Subjects and Serfs of the Lesser Gods (Part III)


by  Preston James

Zeus Poseidon
Zeus Poseidon Hades

Note: This article gets deeply into the esoterics behind Alien ET issues and the current manifest evil of the Khazarian Mafia (KM) that has hijacked the USG, which is now parasitizing the whole world through its “privatized” super-fascist proprietaries. Unless you are up to speed on these matters most of this article will not fit into your head and you would be wasting your time reading it. Often truth is stranger than fiction and much of our current reality is based on hidden factors which are really quite strange. 

This article is based on anecdotal information provided over many years by those at the periphery of these matters who are old and are now willing to disclose such information. It is very difficult to gain this kind of information because it is closely guarded by those who are members or associates of the Khazarian Mafia. My apologies in advance for any inaccuracies or errors. One factor which tends to add credence to these reports is the fear that those who give them express in doing so.

This article is an effort to provide VT readers who are interested with as much secret information as possible about the inner workings of the Khazarian Mafia and the hidden forces which empower members of the KM. Each reader must evaluate the information in this article and compare it to other research they have done, weigh the evidence for or against and decide what they believe to be true or not.

A good guess is that major national and world events are now occurring at breakneck speed and are expected to be surprising, startling, and alarming. VT writers are doing their best to provide as much information as possible about the hidden factors behind these unfolding events, things mainstream mass media will not cover when such events occur. Right now there is major shift in the direction of world events that is exemplified by: the first time public disclosure that all terrorism is synthetically created by the world’s largest organized crime syndicate ever, the Khazarian Mafia; and when the Russian Federation completely checkmated the KM in Syria.

This is a long article and the subject covered is complex. To save time one can read the bold print or the conclusion to get the main ideas. 


When will the Third Force go down in flames?

Keeping the American Masses in line has always been a major goal since 1913 but has recently become an acute crisis for the KM Top Chieftains, due to its public wide-scale exposure for the very first time. 

The Khazarian Mafia and its Top Chieftains are now under fire from all sides, and they have some very serious and increasingly powerful enemies, and some deep-black and beyond-black covert ones they know nothing about.

dd395-House (site)4
The worldwide Internet is the New Gutenberg Press, and it is taking a wrecking ball to all the Khazarian Mafia’s handiwork of the last 100 years.

Exposure and loss of control has become a serious and growing problem for the Top Chieftains of the Khazarian Mafia (KM) since the advent of the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press.

Naturally these lesser gods (fallen ones) who serve as the personal private spirit guides for the KM Top Chieftains have ordered them to do whatever is necessary to regain control, or else.

Looks like the KM Top Chieftains are not going to be able to regain control, so it’s going to be the “else”.

In practical means the lesser gods are going to deploy Plan B, which is to deep six the Khazarian Mafia and raise up a populist world hero who will gain instant and near complete worldwide support and acclaim.

In the meantime the KM Top Chieftains are cornered and becoming increasingly desperate and are now pushing new tyrannical and fascistic corrections that are quickly receiving populist pushback from We The People.

The rampant corruption in most governments and the degradation and evil spread all over the world by the Khazarian Mafia has made most of the world populace completely disgusted with governments, except for those who are getting fat as pigs at the taxpayers’ trough.

The History of the lesser gods use of the Top Chieftains of the Khazarian Mafia to take over America and then the whole world, step by step.

America has always been designated to serve as a key player in the lesser gods’ planned takedown of the world and destruction of the human race, bit by bit.

The age-old agenda and obsession of the fallen ones (lesser gods) ever since they were banished to Planet Earth has been to create a Globalist NWO system with their appointed NWO ruler as a populist King that has been able to assume complete control.

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?
Is there a coming end of the hegemony of the US Petrodollar system and a cataclysmic financial reset that follows?

To do this they have selected, initiated, and deployed KM Top Chieftains to attempt to infiltrate every government of the world using their Babylonian Black-magick “money from nothing” monetary creation system.

Once their KM Top Chieftains have taken control of a government (like they did in America in 1913) then they proceed to pervert and corrupt every single institution and major corporation.

These KM Top Chieftains then merge their corporations with the government and stack and run the government by their individuals chosen from their corporations.

This created a condition best described as super-fascism in America where the state and corporation merge but the corporation secretly runs the state top to bottom and the whole nation too through the state and color of law.

Along the way they proceeded to privatize many government functions to their corporations, consolidated  all institutions and corporations into large units they could easily control from the top of their pyramidal Establishment Hierarchy.

And along the way they organized well-funded NGOs, social movements and other organizations and used them to destroy moral and religious values, sex roles, the family and all the basic “glue” that holds any society together.

US Soldiers protect the Afghan poppy crop and use USAF planes to transport it. This provides “off the books” black ops funding for the Khazarian Mafia in vast quantities. It was rebel TV Journalist Geraldo Rivera that first disclosed this and did so on mainstream news. In order to do this he had to very craftily present the story in a way it could be slipped through the editor’s restrictive, protective net.

They began to traffick in illegal drugs and narcotics and do everything possible to create urban blight, crime, and massive drug and alcohol dependency and to destroy the moral fabric, sex roles and the family system.

They manipulated America and nations into illegal wars to industrialize the world, to “thin the human herd” (their words), and to make huge profits for their Banks and associated contractors and corporations.

And they forced this system on as many nations as they could through engineered wars, crafty lethal covert operations including staged terror, incredibly evil death squads, use of mind-kontrolled soulless zombie mercenaries, and by use of economic sanctions and manipulations.

The Agenda of the KM Top Chieftains has been to use this model to take down and subdue the whole world nation by nation.

The lesser gods who are “fallen” (the fallen ones, about 1/3) are divided up into separate factions that control different geographical areas of Planet Earth through surrogate governments which they have “stacked”. The most powerful of these factions of these fallen ones have been competing for world supremacy for centuries and waxed and waned and periodically reorganized and been reconstituted. The most powerful of these factions are the most technologically advanced and are believed to be using sophisticated A.I. to “game the future” and to design and implement preventative and/or corrective measures against each other.

This step-wise plan was working well until the age of the Internet which leaked so many KM secrets that the Chinese and the Russian Federation figured out they were going to be chumped by the RKM Banksters.

They found out they were being fattened up and then set up to be the next host nations to be parasitized and destroyed by the KM after they were done with North America, Europe, Japan and Korea.

This KM Globalist NWO plan has been completely checkmated by the Russian Federation under the crafty statesmanship of President Putin who deployed precision, satellite-controlled massive airpower against the KM’s mercenary army (aka ISIS) which was built up by the CIA and the Mossad, and financed by USG Black Funds and Saudi oil money.

This “Greater Israel Plan” of the KM is now failing miserably, the lesser gods have made the decision to allow the KM to be deep-sixed by the populist uprising of the world, and to elicit that in full measure is now rolling out a new much craftier covert Globalist NWO plan with a much friendlier populist face.

The over all goal of the lesser gods is to destroy society and restructure Planet Earth, making it unfit for human life and only fit for their new hybrid race they plan to merge with machines at a molecular level.

What are these fallen ones, these lesser gods? They are those one-third of the lesser gods who rebelled against the Creator God Almighty and were cast down to Planet Earth and this solar system and were quarantined here. These fallen ones were essentially cut off from God Almighty and His truth.

They had the ability to manifest themselves in physical form on Planet Earth but disobeyed God Almighty’s rules in doing so.

Allegedly the lesser gods the Dracos bred with Earth women. Their Nephilim progeny were destroyed by a direct judgment from God Almighty because they broke God Almighty’s Cosmic Rules of Play, were unimaginably evil in all their ways, and corrupted the whole Earth.

They bred with humans which God Almighty had created directly Himself and perverted them with their evil. This was part of their new plan to create their own race like God Almighty had done.

This was followed by a direct judgment of God Almighty destroying these Nephilim in their human forms and their human hybrid offspring which had become unimaginably evil.

When the human form of these fallen ones was destroyed by God Almighty’s judgment, only their disembodied spirits remained and they could only then continue their Globalist NWO plan by finding or creating soulless human surrogates to work through and indwell after.

Naturally they would pick those who were from the wealthiest families that appeared to be the easiest to compromise morally, that is, those who appeared the most selfish.

It would not be wrong to consider these lesser gods also “less-or” gods who leased out Planet Earth in return for souls. 

The lesser gods were given control over Planet Earth. They were first able to walk around in a large, human appearing form (six finger, six toes, two rows of teeth, and about 12 feet tall with red hair), but lost this ability when they violated more of God Almighty’s rules and their physical existence on Planet Earth was destroyed (being reduced back disembodied spirits).

They are now trying to regain this previous superhuman physical status on Planet Earth they previously had on Planet Earth hybridizing humans in mass and infilling “these human soul containers” with their spirit nature. They believe they can do this by combining A.I, electro/mechanical machines with their own hybridization of the human genome to make new physical containers on Earth which are inhabitable vessels they can merge their spirits with and infill.

Before they can mass occupy and infill humans with their spirit and assume control, these lesser gods have had to select chosen Earthly representatives (world leader Cutouts) to become their evil agents to organize, consolidate control of Earth. This was necessary so they would be able to garner enough power to create secret programs to run these highly technical programs and be able to capture all the massive funds necessary to finance them.

To infill a potential future world leader, the human must agree to give up their soul. These lesser gods use various huge temptations are used to play on the “weaknesses of the human flesh” such as sex, kink, power, drugs, alcohol, riches and status. And promises are made for almost unlimited acquisition of tall these with guaranteed “get out of jail” complete immunity status provided.

This secret plan of the lesser gods to restore their mass Earthly presence in a new, powerful self-healing form is doomed to be eventually destroyed by God Almighty’s judgment which will be final this time.

This plan of the lesser gods to be their own creators and imitate God Almighty is doomed to failure long term but the lesser gods do not yet know this since they are parasitical, instinct driven beasts unable to reason this out. And they have been attaining a modicum of success since 1913 by infiltrating and hijacking America and its institutions and corporation through the KM Top Chieftains.

But when the 1/3 of the lesser gods rebelled and were cast down by God Almighty, they gave up their eternal life and became like the fallen humans who also rebelled against God Almighty both groups now facing mortality. The lesser gods have a much longer lifespan however, perhaps thousands of years or until their ability to maintain themselves by extracting the negative human energy through torture, murder and mass death and painful human death is stopped by God Almighty’s final judgments. Those humans who decide to go against their corrupt natures and love God the Creator, love their fellow man and treat others the way they want to be treated can pass from mortality to immortality.

The important intermediate part of the lesser gods plan is to have physical representatives on the ground directly controlling all governmental matters to actualize resources and manpower to run their deep-black programs while keeping abject secrecy. This has been done by “leasing out” earthly control to the Top Chieftains of the KM, and the price of this lease is their very souls.

In return for their souls they were told they could rule the Earth and would later be made eternal gods by Lucifer and sit at his council of gods as their reward. This was a lie. They were selected to be used as Cutouts and then disposed of when no longer needed, a time that is now approaching.

In exchange for giving their souls to Lucifer these KM Top Chieftains were given supernatural powers and their own personal spirit guide which periodically appeared to them for advice and consent.

There are far too many references to the lesser gods in ancient art including Greek and Roman art and sculpture, and in ancient literature as well as the Old Testament to just dismiss it out of hand.

But there was one serious limitation that they were not informed of. The lesser gods like their chief Lucifer (Satan) are liars, deceivers, users and filled with two-faced evil. They were told that Lucifer (Satan) was rising and would overtake God Almighty and would rule the universe and they would share in that rule. This is untrue. Giving up one’s soul and serving Lucifer is a death sentence for one’s soul and loss of continued existence beyond this life on Earth.

These KM Top Chieftains were not told that any human who lives under Lucifer will face judgment with Lucifer and will eventually be destroyed and eradicated along with him and those lesser gods that rebelled with him. Nor were they told that any human who loves God first and then loves his neighbor as himself, who lives by the God’s golden rule of “treat others the way you want to be treated” would not only be forgiven for their transgressions but would live again. They were also not told that those who live by God Almighty’s basic rules will be blessed and empowered by him and will serve to trod these fallen ones underfoot someday.

At the first judgment of God Almighty which destroyed their Earthly physical bodies, these fallen ones regrouped and formed a plan to provide a means for them to once again inhabit physical bodies.

The City of London is allegedly run by KM Top Chieftains that claim to be empowered and in league with the Dracos, a weird unimaginably evil dragon type spirit beast and lesser god. It is now known that there are different factions among the lesser gods who have fallen (about 1/3) that are allowed to compete for world control.

The particular group of fallen ones responsible for running this Planet Earth program to corrupt it, take total control over it by globalizing it, to depopulate it, and to terra-form it has taken on the appearance of the Draco Alien ET, a sinister spirit being some claim can shape-shift.

I simply do not know if this is true or not, but there have been numerous reports from respectable abductees of these Draco type creatures directing the taking of biological samples from these abductees by “little greys”.

The Draco is allegedly a dominant Alien ET which directs it serfs, the little grey alien ETs, to abduct humans, implant them and use them for genetic hybridizations. So far hybridization experiments to synthesize the human soul which is necessary for the lesser gods to be able to assume physical embodiment which is what they most want, have failed miserably.

These fallen ones originally were part of a ruling “council of gods” run by the Creator of All God Almighty. It was Lucifer (Satan) that rebelled, fell from grace and one-third of these lesser gods joined his rebellion, not fully understanding that they could never usurp God Almighty’s complete eternal power.

The assigned obligatory “lease-based” duties of the KM Top Chieftains to the fallen ones require that they keep the American Masses in line and conform to the overall goals given of the fallen ones (lesser gods) which have been given as “advice and consent” during private encounters with their spirit guides.

These KM Top Chieftain are the fallen ones’ subjects, best described as spiritual slaves who have willingly given up their very souls in exchange for vast fortunes, big power and incredible status and prestige.

The lesser gods are actually supra-natural, evil, anti-human energy vampire spirit-guides from which the KM Top Chieftains receive their Earthly power in exchange for feeding the inter-dimensional negative energy needs.

One of the main social mechanisms used by the KM Top Chieftains to keep the human masses in line so they can complete their evil cosmic goals of progressively eliminating the human race and substituting their own new hybridized and electro-mechanized “triple helix” (self-healing) form.

Ongoing wars and societal conflicts are thus necessary which can produce big death counts and a lot of needless human misery, human pain and extreme human suffering to feed the negative energy needs of these lesser gods as spiritual food, so the KM Top Chieftains deploy the means to create these as ordered by their spirit guides.

The notorious CIA/Mossad/Saudi/Turkish mercenary army of mind-kontrolled disposables called ISIS, was originally based on the covert operational name of Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

So now we have had the recent actions of the KM Top Chieftains to create “covering events” such as ordering very sophisticated and massive provocations of Islamics to justify engineered wars which are designed to enhance the power and control of the KM.

This is done by using Cutouts to make staged, direct insults against Allah, a serious provocation against Islamics especially Sunnis and Wahabis who have been mind-kontrolled and then directed by CIA/Mossad/SAS special ops and mercenaries to conduct extreme acts of terror, while simultaneously faked, morphed videos are manufactured and distributed to select Major Mass Media.

Taken to the extreme this type of KM provocation is used in combination with years of mind-Kontrol of hundreds of abandoned Islamic children who are raised in Saudi/CIA/Mossad training schools and mind-kontrolled to the point that their souls are murdered and snatched.

The function of these fallen ones is to select the world’s potentially most evil ones, process to be the most evil and then used them to rule over most humans who have been provoked to become evil, thus Evil Ruling over Evil.

One of the most revealing and important “hidden history” books ever written. It was headed to be a best seller but was quickly taken off the market when a certain number of sales were reached. The author Tupper Saussy had been hand fed suppressed hidden historical documents and instructed to write a book on this with the promise he would be protected by the “Illuminati” under “the mark of Cain”. He was told that normally the dark powers in control of the world would never allow such truth to be published but that is was required under God Almighty’s Cosmic Rules of Play”. Some believe he died mysteriously after he finished his mission to inform the public of the hidden truth about the world’s “rulers of Evil” and their use of the “Mark of Cain”.

It was Tupper Saussy who first revealed this process of Evil Ruling over Evil and their secret sign or trademark of the “Mark of Cain” (the double cross, one cross turned 45 degrees and placed over the cross of Jesus Christ, thus symbolically negating his propitiatory death for man’s sin and evil).

In business an entity displaying the secret mark of Cain in some fashion is a signal for others who operate under the power of Cain to extend a friendly hand and to favor them.

In his infamous book Rulers of Evil, a book commissioned by several KM Top Chieftains in order to fulfill one of the Cosmic Rules of Play they are subject too, the rule of mandatory pre-event disclosure for informed consent.

Anecdotal reports believed to be accurate suggest that this rule of disclosure exists for the purpose of providing “implied human consent” and requires informing humans of what the Spirit Guides are doing so that humans are given notice in case they decide to block such actions.

And the KM Top Chieftains are expected to transform the human masses into Serfs of the lesser gods and provide a continuing means to feed their negative energy needs which provides the lesser gods ongoing power.

And as part of this Cosmic exchange deal (lease) they have entered into with the lesser gods/fallen ones, these KM Top Chieftains receive great power, wealth and status in exchange for deploying ongoing rituals of mass human death by a wide variety of means including: engineered, provoked wars; mass human illness; mass human suffering; mass human degradations; massive deployment of advanced psychotronics (EMF, ELF, Scalar and Wi-Fi); chemtrail spraying, radiation pollution and poisoning; while doing their best to create endemic corruption and filth at every level of society, and a functional and ongoing worldwide Hell on Earth.

The Spirit Guides who empower these KM Top Chieftains are negative energy vampires that are “fed” and thus empowered by great human suffering and death.  The more trauma, anxiety and terror involved while dying the more energy they can parasitically extract from their surrogate victims and the younger the better.

Personal Spirit guides of the KM Top Chieftains have been reported to get very angry and make serious threats if their Subject fails to perform as instructed. Reports indicate that they are quite helpful and friendly providing helpful Intel and vast rewards and perks for their Subjects as long as they perform up to snuff. If not then they have hell to pay. Once a Top Chieftain has sold out he or she then becomes a Subject and actually a soulless human slave of these lesser gods/fallen ones.

This principal is very hard to understand, but it is the one that the KM Top Chieftains and their top associates act out when they participate in their Babylonian Talmudic, Luciferian (Satanic) torture and human sacrifice rituals, often involving young children and infants.

This of course is all done by these KM Top Chieftains so they can continue to receive power, riches and status from the fallen ones/lesser gods.

This appears to be the underlying principal that empowers evil at every level among the KM Top Chieftains, their associates and top Cutouts. The secret spirit-guides which only appear to those top KM initiates who have completed a series of “human compromise rituals” that become increasing perverted, violent, and disgusting and are based on sex perversions, pedophilia and then human sacrifice.

Despite all their empowerment by their evil supra-natural spirit-guides, the God’s Eternal spirit implanted at birth in one’s soul (unless given up) keeps providing lots of resistance to their efforts to destroy humanity. This resistance continues to crop up unexpectedly requiring immediate attention and the application of countermeasures.

Many view this resistance to evil as the noble human spirit. In America it is called We The People or the immutable undying American Spirit.

The worldwide Internet has been elicited major resistance against the Globalist NWO Agenda of the fallen ones, now which is being shoved into governmental policies by the KM Top Chieftains who are not attaining success at the speed and ease they expected and have been expected to attain for their personal spirit guides. That is why the KM Top Chieftains are so concerned about the Internet and trying to figure out how to best control it with cataclysmic blow-back. Failure and delay is not acceptable and soon there will be hell to pay for these KM Top Chieftains.

Are the KM Top Chieftains and their associates about to be cut loose?

This is why some covert researchers believe that the Internet is now creating the deconstruction and demise of the KM no matter how they try and counteract it, that it is now too late for the KM to survive.

It seems that the lesser gods are just about done with these KM Top Chieftains because their cover has been blown and the lesser gods/fallen ones likely realize a new “good guy” approach must be utilized to better fool the world into being willing to globalize and form a NWO, one that these fallen ones can more easily control.

When the KM is able to dirty up and compromise every level of government becomes that a culture of corruption develops as a normal state, Rule of Law and their Oaths to the US Constitution go out the window and the corrupt leaders hijack the whole government and harness its power to protect and enrich themselves and their cronies. Corporate crony welfare becomes the norm at the taxpayers expense.

All along a key objective has been to create so much worldwide corruption in governments that the world’s masses have no loyalty to their governmental officials.

This makes them much more likely to be willing to give up their nation’s sovereignty to a arising world leader that appears as a populist good-guy.

It’s a good bet that the fallen ones will play the good guy routine now, will help eradicate the KM from the face of the Earth while building up a new entity to represent their Globalist NWO Agenda that has a much nicer public face and can actually get the job done.

This NWO populist leader will of course appear to be a great lover of mankind on the outside while being evil inside, like any smooth talking “two-faced” psychopath, best described as evil with a nice face and a convincing, kind voice. You know, the finds of folks that that fill our top Political and policy board positions, especially our elected politicians and their appointed top officials who run DHS and LE.

The use of a sophisticated cell phone microwave system is but one of a multitude of high tech psychotronic mind-control systems deployed against the American People. It has proved quite effective, especially when combined with chem-trail inhalations, GMO, massive use of SSRIs, Television and various culture-control deployed through conditioned social trends and fads.

The only way the KM Top Chieftains have been able to keep the American Masses in line the last 25 years is by using their Intel agencies to deploy advanced psychotronics; control of the Major Mass Media and Network News Cartel; spraying of chemtrails; and use of nano “flash-able” smart dust ingested with processed food and through the air which if continued is expected to produce a certain degree of “hiving” when electronically stimulated, i.e. “flashed” by strong pulsed beam EMF and scalar waves.

But so far even these sophisticate psychotronic efforts by the KM to keep the American masses as pure Serfs have become inadequate. The Internet has now spawned populism all over the world.

And now there are various quite strong independent covert forces that have emerged inside US Intel, the Russian Federation and China which are anti-KM which also have advanced technology and psychotronic power. These new factions have emerged from this rising populism in all sectors including Intel, are now blocking such KM deployed technologies, and have become direct but secret powerful enemies of the KM.

Every day it looks more and more like the lesser gods/fallen ones no longer need the KM Top Chieftains and are going to be cutting them loose, allowing them to be consumed and destroyed by the rest of the world as world populism reaches a crescendo. As that happens the whole world will of course rejoice.

The KM and their Israeli Likudists were delivered a major unexpected payback for their nuclear attack on America of 9-11-01 with the destruction of the Space X Falcon 9 Rocket and the Israeli communications satellite that also secretly carried high tech missile tracking spy satellite along with it publicized ability to provide compromised Internet for Africa. This spectacular “judgment and sanction” was likely the handiwork of a Deep-Black or Beyond-Black special access, unacknowledged space war contractor that has gone rogue as payback for Israel’s major role in 9-11-01.

Extreme joy and spontaneous celebrations occurred in numerous Intel factions around the world including and especially in America when the recent Facebook/Israeli satellite was consumed by a rocket explosion on the pad.

It has been reported by some Intel insiders that this was either caused by a fast moving alien ET style “orb” which fired an x-ray laser or other high technology means. This was most likely direct payback for the Israel likudists and RKM Zios attacking America on 9-11-01. Yes, payback is a real bitch! Betcha much more is now on the way.

It would be a fair assumption that this will mark the second major setback for the KM, with the first being the complete checkmate and defeat of ISIS in Syria by the Russian Federation, allies of Syria brought in at Assad’s request which is legal under international law.

The KM’s last binge of damage control due for the breeches of their deepest darkest secret leaked by the Internet?

The KM’s Top Chieftains are now in secret discussions attempting to come up with a solution for these ongoing massive secrecy breeches, which are now seriously threatening their continued power and existence, and which are being published daily on the Internet all over the world.

One such solution may take advantage of the expiration of the contract with an American corporation that controls the Internet, ICANN.

But this attempt can backfire and be used to even further diminish the power of the KM while supporting the propping up of a new worldwide politically correct emergening world leader in populist form.

Some researchers believe that their contract which exempts ICANN from monopoly laws in America and other nations, is now expiring at the end of September 2016.

The agreement behind ICANN allegedly requires transfer of control to a large entity not aligned with any single nation and most likely the UN is the only such option that would satisfy that requirement.

This could perhaps be an opportunity for new controls to be placed on the Internet to censor it all under the guise of “worldwide political correctness” which is actually best described as Neo-Bolshevism, a Khazarian Mafia creation in the first place dating back to their creation of Bolshevism in 1917.


Already we have began to see massive interceptions and censoring of websites and entries on the Internet on, Google scans and access to certain “truther” websites, but we know these entities have been alleged to be closely involved with high-level Intel agencies, so that should be no surprise.

Some researchers view Google as a criminal secret Intel and spying agency in and of itself for the KM. Certainly it takes data profiles on all of its users and sells them commercially. It has been suspected by numerous researchers that the Internet was originally paid for with black ops drug money and is now being paid for by black funding and secret user data sales.

When the heat is on the KM or they feel they are losing control to a spontaneous emergence of populism, the KM Top Chieftains (who are the Top Policy-makers of the USG) have traditionally planned and deployed new major crisis driven “covering events” to regain centralized power and control.

They then engineer and deploy major events supported by Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) Psyops. These are typically large catastrophes and events which generate major chaos. These events must be large enough and promoted enough by the CMMM to serve as major Psyops against the American Masses.

And the mass fear generated in the subconscious group mind of the American masses must be great enough to motivate them to be willing to give up more and more basic human rights, common law rights, and constitutional rights.


There are some very nasty covering events that can be deployed by the KM.

There are a lot of “missing nukes”, and there is cheap new technology to manufacture them from spent fuel rods from nuclear power plants into micro-nukes.

"Intelligence gap" widens.
Intelligence gap

You can bet the KM Top Chieftains are seriously considering using the CIA and the Mossad to set off one or more of these devices inside an American City of their choice.

If such occurs you can bet that the CIA will somehow involve hired mercenaries sheep-dipped to appear as Islamic terrorists and serve as patsies in order to justify another perpetual war in the Mideast to once against provide massive war profits to the Banksters and their crony corporate associates.

The KM’s Top Chieftains are probably now hard at work cooking-up “covering events” in case their much feared financial cliff actually occurs as their extreme financial manipulations to prevent the crumbling of their private Fiat central banking fails:

The USA now appears to be soon headed for a major financial cliff due to the coming end of the US Petro Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, the emergence of the BRICS Development Banks, the AIIB Bank, the news Chinese Swift type money-wire system and the new Silk Road Eurasian development project.

Many of the leaders of the non-western world are now hip to the KM’s hijacking of the City of London, the Vatican and the USG.

These leaders are saying one thing in public to remain friends with the USG while secretly making arrangements to participate in these new Russian/Chinese Banking systems; and while building strong financial firewalls against the US Petro Dollar which they plan to deep-six gradually as the world’s Reserve Currency.

Collectively, these fallen ones comprise what is referred to by insiders as the “Third Force” and operate under the authority of Lucifer (Satan) who is the god of Planet Earth.

It is this Third Force that the Top Chieftains of the KM and so many top elected officials and “super-elites” have sold out to obtain power, riches and status.



At the start of this article the question was asked, “what can the KM do to maintain control now that they are being attacked from all sides?”

When you take on the Establishment Hierarchy (Ruling “Dark Powers”, the “Big Boys”) you are taking on the Khazarian Mafia Top Chieftains and their Doofus Cutouts.

This article disclosed some of their possible responses. But the bottom line is this, the KM and their leaders are doomed. The lesser gods they have been serving no longer need them as a part of their revised plan to directly relate to the human race through world populism and world political correctness.

These lesser gods (fallen ones) plan to deceive the masses directly by “playing the good guy and presenting their new man as a beneficial, problem-solving Globalist NWO leader, who will at some point claim he is the Christ, the world’s messiah. This too will fail, and in due time, according to the conservative Christian view, Jesus Christ will descend and retake Planet Earth, judge evil and rebuild Planet earth the way it was supposed to be.

What the RKM Top Chieftains don’t understand is that the lesser gods they serve are simply that — lesser gods who have rebelled, who continue to rebel during their confinement here on Planet Earth and who will eventually be destroyed for it.

These lesser gods are best described as the legendary Third Force. And This Third Force secretly despises the KM Top Chieftains (and all humans), and acts two-faced toward them in order to use them for their own evil purposes.

The KM Top Chieftains will be disposed of by the Third Force (lesser gods/fallen ones) when they are no longer needed and that time appears to be quickly approaching.

God Almighty is best described as the “Fourth Force”, the “First Cause” the “Most High”, the Greatest Power”, and the only ethereal entity which can create life from nothing. God Almighty is the only one  that can create real souls.

If you ask conservative Christians about this they will claim that you can gain the immediate right to enter into this direct eternal relationship with God Almighty because of the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You will likely hear the claim that through a belief and trust in Jesus one can commune directly with God Almighty and have a whole new life of peace, joy and love for others despite the current difficulties and very tough challenges of life and can overcome evil.

But to commune with God Almighty and receive His blessings, you must you must live by two rules: love God Almighty with all your heart and mind and trust Him, and love your neighbor as yourself. There is no judgment for those that do these things and live by this according to conservative Christian teaching.

Obviously what is taught in many so-called Christian churches today is a far cry from what Jesus of Nazareth taught about loving our neighbors and others as our-self.

Can you imagine what a great world we would live in if everyone, including our leaders lived by the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”?


This is an incredibly heavy subject; here are some music videos for entertainment for those interested. Music videos sound a lot better if one uses the highest HD resolution and a set of headphones.

The first video is Joe Bonamassa’s finest guitar playing performance ever and shows why he is the new King of the Blues since BB King’s passing.





  1. .. the absolute nature of buddhahood, which could be realized by any practitioner who established himself in the state of complete repose.

    According to this, conventional morality and intellectual endeavour are irrelevant, and in some cases even directly harmful, if they obstruct the pure contemplation of the emptiness of all concepts whatsoever.

  2. Dr. James, I wish to thank you for the reference to the book Rulers of Evil by Saussi. It is a quick read and a condensed reference if you are familiar with the subject matter, yet verry informative and rich in detail. Never a dull paragraph. Great read. In the future, I wish you could include a suggested book in your great articles.

  3. Eastern cultural references. All cultures have had to grapple with these lesser gods at one time or another. It seems that 2500 years ago their attack was intense and the major philosophies and spiritual systems were then created to protect humanity. In China Confucius launched a defence of the social order and the importance of our relationships. Lao-Tzu revealed the Way, the Dao, the only safe way of harmony. In India the Buddha taught the Middle Way, and revealed the dangers of the various extreme behaviours and philosophies that leave you vulnerable to and a trapped victim of Mara, the Deceiver. The Buddha, perhaps more clearly than anyone, showed that that the only safe course is to cultivate our conscience that resides in our hearts, our divine spark that is our soul. The Chinese Emperor had the “Mandate of Heaven”, which meant that he was also the spiritual protector of humankind against the lesser gods. In Greece the major philosophers emerged and laid the groundwork of advanced European civilisation.

    • Something got cut out…sorry. Starts like this: “Very important revelations in this article. But let us expand the remit of the lesser gods beyond Middle”

      2000 years ago Jesus rose among the Hebrew people. It seems to me that when the Hebrew people migrated to Palestine from Yemen (around 300BC) they came more directly under the influence of the beautiful and benign culture that was ancient Egypt as well as the Greek philosophers. This brought about philosophically a more universalist outlook (away from the violent tribalism of Southern Arabia described in the OT) that is expressed in Jesus’ teachings in the NT. This became a force for good, but the Babylonian Talmudic practices survived somehow and became the mainstay of the Khazarians…

    • There is no doubt that all religions and systems have been diverted from time to time to wrong paths and have become lesser-god-expressions of greedy empires, massive power-structures and rampant corruption. But despite this all the core teachings have tremendous power to protect against all forms of ideological rot. We have been under tremendous attack from the lesser gods, that is certain. Virtually all forms of public life have become untrustworthy structures of ethical morass, crass ignorance and environmental destruction. Guys, we need to take our life back from the monsters!

    • The question of Jehovah is really for the Christians to sort out. The Old Testament God that is “vengeful” and “jealous”, as well as has a deep commitment to a particular tribe (as all tribal gods do) looks very much like a lesser god. The teachings of the New Testament are different as they are universal and not tribal. The deceiver gods love to lead astray people who are clever and capable, but who have stopped listening to their heart and their conscience.

  4. Actually it is the system that is at fault here, the entire gamut, it is anti-life.

    Economical, financial, educational , religious etc. You name it and it has failed humanity,
    with the exception of debt collectors.

    We have totally forgotten that these institutions were enacted to be of service to Man and not
    make him its serf. A clear demonstration of this serfdom can be seen of armed thugs in Police
    uniforms strutting before their employers, you and me, with threatening menace and no one has the
    balls to say ‘hey you servant of peace know your place’ but instead everyone like little children
    tries to put on his or her best behaviour.

    This system is rotten down to its core because it is anti-life.

    • Our scientists spend untold amount to send space-probes into space while all the unsolved mysteries
      are right here on this beautiful orb. They seem to know even the micro-second when our universe came
      into being but they are at a loss of explanation how a stone, such as a coral can be alive. This because
      it is not life that is their prime mover but anti-life.

      Our psychologists too seem to know everything under our hats but when asked why does a plant when spoken of
      ill dies they seem to have no clue, because they are anti-life.

      Our religious teachers and preachers seem to know so much about the next life but seem to have not a clue
      about this one, the only one that matters, because they areanti-life. What if told that the paradise they
      seem to abide by so slavishly is on this plane of existence think you they will understand ? No, they save
      their best seeds to plant in the hereafter field.

    • Count Ossie and the mystical revelation of Rastafari said it best when he said ‘they pay their respects to a
      man when he is dead when that respect should be paid to the living instead’.

      As there is nothing new under the sun it is best we retrace our footsteps to a time when people lived in
      saner times and reflect.

      We yearn for free energy, what if the how to get it was already given but in our haste did not listen well ?

      Now let me tell about the future as a progression of the present. We do not have the luxury to rewind time as
      we rewind a toilet roll, however soiled, for if we truly love this only life that the Creator has gifted to us
      as benevolent and sentient beings worthy of respect even by the brutal of animal life then there are a few certain
      things we should stand for and not take for granted as time waits for no man and a life killed is gone forever.

      We are killing the trees, the flora kingdom which is native to this planet before even our prototype appeared on
      the scene.

    • To reverse the damage that man in his infinite knowledge has done to this planet and its eco-systems then we need to re-plant as verdure as we can, all the way up into the stratosphere where river currents and lakes also flow. As on earth so in heaven.

      It is only the verdant gardens that can undo the untold damage mankind has inflicted upon this defenseless planet because mankind had its value precedence backwards, its anti-life attitude towards everything alive.

      Mankind would place large value on life-less objects such as diamonds yet forgetting that all carbon-based life-forms including himself are living diamonds, but life ? No, he has no respect for it, is only when a living stone is dead will he pay respect to, it as all our esteemed institutions do daily as a matter of rote.

    • As Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world”, or “do not strive to change the world but change yourself first’
      I would like to say it is time we let go of this system that fools us to place value on dead objects, it is in living things we should base our value bases.

      “The mainstream was understood to be all-powerful and wrong about everything: Politics, Religion, Sex, Drugs, and Music.
      It was deaf to the beat and blind to the truth”. TIME 8th August 1994.

      We gave them enough time now they must go. And those to come must first pay fealty to life as the ode of the living and the life forms will work with us instead of against us and together we will celebrate this mystery called life where stones become alive and speak.

      Thank you.

    • Whoa, yes we must stop this deadly roller-coaster thing because it got no knowledge except about death.
      I hear in America people can not even die because they can not afford the funeral costs.
      These anti-lifers must vacate the planet, yes Sir.

    • Instead of searching for extraterrestrial intelligence they should search for intraterrestrial. IETI instead of SETI

  5. Nope, you missed the whole point, these Khazarians often pretend to have Hebrew Heritage and to be Semitics, but they are not, they are a strange genetic mix of mongols and turks and have ZERO Hebrew blood. They are all converts to Babylonian Talmudism, which is best described as the “order of the snake”. I write articles to dispense the truth not some slick word games. Your comment comes of as a troll or sock puppet type waste of time. It’s obvious you haven’t read much if anything about the Khazarian mafia, its history and its current evil ways spreading mass death, mass suffering and mass destruction on the Earth. The KM is perhaps the worst plague ever for Planet earth and humans with souls. The KM Top Chieftains have no souls, they gave them up for power, money and status in exchange for feeding the evil parasites.

  6. The explanation that best explains things so far rests with the Gnostics who said the devil is actually an Archon, just another local species meddling in this human experiment. Our genome was created by so-called ‘creator Gods’ known as Aeons and seeded here long ago. It would be these creator Gods who set the rules that Preston mentions. These ‘lesser’ Gods create species and even universes but they are not ‘God Almighty’! Many believe that the divine spark of soul comes from the ‘spiritual fountainhead’ that flows outward from the ‘God Almighty’ and so humans have the ability to ascend to God-consciousness and bring with them their experiences in these lower planes. We serve ‘God Almighty’ as the witnesses and eyes from this extremely small particle of existence in an infinitely vast space. People will need to learn humility, and the utter foolishness of thinking that God Almighty favors any race or individual over another, or is micro-managing our lives. It may be that the wisest among humanity are guiding us, greeting us upon death, and organizing the fight to rid our experience here of evil – the Archons and the human predators that serve them.

  7. Concerning Gods: Preston is doing a great job piecing together the puzzle of ‘what’s going on?’. But he may have over-stepped his area of expertise concerning Gods. No evidence exists to back up the bible and the information within cannot be taken at face value.
    Absolutely no-one among the many well-documented near-death experiences and those hypnotically regressed through past lives ever reported being welcomed to heaven by any Earthly savior, neither Christ nor Mohammed nor Yahweh. People able to leave their bodies at will make no claim of any of these figures being Gods. Humanity must face the fact that their religions are promulgated to keep people from awareness of God and to promote wars. Christ may have existed but he was not a God nor our savior. These are among the greatest lies. The Christian religion was began and forced on the world by the Roman oligarchs to project their power worldwide before the fall of Rome. God Almighty simply does not write books.

    • Information here is not based largely on the Old Testament. I am no Bible expert by any means and as far as I know there is no mention of personal spirit guides anywhere for someone who is initiated in to the top circle of the Establishment Hierarchy and is considered a KM Top Chieftain. This information is based on anecdotal accounts of those at the periphery who play along but have not entered the top circles of the KM. But much of the information in this article is also based on a number of ancient writings, sculpture, pictorials and cultural artifacts and drawings. Some Intel who have been “read in” to some of the Alien ET matters related to these deep-black and beyond-black unacknowledged programs have described what they were briefed on about these esoteric ontological matters and have reported their experiences dealing with certain entities which are best described as inter-dimensional spirit beings.

    • “Absolutely no-one among the many well-documented near-death experiences and those hypnotically regressed through past lives ever reported being welcomed to heaven by any Earthly savior, neither Christ nor Mohammed nor Yahweh”

      You are wrong about that.

      See book and movie “Heaven is for real”.

      That is one of many cases.

    • I agree with your (Preston’s) accounts of Jinn, or 4th dimensional guides provided to KM individuals and others who willingly submit to this evil. Your sources and articles have helped shed light on this matter.
      The part that seems misunderstood is that this is a war between God-almighty (the great consciousness spanning an infinite multi-planar multi-verse) and a relative handful of evil-doing beings tormenting Earth over a relatively miniscule period of time. This is what many religions would have us believe and it is almost certainly wrong. This is a more local war among minor players. This ‘God-Almighty’ could likely eliminate our universe with a passing thought, rather than have to involve itself in a prolonged war with a small band of degenerate creatures. There may be lesser gods and alien species involved but it’s important we put this war in perspective and not assume ‘Mr. BIG’ is involved.
      The term ‘Watchers’ describes other species observing Earth as if humanity is part of an experiment. Our experiment seems to have gone terribly wrong through the interference of alien races, and it may be largely up to us, I think, to remedy the situation. According to John Lash, the Aeon Sophia (Gaia) is making the correction with the help of humanity. These Aeons could be called ‘lesser gods’, and I believe your sources are mistaking these for God-Almighty. A distinct difference that matters.

  8. Given that you have a few of my brothers among staff, it surprises me that you can write that according to “the conservative Christian view, Jesus Christ will descend and retake Planet Earth, judge evil and rebuild Planet earth the way it was supposed to be.” without realising that Muslims share this view. We call Jesus by something likely closer to his actual name of the era, Essa and have some basic differences about his life to the extent we don’t believe he actually died on the cross and we see him as only a man because none of God’s creations are His equal, however the best of men and Prophets, and we absolutely await his return to do more or less the exact same to “descend and retake Planet Earth, judge evil and rebuild Planet earth the way it was supposed to be”

    • Abbass, I don’t know much about my Muslim brothers, but it is interesting that they call Jesus …Essa. I know that the Tibetan Buddhists call him St. Essa because he did visit there during his years between 12 and 30 that seem to be missing from the Bible. So by your comment, you state that Muslims await the return of Jesus Christ? Also, I have heard that Muslims hold Angel Gabriel in high regard.

    • Abass, thanks for clarifying that. I think we all want an end to these useless wars, mass-death and suffering. How much better for everyone to work together to make a better world, provide jobs and health care and food for everyone. All these war are like General Smedley Butler claimed. They are nothing but a racket and are actually an evil form of corporate welfare and crony capitalism.

  9. The amount of “one third of the angels” that formed an alliance with Lucifer/Satan when he was kicked out of Heaven isn’t really as important as is knowing that demons are roaming the earth right now luring more and more souls to Satan’s side. They have been here for eons.

    There is most definitely a plan to somehow manifest and place one of them in a human body/hybrid so that the so-called miraculous powers that will be demon-strated will be so impressive that many will believe the entity to be supernatural or more significantly the return of the Messiah or Christ. They want the entity to be human, yet possess powers.

    Whether an entity is ET/ED/demon, or demon possessed ET or otherwise combination, they fear the name of Jesus Christ and Michael the Archangel!!!

  10. Interesting read, Dr. James.

    About the only difference I find in what you and I consider to be the truth of the matter, is that I don’t believe one third of the stars/angels have been drawn down to earth as of yet.

    The two hundred watchers/angels were thrown into the abyss after watching their children, the nephilim, kill each other off before the flood. I don’t see how they have much influence from there.

    So that leaves us with the disembodied spirits of the nephilim, what we know as demons to possess people and perhaps influence the events here on earth.

    That is the way I see it at the moment, definitely would listen to appreciate your opinion. Why do you believe the 1/3 has already been drawn to the earth? From the book of Daniel we know that the angel Michael was fighting other angels at the time, so obviously it would have to be after that.

    It is definitely a confusing truth to investigate, as you have said in replies to above readers, it would be easy for us to have drawn a few different conclusions.

  11. What we are witnessing is a geopolitical war of wills between the competing interests of the internationalist, maritime agenda of the Anglo-American Empire running up against the Russo/Chinese nationalist, land-based interests of national sovereignty. Whereas the Anglo-American Empire is intrinsically globalist and imperial, the Russo/Chinese axis is intrinsically inward-looking and protectionist. All corporate and banking activities are based upon Admiralty law, which is a commercial legal system, originating from the maritime exploits of the Venetian Empire. Since our expulsion from the Garden of Eden (which is really a metaphor for a very long and complex history) Mother Earth has been at war with itself. We reflect that cosmic war through our genetically modified and forced separation from our collective, planetary consciousness: the ultimate source of all suffering, mental illness and psychosis. The bottom line is, maritime law, with all its imperial pretensions, has to be kept within its proper boundaries, lest we are all drowned and the Earth, once more, is smitten with a curse. But the rainbow is a covenant symbol that all light is kept within the bounds the Lord has set, that all truth may be circumscribed into one great whole.

    • Lạc Long Quân (“Dragon Lord of Lạc”) is considered the second Hùng king of the Hồng Bàng Dynasty of ancient Vietnam. He is thought to have become king in 2793 BC. Quân’s wife, Âu Cơ, gave birth to a sac containing 100 eggs from which 100 children were born; this is the origin of the story of the 100 Vietnamese family names (see also 100 Chinese surnames). [Does this not sound like ancient IVF (In vitro fertilization) technology?] The husband and wife parted. The man went to the seawards with 50 of their children, while his wife went to the mountainous region with the other half of the clan. The Hồng Bàng Dynasty was overthrown by An Dương Vương, but his regime fell later to the Han Dynasty. With this, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power and strength. Historically, the dragon was the symbol of the Emperor of China. (Dragon’s Gate in San Francisco. City of London Dragon. Dragon on Papal Crest of the Vatican. Clinton handing over the Panama Canal to China. Green Dragon Tavern in Boston. Black Dragon Society. Fulford’s White Dragon Society etc.) A purported connection from Emperor Suzong of the Tang dynasty of China to Queen Elizabeth II. 5 Dynasties 10 Kingdoms of the Tang Dynasty.The (Tang) dynasty was founded by the Lǐ family (see Li Bloodline). 5 arrows symbolising the 5 dynasties established by the five sons of Mayer Rothschild. “And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast…”

    • The Jesuits trace the origins of the A-brahamic religions to the 5000 year old Chinese I-Ching (see Figurism).

      It contains 8 trigrams (8 “sons” of Abraham). 64 black and white HEXagrams. It is the origin of binary code or computer programming (1’s and 0’s. 10 Command-ments. Mind control. Spell-ing. Casting spells. NLP.)

      64 reVersed = 46. 23 pairs of chromosomes. 23 x 2 = 46. Genetic manipulation. Computer in gematria. 666.

      HEXagram 21 of the I-Ching. SHÌ KÈ. Biting through. Biting through, expansion. (“There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”) Harvest: benefit of lawsuit. UN Agenda 21.

      May The Force Be With You.

    • The number of Jesus is 888. When you reach the North 8th Watchtower of the Great (Fire) Wall of China, you are at the highest point of the wall. The tower is 888 meters (2,913 feet) above sea level.

      The Watchtower is the primary means of disseminating Jehovah’s Witness beliefs, and includes articles relating to biblical prophecies, Christian conduct and morals, and the history of religion and the Bible.

      Psalms (Song Dynasty) 51:5 “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.” Born in Sin. Sina. Sino. CHINA. Xi’an. Temple of Heaven. Mandate of Heaven.

      Best wishes.

  12. Gods, hmmm. If you are talking about the modern religions god, the one that supposedly created the Earth and everything on it, well, I can’t allow my intelligence to descend to that level ever again. If you are talking about the Annunaki then we can agree to some extent. Look, a god that creates a food chain, so little precious creatures are food for the big bad and ugly, and mosquitoes, fleas, cancer, come on that’s the devil if ever there was one. If the gods of men today could exist then we need to hunt them down and kill them. I think this god issue is the first thing we need to sort out before anything can be right or good.

  13. I salute you Mr. Preston James!
    You are near enough to the truth to get a model of the structure of this epic battle for control and the soul and heart of the beings on our plane of existence.
    My personal conclusion what we individually can do to support the change is, not only in communicating this to others – like we all try to do. I am absolutely convinced that WE THE PEOPLE must BE the change. Like Ghandi said – “…be the change you want to see…”
    Not painting everything in rose colours, but accepting that EVERYBODY has the right to find his own decision which way to go. And that is literally what is needed from everybody and individually. To follow preset rules is BS. We are creations. We are created in HIS image – we are responsible.
    For me this means, we are obliged to find our own path towards purification/development… (whatever one likes to call the own spiritual path). We have to define in our own responsibility what is right and wrong and constantly correct our views, agenda and decisions according to our decision what is right and what is wrong. We create our path – like God said to Neale Walsch – “…if God is your goal, you can´t miss it – this goal is to big to miss…”
    Conclusion: We need evil to define ourselves – we don´t need to worship it.
    My credo: He, who seeks the path into light, comes out of the deepest darkness!

    • Very well stated volker-dee. Like I have said a number of times before, VT readers are the best, the brightest anywhere and consistently have connected the truth nuggets and formed well founded conclusions and beliefs about our current realty that we are now abused by.

    • what I find puzzling is that anyone who suggests anything about possible ET involvement in a recorded unidentified object being somehow responsible for destroying the SpaceX rocket and dragon capsule, will offhand be called “silly” or a “conspiracy nutter” with a “tinfoil hat”. Whereas you dr. James rightly pointy to exactly that: the ET (Draco / Raptor / reptoid in collusion with the greys) involvement in / and responsibility for the world we live in. The bible even mentions the dragon as do many ancient cultural narratives. VT (read: VT managing editor Ian Greenhalgh) wants nothing to do with so called “ET tinfoil hatters” and conspiracy nutters? Rendelsham forest will never be mentioned on VT despite the testimonies of veterans. Like for instance Robert Salas. How do you explain this? If and when VT are objective truth seekers, why do they get into politics and defend Hillary and Soros? And promote someone like Michael Shrimpton. I am curious… please enlighten me because Gordon Duff once removed one of my comments in that respect. And Ian Greenhalgh once called me brainwashed and clueless. So I am left with you as a last resort for a plausible explanation.

    • If it hits the truth I will wear a tinfoil hat every day and night equal what others think of it. Proof everything and keep the best for yourself

    • Gogh,

      Find your own “intuitive truth/”

      Listen to those who “resonate” with
      your own beliefs and instincts.

      Stay on a path to righteousness.

      View attacks on your inquiries as being “fear of the unknown’

      Thanks for being here!

  14. Dr Preston James, actually most of the accounts of the rebellion of the fallen one come from The Book of Enoch, with the complete names of the fallen Angels.

    There may be 2 or 3 original versions of this book but I guess the Ethiopic one is more original.

    Apparently Enoch is a respected prophet in Islam too but I repeat myself given that if the sands of Saudi Arabia was the birthplace of Islam then Ethiopia was its cradle.

    What is being fought actually is a spiritual battle, those attuned to this psychic battle are being rocked to the depth of their souls and can attest to this. The fallout from this non-physical battle is the disarrayed and confused reality in every corner of the four winds, regardless of race creed or financial station, everyone seem at a loss.

    Since a few years back there have been many seemingly genuine pictures on the net of unknown types of beasts and beings washed-up dead on the seas, kinds of things that are seen only on feverish nightmares or as mascots on coats of arms of those powerful houses that sold their world and their humanity for nothing other than control over others, often-times control over their betters…

    • Aziz Khalfan, you are very well informed and you have made an excellent insightful comment. Yes, the Book of Enoch is the key but it also aligns with numerous parts of the Old Testament and many other non-Biblical historical sources.

  15. Preston;
    You are saying that the KM are having their power removed and replaced with a populist entity that is just as evil? Sounds like just another chapter in “Animal Farm”; one tyranny replacing another. I don’t think we can take this anymore. I hope that Gnostic-leaning people like Paulwall11 are correct in that 3rd dimensional existence simply cannot continue; it’s too evil. A cosmic error. Conservative “Christians” don’t worship Jesus, they worship Yahweh. They don’t treat others like they want to be treated, they bomb the hell out of millions based on lies. All the Abrahamic religions do this and always have. Christians long ago were duped into Yahweh worship not understanding the true God that the Gnostics understood to be Love. Capital L. Absolutely nothing will change until 3rd dimensional existence is dissolved.

  16. this is not a sit back and see
    if you are not feeling the weight of the battle
    you are not in the battle
    someone else is carrying your weight
    lighten the load
    there is much to move on
    so move on it

    • Good words ab!

      Some of us are more “equipped” to carry the load… for others who may or may not be feeling the weight of the battle..YET.

      But I have so much hope as I see more and more waking up and jumping on the band wagon against the evil empire.

  17. FWIW, I don’t believe that any humans on Earth actually have the ability to create the implants and nodes necessary to run very sophisticated implants or mind control (though mainstream has already been using nanoparticles in mice to that end). Imagine what they would do with them. They would do things hundreds of times worse than you could imagine, probably. So, somehow they have gotten their hands on this stuff, probably through very unsavory means. Through my own unpleasant experiences, I have determined that it most likely isn’t through overpowering the signal that they have hacked my implant, which means that they probably have physically acquired a node. That is, they know how to do crude (thank God its only that) programming to accomplish mind control, compared to what others know anyway. Remember when James Holmes complained of hearing voices and then was drugged up MK ULTRA style for his trial?

  18. Mr. Preston James, I understand the parallels you see in the biblical narrative, and they are valid to a certain extent. I was raised in a world wide US originated end time cultic religious organization. So I too can see the parallels in the bible that are true and nearly tangible. Having said that, I have managed to “awaken” to what is really going on and in so doing had to break away from basing anything on the bible and jewish / chistian beliefs. Listen for instance to the roundtable with Mauro Biglino, ex translator for the Vatican and author Gerald Clark, author of Anunnaki of Nibiru and Mercury Rising. When one keeps basing things on the bible, then one will keep running around in circles. The old testament was probably made up by jews (or whatever they were) in Babylon around 300 BCE and the new testament was established by the Romans around 300 CE. The OT and NT together is a clever piece that maintained many truths (from the texts that they were based upon) that resonate and at present can be recognized instantly in world events, but it was not meant to enlighten. It has not enlightened in the past 2000 year and will not do so in the future. The bible was concocted by human redactors, but is NOT total fantasy. But look beyond the bible. I f you don’t you will keep running around in circles and that is what remaining half-truths in the bible were exactly meant to do.

  19. The key to understanding the KM is the genetic and psychological component. They didn’t mix with aliens, their anti-human ‘body snatched’ characteristics are straight from Narcissism, and in this case its extreme form Malignant Narcissism, which includes Paranoid Personality Disorder and Psychopath in the mix. Where did it come from? In the area they originated from there was inter-breeding between humans and Neanderthals – that’s a genetically proven fact. Just think of the KM as the 20% Neanderthalers and you won’t be far wrong…. There was a study were they performed personality tests on people with a high percentage of Neanderthal DNA in order to reverse engineer their original personality. No surprises the study was curtailed quickly, but what’s out there confirms the theory.

    • I’ve heard that hypothesis before and it comes from some well educated scientists too so its worth evaluating. May not be mutually exclusive to the Nephilim accounts either.

  20. Lucifer and Satan are NOT the same entity-and who “satan” is or is not is a matter on which one could write quite exensively. There are “black magic” “occult” sects who worship one or the other, but generally not both-at least not the ones “in the know”-One simply cannot literally interpret the story of creation of the bible. The true story is infinitely more complex, but you can find much more correct (less allegorical/watered down) versions of it in the nag hammadi and other ancient christian texts (before the bible was “edited” by the catholic church and the ancient descendants of the modern day “KM” as you use the term).

    The real “God” is infinitely greater than one could possibly imagine, and “He” encompasses/transcends all of creation, of which this particular

    • I’m sure you have your own reasons for viewing matters the way you do based on your own research. All I can say is I call it the way my research leads me and I know one thing for sure. Most of The world is now run by soulless parasites, KM Top Kingpins who manufacture all the money they want from thin air and even worse charge interest to folks who are forced to use it. Starting wars and mass-murdering and disabling millions, most innocent civilians, is evil beyond imagination. Same goes for pedophilia, occult child torture and child sacrifice and all the hell on earth this KM and its Top Chieftains bring through their evil policy-making and fake money. When we distill it down to these basics, most always seem to agree on these main points and also that these soulless scum must be dethroned and their evil system deconstructed before it systematically mass-murders 90% of all humans being or even more. Most will agree that the Golden Rule of “treat others the way you would like to be treated makes infinite sense and is a good basis for society and relations between nations.

  21. Dr James-This is an excellent overview of the topic, and many (most) of your conclusions are spot on. While generally speaking, your article is absolutely correct, there are a few conclusions which you draw that cannot be inferred by the arguments you are presenting herein.

    The main problem with what you write is that you are doing so from a strictly Christian (biblical) interpretion. This understanding is flawed at best-Generally biblical stories are allegorical, and they cannot be interpreted literally-The bible certainly does contain some literal truth-be humble, non judgemental, and love, and you will be a child of god-but many of the stories (the story of creation and who lucifer/satan is or isnt, among others).

    • Actually, here is the strange thing I discovered in my research. Yes, conservative Christian accounts of the lesser gods that rebelled (about 1/3) who are the cast-down to earth, defrocked, quarantined “banished ones” are based on a conservative interpretation of the King James and earlier versions of some Old Torah books. But strangely enough much of this world view of the lesser gods that are the fallen ones seems to coincide with the situation that those at the periphery of these KM Top Chieftain’s are experiencing. This is what I have found from my sources and the evidence I have collected over many years, but of course everyone has to examine whatever evidence they can garner in their own personal research and come to their own conclusions. I am just doing my best to make hidden information about the unseen realm that seems to be behind most major current world events available to those interested.

    • The interpretation is correct in intent, but incorrect in a literal sense. The “fallen angels” are neither “fallen” nor are “angels” in the literal sense. This is allegorical meaning only. The part where you talk about occult entities that exist on the periphery of our reality is absolutely correct-but you cannot put it in such concrete “physical” terms-the reality of this situation is far more complex, and requires a large amount of ocuclt understanding.

    • First, keep in mind, its a historical fact that the catholic church and the ancient bloodlines of the KM are the editors of the bible. They are the ones who removed many of the more accurate ancient scriptures (some of which can be found in the nag hammadi today). The true story of creation of this universe, and this world, are incredibly complex, and beyond our understanding (or capability to understand)
      While what you are saying is correct in essence, and mostly literally correct, any time you stray from literal truths and get into a christian (allegorical) view of creation/reality you are undermining what would be an otherwise completely correct and excellent article. Regardless, this is kind of nitpicky, and your articles are probably the best/most insightful of any author that ive come across anywhere on the interwebs. I think you might enjoy this link-its an ancient non-biblical account of creation from the nag hammadi-again, not literally true, but much closer to the truth than anything you will find in the bible.

    • You should know that the whole history since the last iceage is rigged, do you ? There is an institute in Russia that tries to investigate this. How long ago is the last iceage ? And how long does the OT and AT existed ? Think about the old cards which show the landmass of the southpole. And the myth of Atalantis. Don´t fall into their mindcontrol trap.

    • It was the Roman Emperor Constantine together with the Council of Nicaea (approximately 1800) that “pieced together” the various writings that the followers of Jesus Christ had written, compiled and passed down to try to unify the doctrine. This was done in AD 325.

      The Dead Sea Scrolls corroborate these writings and the ones that never were included.

  22. I, & many others I’m sure, owe you & your courageous sources as well as VT a huge debt of gratitude for all that you’ve revealed in the face of the perpetual lies forced on humanity for way too long. Heartfelt thanks many times over!

    I also love your great taste in music that speaks to the soul…

  23. Yes, he is now the undisputed King of the Blues. It took him 25 years of very hard work to attain this remarkable feat. He has overcome a great deal of obstacles like the whole recording industry which takes an ounce of flesh. He refused to go that route and did it on his own. The thing that impresses me the most is his continual new material that seems better and better each time he releases it. His whole operation is first class top to bottom and he puts out 100% every time he performs publicly. Plus he shows continually that he appreciates his fans and releases lots of great free music on and directly to his website users.

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