Former NATO chief Rasmussen wants US ‘to police the world’

epa05353051 Former Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen speaks during the Swiss Economic Forum, SEF in Interlaken, Switzerland, 09 June 2016. The SEF runs from 09 to 10 June 2016. EPA/MARCEL BIERI


… from Russia Today,  Moscow

Please don't shoot me Vlad. I'm not that bad.
“Please don’t shoot me, Vlad. I’m not that bad.”

[ Editor’s Note: You all know I am going to say, “You just can’t make this stuff up.” Ander Fogh Rasmussen gets lost in the fog, or maybe he had been there the whole time.

But someone decided to put him “in play” now, with these rather silly but none the less scary comments, as it confirms that NATO will have its Russian bogeyman come hell or high water.

We have to ask why now? And the Syrian situation comes up to the top of the list. With the Western coalition reeling from having been caught sabotaging the new ceasefire, the call went out to the old faithful Mr. Fogh to play the Red Terror charge, but he’s a bit late.

We all know whom the major threat terrorists are, and they are the boardroom, think tank, military industrial complex kind.

Dear Fogh, with Russian defense expenditures less than a tenth of the US’ and NATO’s, your pitiful attempt to display them as anything other than capable of defending themselves shows that NATO is manufacturing hyped threats for reasons outside of its charter.

We have had you nailed for this here at VT for a number of years. Thanks for proving us right. We just love confessions. BTW, who are you working for now?Jim W. Dean ]


Mother's around the world hide your children. Putin is on the loose!
Mothers around the world, hide your children. Putin is on the loose!

– First published  …  September 21,  2016

NATO's Rasmussen "nuts out"
NATO’s Rasmussen “nuts out”

Former NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen has called on the US to act as the world’s policeman to “counter autocrats like President [Vladimir] Putin.” He made the comments in an editorial for the Wall Street Journal.

In his opinion, only the US has the “credibility” to be a “policeman to restore order, a firefighter to put out the flames of conflict, and a kind of mayor, smart and sensible, to lead the rebuilding.”

Central to his desire to have a strong America is his belief in the necessity to counteract President Putin, who he called an “autocrat,” while adding that “Russia is obsessed with rebuilding the empire the Soviet Union lost.”

“The world needs such a policeman if freedom and prosperity are to prevail against the forces of oppression, and the only capable, reliable and desirable candidate for the position is the United States,” the former NATO secretary general wrote in his editorial. 

"Duck, he's got a gun!"
“Duck, he’s got a gun!”

He also praised the US for its “leadership of the international rules-based order—which was created after World War II and which secured for the world an unprecedented period of peace, progress and prosperity.”

Rasmussen fails to consider that since the start of the new millennium, the US has been involved in disastrous campaigns in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Pakistan’s tribal regions, while it has also failed in its fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Washington’s record in the 20th century was not much better, with campaigns in Vietnam, Korea and the former Yugoslavia, which brought wide-scale suffering to the local populations.

In 2015, a landmark study by the Washington DC-based Physicians for Social Responsibility group said that the death toll from 10 years of the ‘War on Terror’ since the 9/11 attacks is at least 1.3 million, and could be as high as 2 million.

Despite the horrific statistics, this did not stop Rasmussen from saying that the US was looking for peace across the world in his piece for the Wall Street Journal.

“Just as only America has the material greatness to stop the slide into chaos, only America has the moral greatness to do it—not for the sake of power, but for the sake of peace.” 

Although not openly backing a candidate in November’s US presidential elections, Rasmussen seems to bank on a victory for Hillary Clinton, who has been openly critical of Russia and has expressed the need to continue to support NATO’s allies in Eastern Europe.

“With Russia being more aggressive, making all kinds of intimidating moves toward the Baltic countries… it is not in our interests. Think of how much it would cost if Russia’s aggression were not deterred because NATO was there on the front lines making it clear they could not move forward,” Clinton said in April. 

“When America retrenches and retreats—if the world even thinks that American restraint reflects a lack of willingness to engage in preventing and resolving conflicts—it leaves a vacuum that will be filled by crooked autocrats across the world,” Rasmussen wrote. 

The former NATO chief, who was also previously prime minister of Denmark, did not hold back in his criticism of current US President Barack Obama for his “reluctance to lead the world” against President Putin.

“While Europe and the US slept, [Putin] launched a ruthless military operation in support of the Assad regime in Syria and tried to present Russia as a global power challenging the US in importance,” he stated.



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  1. Wasn´t a relative of him murdered in this flase flag Norway shooting some years ago with Anders Beijvik as lone wolf assassin ?

  2. If they are policing the world like they are policing at home with their militarized cops we should better die in bed fast.

  3. It is really dangerous to suggest that policing is out there for the highest bidder, meaning the one who puts most of its country’s money into army and guns. As if the ambition to police was born out of a craving for the use of force, rather to maintain and preserve the law. In this case international law. But that is the life motto for NATO psychopaths. Machiavelli is well and alive and Rasmussen should check into a mental institution. NATO is Sparta revisited, and the sorry yankees have fallen for it desperately, maimed at their colleges with the greek experience and iconic homosexuality-exclusively-for-corruption Alexander the great. But only for so long, only for so long. Ike is probably laughing from his grave to what closely awaits the US Wehrmacht.

  4. I would rather have Honduras or Samoa policing the world. Or any other country from the 190 list of countries with Five eyes club not included and the usual US suspects out, like Turkey, Israel or Saudi Arabia. Any of those 190 countries would do a great job, surely better than USA. Vietnam would probably score perfect. They would instantly put half of Pentagon and the wolfpack in jail, and the world would be better-off. If there is such a thing as the “international community” then USA/UK are not a part of it, nor cannot be. Although they forged the very term, for their own benefits and seniority of their conglomerations, they have at most become an exception that confirms the rule that there is such a thing as international community besides their war ideology. That is the only exceptional thing about USA these days.

  5. I’m still waiting for anyone to tell me, what “Russian aggression” are these mentally ill skin walkers talking about? Is it Russia’s respectable, successful and legal involvement in Syria, which has proven to be the most effective anti-terrorism campaign to date? Is it because Russia flies jets over US war ships operating 30 miles off Russia’s coast in the Baltic Sea? Is it because Russia held a legitimate, internationally recognized referendum where 90+% of Crimeans voted to join the Russian federation, after the US/Israeli backed, Nazi Svoboda party began creating chaos in the region? What Russian aggression is this fool talking about and why does he insist on embarrassing himself and the US by making such preposterous statements.

  6. “In his opinion, only the US has the “credibility” to be a “policeman to restore order, a firefighter to put out the flames of conflict, and a kind of mayor, smart and sensible, to lead the rebuilding.”

    America is the exact opposite of all of those things. They have zero credibility. They are the cause of global disorder. They fuel the fires of conflict, only to offer their agenda as the only solution. I didn’t think the words smart and sensible were part of the vocabulary of US officials. Of course, US officials would like to “lead the rebuilding”. In the sense that they would love for US based multinationals to obtain the contracts to rebuild the nations they themselves have destroyed. How convenient it must be for the psychopaths to profit from both the destruction and reconstruction of nations.

    Seriously, how many more times are we going to let them drag us into their murderous, profit driven conflicts? Wars have always been about the expansion of empire, holding nations hostage through debt servitude and collecting taxes from larger numbers of people. Making a comparative handful of rich sociopaths richer, at the expense of everyone else. That’s what war is. Don’t forget, these parasites have underground cities built by your tax dollars that they will cower in when the SHTF, while we’re all left to deal with the chaos they created.

  7. One can only assume this clown was talking after consuming a massive cocktail of alcohol and illegal drugs.

    And if not, he must be an idiot

  8. Sadly this article reinforces the power of the MMSM. That such statements are rolled out as truths in face of overwhelming evidence of the opposite. Who is Rassmusin’s audience? Is he speaking for theater? If so who are the audience? Do the representatives of the UN member states believe such bombastical talk? The only valid reasons to answer yes to the last question is; their pockets are stuffed full of the booty of constant war yet there remains room for more, or someone is dangling their dirty, compromising picture in a threatening way. Or, God forbid these guys have the IQ of a fence post. By the way who do these idiots represent anyway?

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