Incompetent American Doofuses try to start WW3 in Syria?


by  Preston James

On September 17, 2016, so-called “Coalition Forces” led by the US bombed the Syrian Army in Deir Ezzor, Syria, mass-murdering 62 regular Syrian Army and wounding 100 others, according to a credible news report.

It is unclear if there were any Russian Federation Special forces advisors murdered by this attack, which was illegal under international law and constitutes not only an act of war against Syria, but a clear cut war crime.


If Russian Federation Special Forces advisors were murdered, this then constitutes an act of war against the Russian Federation.

This appears to anyone who examines the evidence as an attempt to assist ISIS, which is exactly what happened.

Obviously the US Military has no legal or Constitutional right to be fighting in Syria, assisting ISIS or even in the Mideast at all. This itself is a major war crime.

old glory flag

And it seems pretty clear that this attack on Syrian Army was an attempt by Washington DC to assist ISIS in their battle with the Syrian Army.

It about time everyone understand that ISIS is the abbreviation for Israeli Intelligence Secret Service. And since Israel has infiltrated and hijacked the USG, the Administration and the Pentagon, it should be very clear to all that the US Military has helped to create, finance, supply and (along with Israel) train ISIS.

It is well known to Intel insiders that the US military has been secretly supplying ISIS while claiming to be fighting it.

How’s that for complete duplicity and a total violation of the US Constitution and all international and US Federal Law?

It is also a gross deception upon the American People who are naïve enough to believe anything the Controlled Major Mass media publishes or broadcasts.

There are well vetted tales of US warplanes bombing deserted buildings when supposedly bombing ISIS and dropping supplies directly to ISIS when supposedly supplying the Syrian Freedom Fighters which are nothing less than another engineered color revolution to destabilize Syria and use it as jumping off point to destabilize and attack Iran.

Samantha Power (file photo)
Samantha Power (file photo)

The attack was intentional. How do we know this attack was intentional and not a mistake? Samantha Power refused an apology and attempted to shift blame to the Russians.

This attempted shift in blame and refusal to apologize shows mal-intentions and criminal leadership in DC. Power’s behavior resulted in the Russian negotiator abruptly leaving the emergency Security Council Meeting.


What was the purpose of this attack?

This appears to be a US attempt to torpedo the cease fire that was negotiated between the USG and the Russian Federation and create a serious conflict with the Russian Federation.

This is a serious war crime and if Russian Special Forces were murdered, this could further provoke the Russian Federation and set off a process leading to an ICBM based nuclear WW3.

The US has no legal right to even be in the Mideast or Syria in the first place, but the Russian Federation does because its long term ally Syria ask it to assist in its defense. The Russian Federation has a lot of money invested in Syria and will not let the USG, the Khazarian Mafia and Israel muscle in.

It appears that the US Administration is attempting to provoke the Russian Federation into a nuclear WW3, hoping they will launch a major first strike.

Another big lie has been fed to the Doofus cutouts running the USG.

It appears that these US Administration Doofus/Cutouts have been assured that America has complete nuclear superiority and can defeat any Russian or Chinese nuclear attacks by stopping their ICBM early in their flights.

This is a big lie and will be used to con these Doofuses into starting WW3 while the real controllers go underground and hide until the fireworks are over and America is defeated and the Russian Federation is damaged and weakened.

Then these KM Chieftains will come out and resume their Globalist NWO agenda. They always like to dispose of their Doofus cutouts as soon as they no longer need them. This of course is a very crafty way to do so, by deceiving them into a suicidal war with the Russian Federation.

It appears there is a very crafty backup plan if this strategy fails.

If this doesn’t produce the desired result of a nuclear exchange with the Russian Federation, there is a backup plan that has been ready to go for well over a year.


That would be for a rogue cell in the USAF to set off an aerial nuke at between 100-200,000 feet while simultaneously shutting down about 9 main switching centers and claiming it was an EMP. The smart-meter network, which was never explained to or consented to by the American people, provides the necessary technology to stage and implement such a mass power outage and can send enough dirty voltage through the lines to start fires and damage appliances.

Experts have claimed that none of these smart meters are UL-approved, and this makes them blatantly illegal and unsafe – actual fire hazards. It’s amazing what serious political power and some well placed “Backsheesh” can accomplish in the utility business, no?

There is allegedly one corporation that operates the smart meter network. When you discover who this is, who works there and their connections, you will understand a great deal.

Cyber-generated bogies can be utilized to fool the USAF to see nonexistent supposedly incoming ICBMs and the USG would order a major launch to combat this. Within seconds of this launch, the Russian Federation would issue counterstrike launch orders from their fixed and movable systems and submarines.

Newly designed nukes are more anti-personnel than explosive, and their fallout decays rapidly.

Because most of the new nukes are anti-personnel, and not anti-building, the victor (if there was one) would be able to easily seize the loser’s nation.


Plato: “And don’t you think that being deceived about the truth is a bad thing, while having a grasp of the truth is good? And don’t you think that having a grasp of the truth is having a belief that matches the way things are?”
Plato: “And don’t you think that being deceived about the truth is a bad thing, while having a grasp of the truth is good? And don’t you think that having a grasp of the truth is having a belief that matches the way things are?”


The best guess would be that Russian superiority would win the day, which is what the Globalist NWO leaders (The RKM Chieftains) who would be hiding in certain Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) want, since it’s likely that a minimum of 30% of the human populace would die in this first round. If there was a second round that would take about another 30%.

Obviously a very good informed guess is that all this is all being driven inside the Beltway by a belief that the US is about to go over a financial cliff and this USG provocation to WW3 is best explained a series of engineered “covering events”.

One thing you can be certain of however, is that very extensive ultra-high tech mind-control (psychotronic and other) has been deployed to shape the beliefs of the Doofus Cutouts and the American populace.

Sadly, most Americans do not yet know that the USG is using ISIS as a proxy force for Israel to destabilize and destroy one more nation – Syria – and then to do the same in Iran next.

How could Americans know, since the Controlled Major Mass Media provides a News Cartel controlled by a major investment house which claims to be on the vanguard of investment and has been financing ISIS, paying for weapons and supplies and oil tankers?


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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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  1. Indeed, USG officials with khazarian hands shoved up their arses, working their mouths like pathetic ventriloquist dummies, have been provoking Russia to strike first for a couple years now. Personally, I find comfort in the fact that Putin’s personal intelligence exceeds the intelligence of the entire USG, combined. At least there’s a thinking person on one side of the conflict and not just a bunch of compromised, disingenuous thugs, who will say and do anything to keep their paymasters happy. All the MSM dupes speculate endlessly over hysterical conspiracy theories that suggest Trump is a Putin stooge. I wish it was true, because it would be a step in the right direction. Sadly, it’s not true, as of yet anyways. What they’ve done is use these hysterical conspiracy theories to justify amassing NATO troops on Russia’s borders. I remember Trump threatening to cut NATO’s budget during his campaign and now, with this new and totally fabricated threat of “Russian aggression” NATO again has a bad guy to protect us from, but most importantly a justification for its unjustifiable budget, albeit a false justification. They’re playing games with people’s lives to keep the money flowing into the coffers of the merchants of death, at everyone’s expense.

  2. The “conspiracy” of the U.S. supporting the Zionists in Syria (and elsewhere) is no surprise to Veteranstoday readers; so this incident is more of the same. I add a few observations: (1)
    Trump, yes Trump. Let’s assume his contacts with Putin and the Russians, who will want “pay off” for their election help. But Trump’s loud redundant boast that he will destroy ISIS clashes with Netanyahu and the Zionists, included neo-coms. What will be the denouement of his clash? Will Trump to save himself pretend to fight ISIS while assisting it? (2) the U.S. economy is stretched, witness the deficits and threat that big Republican spending and tax cuts could crash the markets? (3) whatever happens in Washington and Tel Aviv, Putin is for real and will not let his military victory be lost to Zionist ploting.

  3. Game is on! Now they have accused Russia of attacking civilians. Apparently a U.S. drone was seen above the area, right before the attack.

    Can it get more obvious they want war with Russia and are trying to throw Syria in for the Israelis who have always wanted their land.. Oh and now they will have all the weapons they need with a new 39 billion Obama just gave them.

    “Armageddon” Har Meggido, is supposed to be played out in the area between Syria and Israel………hmmmmmm they are sure trying to fulfull that prophesy.

    • Like I keep saying, VT readers are the best anywhere, incredibly well read and well informed, the most intelligent anywhere on the Internet. This comment is just one example of so many here.

    • And make no mistake about it the US Military is in Syria as a part of their covert war strategy to destroy Syria and Balkanize it for Israel. The US never had any right to be in the Mideast in any capacity in the 1st Gulf war or the second and certainly has zero right to be in Iraq and Syria now. It is an occupation force for Israel and is waging an illegal covert war against Syria in order to take it over and use it as a base to attack and destroy Syria and then erode the Russian trading and commerce systems and take down the Russian Federation. The USG’s specialty: mass murdering of innocent civilians by the millions and irradiating the whole Mideast war theater with Depleted Uranium, while making sure the US Soldiers deployed there are exposed to numerous disabling compounds including DU and toxic laced vaccines and a total “crazy-making situation like Vietnam” that make them suicidal when they return home and realize what they were suckered into doing under the false pretense of protecting America.

    • My neighbor returned from Afghanistan with PTSD and various illnesses and his 28 year old body is hammered. He just tried to commit suicide…

  4. Yes, with a reservation. Nothing should detract from our commitment to deconstruct the KM and bring its Chieftains to justice. But we also need to be aware of the deep-black and beyond-black unacknowledged programs to draw attention to them and begin a process of exposing their dark secrets. This alone can dis-empower them. That is why they work so hard to maintain secrecy. And it is these esoteric matters which empower these KM Chieftains.

  5. Preston. Good article. Those that feel safe by hiding in tunnels, do not measure sismic effect of thousand nuclear explosions in 24 Hrs. Believing that a Deep cave its a Passport into survival could highly end up like trapped rats under tectonic weight.
    All tunneling done since late forties were just unproven theory. Besides, once the nuclear exchage settle down, hardly anyone could dare expose to radiation and nuclear fall out, if alive;
    USG and the masons within and behind are playing with fire thinking that may live forever as chosen ones for eternity with the end of US and the World, very wrong.

    • Excellent points roger and I think you are correct. As some have heard there have been at least two alleged battles underground in these tunnels somewhat recently, one cracked the Washington monument. there is a high tech secret high technology war going on underground right now. If these KM Top Chieftains and their lieutenants and consigliores go into their designated DUMBs and then set off an ICMB based nuclear WW3, they have a very big surprise awaiting them. One of my best “secret space war” sources claims they will be eaten as “filet minion” by a certain subterranean reptoid species that has been barred from walking on the Earth’s surface. I know this sounds incredulous, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. And if that doesn’t happen your point roger about some basic structural insecurities in tunnels and Dumbs when massive faults and earthquakes will appear is likely correct.

    • Bill Cooper was a disinfo agent. Just look at his nonsense about JFK being shot by the driver Greer. Just one of many examples of deliberate disinfo from Cooper.

    • roger, I saw this story on the internet some years ago. There is a timeline where those cabal guys hunkered down in their DUMBs to sit out the nuclear holocaust they had unleashed on the surface. They stayed down for so long that they devolved into those little Grey critters who can’t stand sunlight, with all sorts of genetic defects. Apparently they are here now, having travelled back in time to tell their ancestors not to make that terrible error of judgement going down into those DUMBs. I have no idea if this is true….

    • How does that alter anything? The Greer scenario is not merely’ infallible’ it is downright fraudulent, only a completely dishonest person could put forward such a theory, it is obvious disinfo. Cooper lied a lot, about many other things too.

    • You obviously don’t understand how disinfo works, otherwise you wouldn’t ask such a question. Try reading a Psywar manual, several US ones can be found online.

  6. Don´t try to distract from the real culprits, we know very well that they are earthling people and not some ET forces. It doesn´t work anymore.

  7. Actually I found out more than I ever wanted to about these matters. There is apparently a Secret Space War Treaty in place at a certain level of Intel that has become a supra-entity in and of itself. What has apparently occurred is that in several of the powerful nations, beyond-black unacknowledged, special access Secret Space programs have emerged and over time unified to fight a common set of parasitical alien ET entities, some from Earth and some inter-dimensional from outer space. There is a secret treaty that has allegedly emerged unifying all these groups from each involved nation into one function supra-MJ-12 type entity. The agreement is allegedly that none of these ultra high tech secret space war weapons will ever be deployed in any wars on Earth between nations who are part of this supervisory group, and if there are to be earthly wars, they will be left to the nations themselves to win or lose. It is my understanding that the Russian Federation is part of this secret agreement and so is the US/SSG. But very few officials have been allowed to know this information. Now there is always another possibility to consider and that is that there could be a great deal of various esoteric pressures brought on world leaders to fight any major war according to a pre-set and accepted plan where both sides accept a certain number of deaths and casualties.

  8. They are running the false flags and now two taser then shoot and murders by the police, after the moronic movement in Syria. The pennant of stupidity is flying higher Dr. .

  9. With the beast having overthrown the rule of law and installed the antichrist as puppet “president”, the U.S. government now exists in name only. Having lost all legitimacy, it now does nothing but the beast’s dirty work; it has become an “image of the beast” (Rev 13:14).

    And what is the beast’s dirty work? It’s the forcible imposition of Satanic, messianic communism on the whole world; i.e., the Satanic “New World Order”, which is the attempted fulfillment of Isaiah 14:13,14.

    I’m sorry to say it but I believe that America is the so-called Biblical “Mystery Babylon” (Rev 17:5) which is apparently destroyed in a nuclear war (Rev 18:8, Jeremiah 50:23).

  10. How could Americans know, since the Controlled Major Mass Media serves only selected soundbytes, to tell-a-vision of a version they need the public to accept through mouth of one of its spokesperson’s Samantha Power,….”a News Cartel controlled by a major investment house… financing ISIS, paying for weapons and supplies and oil tankers”…. all systems they have left to hold back the force of truth are failing and will fall from the sky

  11. Will Russia Surrender? -Dr Paul Craig Roberts
    ht tp://beforeitsnews. com/opinion-conservative/2016/09/will-russia-surrender-dr-paul-craig-roberts-3188879.html

  12. Syria and Russia had already invoked a “no-fly zone” shortly after a Russian airbase was established near the town of Latakia. However, since the dastardly US/UK air attack now offers a golden opportunity for the Syrian Govt – supported by Russia (Iran & China) to issue the sternest warning that ANY uninvited military aircraft invading Syrian sovereign airspace – American, British, Israeli or NATO – will be legitimately shot down in defense of its citizens and military personnel.
    This is where the S-400 missile defense system is deployed; this would be the “red line” Syria/Russia should immediately implement .. and enforce.

  13. I see the treacherous act as a defacto demand for Russian surrender. And I ask myself: What would I do if I were Russia?

    I would try to roll with the punches and avoid direct conflict, while waiting to see if there will be an election in the U.S. and if so, if Trump will win. In the meantime, I would be pushing hard to field the new S-500 missile defense system.

    If the election happens, and Trump wins (and subsequently takes office), then whew! We avoid a world war. But if Trump has an “accident” or anything happens where the elections are postponed or cancelled, that means war with the U.S. is inevitable, and I would strike the U.S.hard with everything I had when they are least expecting it.

    • I totally agree with you, Harold. I, too, see this treacherous act as a de facto demand for Russia’s surrender .. However, Russia’s never been that type. Imperial Russia simply pulled out of WWI; the USSR won WWII, but lost the Cold War by simply breaking up .. It never surrendered.
      What would I do if I were Russia, you say? I’d do mostly what you’d do. First of all – besides running with the punches and avoiding direct conflict, I’d hasten the deployment of the new S-500 missile defense system throughout the Federation territories to prevent any enemy aircraft and/or missiles from striking their targets. In other words, I’d prevent a USSA first strike with the S-500 deployments.
      If Donald Trump were to win in November (and subsequently take office), we’d avoid a world war .. but, as you said, if Trump has an “accident” or anything happens wherein the elections are postponed or cancelled, that means war with the USSA is inevitable, and I’d strike the US first with everything I had when they’re least expecting it.

  14. “Power’s behavior resulted in the Russian negotiator abruptly leaving the emergency Security Council Meeting.”

    Dr James, the following link shows that it was Power that left the meeting in such a manner that “Stunned, her Russian counterpart Vitaly Churkin called her walk-out an act of ‘unprecedented contempt’.

    Samantha Power loses it, walks out of UN meeting on US airstrike against Syrian soldiers:

    Problem with people like Power is that they mistakenly guess that they own the world whereas the truth is that they do not own even their own economy.

    • You’re 100% right, Aziz; Samantha Power WAS the one who abruptly left the emergency Security Council meeting in such a manner that “stunned her Russian counterpart Vitaly Churkin, who called her walk-out an act of ‘unprecedented contempt’.
      Power’s an idiot who never should’ve been chosen to lead the US Delegation in the first place; her knowledge/expertise in SC diplomacy and handling of crises such as the US/UK air attack on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near Aleppo is slim to none. Only an inexperienced idiot would choose a like-minded idiot to head the US Delegation to the Security Council, and that idiot is, of course, Barack Obama.

    • @eileenkuch

      I have a few Nobel Peace prizes just gathering dust at home and I wish to get rid of them, were I to award one to you would you accept it ?

  15. The USG has become the worlds’ biggest nightmare and the people of America could give them a run for their own money and sake.What would be left to enjoy after WW III ? Ya, you may be alive but now its another dog eat dog world and you need to learn how to survive in the burnt-out wastelands/ waterlands. I always thought that the reason for the NSA and 100 other agencies was to collect everyone’s data and attitude towards the Gov. so that later they could either off you – or give you a pass right after the US implodes, the polar shift arrives, the grid takes a dump or worse WW III . I guess we need a good article on what is the NSA using all that personal info for ? Keep the music up – it makes a great ending for a depressing article – spacibo

  16. Preston you said: There is allegedly one corporation that operates the smart meter network. When you discover who this is, who works there and their connections, you will understand a great deal. Can you tell me who is this corporation. Thank you very much !

    • Energy trading, transmission, reliability and smart grid are not my specialties. If you do some deep net searches you can probably discover the corporation that handles this nationally in America and perhaps other nations too. At least that is what I have been told by a good source. I can’t state the name in this format but most in the power industry know who this is and what they are supposed to do and some detailed searches should help you identify this company and who runs it.

  17. Either way, it is clear that America will continue if Russia is retreating, it’s all over. Or is Russia afraid or is released, it’s obvious. No dialogue with Europe and America is not possible, but stubbornly Russia third dialogue, a sign of weakness.

  18. If only there was a diplomatic way or a breach in international law that could make Syria ascend to CSTO and stop this domino worldwide regime change abomination from US ministry of war. Russians will continue to get demonized obviously but they have already won the battle of hearts and minds of ordinary folks, especially in Europe and Middle east, for what it matters.

  19. Thank you Preston for this article. (I apologize for posting twice, I made a mistake in my reply to JohnBrown) I wanted to ask you to review this video of the Syrian Army soldiers injured at Deir Ezzor attack. There were reconnaissance aircraft in the area hours before the attack, taking photos, according to the soldiers. I want to know who was this? Was it US or another state? Did they give the US false information? The soldiers initially thought they were friendlies which was interesting. I wonder if there is satellite imagery of the airport showing who was in the area during day, that could be used to identify the perpetrator, even if they were a “false flag,” the imagery could be used to track the aircraft. Here is the video:

  20. There are lots of sources out there for real patented devices. Search neural dust. Here is an article that recently appeared in the Independent. Think that if this is being discussed now mainstream, it has been tested for at least 10-15 years prior.

    When reading this article, think about the criminal applications of this technology, and if it has truly been around for a while, there are probably all kinds of applications it has been used for. Recently an article also appeared in Activist Post that asked for ethics to be considered about Mind Control. Years ago, friends of mine approached the Bioethics Commission at a conference and asked them to work on legislation to protect possible victims. They were politely turned away and were given the silent treatment. Many of these activists are now in hiding and have taken down years of research that Eleanor White took down her large website raven1 and the TI – Targeted Individual Community has always been sidelined as conspiracy. It has now turned main stream, so what comes next when there is no regulation? At least we know about it. That is the first step.

    • Yes, Raven Knight, there is a lot of super sophisticated mind-kontrol technology available and already deployed. This is what easily produces so many FBI lone wolf “terrorists”, duped populace who believe everything the CMMM broadcasts or publishes and everything the USG claims. We have satellite and ground EMF transmissions, including pulsed beam microwave, ELF, Scalar, inhaled chemtrail substances that can be flashed once they migrate to the brain and all kinds of very sophisticated algorithm driven A.I. culture manipulations. This is why Hollywood moguls and top actors are paid so much, to covertly shape culture, instill Babylonian Talmudic values which are actually anti-human and anti-society, and basically to serve as a Establishment Hierarchy mind-kontrol agent against the American People.

    • Their mind control technology is very, very good. And the beauty of using mind control is that the victim is not even aware that he is not exercising his free will to do what he has done. Does not even have to be technology. Powerful psychics simply use the power of their mind. I’ve seen it working at close quarters. Hell, they even do it to me. Bastards! It’s such bad manners.

  21. Hi Preston – thanks for this informative article. Can you point to a credible source for “ultra-high tech mind-control (psychotronic and other)?” I would really appreciate it. There’s so much to read on the subject that seems to ramble and if any site has a coherent and scientific approach to this, please reply. Thanks.

    • Sorry, I did not hit reply, see my reply to your comment above yours. There is lots of information out there. I went to my first Mind Control Conference in Los Angeles back in 2002. Ted Gunderson spoke there. It was actually quite amazing and we protested at City Hall afterwards. I gave Ted a ride to the protest, and it was quite amazing to know such a legend of a person. He really did care about the TI community and tried to expose the pedophile rings which are currently being exposed since well before 2002. So many people have died or are in hiding and cannot be found since then. It is very sad. So many have worked so hard to get this information out, and it gets blocked intentionally. Never trust AI.

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