Trump calls for racial profiling, citing Israel’s success



[Editor’s note: Anyone who still tries to claim that trump isn’t a Zionist puppet is starting to look rather misguided, or to be more blunt, stupid. Israel is a Zionist police state, a very racist and oppressive one where the police are able to brutalise and murder minorities with almost complete impunity. Clearly Trump thinks that it would be a good thing to emulate the Israeli system in the USA.

When he calls the US police ‘amazing’ he is either a moron or more likely, spouting BS because even a moron can see that the police in the US are turning into a bunch of thugs and murderers, just like the Israelis who trained them. This is by design of course, the design of the Zionists and Neocons that are trying to put their puppet Trump into the White House.

Then there’s the issue of how Trump knew the incident in NYC was a bomb before the authorities announced that it was a bomb. Such foreknowledge is incredibly suspicious and might lead one to suspect that the incident was staged by the Zionists in order to give creedence to Trump’s disgusting racist rhetoric and appalling calls for racial profiling.

When Trump says ‘I knew this was going to happen’ one must suspect that he knew because he was told what was going to happen by his Zionist handlers, the same people who destroyed the WTC in order to further their goal of global hegemony. These evil scumbags would not hesitate to set off a few bombs and send a few psychopaths into shopping malls with knives if it furthered their goal of putting their puppet into the White House.

As we enter the home stretch of this campaign, the mainstream media and pollsters, both Zionist controlled, have gotten solidly behind Trump, as we predicted. Ian]

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Trump calls for racial profiling, citing Israel’s success

As he as done several times in recent months, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump cited Israel as his example for the success of “profiling” in the prevention of terror attacks.

In a phone interview Monday on “Fox and Friends,” Trump said he would “knock the hell out of” terrorist groups.

Trump said that police “are afraid to do anything” to stop attacks like the bombing in New York.

“You know, our police are amazing,” he told Fox News. “Our local police, they know who a lot of these people are. They’re afraid to do anything about it because they don’t want to be accused of profiling.”

Trump cited Israel as a model for the US to emulate. “You know in Israel, they profile. They’ve done an unbelievable job, as good as you can do.”

He said Americans are reluctant to follow Israel’s example due to political correctness, “and this is only going to get worse.”

Trump also repeated his call to crack down on immigration, a central theme of his campaign.

He said: “This isn’t just something that I developed overnight” because of the attacks. “I knew this was going to happen,” he added.

In June, in the wake of the Orlando attack, Trump also called for racial profiling.

In the age of international terrorism, it was a matter of choosing “common sense” over “political correctness,” he said in an interview on CBS.

African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims and other minorities in the United States have complained bitterly for decades about profiling, in which police use a person’s race, religion, national origin or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting them of committing a crime.

Trump also took credit for predicting current events, once again, after he had declared that the cause of Saturday’s New York explosion was a bomb before authorities had publicly said so.

He told “Fox and Friends” that, “I should be a newscaster because I called it before the news.”

Trump also said he believes there’s a foreign connection to the attack.

It is unclear whether Trump obtained his information from some sort of briefing. His campaign has declined to say.

Trump is also saying that people who publish bomb-making instructions in magazines and on websites should be arrested “immediately.”

He said: “They’re making violence possible.”

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  1. SAY WHAT. was it not the nazi’s who began this RACIAL profiling as i said before the people who run ISRAEL are NAZI’S. IT WAS ALL A GIANT CON
    THIS LIE ALONG WITH THE HOLLOCAUST SIX MILLION .go back to 1916 you will find in the times another six million and on and on. ok , start a list but only on ONE condition. ISRAEL IS ON TOP OF THE LIST. peace and justice for ALL. mylo

  2. Whether or not Trump had foreknowledge of the NYC bombing is a nonstarter, and doesn’t address the very important question why it happened. Thw whole deal follows the well worn state sponsored script. I believe the reason for the NYC bombings was to keep The real news off of TV. It allowed the MMSM to easily avoid saying anything about US coalition forces using their combined airpower to support an ISIL/Daesh counter attack in Syria. The USA just killed and maimed 200 Syrian souls in support of terrorism, and I doubt 10% of the American people know this happened.

  3. He is and he isn’t. He isn’t and he is. I’ve yet to read anybody who can figure this guy out by just stringing a fist full of words together. I thought to be a zionist you had to be a jew, maybe you could call him a neocon. I liked how he “Rick rolled” the press yesterday, Jake Crapper was really pissed off, well they all were. Good laugh at their expense. Let’s see if he can pull that off again. Going to be getting even better with only 52 days left to blast off! YEE HAWWW

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