Elon Musk: ‘We Have Not Ruled Out’ That UFO Caused Space X Explosion


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[Editor’s note: Of course they have not ruled out the UFO – it provides a very convenient distraction. The more time and effort people put into looking at that UFO or rather, an unidentified blob of blurry pixels, the less time they have to devote to any meaningful research or study of the events.

We can take one or two important points from what Musk has had to say however, as Jeff Smith pointed out after studying what Musk and Space-X have said since the ‘incident’:

Data shows that the “anomaly” started around the upper stage liquid oxygen tank, and occurred in less than “35 to 55 Milliseconds”. Therefore prior to the anomaly all systems were go up to 8 minutes before main engine test fire. The only thing stored around the upper stage oxygen tank is the rockets lithium batteries and the helium pressurization tanks. There are no telemetry reports of thermal runaway in the lithium batteries or major helium / fuel / oxygen tank leaks.

35 to 55 milliseconds is how long a nuclear reaction would last before thermal expansion would occur. This is why lithium batteries are not allowed on nuclear subs or used in submarine torpedoes. A sufficient thermal runaway triggered in lithium batteries by X-ray exposure will produce a small nuclear reaction that can set off any nearby hydrogen / helium source. Both Lithium and Helium are split into hydrogen gas during the reaction. This section of the rockets body is made out of carbon fiber and not aluminum so it is vulnerable to any high power microwave radiation source.

Note 35 to 55 milliseconds is less than 1/25th of a compressed MPEG frame. So the explosion took place in less than 1 video frame. They do not state whether or not all telemetry was lost after that and he does not rule out that the cause was external. This will also set Space-X back at least 1 year because of insurance problems alone. No-one will insure until the cause is found and corrected. This could be simple hostile corporate take over tactics. Boeing and Lockheed cutting out Space-X.

So now we have one small piece of data that provides confirmation that a nuclear event took place in the form of the 35-55ms timing. Here is some further explanation from Jeff of the nature of the nuclear event that took place and destroyed the rocket:

Helium / deuterium chain reactions. The helium is split into deuterium and hydrogen by the x-rays. It then goes bang once properly ionized. Lithium splits into Helium then Deuterium then Hydrogen etc. It undergoes fission first then fusion kicks in. This is how mother nature stores energy then releases it at a later date. It’s called a “Fission – Fusion” process and not just a “fission” or “fusion” process. It uses both process to work not one. People that know physics or chemistry often miss this process because they are not properly trained in these type of reactions. Only weapons design people usually know this stuff.

The helium is used to pressurize the fuel and oxygen tanks so they don’t implode due to vacuum as the fuel is drawn off during flight. Pressure and volume drop so you have to counter pressurize the tanks. Helium is used to prevent cavitation and static charge build-up from occurring in the tanks. Commonly called vapor lock in old cars. Nitrogen was formerly used but it’s heaver and can’t be compressed as densely as helium can. So the nitrogen tanks were bigger and heaver. Helium is used for weight savings and static charge prevention.

Of course, there will be those who continue to talk nonsense about UFOs and aliens and perhaps even more esoteric causes; some of them will be paid to do so as part of the psyop to cover the truth, others are just borderline crazy due to their need to believe they have found evidence of aliens interacting with us. Ian]

Elon Musk: ‘We Have Not Ruled Out’ That UFO Caused Space X Explosion

The statement by the vaunted entrepreneur that he couldn’t rule out that UFO hunters were correct that an unidentified object or weapon initiated the explosion has alien enthusiasts out in full force.

The frenzied excitement for alien hunters hit new heights on Friday when the innovative wunderkind Elon Musk wrote to a commenter on Twitter that “We have not ruled that [a UFO hitting the Space X Falcon 9 rocket] out” with theories ranging from an attack by foreign defense forces to a laser attack by an alien ship quickly cascading through social media.

The statement comes one week after self-proclaimed UFO hunters pointed to video footage from the SpaceX explosion noting that there was a black object barreling near the rocket only seconds before explosion with YouTube viewers quickly dispatching theories that the flying object was a bird or a bug based on the relative speed of the object – over 1,000 MPH – and its appearance behind riggings that ruled out the possibility that it was a bug in the camera lens.

The explosion quickly consumed the rocket destroying Facebook’s AMOS-6 internet-beaming satellite and causing unprecedented damage to the launchpad – a fairly unusual incident for a rocket explosion. Musk said the explosion was “really a fast fire” and was unable to point to specific mechanical causes for the failure of the rocket. One Twitter user said that the sound at 54 seconds in a video posted “sounds like a metal joint popping under stress” which Elon Musk said was “most likely true” but also said that “we can’t yet find it on any vehicle sensors” pointing to the possibility of some outside sabotage.

“Important to note that this happened during a routine filling operation. Engines were not on and there was no apparent heat source,” said Musk questioning how the rocket could spontaneously erupt in flames. “Particularly trying to understand the quieter bang sound a few seconds before the fireball goes off. May come from rocket or something else.”

One person suggested that it could be a drone, but opined that if it was a drone it was a particularly fast and circular drone that does not match the description of any known existing defense products. Others opined that whatever the flying vehicle that may have given rise to the explosion, it appears it was a “well planned attack from a competitor.”

Although speculation continues to circle around the explosion of the Space X Falcon 9 rockets with the most fascinating theory by far being the potential that space aliens beamed the rocket, many more plausible alternatives exist including a leak of propellant fuel, metal on metal contact sparking just enough initial flame, or a buildup of oxygen. Some commenters are even blaming Vladimir Putin and/or China – which makes maybe less sense than even space aliens.
The truth is out there.

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