Breaking: US Bombs Syrian Army in Der Ezzor, Backing ISIS Advance, 80 Killed

80 Syrian Army Soldiers Killed in US-Led Coalition Airstrike in Deir Ezzur

A shameful and cowardly act by the US Air Force, a day of national disgrace

[Editor’s note: Syrian officials including the Minister of Justice, Najem Hamad Al-Ahmad, told VT that US planes launched from Iraq, including A10 and F16s, attacked Syrian Army positions near the Der Ezzor airport, killing 80 and wounding up to 100.

Russian Ministry of Defense officials have confirmed the story, a massive violation of the cease fire.  The attack was followed up by an ISIS ground offensive showing clear signs of coordination and a strong likelihood that US Army Special Forces are on the ground coordinating air cover with ISIS deep inside Syria. G]


TEHRAN (FNA)- The General Command of the Syrian army said the US-led coalition has bombed the Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzur, killing some 80 soldiers and injuring dozens more. According to Syria’s official SANA news agency, the bombing took place on al-Tharda Mountain in the region of Deir ez-Zor and caused casualties and destruction on the ground.

Eighty Syrian soldiers were killed and over 100 injured in the airstrike by the US-led coalition, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said, citing information received from the Syrian General Command.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that the aircraft which carried out the bombings had entered Syrian airspace from the territory of Iraq. Four strikes against Syrian positions was performed by two F-16 jet fighters and two A-10 support aircraft, it added.

Even if the bombardment of the Syrian government troops was a mistake, it’s still a consequence of Washington’s unwillingness to coordinate its anti-terror efforts with Moscow, the ministry said.

The Defense Ministry also confirmed a report by SANA that an ISIL offensive began right after Syrian Army positions were hit from the air. The actions of the coalition “clearly paved the way for ISIL terrorists to attack the position and take control of it,” the agency said citing the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces.

The General Command has called the bombing a “serious and blatant aggression” against Syrian forces, and said it was “conclusive evidence” that the US and its allies support ISIL terrorist group. Earlier on Saturday, Russia accused the US of being reluctant to take measures to force rebels under its control to fall in line with the terms of the Syrian ceasefire.

Numerous Russian appeals to the American side remain unanswered, which “raises doubts over the US’s ability to influence opposition groups under their control and their willingness to further ensure the implementation of the Geneva agreements,” senior Russian General Staff official, Viktor Poznikhir, said.

Poznikhir also said that the truce is being used by the militants to regroup, resupply and prepare an offensive against government troops. Last week, Moscow and Washington agreed to influence the Syrian government and the so-called moderate rebel forces respectively in order to establish a ceasefire in the country.

Since then, Russia has repeatedly complained that the US is failing to keep its part of the bargain. The US, on its part, has blamed Russia for not pressuring Damascus enough to facilitate humanitarian access to Syria.


 Russian MoD Confirms US-Led Coalition’s F-16, A-10 Jets Attacked Syrian Army

Today at 17:00-17:50 Moscow time, international anti-Daesh coalition (two F-16 and two A-10 jets) carried out four strikes on Syrian government forces’ units encirled by Daesh (ISIL) near Deir Ezzur airport. The coalition’s aircraft entered Syrian airspace from the side of the Iraqi border,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said, Sputnik reported.

Earlier in the day, the General Command of the Syrian army accused the US-led coalition of bombing the Syrian army’s positions in Deir Ezzur.

As a result of the attack, 62 Syrian soldiers were killed and some 100 others were injured, according to information received from the Syrian command in Deir Ezzur, he said.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that Daesh terrorists launched an offensive soon after the US-led coalition aircraft attacked the Syrian government forces. “Even if this airstrike has been carried out due to an error in the coordinates of the target, it is still a direct consequence of US side’s unwillingless to coordinate its actions against terrorist groups with Russia,” the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman emphasized.

Konashenkov said that fighting with terrorists has been taking place near the Deir Ezzur airport.

The news comes amid a ceasefire in Syria agreed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry on September 9. The ceasefire stipulated by the US-Russia agreement came into force on September 12.

(Note: Later reports by the Syrian army on Saturday night said the death toll of the US-led coalition airstrike increased to 80.)



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  1. No doubt the supporters in the Pentagon of ISIS-ISIL´s continuation of the 1947-initiated terrorism by Ben Gurion against Palestinians, are pleased with the precision provided by the Tornado aircraft provided via their Merkel-Maas puppetry of Germany. Removing Assad and installing a Torah philosophy puppet would enable the Likud Party of the fraudulent, 1948 land-grant, “Israel”, to accelerate oil drilling in the Golan Heights and move the border into Syrian territory.
    The constituency of Judaism would do well to consider the opposite of their fantasies, should the combined provocations of Israel-US-Saudi Arabia provoke the opposite of their intentions.

  2. I truly wonder if the Turkish military had something to do with this. They are part of the set-up group that have been improving their positions in Syria, now this moves their ball forward. I wonder if the US received their “intelligence” from the NATO “ally” that setup this whole scenario. Instead of tracking ISIS, it was opposite and the US was made to look like the guilty fool covering ISIS. All out war would benefit an entrenched, purged Turkey, ready for its caliphate to capture additional territory in Syria at behest of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Israel anxious to move Palestinians to prove their point with Greater Israel and the caliphate, especially after Ehud Barak’s statement, and Saudi Arabia needing something to financially prop it up, the pipeline. The criminals continue to throw hail Mary’s and move the ball. With rebels yelling at US troops, now this, we really look bad and have inflamed both sides, will we ever drop the criminals who have set us up over and over again? Turkey and ISIS partners will continue to win more and more if the US military is forced to leave, and they probably know that.

  3. “In the statement, Central Command says that “Coalition forces believed they were striking a Da’esh fighting position that they had been tracking for a significant amount of time before the strike.”

    Basically the CENTCOM say the USAF and intelligence services are completely and utterly incompetent, in spite of having the targets tracked for a significant amount of time they couldn’t manage to identify them correctly but went through and killed and injured a couple of hundred Syrian service men based on faith that it was probably Daesh.


    • There is something more going on here (as always), now news says that the US did the same attacking hundreds of civilians instead.

      Why would the zio-media (WP) fuel the concept that the US military have absolutely no clue of what they are doing?

  4. Apparently the black hats in the Pentagon who take their orders from a higher pay grade (KZM or…?) still have the upper hand. The question that remains is how much independence do Russia and China have, or is this all part of a big sham?


    Clinton’s cloak of deceit is unraveling fast and is in need of help to cover her duplicity by distractions as happened on Saturday as she works behind the shadows to press on towards the November elections. If she fails the entire NeoCon Zionist pack of cards comes tumbling down. The hawks like Carter, Powers, Nuland, et al remind me of the bird that survives off the droppings of gulls and other seabirds in flight along the Western Seaboard of Europe – commonly referred to in the argot of fishermen as shite-hawks. Without the Zionist doo-doo these NeoCon scavengers disappear.

    Clinton needs help, distractions, false-flags, anything to survive the next 56 days. It was in the Jerusalem Room that the classic answer to avoiding troubles at home was first broached when young Hal was told my his Leprous father, the King:

    Be it thy course to busy giddy minds
    With foreign quarrels; that action, hence borne out,
    May waste the memory of the former days.
    Shakespeare: Henry IV (Act IV, Scene iii)

    Thatcher did it back in the day, the summer of ’82 with the Malvinas episode to resurrect her from an abysmal ranking in the polls.So what happened today in Syria must be considered in the light of Clinton’s progress in the witches brew of US politics.

  6. Just sent the following to my Congressman. Don’t think it will do much good, but every US citizen who is also a decent human being should email something similar.

    I just learned that the US has bombed the Syrian army near Deir Ezzur. What’s even worse is that it appears this air strike was in support of an attack by ISIS.

    If this is true, I urge you to introduce articles of impeachment against Mr Obama for war crimes, and if you fail to do so, you will be an accessory.

    I look forward to your response on this grave matter.

  7. Incirlik (Erdogan-Biden undisclosed deal) plus Jordan coming into the fray by letting USAF units be based on the country and lack of inadequate or countermeasured Irak radar coverage are providing the basis for three-pronged assault on Syrian Army.
    The truce deal was masking a beforehand planned offensive, with all that nearly VT previous comments
    announcing the replenishing, reinforcing, reagrupping and organize an all out ISIS-US offensive to eliminate Assad and defeat Russian forces overseas lowering Putin political prestige to ground 0.
    Accordingly, is very likely that Obama and Democrats are in dear need to have a victory in Syria before US elections inasmuch as the Pentagon to have general approval in going ahead with NWO planing.
    US would also, have a preplanned excuse about Syrian Army attacking “moderates”, but that was not accepted by Syria that had no part on the deal.
    True to tell: Assad wins elections with Syrian people support but US combat ISIS with US air support.

  8. Thank you Gordon, for this terrible but very important news. This is some serious sh!t. I wonder how the shameless MSM is going to try and spin this?

  9. Yes, Steve K. Sadly, I believe you are correct. I have proposed the exact same scenario on one of Jack Speer Williams recent articles.

  10. Well it didn’t take long for US backstabbing to raise its ugly head. Seems they can’t find their butt with a gps since they always say sorry we goofed. Seems to me its time someone else goofed, and payback is such a nasty thing, but you know you can’t trust technology these days. Then Syria should declare a no fly zone except for its aircraft and those of its legally approved allies and then shoot everything else out of the sky. Maybe some one will get the point.

  11. The USA is openly showing they are and a;ways have been the IS Air force. A total No Fly Zone all over Syria must be implemented immediately.

  12. USA USA USA,, makes me proud to be a ‘murican. Make sure you vote for Hillary and pull that D lever all the way down the line. Remember, Democrats are good Republicans (Trump, who is on record for being against the Iraq war(s) 15+ years ago and against foreign “Nation building”, ) are Bad. Sheldon pledged to give TheDonald a bazillion dollars, funny how Trump has accepted not one shekel. Hillary will fix everything, she is honest.

  13. This attack is laid at the feet of Russia. After the first big lie (truce) Russia should have been expecting this…hell, they probably did expect it. These deaths of Syrian armed forces are Putins disgrace. If Americans know these lying western bastards can’t be trusted, why would Putin? If this is another ploy by Putin to expose western treachery, way to go, I hope he’s proved some point…but, would he be doing this if these were Russian lives? Time for Putin to take off the gloves, literally…let Syria shoot down any aircraft that is not Russian or Syrian.

  14. Why am I not surprised? Russia now has a legitimate reason to impose a no-fly zone over all of Syria, something it should have done months ago.

  15. This is all over both msm and independent media news and portals so it is probably going to cause a significant worldwide shift.

  16. “The US, on its part, has blamed Russia for not pressuring Damascus enough to facilitate humanitarian access to Syria.”

    “Humanitarian access” = massive supplies of arms, ammunition, and war fighting materials intended for al-Qaeda / Daesh forces.

  17. What is puzzling is that this is either an unannounced and incidentally the first CAS operation by the USAF on behalf of the Syrian Arab Army on IS, or a CAS strike on behalf of IS. It has to be one or the other.
    In deciding which, we have to take into account that the SyAA in position on the top of a hill, protecting the airfield, seems to have had no idea it was coming whilst it does seem one hell of a coincidence that ISIS were poised ready to strike at exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

    The kicker is that Moscow have just said that they are having a real problem stopping the Syrian Government from taking revenge on the US. Remember that US Lt Gen saying they would attack if the Syrians got near their SF again? Is this OK in reverse?

  18. It’s All Part Of An Age-Old Lesson Of History….

    Note that either of these two giants come up with a compromise solution whenever a Major city is about to be liberated with truce, ceasefire, etc.

    It’s not only the Americans… I got an odd feeling when Russia stopped and left in early January thinking to myself “how stupid” when the mercenaries where on a massive retreat. Only for them to return for two weeks bombing and manage to surround Allepo. And then, this time Russia suggested a ceasefire, when on the front foot.

    Deir Ezzor is the Main Prize that the israelis wouldn’t like to give up for as long as possible. It’s where most of the oil in Syria comes from (until the Golan oil bonanza starts).

    The bombing today is just a diversionary tactic of the Americans with, ofcourse the nod of the Russians. No planes can travel hundreds of miles without being detected nor can Russia say “they didn’t know” in this modern warfare being fought with live coverages of recordings by all parties.

    Only Iran and Hezbullah find themselves being seen as stupid to have given full support to this latest ceasefire agreement that is entirely loaded against both of them in their quest to support the SAA…

    Finally, doesn’t Anyone find it very fishy to be told of the ceasefire agreement being active without the agreement itself being made public with one party, US, refusing to release all the clauses. But then, why wouldn’t Russia release it??

  19. If U.S. decides to renege on U.S.-Russia deals regarding Syria, then Syria, Russia, Hezbollah, Iran & Iraq can AND will still eliminate most if not all terrorist groups in Syria & Iraq — more quickly.

    The deals that the U.S. struck with Russia regarding Syria were more for benefit of U.S. officials — to save face and to have a seat at the ‘transition’ table (as per unanimous UNSC Resolution 2254).

    If U.S. officials allow Bush/NeoCon elements in CIA/DoD to ‘screw the pooch’ in Syria, Americans lose.

    Syria & Syrians will eventually win (as will Russia, fortunately or unfortunately). The ‘pooch’ is not happy.

  20. Since this is not by chance, what do the US want to attain by this, can you see any strategy here Gordon?

    There is temporary benefit on the ground but surely they expect the Syrians and Russians to respond and take what is lost back.

    Is this a provocation by the US trying to start war with Russia? It doesn’t make much sense if this is a one time thing, likely they (US) will do more of this.

    I’d like to se the SU-35’s and S-400/500’s clean the Syrian sky of US, Israeli, Turkish and whoever else fly there contrary to international law, on the other hand things would escalate from there.

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