Pentagon release statement on Deir Ezzor massacre



Al-Masdar News
Pentagon release statement on Deir Ezzor massacre

Following initial reports that at least 80 of the Syrian army had been massacred in Deir Ezzor by US airstrikes, preliminary reports are now suggesting it is at least 100 dead and 100 injured.

The Pentagon Press Release states absolutely nothing on the massacre with a simple quote of “Near Dayr Az Zawr, a strike damaged five ISIL [Daesh] supply routes.”

According to a CENTCOM release however, it claims that the United States had told Russia of its impending airstrike on the area where the Syrian Army was located. The bombardment had only concluded when Russia had told the United States that it was possibly targeting the Syrian Army and not ISIS.

There are also reports that the United States had using jamming devices so that the Syrian Army were not aware of the impending massacre.

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  1. “it claims the United States told Russia”….and what else slinks around under the cover of the “United States” these days?….. President John F Kennedy publicly announced of a plot to enslave every American, every man woman and child, they killed him 7 days later…..what was 9 11 was good for? ….. not everything that calls itself the United States and running under the cover of the United States is the United States …of that there is certainty

  2. I’m sorry to say this but.without nukes Syrian sovereignty would not be respected and consequently, a deal on the Golan Heigths could not be achievable neither on a Palestinian state, the true cause of ISIS existance. Other than that, the Jewish dream of the Greater Israel background has shown to be not a conspiracy theory but a theory on practicy..

  3. Well, this statement certainly emits a strong odor of that substance which falls from beneath the tail of the bull.

  4. Seems odd that we always seem to be the ones who have these “accidents”. But then maybe they are not accidents – just the little pranks that worthless old farts are using to get a nice big war started. So when is Syria going to announce that any uninvited planes over their airspace will be shot down? Maybe that will weed out the clowns who either don’t know how to read maps, or who are following orders issued by fools.

  5. So they were tracking them for months and just happened to miss now… And “they” say that “contact is not required”, yet say they did contact the Russians??? disgusting… I feel that the “they” do not represent the true American interests of de escalating the conflict. The US can’t be analyzed as anything monolithic at the moment with regards to foreign policy..

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