US uses Manas base for drug traffic

US uses Manas base for drug traffic. USA

The US base Manas in Kyrgyzstan could have been used for heroin export from Afghanistan, former President of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akayev claimed.

The US air base Manas had occurred in Kyrgyzstan in December 2001 before Operation Enduring Freedom was started in Afghanistan. At the time Akayev was the president of Kyrgyzstan. According to the agreement, the US could use the base for logistics only, that is to shift military and cargo to Afghanistan.

‘We don’t know what they were doing on their way back. They could have transported heroin. They could have been doing whatever,’ Akayev stated.

The US acted in the same way within operations in the Latin America. The former president believes that authorities of the base should have been aware of these operations.

‘In such a way the US offset its costs. It’s widely known. All their operations in the Latin America were carried out via drug trafficking,’ Akayev said.

He also noted that the Kyrgyz authorities couldn’t control the US base at the time.

As Pravda.Ru reported, Vladimir Putin initiated a working group within the SCO on combating terrorism funding, which is carried out through drug traffic from Afghanistan.

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  1. gee who was “in charge” in DC? could it be the bush-clinton crime cabal?
    no way, gotta be trump, right?

  2. Who is directing the military? The “commander in chief”. And those pushing wars.

    They are responsible!
    For the cost and for the ruined lives of our youth because of these drugs.

    The big pharma also, drugging the seniors and others.

    100,000 people die every year in the US from prescription drugs.
    More than any war!

    Why aren’t these companies shut down?
    Oh yea, profits. More important than lives.

    Sad day in America.

  3. Time to hold DC accountable ad demand our money back from the fake “war on drugs”.

    The Clintons and their followers are well aware of the fraud as they are immersed up to their eyeballs. They’ve been in “politics” for over 0 years by their own admission. Wheeling and dealing with corrupt leaders around the world, this mafia needs to be brought down.

    When the justice department fails to prosecute a liar and obstructer of justice, you know something is wrong. They all have their hands in the cookie jar! Comey was on the board of directors of HSBC when they were charged with money laundering. He made $6 million from Lehmman Bros. regarding a deal that somehow was connected to the state department, via Hillary.
    You people better wake up, because these crooks intend to kill us all if we don’t throw them in jail and throw the key away now!

    The corruption is at the highest levels. Drugs are rampant on our streets. Who put them there?

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