WW3 On Your Doorstep



… by Katherine Frisk

Are Americans prepared for this and are they fully aware of where their leadership is taking them? Or do they still believe that like the last century the whole world can go up in smoke and they will not only be unaffected but will make yet another huge profit into the bargain at everyone else’s expense with their own population and infrastructure still intact?

NATO has by degrees since the fall of the Soviet Union, increased Nuclear and ground troops along Russia’s borders. HERE is one of the many reports that have come out in the last two years.

Ukraine was the victim of a coup led by George Soros, Chevron, Monsanto and Victoria Nuland. The Maiden demonstrations were a “color revolution” backed by NGOs and Open Society Foundations, the purpose of which was to put NATO in Crimea and along the border of Ukraine within miles of Moscow. The US spent over $5 billion to overthrow the Ukrainian government and president.

NATO clearly aided and abetted in war crimes in Donbass via its creating the conditions for them to happen
NATO clearly aided and abetted in war crimes in Donbass via its creating the conditions for them to happen

Half of Ukraine is Russian speaking and lives in the east.

This resulted in Crimea having an internationally recognized referendum where the people, mostly Russian, voted to return to the Russian Federation which they have been part of since the time of Catherine the Great which was only annexed to Ukraine during the Soviet Union Era.

European politicians and peace keepers have since visited Crimea and have affirmed that the referendum was a democratic decision by the people and was above-board and not rigged.

At the same time a civil war has erupted between western Ukraine and eastern Ukraine. Kiev has continuously grad rocket shelled the east because Donetsk and Lugantsk do not recognize the current government which even the US intelligence agency Stratfor, has called “the most blatant coup in history.”

Over 1 million refugees fled Ukraine, not to Kiev or to Europe, but to Russia. Besides being doctors, lawyers, engineers and factory owners many of them were successful farmers from the renown fertile “black earth” region.

These farmers were relocated to eastern Russia, given land and subsidies for farming. As a result in spite of sanctions imposed since 2014, Russia has turned the situation around from being a food importer to a food exporter in the space of two years. GMO, genetically modified food is banned in Russia as well as poisonous herbicides.

In recent weeks we have seen the whole Russian team banned from the Paralympic games, sanctions extended against Russia and the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine for another six months and strangely enough, Typhoon Lionrock hit the Russian Far East after the powerful cyclone brought heavy rains on August 29-31, the east being an area where Russia is now heavily investing in a resurgence of the agricultural industry.

And on that score, you might want to give Italy, the Phillipines And Oklahoma get an Earthquake some thought.

FEDERALRESERVE7During WW1 and WW2Jacob Schiff of the Federal Reserve funded Japan in their wars against Russia and China as well as Lenin and Trotsky. Bush, Ford, Rockefeller, Chase Manhattan Bank, J.P.Morgan, Harriman and a number of others funded Hitler and his blitzkrieg into eastern Europe and finally Stalingrad.

The United States of America was not openly attacking Russia and claimed to be in support of the “Allies.” They only entered the war when Stalingrad fell and the Russians did their own blitzkrieg to Berlin.

Americans wanted to get to Berlin first. Since WW2 US policy in Germany has been to keep the Russians out, the Germans down and the Americans in. Germany has the largest US military base outside of the US.

Which brings us to this: “Germany Prepares For Domestic Troop Deployments As “Catastrophic” Terrorist Attack Deemed “Conceivable, Even Probable”

Terrorists or…. a planned buildup under the guise of “terrorism” for a German, US, NATO attack on Russia? In April 2016 Obama Requested EU Support for Possible War Against Russia.

This time in WW3, unlike in WW1 and WW2, the United States is openly aggressive towards Russia as opposed to their proxy armies during the two previous world wars where they could claim “plausible deniability” as they are now doing with their support of Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

However, unlike the two previous world wars where the USA was protected by the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans from any attack on its own territory, should WW3 break out, this time the situation will be entirely different.

Russia has Boosted Arctic Military Presence with Ten Airfields, Alaska is only 86 kilometers away from Russia at the narrowest point and the US western sea board is within striking distance. Consider this article: How Russian And China Could Strike The US Airforce’s Achilles Heel.

“While often overlooked in favor of advanced anti-ship and surface-to-air missile systems when examining Russian and Chinese anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capabilities, such long-range air intercept weapons—coupled with the right fighter—could cut the sinews that allow the United States to conduct sustained air operations in both the Asia-Pacific and the European theatres.

Essentially, Russians and/or Chinese forces could pair long-range air-to-air missiles with aircraft like the Mikoyan MiG-31 Foxhound, Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA and the Chengdu J-20 to attack American AWACS, JTARS and aerial refueling tankers like the Boeing KC-135 or forthcoming KC-46 Pegasus.

Especially over the vast reaches of the Pacific where airfields are few and far between, lumbering aerial refueling tankers could be an Achilles’ Heel that Beijing could chose to exploit. There are three long-range air-to-air missile programs that bear watching—the Russian Vympel R-37M RVV-BD, the Novator KS-172 (aka K-100) and the Chinese PL-15.”

Missile Crisis 2016
Missile Crisis 2016

In Putin’s recent Bloomberg interview he broke protocol and instead asked the journalist John Micklethwait a question:

Vladimir Putin: Well, I would like to finish my answer to the previous question. You have been working as a journalist for a long time. You are quite knowledgeable and you understand all the threats that may arise from a tense international environment, don’t you? Especially if there is tension between major nuclear powers of the world. We all understand this.

Of course, you are the one asking me questions. It is you who is the interviewer, not I. However, let me ask you a question: do you want another Cuban Missile Crisis? Or don’t you?

John Micklethwait: No, nobody does.

Vladimir Putin: Of course, nobody does.”

John Kennedy Bobby Kennedy
John Kennedy Bobby Kennedy

This time there is no John Kennedy in the White House and no prospect of one in the near future, no matter what the American people think. But that is another can of worms and a dog and pony show rigged and designed as entertainment for the little people….

Unlike the referendum in Crimea. Or the Donbass in eastern Ukraine where people are prepared to fight and die in defiance of a corrupt government that was installed by a US engineered coup. In the same way that Russians were prepared to fight and die in WW2 where almost 30 million perished. Their homes were bombed, their families annihilated and their women raped.

That is the thing you see… they are prepared to die. Are you? Or is this not part of your Hollywood reality, Batman Shooting, Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook “faked” disasters with crisis actors? Where does Rambo and George Clooney fit into the equation?

In a recent interview with the press Putin said :

“We know year by year what’s going to happen, and they know that we know. It’s only you that they tell tall tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. You people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing is going on. I don’t know how to get through to you anymore.”

So again I ask:

Are Americans prepared for this and are they fully aware of where their leadership is taking them? Or do they still believe that like the last century the whole world can go up in smoke and they will not only be unaffected but will make yet another huge profit into the bargain at everyone else’s expense with their own population and infrastructure still intact?

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  1. Thanks Katherine, for your article. We have to face a dangerous situation although most of the people in the western countries are not even aware of the dangers that materialize from a totally corrupted and war mongering political aristrocracy which managed it to destroy their own wonderful system. No wonder, they want war when the vast majority of the people on earth don’t bow to their will anymore, Chin will NOT enter TTIP – no way. 40% of the current trading will be outside of the Anglo American hemisphere, it will be land based not sea based anymore. They, we, all have had enough of this. As Mr. Shrimpton, he obviously will hate this biggest Chinese development project of the 21th century.

    As a German, I always wondered how WWI could even happen. I read tons of literature about this and begin to grasp how it was done, we see it again in our media now – war mongering, Russia hating and bashing wherever you look. But the times have changed, most in my country and in other European countries don’t buy it anymore. That is good news.

    • The good news for Europe if they wake up is that the Silk Road will be of great benefit to them should they turn east and hopefully dump the TTIP. Land based trade from Bejiing and Vladivostok right across to Lisbon will be the major project of the 21st century and be an economic boon all round. This will open up the markets to over 2 billion people and more important oil and gas will not be reliant on the gulf countries or even on shipping for transport. To create yet another iron curtain is short sighted and self defeating. Now that trade is no longer done in the dollar or the petro dollar things will change rapidly in th coming years… provided some lunatic does not push the button of course!

  2. It is the same as the use by Daesh of the name Isis. This is like putting a talisman of the virgin Mary on a Nuclear warhead. But then attacking Egypt has been a 4,000 year old hobby of many nations. Hittites, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, French, British, Germans, Israelis, Americans … so now they finally demonize Isis.

  3. Abuse a holy symbol, turn it on it´s head and create war and atrocities under it. So you can destroy what ever believe is in it. Most people may not even notice that it is on it´s head like the Swastika and think it is the same holy symbol.

  4. I hope the 10 square mile foreign country residing within OUR borders is ALL that really suffers in a WW3 scenario… and Wall Street, and the “media” supporting the idea people are “unpatriotic” if they hate what a District of Criminals has done to America and the world. corrupt “politicians” at city county or state level “disappearing” with truth released WHY might be nice, because owned “judges” sure won’t prosecute! I wouldn’t call it “terrorism” because the REAL terrorists are entrenched in the seats of “power” they abuse and don’t deserve.
    WE don’t deserve punishment for living under what has become brutal fascism that pretends to be a democracy, which is supposed to be a republic!

    the US used to be like a bread-basket to the world before big agra monsatan was handed the keys (cargill etc), I think it’d be a shame to scorch it all, but they plan to! all the pristine heritage “doomsday seeds” wont be any good if contaminated by their own GMO garbage.
    pretty simple if you think about it, every place they intend to burn flat.

  5. With 360 degree distractions, a fourth estate controlled by a fifth column, most will never see whats coming when it comes. Then the voice of reason, Putin, is vilified.

    • I hope for a better outcome. I hope sane minds finally put a stop to this madness. The whole world is now in danger and each and every person will be detrimentally effected in one way or another. That Americans cannot see past the insanity of their own foreign policies is beyond me. And I despair when you hear people like Gary Johnson asking “What’s Aleppo?” for one. And the New York Times making apologies because they identified Aleppo as the capital of Syria when it is Damascus. If US political leadership and US media can make such stupid remarks and errors about a current international situation where their own CIA is fighting alongside Daesh to overthrow Assad, then the US should be thrown out of the United Nations because they do not have the intellect or the ability to deal with anything in a sane and mature manner outside of their own borders, never mind within then, as the circus of the presidential election makes apparent.

    • Nobody mentioned hell or satan Edward. What they did mention was a bunch of corrupt people who are engineering the world towards WW3 for their own benefit and not for the benefit of the majority of people on this planet. And you need to do more research. Christianity and Judaism are not the only teachings that speak of heaven and hell. The Greeks who were neither believed in Hades. In Buddism Naraka is hell same with Hinduism. Native Americans believe after a good life they go back to the creator but a bad life results in the spirit wandering in misery and torment. Your own bias blinds you with bitterness many times. Which is unfortunate.

  6. I doubt very much if the Buddhists appreciate what the Nazis have done with the swastika and the associations that are now made with this symbol. They have turned it on its head. The Banderites in Kiev for one and the Odessa massacre in 2014 which has now become an event which put them and their ideology on the map in the 21st century. Their racist hatred of Slavic people. Pregnant women raped and strangled, bodies burnt to death, a building set on fire and those jumping out of windows trying to escape beaten to death as they landed on the ground. Where ever that symbol goes death and destruction follows.

  7. Stalin could be seen in the same light as Saddam Hussein. He was their dictator. And like Iraq with WDMs, they then made another excuse to go and take him out, except unlike Iraq the Russians turned around and chased their other stooge, Hitler in the opposite direction.

  8. Nobody said Stalin’s Russia were the good guys. Not even the Russians. However invading Russia as Napoleon did and then killing almost 30 million Russians resulted in the Soviet Union including the whole of eastern Europe which I do not think was part of the plan. Stalingrad was a grave disappointment on Wall Street and the subsequent about turn in the war. And as for history, one should always keep in mind that these invasions of Russia and the destruction of the Orthodox church is a 1,000 year old project. And they still have it on the agenda for this century and failing that for the next.

  9. Is Something Huge About to Happen? Germany Prepares Troops for ‘Catastrophic’ Event
    ht tps://youtu. be/mbg2x-Zw-yQ

  10. The same parasite who has sucked the life blood from Europe, most noticeably since the French Revolution and onwards, has been draining the life blood of America since at least 1913. They have stolen trillions of US tax dollars, dragged America through wars all over the globe, initiated great depressions to usurp control of all industry and manufacturing at pennies on the dollar, and then turned around and shipped that manufacturing industry overseas, costing millions of people their jobs all in the name of maximizing profit. The parasite knows that America has been catching on to the scam, so now it needs to drag America into a war that she can not win. That way when America is destroyed, the history books will tell a tall tale of how it was the war that destroyed America and not the Pharisees. All wars, no matter how far you go back in time, are about empire expansion. It’s about money changers buying kings to wage wars so that the money changers can collect more taxes from larger numbers of people. Eventually the empire gets too greedy and the whole thing falls apart. But, not before the parasitic money changers have chosen a new host to infect. All through the ages, from place to place these evil little worms have moved over the earth, robbing populations of their life’s worth and leaving them in ruins. It’s about time the world makes them pay and gets rid of them OAFA.

  11. “Are Americans prepared for this and are they fully aware of where their leadership is taking them?”

    Hey Katherine, are you aware your first line in your article is 100% bullshit? WTF are you talking about “American Leadership”? The Sunni Muslim squatter / usurper who resides in the Whorehouse was a JUNIOR Senator on the Senate Banking committee. Let that sink in a minute or three. Barry is a sock puppet and always was.

    It’s a banker war. East VS West, sold to you through the charade called politics. Look how much of International trade was completed using Uncle Shams “dollar” in 2015 as compared to say…. 2010.

    Go back to sleep

    • The Council On Foreign Relations dictates policy no matter who is president. That is your leadership along with J.P.Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Chevron, Rockefeller, the Carlyle Group, Bain Capital, Blackrock, Vanguard to name a few. The Senate, the Congress and the White House are all bought and paid for by these people. And I am not asleep. The American people are and this time the bombs will fall on their homes, not on homes in some far distant country across the sea. The death and destruction will finally come home.

    • Actually Foci the bankers only count the money; it’s the people who own the money we need to be blaming, contrary to what their paid pundits starting with Carroll Quigley would have you believe. Or maybe you think Booz Allen Hamilton and Betchel are taking orders from Goldman-Sachs? I doubt they even let their jew bankers in their country clubs…
      Great piece Katherine!

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