Elon Musk: ‘We Have Not Ruled Out’ That UFO Caused Space X Explosion


Rocket Boom

[Editor’s note: Of course they have not ruled out the UFO – it provides a very convenient distraction. The more time and effort people put into looking at that UFO or rather, an unidentified blob of blurry pixels, the less time they have to devote to any meaningful research or study of the events.

We can take one or two important points from what Musk has had to say however, as Jeff Smith pointed out after studying what Musk and Space-X have said since the ‘incident’:

Data shows that the “anomaly” started around the upper stage liquid oxygen tank, and occurred in less than “35 to 55 Milliseconds”. Therefore prior to the anomaly all systems were go up to 8 minutes before main engine test fire. The only thing stored around the upper stage oxygen tank is the rockets lithium batteries and the helium pressurization tanks. There are no telemetry reports of thermal runaway in the lithium batteries or major helium / fuel / oxygen tank leaks.

35 to 55 milliseconds is how long a nuclear reaction would last before thermal expansion would occur. This is why lithium batteries are not allowed on nuclear subs or used in submarine torpedoes. A sufficient thermal runaway triggered in lithium batteries by X-ray exposure will produce a small nuclear reaction that can set off any nearby hydrogen / helium source. Both Lithium and Helium are split into hydrogen gas during the reaction. This section of the rockets body is made out of carbon fiber and not aluminum so it is vulnerable to any high power microwave radiation source.

Note 35 to 55 milliseconds is less than 1/25th of a compressed MPEG frame. So the explosion took place in less than 1 video frame. They do not state whether or not all telemetry was lost after that and he does not rule out that the cause was external. This will also set Space-X back at least 1 year because of insurance problems alone. No-one will insure until the cause is found and corrected. This could be simple hostile corporate take over tactics. Boeing and Lockheed cutting out Space-X.

So now we have one small piece of data that provides confirmation that a nuclear event took place in the form of the 35-55ms timing. Here is some further explanation from Jeff of the nature of the nuclear event that took place and destroyed the rocket:

Helium / deuterium chain reactions. The helium is split into deuterium and hydrogen by the x-rays. It then goes bang once properly ionized. Lithium splits into Helium then Deuterium then Hydrogen etc. It undergoes fission first then fusion kicks in. This is how mother nature stores energy then releases it at a later date. It’s called a “Fission – Fusion” process and not just a “fission” or “fusion” process. It uses both process to work not one. People that know physics or chemistry often miss this process because they are not properly trained in these type of reactions. Only weapons design people usually know this stuff.

The helium is used to pressurize the fuel and oxygen tanks so they don’t implode due to vacuum as the fuel is drawn off during flight. Pressure and volume drop so you have to counter pressurize the tanks. Helium is used to prevent cavitation and static charge build-up from occurring in the tanks. Commonly called vapor lock in old cars. Nitrogen was formerly used but it’s heaver and can’t be compressed as densely as helium can. So the nitrogen tanks were bigger and heaver. Helium is used for weight savings and static charge prevention.

Of course, there will be those who continue to talk nonsense about UFOs and aliens and perhaps even more esoteric causes; some of them will be paid to do so as part of the psyop to cover the truth, others are just borderline crazy due to their need to believe they have found evidence of aliens interacting with us. Ian]

Elon Musk: ‘We Have Not Ruled Out’ That UFO Caused Space X Explosion

The statement by the vaunted entrepreneur that he couldn’t rule out that UFO hunters were correct that an unidentified object or weapon initiated the explosion has alien enthusiasts out in full force.

The frenzied excitement for alien hunters hit new heights on Friday when the innovative wunderkind Elon Musk wrote to a commenter on Twitter that “We have not ruled that [a UFO hitting the Space X Falcon 9 rocket] out” with theories ranging from an attack by foreign defense forces to a laser attack by an alien ship quickly cascading through social media.

The statement comes one week after self-proclaimed UFO hunters pointed to video footage from the SpaceX explosion noting that there was a black object barreling near the rocket only seconds before explosion with YouTube viewers quickly dispatching theories that the flying object was a bird or a bug based on the relative speed of the object – over 1,000 MPH – and its appearance behind riggings that ruled out the possibility that it was a bug in the camera lens.

The explosion quickly consumed the rocket destroying Facebook’s AMOS-6 internet-beaming satellite and causing unprecedented damage to the launchpad – a fairly unusual incident for a rocket explosion. Musk said the explosion was “really a fast fire” and was unable to point to specific mechanical causes for the failure of the rocket. One Twitter user said that the sound at 54 seconds in a video posted “sounds like a metal joint popping under stress” which Elon Musk said was “most likely true” but also said that “we can’t yet find it on any vehicle sensors” pointing to the possibility of some outside sabotage.

“Important to note that this happened during a routine filling operation. Engines were not on and there was no apparent heat source,” said Musk questioning how the rocket could spontaneously erupt in flames. “Particularly trying to understand the quieter bang sound a few seconds before the fireball goes off. May come from rocket or something else.”

One person suggested that it could be a drone, but opined that if it was a drone it was a particularly fast and circular drone that does not match the description of any known existing defense products. Others opined that whatever the flying vehicle that may have given rise to the explosion, it appears it was a “well planned attack from a competitor.”

Although speculation continues to circle around the explosion of the Space X Falcon 9 rockets with the most fascinating theory by far being the potential that space aliens beamed the rocket, many more plausible alternatives exist including a leak of propellant fuel, metal on metal contact sparking just enough initial flame, or a buildup of oxygen. Some commenters are even blaming Vladimir Putin and/or China – which makes maybe less sense than even space aliens.
The truth is out there.

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  1. Slightly off topic, but perhaps related…

    “Israel launched a Shavit2 rocket from its facility at Palmachim airbase on Sept. 13. Israeli media report that the satellite (Ofek 11) is malfunctioning.”

  2. I just put up a new video on my channel that I’ve been working on for the past few days. I made screen shot images of my audio editor to make the sound track visible and to point out the various parts that could be revealing of a fission-fusion event.
    Falcon X and The Crackling Geiger Counter – Part 2

    • Which suddenly brings me to the following idea: where was the recording and storing taking place? Inside the camera or was it a wireless connection from the camera to the control building? That would explain the distortion if an EMP event took place. Electrons travel along magnetic fields. Look at the polar lights how they move and even more, look at the SOHO images of the sun itself. The solution must be in the wireless connection. That is state of the art today. The ‘träger frequenz’ was distorted, not the digital images themselves. Did it influence AM or FM? Or both?

  3. I remember that I had seen in one video about 911 the same ball-shaped kind of drone. Wasn´t it before impact on the second WTC-Tower ?

    • musicalchemy, thanks for the reminder, I’m quite aware of that. Trouble is we have to go beyond the clouds of unknowing to uncover who we are. But to get there you have to climb your mountain. Cheers.

  4. Let me drop a little tiny bomb here…
    Ian, may I bring something to your attention that nobody as of yet seems to have noticed or ever mentioned although it’s what I would recognize as the “smoking gun” or rather the “crackling geiger counter”? It is truly not only a “mind bending” indication that something quite unusual occoured in plain sight but is even screaming out loud for a valid explanation. Let me point out that something happened while everyone has been distracted and are starting to run after the birds and the bees and little tin cans that happen to be of more interest than what AMOS had to chip in on information. All you have to do is leave that Phantom Blob fly off to where it was last seen and go 6 more seconds beyond the boom and watch and hear what AMOS has to add to your x-ray theory.

    • In realtime it is hardly noticable because I’ve pointed out that we only see at the rate of 18-20 images per second whereas the screen is shooting 30 images per second at you. The imaging process and display are tuned to their own frequencies that when a magnetic disturbance occurs, that is why there is a stretching and squeezing of the process in all directions. And if any hard radiation is involved then that too knocks off extra electrons causing effects like noise in the image that appear as speckles. And radiation has a nasty clicking sound to it if you’ve ever listened to a geiger counter. But it just so happens that the many acoustic explosions and echos with all their natural harmonies (quint, octave, terz) drown that nasty clicking swoosh that can be faintly heard at 1:19 in the slomo. I’m still trying to filter it with my sound editor to make it more audible if possible. But I need more time for that. So I repeat that not the towers were physically bent, it’s within the electronic that this visible ‘bending’ occurs. Those are electromagnetic fingerprints of an EMP. Period. And I have all the reason in the world to believe that AMOS has an RTG. Thanks for your patience.

  5. to Peter Paul
    I started to work with the video at normal speed and VLC states 29.97 frames/s, easily checked by cliking 30 times on the image/image button, checking video time. I extracted the 8 frames with the object and noted object position in each of them.
    A few days later, I discovered the video at slow motion x 250, and extracted the 16 frames with the object. In 8 frames, the position was the same than in the 8 previous frames, and the 8 other frames have intermediate position, so I concluded that frame rate was 60. What’s wrong ?

  6. What is the latest on this debacle? All major media are opening interviews with phrases such as ” there are internet conspiracy theories that claim the rocket was hit by a drone ” anyway I find that telling as a means of poison for the well. Laughable in a sense.


    • A.) Musk is in on it. A Holy Wood-esque psyop just in time for the 15th anniversary of 9-11 and the “Cold War” with Russia and China. A chance to test new technology.
      B.) Payback for 9-11 against the KM, Israel, USAF, and JINSA by another faction. A chance to test new technology.
      C.) Payback/Deterrence against Israel for selling US tech to China (again) as well as payback against China for shooting down a US satellite (among other things such as wanting secure vast amounts of helium 3 on the Dark Side of the Moon for nuclear fusion).
      D.) Aliens. Enki vs Enlil.
      E.) An accident.

  7. Ian, I hope you understand my personal approach to the subject you brought up that I too have a keen interest of what truly might have been the cause of the explosion, but my methodology is to examine and eliminate possible flaws in the line of information presented. Just believing that x-rays are involved because there seems to be visible proof is not enough when one can’t cancel out how things really function.
    For example we humans see with a speed rate of around 18 images per second. Birds have a rate of up to 200 images per second. The processes involved just to have that ability is difficult to understand in all of it’s complexity and yet we use it without thinking about it. Yet we are so focused on the inventions around us that give us the possibility to capture and store images and sound and send them around the world in seconds. But do we really know and understand how each and every part of equipment involved really works and functions? There are so many different levels of technology reaching outside of our realms of perception that go down to the level of atoms and molecules and make it possible to stretch the imagination into unknown and uncharted universes of life beyond life. Aren’t we just playing with all these ideas and possibilities trying to make sense of it all? A rocket explodes in a blinding moment and now we need more light. You know I have to give you credit for just bringing this information up to the level it now has.

    • And to add a more philosophical touch to this great comment section I’d like to chip in these relatively unimportant words:
      An incredible family named Stein,
      There’s Gertrud, there’s Ep and there’s Ein
      Gertrude’s writing is hazy
      and Ep is plain crazy
      but nobody understands Ein

  8. keho, Then there is one more thing I tried to point out earlier in this whole debate concerning the ‘FLARE’ and that an X-RAY BURST causes more havoc that would be registered by the microchips involved and that is the SOUND track. I analyzed it quite closely because it is pure CD quality. Where is the electronic CLICK that can be HEARD if it really was an x-ray burst? There is none. Of all the pictures you could present to me I would always want to have the sound track that goes with it.
    If x-rays were really involved then their also should be a whole array of frequencies that go along with it that would create an electromagnetic pulse in any unprotected equipment in and around the recording devices in use. And that would inevitably cause a clear and audible interruption in the MICROPHONE, the most unprotected instrument out there. So where is the click I ask?

  9. My concern relates with the quasi-denial of “UFOs”. My initial confirmation of such vehicles derived from the USAF radar facility on Fire Island, Alaska, 1955. An object appeared over the station, hovered at 2,000 ft., then accelerated to 10,000 ft with one sweep of the radar, at the time equalling 3,000 mph. In 1977 a USAF MSG explained to me the hangar on Wright-Patterson USAF base, that was guarded by AP with loaded weapons.
    Another interest since childhood is adults under the influence of alcohol. When “drunk,” if they can still talk intelligibly, they typically do not lie, although at times with disjointed speech. The following link is a video by a very sober neighbor of a retired, Area 51 employee. When sober, the retired employee revealed nothing about Area 51. After a power outage one night he was drunk and talked, revealing some experiences. The neighbor reveals the expose´ of the drunken, retired Area 51 employee. The neighbor´s presentation appears to be candid and reliable, drawing on my experience. The “propulsion” function of these vehicles is also nicely clarified in a few words by the retired, AREA 51 worker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx6QMj-yOU4

    • Dr. B: Of course, “UFOs” are real — unless you can identify ALL flying objects. But that’s not it, is it?

      More to the point: No one at VT is denying or quasi-denying the existence of non-terrestrials. All that Ian & Jeff are saying is that there is a more terrestrial explanation for what happened to the SpaceX rocket.

      The object that you saw over Alaska in 1955 was probably a German craft or an early German-American craft, based on the research & discoveries of the Germans before, during after WW2.

      In Operation Paperclip, the German scientists were eventually able to harness the R&D and productive capacity of the U.S. to continue this R&D and production in a secret space program.

      If or since most if not all “UFOs” are man-made, why couldn’t or wouldn’t the U.S. military “inoculate” Area 51 guys with a sufficient amount of B.S. to go along with whatever truths that they might know?

    • Dr.A-B: after some re-reads, comparing the first article with the follow-on article and the summary paragraph of this article, your “is it?” seems very appropriate to me.
      If your conclusion as to who built the majority of UFOs is accurate, you have access to information that I can not access.
      Yes, I knew of Hitler´s scientists´ creations from Austrian documents that once were available a few years ago. Also, the various documents about Antartica by various authors reveal useful information.

  10. Harold Saive: Indeed, many possibilities. The Nvidia crop circle publicity stunt comes to mind. Also, consider this: “The use of a light bending nanotechnology fabric for so called quantum stealth camouflage.”

    The rumors of Russia threatening to release satellite images of 9-11. Israel fires at Russian drone over Golan Heights. Falcon rocket with Israeli tech destroyed 10 days before the 15th anniversary of 9-11. Putin’s driver has a head on collision 5 days later. Too much speculation but perhaps useful to some.

  11. My WAG would be that the SpaceX rocket carrying the space.com satellite was ‘interrupted’ by Obama because he did not want to see a successful launch and ultimate sale to China, which was being completed contingent on lift-off. This scenario ties in perfectly with the following weeks AFOne diplomatic middle-finger on a Chinese tarmac.

  12. The ultimate punk is for Elon et al to CGI a fake orb into a video of a fireball mishap. This scenario must be considered after all we know about image manipulation of 9/11 and green-screens at CNN…and Elon’s request for help decoding the event.

  13. And to add to Chernobyl being so far off in the Ukraine doesn’t mean I’m ignorant of any kind of possabilties. I’m suffering from an underactive thyroid gland and need 200 mg of thyroxide a day. Look at Fukushima and study why people there are having the same problems. It’s major cause appears to be Caesium.
    Last week exactly the same time Falcon 9 had it’s bad day I was hit by several blasts of x-rays. I was out that evening and had a sudden blackout. The only thing I can hardly remember was that the people there called an ambulance and sometime later I remember talking to a woman who was trying to explain to me she had to make a couple of x-rays of my chest and neck. When I woke up Friday morning it slowly dawned on me that I was lying in a hospital bed. I got my fair share of x-rays for the day and went back home only to discover that here on VT x-rays were flying all around somewhere else. Do you know a safe place where I can take off my tin foil hat and breath some clean fresh air without those blobs flying around head?
    I’m just recovering from a major heart attack I had on May 30th and where they made some minor adjustments to the flow of body liquids by inserting 6 new stents to the one I already had. So feel with Ian and poor Falcon 9 who just didn’t make it while I’m having the time of my life. Sarcasm? What, me worry?

  14. Politically, Musk has described himself as “half Democrat, half Republican”. In his own words: “I’m somewhere in the middle, socially liberal and fiscally conservative.”[116]

    Musk is a self-described American exceptionalist and nationalist, describing himself as “nauseatingly pro-American”. According to Musk, the United States is “[inarguably] the greatest country that has ever existed on Earth”, describing it as “the greatest force for good of any country that’s ever been”. Musk believes outright that there “would not be democracy in the world if not for the United States”, arguing there were “three separate occasions in the 20th-century where democracy would have fallen with World War I, World War II and the Cold War, if not for the United States”.[117]

  15. Elon (אֵילוֹן in Hebrew), is a Jewish surname or masculine given name, which means “tree” or “oak tree” in the Hebrew language.

    Elon was a biblical leader of the Israelites in the Book of Judges.

    Elon, a son of Zebulun who migrated to Egypt with Jacob.

    The report further noted that “Musk himself has donated roughly US$725,000 to various campaigns since 2002. In 2004, he contributed US$2,000 to President George W. Bush’s reelection campaign, maxing out (over US$100,000)[120] to Obama’s reelection campaign and donated US$5,000 to Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, who represents Florida, a state critical to the space industry …

    Musk had been a supporter of the U.S. political action committee FWD.us, which was started by fellow high-profile entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg and advocates for immigration reform. However, in May 2013, Musk publicly withdrew his support in protest of advertisements the PAC was running that supported causes like the Keystone Pipeline.

  16. Chris, you could be quite right about the true frame rate being 29,97 of an original copy. But your’re not correct about the doubling the frame rate. I already pointed out why on Ian’s previous article here on VT
    space-xplosion-no-ufos-aliens-or-other-wierdness-involved/ – have a look at my comments there.
    The timeline steps are one part of the sequence, the other is the duration of a single frame! When you add a still image and set it’s duration to maybe 5 seconds it just happens that it may not end at the sequence mark set by the frame rate. What the codec does is what we call a frame drop, it extends that image till the the next time mark is due and thereby stretching the still image over an existing frame and thereby leaving it unprocessed and ignores it altogether. That’s what saves resources.
    If you say you have extended the clip to 60 fps up from 30 fps that is not the way it works. In reality you are stretching a single frame by doubling the length of time the image is on the screen. Tipping thru the frames one by one is tipping along the timeline whereas the software will only change the areas of a frame that differ from the previous one. If there is no change nothing is moving. It’s the capturing of the video that counts to get a higher frame rate.

  17. I understand Mr. Greenhalgh does not necessarily care for the “esoteric”, but I will add this anyway. For those with imagination. Names have been changed to protect the innocent/guilty…

    Batman [Dark Knight] V Superman [Stalin]:

    “LexCorp Industries Reveals Wayne Enterprises Satellite Photo

    Who knew Lex Luthor cared about clean energy so much? To be fair, he probably doesn’t, but he sure wants you to think he does.

    A stunning image from the Wayne Enterprises satellite from 2013, only days before it lost signal. The brightest sections that can be seen are Metropolis and Gotham. Our cities are the number one consumers of wasted electricity in the world. Courtesy of Wayne Enterprises™

    The satellite was destroyed in the final fight between Superman and Zod (in Man of Steel), but before it lost signal it sent out a photo that shows just how much electricity is used and wasted by both Metropolis and Gotham.”

    Best wishes.

  18. For normal speed, I used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BgJEXQkjNQ
    For slow motion, I used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXqG-R8O39g
    But I recommend you to download my video and extract images of the slow motion part.
    Last item of Video Menu stores a frame into an image without changing resolution.
    It is also possible in View/Advanced Control to activate a small toolbar where a button directly stores the current frame.
    My spreadsheet is visible on my fb page.

  19. So now I got my first ever clip up and running on you tube concerning:
    FalconX and the Flight of the Mystery Blob
    Please take note that I made the blob stationary to the y axis so that the background is moving from left to right. That way it is possible to notice the details around the object so you can reduce the movement of the eyeballs to a minimum and also at the same time avoid that typical no no syndrome one can see at any grand slam tournament where everyone is just sitting there watching a round furry ball whizzing to and fro. Enjoy and any comments are welcome.

  20. And the explosion itself wouldn’t be half as interesting it weren’t for the Phantom Blob everyone’s trying to explain away. I just spent the whole day pushing it around and made a short clip to study just the movement alone. I’ll be posting it on you tube as soon as I get my account set up.

  21. Ian, I understand quite well what your getting at since I learned my original trade at IBM. As a Galvaniser we not only had a phantastic laboratory to work in, we had to go on rotation through the whole production line of producing chips as well. The actual definition of the trade was later turned into Electro-Chemist due to the wide scope of electronics and chemistry. In the major ‘secret’ development departments we were also introduced to some of the most sophisticated equipment in use you can imagine. Even x-rays that were used to radiate through the silicium slices called waffers to check the crystal structure. On the exposed film one could clearly identify the grid structure of the atoms.
    Since the digital age we have the ccds (charged couple device) that gathers the light instead of on film and they are by nature sensitive to electromagnetic pulses. That’s why they have to be hardened by some protective shield around them. The ccd is nothing else than a microscopic array of photo diodes that react to light and can be produced for different invisible wavelengths. Just look at infrared or ultraviolet beyond our very thin capabilties of visible light. The flare can also have to do with the geometric array of die diodes of the ccd.

  22. Some fixes needed : 522 px = 70 m, and frame rate is 29.97 in original video at normal speed. slow motion video doubles the number of images, thus close to 60 frames/s.

    Yes, acceleration between points gives huge unstable values. I think the result is very sensitive because of the precision. I prefer determine only the average acceleration between entry and exit, and this gives 200 g which is already a lot…

    • We do links… but not “blind links”. What is at the link HAS to be described in the comment, and that does not included “go here” or ” this is good”. We are one of the few sites that do allow links because people often have good ones. Thanks.

  23. Ian, it’s always funny to see these spooks come up at special places to feed the minds of the people with crap. This is their main job, thereby never reveiling their real intents.

    I like the nice round up about this spooky character Musk, done by Miles Mathis here: and you’ll also find some good thoughts about those strange X-people on his site.

    Aliens, Ufos, non earth like entities, what a nice ensemble when it should be logical to look for some more earthly perpetrators first, as you rightfully mentioned.

    Thanks for the update, especially from Jeff. We need that kind of information, let the spooks out there eat their own crap.

  24. So it’s good ole corporate competition? If that’s the case then ‘Obama ordered the destruction of the rocket ‘claim is incorrect and his snub at the G20 was for other reasons. And then we have Lockheed Martin and Boeing controlling the military’s most advanced classified technology that is not known to the public.

  25. My conclusion is this: Musk works near to the field and as a result my opinion is that he most likely KNOWS what it was, who did it, and why. The rest is a veiled effort to distract the masses.

    To Chris above: Thanks for the video however, how far is the rocket from the tower/pads located closest to the camera? Would that not alter your formula? Especially when it comes to scale..



    • Good question Raptor !
      Sound of the explosion needs 12s to arrive, so SpaceX is 4000 m away.
      My model does not use these towers only distance of SpaceX matters.
      A z depth of about 120m around SpaceX affects resolution only by 3%, negligible…

    • Great stuff Chris, just had to give it a thumbs up. Hope you don’t mind that I enjoyed it and downloaded it for my private and secret archive. But one thing I’d like to ask is, does it really need that dramatic music to make it all that more appealing? Not that the music is disturbing to me – I studied classical music myself along the way and was a teacher for classical guitar for almost twenty years – but it distracted me from some of the essential parts of the math involved. Since I’m also an artist I’m very well acquainted with working kind of slomo – sometimes like 1 fpm or half that speed. In some cases I’ve even made it to up to 5-10 fpd and more. But nowadays it’s more like maybe 1-2 fpy. Here is one of my older galleries if you care to have a look:
      If you read further down this comment section I uploaded the frames in question for those who might have trouble extracting them by themselves. For those who didn’t quite understand what I was just pointing at the translation and equation goes like this: fpm = frames per month, fpy = frames per year and fpd = frames per day. Does it sound okay when I mute the music…?

  26. Ian, very good explanation of your x-ray theory indeed. I think the discussion is needed and welcomed by the open minded to better understand the dots and connections. You may have noticed that I’m focused on that blob fly-by and the 16 frames involved and that thy coincide with the moment of the ignition. Now that I’ve been seeing each and every frame for hours on end it is very obvious that the explosion must have started outside of the rocket. During the explosion you might notice parts flying upwards that can’t possibly have come from the inside of the rocket as the satellite itself remains almost unmoved and topples downward almost 12 sec later. And as it appears hits the ground still in one piece coinciding nicely with the incoming blast. During those seconds there is a large piece of debris flying straight up over the flames between the rocket and it’s tower that consider it a dead giveaway that the fueling system and procedure are the issue.
    If the containers inside the rocket had of been the initial source of the explosion the following scenario would have looked quite different. There would have been much more debris flying around in all directions and the payload would have dropped off much sooner along the timeline. The sound track is very revealing because you actually hear a whole series of different explosions going off hidden by the fire and that nasty but unavoidable ‘smokescreen’ that tends to surround such mysterious events.

    • One big problem with analysing the available video is that it is all in the MPEG format which does not store every frame. Only a few frames are stored in their entirety and the majority of frame data is in the form of i-frames. The fuelling system could not be the source of the explosion because it wasn’t a molecular explosion but a nuclear one. The white plasma ball proves that. Also, there is very little blast, another giveaway that it was nuclear rather than molecular. The x-shaped lens flare proves the presence of X-rays which again, proves it was a nuclear event.

    • Ian, that was the very first thing I had my eye on when I first started commenting your first article here at VT: the quality of the material available. So hang on a bit and have a look at this and we can go on from there. So in first place it’s…
      The ‘Phantom Blob’ strikes again… I’ve uploaded the full sequence of 18 numbered frames with our now infamous mystery to be solved caught in the act. Questions like ‘what is it’ and where does this guy come from and – most important of all: when and where is it going to strike again:
      File specs are: 1280 x 738 .JPG 300 dpi compression factor 95% captured using VLC from the super slomo version you can get here:
      Credit goes to ‘orogenicman’ who did a phantastic job making this slomo clip available.
      Special credit also goes to (c) 2016 USLaunchReport.com and I hope they get the further support they need in the near future to keep people like me off the street and up all night long counting all the pixels it takes till I fall asleep (instead of counting sheep). So thanks for all those sheepless nights USLaunchReport. More to come soon once I find a better provider to upload the frames.

  27. Clearly photo shopped so as to not blow Superman’s cover who was using the heat of his x-ray vision to destroy the joint Israeli-Chinese quantum cryptography and radar satellite project and their Long March through institutions and to the Dark Side of the Moon to secure vast amounts of helium 3.

    • The Moon is Now a Wi-Fi Hotspot
      By Carl Engelking | May 28, 2014 11:53 am

      China’s internet services aren’t stellar, which is why the nation’s State Council recently decided to spend US$182bn on network construction in an effort to speed up local connections.
      While Chinese citizens wait for all that to happen, plenty are instead turning to an app called Wi-Fi Skeleton Key that collects credentials for open Wi-Fi hotspots and shares them among users. The upshot is that users of the app can log into millions of hotspots around China, gratis.
      Which is a nice hack, especially given Chinese hotspots often ask for personal information before they allow connection. So nice a hack, in fact, that local outlet QQ reports that Wi-Fi Skeleton Key has just scored a $52 million VC injection that values the company at a billion bucks.

      While X-rays cannot be used in practice to enable seeing objects through walls, researchers have recently shown how everyday wireless signals, such as WiFi, can be used to achieve x-ray vision. Here is a chronological summary. In,[2][3] details of an area were successfully imaged through walls with wifi signals. In [4] [5] tracking of a human through walls was performed. Later work on tracking with wireless signals include.[6] In,[7] gesture recognition with wireless signals is tested through walls.

  28. Someone also wants electric Tesla driverless cars to go away. Effort is under way to eliminate competition at the government and corporate level. This poses a huge hurdle for startups in the US.

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