some Canadian Zionist-Marxists who headed an organization to cash in on the war that we lost – not thanks to any lack of righteousness of Cause or valor on our part, but due to being outgunned and simply outnumbered in that disastrous conflagration now known as World War II.

But be that as it may, in the early and mid-1980s, several global headline-making trials resulted, and life for me was never again quite the same. During those trials, I was assisted by some of these scientific German rocket scientists whom I had in the meantime befriended.

Over the years, I had cultivated many a Nazi-UFO contact while still in Canada, and still fairly free of the venom I had to deal with later on. I enjoyed corresponding with Landig, for instance, an Australian fiction writer, who portrayed Antarctic Nazi UFOs in believable prose in his novels. I personally knew and had friendly contact with some of the most famous secret weapons designers of World War II, many of whom assisted me in securing historical documents of great value in my celebrated court cases that I had to fight while living in the diaspora in Canada for over 40 years.

Never once was I charged, much less convicted, of “hate.” I was charged and hounded through the courts of Canada for “spreading false news” – as one of my defense witnesses put it “… just like the weather man and Santa Claus.” I won this particular struggle in the Supreme Court of Canada after 9 ½ years of litigation – not that it made the slightest dent in my continued persecution and legal prosecution, because four days after that stunning victory, I was charged by Canadian Zionist zealots all over again!

I cherished and still cherish those friendships. These “Paperclip Nazis” were the finest Third Reich rocket scientists who were employed alongside Wernher von Braun in Huntsville, Alabama and elsewhere in the USA and Canada. They willingly worked for their American captors and new benefactors with not a shred of malice in their hearts. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, NASA became the space jewel it was – and sadly, no longer is. For them, space science came first. These were our bygone era’s Wunderkinder who at the time designed the Saturn V moon rockets, the Atlas and other heavy-lift US space hardware, and similar military projects. As former enemies, they could have sabotaged the West. They didn’t.

I spent many hours in various homes in upper middle-class Huntsville, where we discussed what had been accomplished in Germany in areas of space exploration and what was still on the drawing boards when World War II drew to a close. For instance, the Third Reich government had plans for a floating space station for 1947-48. Space satellites were on the drawing boards as well and worked on. Even space suits were being tested of Walrus hide because of its unbreakable but stretchable qualities. Today, the Internet is teeming with these “Nazi UFOs in Space” stories – magnificent productions thanks to advanced technology they helped create and perfect.

One afternoon while visiting in Huntsville, I was shown the original 75,000 word German-English technical dictionary, six or so inches thick, specifically created for US industries right after the war in order to exploit Third-Reich rocket and space technology developed in Germany and in the Eastern countries then still in German hands. In the company by these gifted German scientists, I never felt the slightest hostility against their former adversaries, the Western style Allies who had been suckered into a deadly war by largely fabricated Marxist fairytales.

What they were doing would benefit a spectacular future to come – not only for our Western civilization but for mankind in general. Their genuine good will was palpable, as was their understanding of the destructive Marxist/Communist spirit in our era that is now is taking down the West. These brilliant scientists made me appreciate the magic of German space exploration – what had been done so far, and what was still expected to be done – although their homeland lay in ruins and Marxists rose like demons from the ashes and started burrowing into the governments’ innards all over the Aryan West.


Dr. Oberth surrounded by the tools of his trade
Dr. Oberth surrounded by the tools of his trade

I would guess that no one still living has been as close to those Paperclip geniuses on a personal level as I. The friendly ambience around those gifted scientists, the topics and the secrets that they shared with me, were some of the most enriching and meaningful experiences of my life.

Dr. Oberth, for instance, whom I met only via voluminous correspondence, was particularly close to me and my ethnic crusade, as was Dr. Arthur Rudolf, who was later victimized by the OSI, a vengeful US- Marxist outfit.

This aging scientist would find himself bashed viciously in print and on the air. He was later arrested and incarcerated in Canada. My young lady attorney, Barbara Kulaszka, succeeded in getting the elderly genius, chief designer and engineer of those fabulous Saturn moon rockets, out on bail, and I would spend many a lunch or dinner hour with him and his wife, discussing his work and his outlook on a beneficial, nature-oriented future for mankind in space.

For his enormous contribution to all mankind, this man was shamefully deported from Canada as a “war criminal.” He died a few years later in Germany and is now largely forgotten.

Dr. Arthur Rudolph, the inventor of the _____ rocket
Dr. Arthur Rudolph, nicknamed “Rocket-Rudoph”

Little known to the public at the time was the additional financial and moral support I received from my Paperclip friends and their female counterparts in Germany such as, for instance, Leni Riefenstahl, Hanna Reitsch, and Winnifried Wagner.

Once I became persona non grata politically and was being strangled, Marxist-fashion, by costly legal shackles where historical truth was not a defense, these gifted scientists and their friends would financially support my endeavors.

They respected my serious research as well as my quietly flamboyant outreach in clearing Germany of false atrocity claims. Among themselves, they would collect donations to help offset my court costs and courier the money to me the next day.

The rumor eventually sprang up that it was “Nazi gold” that financed my trials, but that is not true – wish it were! In addition to my Huntsville connection, it was largely little old ladies in running shoes world-wide who had lost fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, and lovers on the Eastern Front – who understood why the Cause of giving honor back to Germany became ever more sacred to me.

I had found my life’s purpose. It consumed my every waking hour. For decades. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me not lose sight of Ingrid’s VT friends’ concern as stated and implied:

• First, is it possible that there exists an underground, super-secret German spy agency similar to the CIA or NSA that survived the war, which is now taking care of “Nazi interests” globally?

• Second, and more importantly: Should we not fear that some of these off-planet scientists’ descendants – assuming there are any still around – now interface with sympathetic earth-bound entities in mutual assistance programs, perhaps sharing advanced technology in exchange for political protection?

• And third, let’s put the snake right on the table – can these demonic “Nazis” our Western mainstream media has burned into our brains as utterly beyond redemption ever again be fully trusted? God may forbid that such a “Fourth Reich” force exists – but if it exists, is it to be feared by all mankind as the ultimate threat to the globe?

You asked for my opinion, and I am giving it to you. For my own safety I must stress that what I say is merely conjecture, but based on my intimate knowledge of the soul essence of those scientific geniuses I once knew. I also want to state with emphasis that I don’t get any privileged intelligence briefings from Mars or from the dark side of the moon – or elsewhere. But now, after seven years of incarceration in six prisons in three countries on two continents, I am allowed a limited version of “freedom.” I do get many visitors – authors, researchers, publishers, politicians, police investigators – you name it. They tell me things. I listen.

I take it for granted that, independent of the Paperclip scientists who stayed on earth and did their work on earth, there was a substantial scientific national-socialist substratum that survived the war and left defeated Germany, settling elsewhere, eventually maybe even off-planet. The bread crumbs for such a clandestine post-war development are all over the net in ever more documentaries out of Russia, Poland – but especially the USA.

There was indeed an orderly, organized retreat of top level German scientists and name recognition political leaders, collectively known as the Absatzbewegung – nothing to do with the Abwehr! – in the last years of war and after the war – first in submarines to Latin America, then on into the icy depths of unexplored Antarctica, and maybe eventually even off-planet places to preserve for posterity some of the innovations and discoveries initiated in the spectacular early days of the Third Reich. Based on my numerous contacts in the early post-war era with people in-the-know, as well as careful research since, I know this for a fact.

And just think of what was accomplished before these gifted scientist had to leave! Six years of peace is all they had – and look at the results! Countless documents, most classified but some in the public domain, as well as credible witness stories, bear this out that they made extraordinary contributions of benefit in our times. It gives me comfort thinking our planetary Expat brothers of Third Reich vintage are “out there” to this day.

Do they have revenge on their brains against earthlings, as our post-WWII Marxist scribblers have made us believe? I don’t think so. In our savagely politically correct era, I can only speak in generalities. I have never been contacted by any off-planet Expats with details, and I have no idea if there is any action plan that would give cause to have our Marxist power structure tremble in their socks. I can only give you my conclusions knowing what I know of the Allied-captured scientists that I knew – where they would, and did, focus their professional priorities.

Let me explain with an analogy to give you a comparison. I speak of feudal times – that European era of centuries ago when our forebears, driven off their native soil by dire political wrongs, were forced to settle elsewhere. What did they do? They abandoned a feudal political system that had been cruel and abusive to them. They had no choice in the matter. They found themselves another place to stay. They emigrated there.

Did they spend the next three generations planning a pitiless comeback to finish off the European Royals who had done them so much harm? Of course not. Why would they? Why waste their own offspring on wars of revenge? They did what Aryans do – they looked forward. They took in the measure of an entire continent from sea to shining sea, and they beheld its possibilities.

They next devised a geopolitical system that was a novelty for its own times. Unheard of. Providentially conceived. A Nation of Laws. A Constitution with its built-in checks and balances. Amendments such as the freedom to speak and assemble. The right to face your accuser. The right to bear arms. The right to be free from bodily seizure. The right to vote a government in, and to vote a government out. In short, they created a magnificent prototype – the United States of America as it has since become known. Their system in its era was a marvel to behold and emulate – until the Marxists were allowed in to ruin it. That’s what we experience today.

That blueprint for such an achievement was in their magnanimous genes. It’s called their Ahnenerbe – the genetic bequest of our forebears, long dead, to fulfill our people’s destiny, to never stop until they storm the heavens as destined conquerors from earth.


Here’s what is important to know: Our mythical space relatives, who – driven out of Europe – allegedly chose a new home for themselves and their offspring off-planet, had a head start on us earthlings – for two reasons. They did not have to be assaulted by a harmful Marxist ideology that strikes down the best in order to cuddle the scum – and, just as importantly, they were a genetically related people who packed their core values to take on their long voyage with practically no interference from strangers.

What might they have found? A sparkling new frontier. Just think of the Cosmos – with its unlimited reach and ample opportunities. And this time it’s not hoes and spades and horse-and-buggy times – it’s rescued blueprints from a nascent system that was to be applied to worlds to come that we can barely fathom – new concepts of a way of life so novel and spectacular it takes our breath away.

Free energy. Longevity. Unlimited vitality to improvise, invent, create, improve. Why would they waste themselves to plot and scheme to destroy? They would much rather fashion living space precisely to their liking. They wouldn’t yammer the past into frazzles with the help of rapacious grievance committees and such – demanding restitution payments forever for “crimes” that have long been disproven!

What would their feelings be today regarding this planet called earth? I am just guessing here. It’s their planet, too. It’s still their Heimatland where the bones of their ancestors rest. It’s occupied now on the surface by a murderous spirit that is not of this world, but it won’t be forever! Believe me!

Might they not want to visit and impart what they know? Some years ago, Gordon sent Ingrid a note, recalled from memory: “We have technical know-how for which no footprint exists.” I can think of several countries where transfer of knowledge might have occurred. China? Russia? Why, suddenly, are former/present Communist countries so far ahead of the US – with NASA but a shadow of its former self and fraying at the edges?

I shocked Ingrid by saying that China is, for all intents and purposes “… a national-socialist state under the Hammer and Sickle.” So is emerging Russia under Putin, except for its archaic “…urrah!” you hear them shout on May 9 at their WWII victory celebrations. Why would they do that? Camouflage? Shame on their lack of chivalry, I say!

We Aryan earthlings are in a spiritual war of unlike beings fighting for survival on one of the smallest planets in the entire universe.

What’s really lacking here in all the frantic worries about the rowdy Nazis about to even out a score is an unbiased understanding of what a Third Reich ideology was really all about – and what an advanced social/political system based on a time that is no more might look like.

The Third Reich never was a deadly ideology of crazed “supremacists.” It was a social program requiring a disciplined lifestyle in accord of what Nature dictates, which did include the undeniable reality of race. Clean living. Clear thinking. Examining harmful assumptions. Giving credit where credit was due.

It also had to do with removing the sources of age-old miseries – such as the scourge called usury, poor health, cramped living conditions, filth in the arts and in language, unnecessary obstacles against those who produce versus those who consume and destroy. A people’s commonality. Its Ahnenerbe. It had nothing to do with lording it over “lesser” human beings, or stealing territorial space, or uncalled-for hubris by fools running jackboots all over the place while flashing swastikas.

And this as well: there was no room for a Marxist agenda. There was no patience with endless palavers that wasted time and energy, no patience with lukewarm apostles philosophizing on “equality” in places such as Brussels.

“Equality,” the Marxist battle cry, is a political ideal. It’s not scientific fact.

Right now, if Nazis still exist in an organized fashion, you can be sure they are not masters of the underworld, vile and perverted, with mayhem in their veins and fury in their hearts. That’s psychological false-flagging.

These German scientists and leaders of long ago were never wholesale criminals against humanity as Marxists will have you believe. It was a meritorious system with goals and boundaries for a brotherly, disciplined Volk – and no patience with Marxist apostles who preach “democracy” while sharpening their knives in endless class wars and bloody revolutions all over the world.

Which does not mean that the Third Reich powers that might have survived – if they did! – would take yet one more Marxist confrontation lying down.

Let me conclude with an analogy that landed yesterday on Ingrid’s desk, articulated by one of America’s burgeoning National Rifle Association disciples:

“American conservatives own 200+ million guns, 12 trillion rounds of ammo. If we were violent, you’d know it!”

If our off-planet cousins meant harm to you and me, you’d know it.


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Author Details
{p}Ingrid Rimland is an award-winning ethnic novelist and documentary producer. Currently she works on a wide-screen feature movie (Category: Contemporary Political Drama) called THE EXPATS.{/p} {p}Born to Russian-German Mennonites in the Ukraine, she experienced World War II as a small child. Multilingual and gifted linguistically, she brings a unique perspective to the Patriot struggle, having lived under four dictators in her young years - Stalin, Hitler, Peron of Argentina, and Stroessner of Paraguay.{/p} {p}Ingrid is proudly married to one of the world's most politically incorrect human rights activist, Ernst Zundel, kidnapped by America's Zionist-beholden government goons on American soil in 2003 for having spoken Truth to Power about the so-called "Holocaust". She has earned a doctorate in Education from the University of the Pacific and been a U.S. citizen since 1973.{/p}


  1. “The Third Reich never was a deadly ideology of crazed “supremacists.” It was a social program requiring a disciplined lifestyle in accord of what Nature dictates, which did include the undeniable reality of race. Clean living. Clear thinking. Examining harmful assumptions. Giving credit where credit was due.”

    What a load of crap.

    Perhaps we could now call this The new alt right Baloney of the self-confused Whitey.

    The communists were a bunch of mentally ill crazies, and so were the Nazi’s, where Adolf himself was the little nothing who really dreamed of being Der Kaiser’s most praised parvenu.

    Where WWI war propaganda was the poster child of Really Stupid Europeans, the Germans and French, marching into the trenches to their dumb slaughter.

    This was Adolf’s universe, dumb stupid slaughter and an inferiority complex flipped to brutal moronic discipline.

    Who are you kidding.

  2. What a delight to experience such clarity of mind, such insight and such observance of German virtues of old, expressed by a true champion for truth and Menschenfreundschaft (as Fichte would have insisted).

    What a joy to experience Ernst Zündel spirited, courageous and of sound mind.

  3. Hr. & Fr. Zündel, Ernst & Ingrid: Fascinating article, little known facts, sage analysis. Danke schön!

    Although familiar with your plight & work in mid-2000s (given my heated talks with Israeli friends), I knew nothing of your background & experience with the Paperclip boys & familiarity with Nazi UFOs.

    Given the black-&-white demonization of Nazis in U.S. & EU, most do not know about some of the good work that Hitler & Nazis did — some of which still benefits the world.

    Two examples are a nationalized central bank to issue debt/interest-free money (i.e., no privately-owned Rothschild-style banking) and hydrocarbon-replacing propulsion flying craft (electrodynes, not aerodynes). Post-war Nazis needed U.S. industrial capacity to produce still-secret electrodynes — but did not convince U.S. & others to adopt debt/interest-free money & banking.

    Although one of Joseph Farrell’s & others’ premises is faulty, conclusions about a U.S.-German ‘Secret Space Program’ (SSP) ETC. are almost undoubtedly true. Beyond even Farrell’s imagination.

    Ex-CIA friends knew Gehlen & the Paperclip boys, who also did not know the full extent of their SSP. To understand what MAY be the full extent of SSP-based ‘breakaway civilizations,’ see the work of David Wilcock & Corey Goode — corroborated in part by my U.S. defense industry friends.

    P.S. Umlaut-u in MS Windows is easy: Alt + 0252 — ü.

  4. Less than a million Jews killed in the Holocaust – Yosef Mizrachi
    ht tps://youtu. be/2ksLt0amSEQ?list=PL3w1tjfs1hNBXohVnHieNyDLX_5sRoXGa

  5. Not sure why the Zundels have been prosecuted, it sounds more like persecution than prosecution.

    With respect, if they had read my book, rather than the first few chapters, they would have discovered that I specifically disavow the DVD as a Nazi organisation.

    It is an intelligence service, der Deutscher Verteidigungs Dienst. Fair points on my German grammar – they were obviously looking at an old edition, indeed if it was a PDF file it may have been a pre-publication copy. The first draft, emailed to USNI, swiftly got into circulation in the Intelligence Community.

    The DVD’s funding, billions of euros worth, comes from offshore, high-yield trading activities, not least off the back of a large stolen cash-pile sitting in New York, narcotics and human trafficking. Canaris was the agency’s first director, and the mastermind of Paperclip. It is right that he held back vital intelligence from the Wehrmacht – he was opposed to Hitler’s policy of waging aggressive war, realised Germany would lose anyway and was more concerned to protect his sources and assets, who included Stalin.

    • If you even don´t know why Mr. Zündel was prosecuted and about what you must have really lived in a cave, perhaps Tora bora ?

    • yes Trakkath, he just openly admitted he doesn’t read other writers articles here at VT, exactly as I’ve stated before. all the great articles about 911 being an inside job done with traceable nuclear footprints, Mikee just rolls along with the “official story” as if all the good real researchers here aren’t anything but liars.

    • Shrimp: Deutsch Grammatik (German grammar) is the least of your problems with DVD. In addition, however, der Deutscher Verteidigungs Dienst (German Defence Service) may be a descriptive name — not a formal name — for the group that you identify. However, since you refer to Zündel’s prosecution as more of a “persecution,” you are at least somewhat familiar with what happened to Ernst.

      As Ernst Zündel indicates, yes, there were German groups that survived the war, traveled from Germany, and had many assets (money etc.). As Zündel indicates, one good place to look for info about this post-WW2 German group is in writings by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell (who buys into the full demonization of Nazis).

      Farrell details the sources of much funding for this group and how they shared some of their assets with CIA & others after WW2. What Zündel fails to mention is how this German group helped to initiate the Cold War with USSR & China and its follow-on — results that Ernst probably favored.

      One intriguing hypothesis is that the post-WW2 German group (whatever you want to call it) also allied themselves with what VT authors call the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM), a now-failing alliance — thus the semi-open warfare amongst members of The Cabal or PTB (or PTW — powers that were).

  6. I think sea frog is right. In addition it is worth knowing that those ideas were very widespread, and in no way an exclusive property of the 3R. The post-war propaganda has tried to bury that part of our history.

  7. When are going to tell the people the truth. For 500 years the Jesuits have been pushing this globalist BS of we spinning around in space 1000 miles an hour circling the sun going 67K an hour., There are no long range ballistic missiles or even satellites spinning around in a 2000 Celius Thermosphere , this is all Walt Disney fairy dust and these Paperclip Gumbos are just extortionist of the American tax payer compliments of Bush. I think we all have to wake up that we living on a Plane NOT a globe. There never was a moon landing nor a space station, nor none of it. It is all a NASA CIA NAZI Jesuit scam. We are living under an affirment and antarctic surrounds the whole plane of our earth. Sounds crazy ? do your own research, everything we have been told is one big lie….we do not live on a spinning globe.

  8. yup, the shrimp is VERY twisted “anti-Germanic” running cover for nasties who relocated to Palestine. true about German brilliance and mindset, from arts to machining to things political, the GEM of Europe that jealous lessers were determined to either control or destroy since mid 1800’s. it’s part of my own family history and politics, but I don’t know all the details. I’m no supremacist, ANY division of humanity can attain higher conscience if willing and encouraged. it isn’t about being destructive, or being paranoid, or being delusional, fabricating wild stories to try to sell a book, glorifying inhuman warfare and bloodshed against people conveniently dehumanized as huns gerries nazis etc. someone educated is supposed to comprehend that.

  9. Thank you for this article! If there is nothing out there that had sirvived the collapse of the Reich in 1945, current actions do not make sense. The war against Germany didn’t start in 1914 and didn’t end in 1945. It is still going on, but it is coming to an end very soon.
    The anit-Nazi and anti-Reich propaganda not only in Germany through TV “documentaries”, Hollywood movies, newpaper and magazine articles, speeches of politician actors etc is increasing. Why? Because of a political movement terminated over 70 years ago? Because of a man dead the same many years? Remember, the Wehrmacht surrendered unconditional, not the Reich. It still exists.

    • “… Die Möglichkeit, für ein Volkstum die Unabhängigkeit wieder zu erringen, ist nicht absolut gebunden an die Geschlossenheit eines Staatsgebietes, sondern vielmehr an das Vorhandensein eines wenn auch noch so kleinen Restes dieses Volkes und Staates, der, im Besitz der nötigen Freiheit, nicht nur der Träger der geistigen Gemeinschaft des gesamten Volkstums, sondern auch der Vorbereiter des militärischen Freiheitskampfes zu sein vermag …
      … Denn unterdrückte Länder werden nicht durch flammende Proteste in den Schoß eines gemeinsamen Reiches zurückgeführt, sondern durch ein schlagkräftiges Schwert …” A.H.

      [“… The ability to gain independence again for a nationality is not absolutely tied to the unity of the national territory, but rather to the presence of even the smallest remnant of this people and state, in possession of the necessary freedom, not to be only the support of the spiritual community of the entire nationality, but also the precursor of the military struggle for freedom …
      … Because oppressed countries are not returned through flaming protests in the bosom of a common Reich, but by a powerful sword … “]

    • Don’t misunderstand me, Edward. I didn’t want to point to any legal aspects or any resolutions of the Verfassungsgericht. I mean what I said. You are absolutely right in saying, that we cannot refer to international law or something else. So if you have read the second part of my post, you should understand, that I do not think some kind of change of the current situation will come from within the occupation construct BRD, not from any Reichsbürger or whatever. But we are not alone!

    • Only those parts who were in war since WW 1 can make peace treaties and none else. Guess why they denied in 1990 the peace treaty by those occupying thugs who don´t want peace ? Cui bono ?

  10. It is not called “Der Wienerschnitzel” but “das Wienerschnitzel” in english “not the Wienerschnitzel but the Wienerschnitzel” .
    Jürgen von Manger,
    Jürgen von Manger: Stegreifgeschichten – Neueste Folge: Feines Benehmen
    ht tps://youtu. be/EymabXKvwSM

  11. “they were a genetically related people who packed their core values to take on their long voyage with practically no interference from strangers”…a return from exile

  12. Thank you very much for this interesting article here on VT. I didn’t realize that you have written so many articles here already (just looked up your listings) and am really impressed. I’ve been thinking about you and your husband during the last few years and have been wondering what has happened since his last trial. I’ve had my share of troubles since I live in Germany and got to know the shizophrenic nature of people nowadays that others living outside of this country just can’t comprehend and are just to quick to shrub off as ‘the bad guys’ better known as the real conspiracy called Nazis. That is all they can seem to associate with by just mentioning the word ‘German’.
    Germans on the other side have been brainwashed to be politically correct and avoid being drawn into any kind of discussion concerning WWII that could go into any further details beyond the fact that they once had a Führer that led them into destruction. You know the many facts, details and the controversies that are forced out of peoples minds and how it is being done.
    I feel bad about what happened to Ernst because I myself am Canadian citizen and it just isn’t right how he has been treated by laws that have no right to even exist. So I owe it him to say thank you for pointing out how evil lurks where it never should be allowed to be seated to judge over others.

  13. As led Zeppelin once said “lots of people talking but few of them know.” Maybe the ones that know are waiting for the verbal flatulence to subside before they soil the Sacred with the Profane. Great job Ingrid saying what I often think but never actually say. No, vengeance against the human race, what demented paranoid idiocy…But then again what can you expect from a people who salivate at the notion of eating and drinking the blood of a dead Jew, no wonder jews have nightmares. Only thing is I think you may be throwing out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to the Ahnenerbe, can’t say I blame you but. For far too long Ernst has been the victim, the martyr, of their back room politicking…

    • “Cathars affirm the universe has been created pure, but from the fifth heaven downwards the ghost of evil and chaos has been introduced, the Demiurge Jehovah, mixing and adulterating everything.” –page 176. “Whether the Cathars are right, or if this universe were only an infernal sacrilegious copy, counterfeit, from another spiritual universe, which adjusts better to the nature of the demiurge Jehovah and the Jew, his acolyte, since they are not creatures, but mere copies, thieves inclined to falsification, the drama of the hyperborean viras [the tantric term for a semi-divine hero] here introduced, fallen, imprisoned, will always be the same and obey one movement: risking everything to give combat to the enemy in his own territory, to be able to win the war from the inside. These hero’s have brought into jeopardy the loss of their Hyperborean souls to destroy the nightmare of the Demiurge, his falsification, his welter. They have attempted to return the world to its original purity, to transmute the earth, to transfigure corrupted nature, adulterated by the Demiurge Jehovah, the Lord of Darkness, who, in turn, intends to extend his gangrene, his infernal copy, his machinery of returns [Serrano is alluding to the Mandala cycle Nietzsche’s eternal recurrence], his breathing, his “evolutionary dream.”” – Miguel Serrano, page 178, Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar part 1 (Abridged Version)…

    • “If the Demiurge discovered in time he was going to lose the war, he would order his Jew Golem to destroy the earth, before allowing its transmutation. And he would do the same with his illusory Universe. But that is already of no importance, since he lost that opportunity. The Avatar of the Fuhrer has already won the war. Only the Demiurge and the Jew do not know it. Nor do the sleeping prisoners, the hypnotized Viras, not even when little time remains and we must only continue fighting for some of them.” –page 495.Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar II

    • Do you think at the time of Hitlers rise they did not know that the Bolsheviks were are gang of Jews from America’s eastside and sponsored by J.P. Morgan to Kill the Russian Christians.? They most certianly did know this and over 20 million Russians these Jews killed, so enough of this Poor Jews BS.

  14. Ernst and Ingrid – I read the article twice. Not that I am slow to absorb and appreciate the truth but it deserves close attention to grasp it fully. Felicitations!

  15. Yes, this piece is carefully- and well-written, by someone who should know what they are talking about.
    Yet, it is mostly about Germany and the Germans.
    Though it may be important for us to understand who was really trying to destroy what back then, it would be great to also understand the situation as it exists now.
    The “Nazis” are a cheap scapegoat. In the larger view, that was never what it was really all about. But: What was it really all about? What was the true intention behind all the attempts down through the centuries to turn Europe into a scrap heap? There’s someone out there who didn’t like Europe, nor especially the Germans, the cultural leaders of Europe. Who was/is that group, and what was their problem? It may not even be possible to call those people a “group” except perhaps in some statistical sense. But whoever they were or are, we need to figure them out, expose them and totally de-fang them if we ever want our planet to calm down enough to be worthy of its postulated future in the starts.

  16. Dear Ernst and Ingrid, Thanks for a terrific article, may your sacrifice and suffering end swiftly. I pray for peace and prosperity for you and yours!

  17. Thank you both so much for this great contribution. It is all much clearer to me now. May this article be spread far and wide and may you find the freedom many so rightfully deserve.

  18. Greetings Hr. and Fr. Zündel.

    Mr. Shrimpton’s projections on the “DVD” may or may not be an effort to conceal the treachery of the Union Jack’s (Union of Jacob) clandestine activities leading up to events prior to (and during) WW2 as mentioned in the book: Desperate Deception. The book suggests that the OSS was created in the image of the British Security Coordination (BSC) and/or MI-6 to influence America’s (at the time) non-interventionist policy. This can also be traced further back to 1902 and the founding of the Pilgrims Society (but most likely back to Egypt as evident by the obelisks in the City of London, D.C. and the Vatican as a few other researchers including Dimitri Khalezov have noted). Members included: Allen W. Dulles, Henry Kissinger, John and David Rockefeller, and Jacob Schiff to name a few.

    As far as “UFO’s”, it is interesting to note the difference between orbs/saucers as compared to triangular shaped craft such as the TR-3B. More on this below (especially in reference to the recent destruction of the Falcon [Horus son of ISIS] rocket and the Israeli technology on board).

    • “This distinction is introduced in Ancient Science and refers to an apparent split in social structure, religion, form of governance, architecture and art between different peoples of ancient history and prehistory.

      The circle people are generally found at northern latitudes and are presumably the builders of the megalithic sites such as are found all over Western Europe. The circle people have not left evidence of large cities, central governance or large scale agriculture or records of commercial transactions. They have left works of art which are generally diverse and creative, not corresponding to any rigid single format. The circle is seen as a symbol of reciprocity and cooperation as opposed to the pyramid which is seen as a symbol of hierarchy.

      The pyramid people are generally found further south and are marked by a legacy of monumental architecture, such as the Egyptian and Central American pyramids. The pyramid is seen as a symbol of hierarchy, with a broad base and a narrow apex. Also such construction bespeaks centralized government, pooling resources from a large area, with fixed settlements and ownership of land.”

      At the pinnacle of the pyramid was the archon, the absolute ruler. (See Archons of Gnosticism.)

    • “Beneath the ruler was a small class which shared most richly in the wealth of the society. Beneath them was a layer devoted to promulgating social mystification — essentially stories which announced that the archon was divinely ordained to rule, that the stratified nature of society was similarly heavenly defined, and that either the Society of the Circle never existed or, if it did, it was evil. Their task was to inculcate what Wilhelm Reich would later identify as a “mass psychology of submission” into the ruled — personalities who are more frightened of rebellion than of the consequences of their subjugation.”

      Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, has stated that the Falcon rockets are named after the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars film series.[1]

      Dark Force: From whence Satan-ism then? From Sanskrit Sat and Tan, the Dark
      Force infusing the cosmos (Sat), and (Tan). The Hebrews recognised this
      life-force as the enemy, and so “Satan” became their “adversary” because they
      (the A-Brahamic cult) were shut off from the Tree of life (he flow of life).”

      The Force Awakens
      Egyptian (D)jedi vs Eurasian Sitheans

      May The Force Be With You.

    • One last note to the readers out there.

      Please do not confuse Holy-Wood “Satanism” with Sanskrit Sat Tan. The Church of Satan was founded by Anton Lavey (Levy as in Levite priests). Temple of Set (Egypt). Crowley was also obsessed with Egypt. Thelema in gematria:
      yhwh 1316 384 64
      israel 205 384 64
      thelema 169 384 64
      peter 250 384 64
      zion 599 384 64
      erdogan 187 384 64

      Best wishes.

    • Why doesn’t the author understand that the swastika crop circle is clearly a Buddhist symbol that has nothing to do with Nazism?

    • Raelian:
      Also found near Mezine (Ukraine) was the earliest known example of a swastika-like form, as part of a decorative object dated to 10,000 BCE. It was described (see references for illustrations) as an object carved from ivory mammoth tusks…[8] At this site, archaeologists discovered a shelter constructed of mammoth bones and skin, showing the importance of the mammoth to nomadic European cultures of the early Holocene.[11]

      If we consider the looting and destruction of artifacts in Iraq and Syria by “ISIS” and others, one might see the current war in the Ukraine from another angle as well.

      “Buddhism” originated in India. The NS as well as the Soviets sent expeditions to Tibet (as did many others including the British, Japanese and Chinese). “A possible explanation for the invitation is that the Tibetan Government wished to maintain cordial relations with the Japanese and their German allies as a balance against the British and Chinese.” See also: “Behold the Green Dragon: The Myth & Reality of an Asian Secret Society.” Green Dragons. Black Dragons. Fulford mentions the White Dragon Society. See also the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston. “HQ of the Revolution.” As always, use discernment.

    • Finally, I will add this:

      Arkaim (Russian: Аркаим) is an archaeological site situated in the Southern Urals steppe, 8.2 kilometres (5.1 mi) north-to-northwest of the village of Amurskiy and 2.3 km (1.4 mi) south-to-southeast of the village of Alexandrovskiy, in the Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, just to the north from the Kazakhstan border.
      The site is generally dated to the 17th century BC. Earlier dates, up to the 20th century BC, have been proposed. It was a settlement of the Sintashta-Petrovka culture. The site was protected by two ***circular ***walls. In order to gain publicity, the early investigators described Arkaim as “the ancient capital of early Aryan civilization, as described in the Avesta and Vedas”, “Swastika City” and “Mandala City”. The swastika description refers to the floor plan of the site, which (with some imagination) may appear similar to the swastika symbol, albeit with rounded arms (similar to the lauburu) attached to a central ring instead of a cross.
      The lauburu is a traditional Basque swastika with four comma-shaped heads. Today, it is a symbol of the Basque Country and the unity of the Basque people. It is also associated with Celtic peoples, most notably Galicians and Asturians. See also the symbol for the Basque Serpent Sugaar. The suggestions of a formation based on su (fire) and gar (flame), thus yielding “flame of fire” are considered folk etymology.[1]

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