What happened to Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Terror Coalition?

Forget Saudi Arabia, There’s a new coalition in town.

Back in March, I wrote an article which analysed how the well (or not so well) Saudi Arabia’s newly formed “Coalition against Terrorism” was performing. It was initially hailed by the western world as a senior Muslim Arab country (Saudi Arabia) leading a united stand of Muslim countries against ISIS and all other ‘Muslim Terrorist’ organisations. I am sad to say that the list of radical Islamist terror groups runs long; Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban are just a few of the big name fanatical brand names that lead a legacy of death and destruction to the world but mostly to the unfortunate countries they inhabit. The Saudi defence minister and crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman admitted as much in his announcement back in December.

“There are a number of countries that suffer from terrorism, for example, Daesh (ISIS) in Syria & Iraq, Terrorism in Sinai, Yemen, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan which requires a strong effort to fight”[i]

Also due to be targeted (perhaps more dominantly prioritised by Saudi Arabia) the Shia Hezbollah of Lebanon, the Houthi tribesmen of Yemen and anyone else who Saudi Arabia considers to be “Iranian-backed”.

The New Coalition

The Saudi defence minister Prince Mohammed Bin Salman announced the creation of this coalition back in December 2015, I wrote my article in March 2016, was it too soon to analyse and criticise as I did? With almost a year gone since its formation and the half way point long passed, now seems like an ideal time to once again consider scrutinising the Saudi coalition’s progress. I was initially planning to wait until December 2016 before publishing my final draft, however, something surprising has happened which has propelled me into action. N

ot only has the Saudi-led Coalition slumped in its efforts to achieve even its most basic objectives but a second and much more imposing rival coalition have evolved, making the Saudi’s cultural war sword look more like wet spaghetti in comparison. The new coalition backed by Iran, Russia, China[ii], even India and now possibly Turkey are all lining up to join!

China recently announced that it will up its involvement in the Syrian war by stepping up personnel training and humanitarian assistance to President Bashar al Assad’s Syrian government. Syrian President Assad, after meeting the Indian minister, said:

“India has a role to play in meeting the challenge of terrorism”

So let’s get this straight, if China now offering more physical support and military support to the Syrian Army, if you believe what Russia’s Igor Morozov, a member of the Russian Federation Committee on International Affairs, who said a Chinese aircraft carrier, the Lianoning, and a guided missile cruiser were heading to the area.[iii] That means that Assad now has 3 major world superpowers all helping to keep his government in power in defiance of the US & Gulf strategy to oust the Assad government by backing the rebel groups which Assad calls ‘Terrorists’. That means the Chinese, as well as India, have decided that the Assad, Iranian and Russian definition of Radical Islamist terror threat is genuine, much more genuine than the Saudi’s definition.

Who Are The Real Terrorists?

The Saudi’s coalition boasts a large list of countries which it claims are all eager participants, however, Malaysia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Indonesia and India all questioned or openly refused their admittance to the Saudi’s coalition.[iv] Many of the other countries included such as Djibouti, Benin and Libya are all questionable as they lack any type of sophisticated army or intelligence agency to offer much aid to any global anti-terror operations.

The Iranians and the Saudi’s have long disagreed on who are the real terrorists in the region. Saudi classes almost any group or government which has any connection to Iran as terrorists, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Hash Al-Shaabi in Iraq and even the Yemen’s Zaidi Houthi tribesmen have proven that[v]. Iran, however, puts a greater emphasis on groups which threaten global security such as ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Salafist/Wahhabi radical groups such as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (The militant group formerly known as The Nusra Front) in Syria as the biggest concern for the region and the globe. Both Iran & Saudi Arabia have a long history of engaging in proxy warfare, the difference, however, is Iran has direct communication if not complete control over its funded proxy allies, Saudi Arabia does not. The Shia Islamist militia’s active in Iraq, Lebanon & Syria pose no threat to the west, they are compromising and restrainable. The Salafist Islamist terror cells around the region are neither compromising nor restrainable, they seek to cause death for the sake of death, suicide bombing is a preferred method of a Wahhabi holy warrior, they purposefully target a non-military target, which is not the case with their Shia adversaries. Countries like China seem to realise this, as is perhaps Turkey.

The Turkish U-Turn


Protesters hold picture of executed shiehk Nimr

The latest surprise new member of the Iranian’s coalition is Erdogan’s Turkey. Turkey has performed a major U-turn in their policy towards Syria in recent weeks. Rumours are now circulating that not only has a deal involving Russia, Iran & Turkey been agreed on Syria but Erdogan may also be warming up to the idea of building a new bridge between Ankara and Assad’s Damascus.[vi] If all the rumours are true, Turkey would be the first Sunni regional power to join the Iranian coalition model, something Iran are very eager to materialise. While this new coalition continues to grow with new superpowers joining Saudi’s coalition is hardly mentioned, the only action it has taken so far is to blacklist Hezbollah, execute a peaceful Shiite political activist Ayatollah Nimr and bomb the poorest Arab country in the region to buggery, killing hundreds of children in the process and evoke massive international condemnation against it involvement in the Yemen. Not something world superpowers would like to be a part of.

Rumours have jumped from a joint Turkey-Saudi invasion proposal on Syria now to a possible joint Turkey-Syria alliance against the Syrian Kurds and D’aish. So now we must ask, what is the future of the region? And most interestingly, with the Saudi-led regional policies in such a decaying mess and its ‘Islamic Military Alliance’ worse than useless, what will the west’s foreign policy for the Middle East look like in the next 10 years if we continue to throw unanimous support behind Saudi Arabia?


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8 Responses to "What happened to Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Terror Coalition?"

  1. Eagle Strike  September 7, 2016 at 10:27 am

    *Indians have been supporting BLA, BRA and TTP militants from Afghanistan for 9 years inside Pakistan but got smashed to pieces.

  2. Muhammed Ali Carter  September 7, 2016 at 9:20 am

    I agree with your points on Saudi. you may be interested to watch a documentary I produced for Ahlulbayt TV, titled “Saudi: A Regime Declining?”.

    The link is below, or you can watch on YouTube.


  3. Peter Johnson  September 7, 2016 at 1:21 am


    I agree. India is in a bad situation and doesn’t seem to see that it is being prepared to be the war profiteers’ feast table afte the entire Middle East and Central Asia is played out. The advice they have been receiving seems to be designed to increase division and enmity among the various ethnic groups that make up India. They are promoting chaos in Pakistan and Afghanistan — their missiles are in the hands of the Taliban while the various “separatist” grouosg in Baluchistan receive help from them. They are intractable in Kashmir. These seeds will eventually grow and spread to India herself, which is probably the grand plan. Their involvement in this Iran Russia China Iraq Syria Lebanon Yemen (and soon Turkey) coalition is not sincere. Pakistan is more likely to join this grouping first.

  4. Kohitur  September 6, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    Article based on rumors.

    No way India will join this coalition as it is allied with the country that supports the terrorism in Syria, Iraq and around the World to achieve its objectives.

    India has a dream of greater Bharat (India) that includes East Asia, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kashmir, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan is a stumbling block in its fantasy dreams, hence cozing up with Northern Alliance in Afghanistan to encircle Pakistan and use Afghani soil to conduct terrorist activities in Pakistan to destabilize it.

    India can not go to open war with Pakistan as its forces will face tactical nuclear response. Thus the only way is, to conduct terrorist activities within Pakistan. There are several insurgencies active within India, therefore India taking part in Iranian, Russian, Chinese coalition is not possible.

    • Muhammed Ali Carter  September 7, 2016 at 5:59 am

      The only aspect we don’t know for sure is Turkey’s relationship with Syrian government, the rest, including India’s support for Assad is all fact. The Saudi coalition is different to the Iranian partnership with Russia, not as physical. India has shown an interested to increase cooperation with Assad and Iran but not showing same interest in support Saudi regional policies, the Indians know who hold the keys to regional stability and it’s not Saudi or the Americans.

      India can become involved in supporting Assad in Syria without having to link arms with Turkey. Unlike Saudi’s coalition which forces its members to join and boycott Shia Iran or you are an enemy.

    • Muhammed Ali Carter  September 7, 2016 at 1:52 pm

      Thank you for your comments Edward.

      Firstly, Erdogan’s U-turn on Syria and more importantly Russia is due to fear. Erdogan has built a large list of enemies, the threats are now too close to home. ISIS attacks, Russian sanctions, Kurdish terror attacks, the coup was too close for Erodgan. The Russians and the Iranians were the first to defend Erdogan during the coup, I watched the US media openly back the coup until it became clear it would fail.

      Islam interpretation has changed over the years and evolved with the culture, Iran was once Sunni, now its majority Shia, the same in reverse for Eygpt. Generally speaking, the region is going through a transitional period after the fall of Sunni Arab nationalism, the region has turned more politically Islamist in response to aggressive US imperialism and the failure/corruption of Secular dictatorships. Power is up for grabs and the Sunni regimes have it all too lose after dominating the region for decades, the Shiites consider (since the Islamic Revolution) a shiite revival taking place, they want power, representation, and independence; the salafi ideology also wants power and feel as they deserve it because they are the majority sect of Islam compared to minority 15% Shia Muslims.

      This is not a subject which can be properly analysed in a short convo, many books covering these types of topics. Its part politics+religion+history+culture+corruption and foreign policy of world superpowers all at play.

  5. joetv  September 6, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    “… fanatical brand names that lead a legacy of death and destruction to a world…”. Mr. Carter until you place the USA, Britain, and France at the head of your list of homicidal gangs, stop writing. Someone tell the truth. Greed, and power rules by fear and force.
    Up until the 1960’s there were antitrust laws. The airwaves were said to be public. Today they are consolidated, and spew corporate propaganda. Every network uses the same script. Lies are truth, truth is a lie. Fear mongering. Military staffed by mercenaries. American exceptionalism will kill us all. Unheard of corruption. $6 Trillion gone. Who cares? Education is a joke. Human rights! Call a cop. NPR a joke. Citizens United is Orwell speak. Be Politically Correct? Bomb another brown peopled nation. Secret courts. National security. Cops with masks. Are there any men left? Clinton can’t stand up, stop coughing, or stealing. Yet she gets a free pass. Is this reality? You, the opinion writers, legitimize this shit. What you should be doing is screaming for indictments.

    • Muhammed Ali Carter  September 7, 2016 at 5:48 am

      Keep reading my next articles Joetv, I will be sure to place criticism on the US, UK and others when deserved. My next article on Yemen will be sure to highlight UK, US and Europe’s role in that genocidal conflict.

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