Extinction Level Threat – Mind-control: the Missing Link


by  Preston James


Any serious effort by any investigative journalist who tries to report in the Mainstream Media that mind-control is the missing link in all world terrorism and mass-shootings (which just happen to occur in gun-free zones) is quickly neutralized.

The Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) run by six medias moguls who report to a major investment house on the vanguard of investment technology will either ignore such disclosures or will attempt to discredit that journalist.


Any official USG and Alphabet spokesmen will quickly deny any such issues have legs and will usually call the journalist by the CIA-created term “conspiracy theorist”, a label which works well discrediting that journalist.

Despite all these denials and attributed labeling as a “conspiracy theorist” one will receive when they identify sophisticated mind-control techniques as a root cause of lone-wolf terrorist acts, such a declaration is true.

Sophisticated high-tech Mind-control has allowed the Top Chieftains of the Khazarian Mafia to take control over the American People.

The development and deployment of this Mind-control technology has become extensive and invasive after being combined with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) algorithms and quantum (inter-dimensional computers). This has allowed a small group of Khazarian Mafia (KM) Chieftains who sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy (EH) and who run most of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) to gain control over all of the USG, the Alphabets and all American Law Enforcement.

And it is important to realize that this now ultra-high-tech Mind-Kontrol is also partly based on thousands of years of esoteric knowledge passed down within the Ruling Class (Twelve Kenite Bloodlines).

But the recently discovered technology necessary to remotely hack the human brain and entrain its thoughts, belief and attitudes is by far the most effective means of Mind-control. And unless it is stopped or neutralized does pose the greatest threat to the very survival of the human race itself.

Psychotronic Mind-Kontrol is now an extinction level threat.


The reason this new psychotronic mass-Mind-Kontrol is actually an extinction level threat. Why? Because those who have been deploying it are unimaginably evil, soulless psychopaths. And they (themselves) have become possessed by esoteric spiritual entities which have deluded them to become deeply committed to attaining a Globalist NWO Agenda that is designed to destroy 90% of all humans in the first round and then the last 10% in stages.

As many psychologists and behavioral scientists realize attitudes can become precursors for deviant actions, especially when they are mind-kontrolled and adequately triggered. Thus it is reasonable to view attitudes as “potential actions”.

So naturally it has been a high priority for the KM Top Chieftains to secretly finance and promote the most sophisticated means possible to mass mind-kontrol the American People. They have done this through infiltrating, consolidating and hijacking the Major Mass Media, mainstream broadcast radio networks and TV. TV has been their best means for mass-mind programming of the masses until ultra high tech psychotronics were developed and deployed the last 25 years.

It is now known for certain that the newest techniques of Psychotronic Mind-Kontrol have been deployed against certain individuals. Some randomly selected, some whistleblowers targeted for harassment and cognitive deconstruction. But all such deployments are tests and are used to hone and perfect these psychotronic remote conductive entrainment systems, usually complex A.I.-driven quantum computer-based algorithms.


“Mass Psychology of Submission” … Personalities who are more frightened of rebellion than of the consequences of their subjugation.

If one’s attitudes are culturally conditioned to have anti-human attitudes, a suitable trigger is entrained or provided by a handler to coerce a mind-kontrolled individual to act in a certain deviant manner as the handler and trainer desires.

It is now clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that such mind-control is real and triggers can be deployed through hand signals, voiced instructions, tone and display of certain symbols, as well as remotely induced and entrained directly into the skull by high-tech electronic warfare methods which are referred to as psychotronics.

Some very high level Intel insiders (best described as Intel Cowboys) are well aware that certain major defense contractors now market top secret psychotronic induction devices for entrainment and triggering.



Nano and Sonic Technologies against Americans on Mainland US

Now for those doubters who read this and think, “Oh this is just another attempt to lead away from the deviant criminals who infiltrated and hijacked the USG in 1913”, here is my answer.

Mind control isn't just science fiction. Researchers have designed a brain implant that can control the actions of mice with the press of a button. Scientists used soft materials to create a brain implant a tenth the width of a human hair that can wirelessly control neurons with lights and drugs. (Photo : Jeong lab, University of Colorado Boulder)
Scientists used soft materials to create a brain implant one-tenth the width of a human hair that can wirelessly control neurons with lights and drugs, and control the actions of mice with the press of a button. (Photo: Jeong lab, Univ. of Colorado Boulder)

You are right in your assumption where this take-down of the US Republic started, but you are wrong about your assumption that this discussion of deployed Mind-control is an attempt to lead astray.

One of the first tests occurred in a major sporting goods chain that had numerous well-balanced and mentally healthy staff crack with a major mental snap on the job. It was done through pulsed beam transmitters, which were installed in the stores.

Then the next arena for even more sophisticated tests was certain large public schools; at first special UN-approved high-efficiency lights were installed that provided inductive entrainment of students, and then high powered Wi-Fi was installed, which produced numerous mental snaps in students and teachers and staff.

In some of these initial test schools, they were first visited by Bush2, and any teachers who were completely standup had their desks sprayed with certain enzymes by Intel ops sheep-dipped as janitors, which gave them a variety of lethal diseases. Some were murdered by induction of strange, fast-growing cancers by psychotronics. Others were fired for bogus reasons, like the school’s computer department placing child pornography ads on their computers. New teachers who were too moral or standup had their contracts unexpectedly non-renewed.

This was all under control of the Mossad, the CIA and the NSA in a joint operation.


Voice of God Successful in 1991 War

The Republican Guard threw down their weapons and allowed themselves to be bulldozed to death by US Forces in the first Gulf War in Iraq.

Let’s consider one major piece of evidence that cannot be denied by anyone who reasonably examines the evidence. It’s the top secret deployment of the “Voice of God” remote entrainment system within the Iraqi Republican Guard during the 1st Gulf War which manipulated these crack soldiers into throwing down their arms and allowing themselves to be bulldozed alive into mass graves by the US Military.

Some insiders have claimed within Intel circles of peers that this technology was deployed by use of special C-130’s electronic warfare aircraft in combination with certain satellites and certain ELF ground transmitters.

I don’t know all parts of the system that was deployed, but I do know for certain that this “Voice to Skull” technology was deployed during that battle and actually was able to destroy a large part of the Republican Guard without a shot.

And it is known for certain that this deployment produced an amazingly deadly result for the US Military and their puppet-masters the Israeli Likudists and stateside NeoCon Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors within the US State Department, the Administration, Congress and all the think tanks, NGOs and private foundations (like the traitorous and Seditious CFR and the various US Defense Policy Boards).


For those who want to research themselves in detail here are some key terms and references to search out:

LRAD can broadcast speech for up to 300 meters
One example is LRAD, which can broadcast speech for up to 300 meters

1- Voice to Skull technology deployed by certain large DOD contractors, some Deep-Black and Beyond-Black.

2- Jesse Ventura’s episode “Brain Invaders” on his Conspiracy Theory network show which was later censored for the FEMA Camp episode and then later cancelled. This is periodically scrubbed from the Internet and often is then put up again for a while before it is taken down.

3- Dr. Robert Duncan, excerpt from Brain Invaders by Jesse Ventura on his now cancelled and censored Conspiracy Theory network show. He has a number of informative interviews on www.youtube.com.

4- Patrick Flanagan, Ph.D., one of the most impressive geniuses and inventors of our time, a man who was seriously persecuted by the SSG and discovered Voice to Skull and patented it only to have his patent initially seized under national security by the USG. This genius inventor is worth researching. He has drifted into the esoteric and this actually reduces his information to zero threat status to the KM.

5- Voice of God, as deployed in the 1st Gulf war.

6- Use of poppers (small approximately 2-5 foot diameter sphere and dome transmitters on buildings and a small number of tanks and armored vehicles during and after the 2nd Gulf War and invasion of Iraq which caused GIs and civilians a lot of headaches and disturbed sleep but failed to be even marginally effective in “pacifying” everyone. This is now generally regarded as a scam to extract large defense appropriations from taxpayers.

7- 1992 Com 12 Psyops Briefing Paper for USN Intel trainees, part of the secret war being waged between the USN and the USAF.

8- The CIA’s Satanic/pedophile mind-Kontrol program for very young hijacked, bought, commissioned from parents, or kidnapped children called the “Finders”.

9- Two examples of over 100 key mind-kontrol patents still in the public arena (over 200 have been classified and are not available to the public). Check out US Patent 3,951,134 “Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves” (1974); or US Patent 6,011,991 “Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity” (1998). (source Elias Alias, youtube.com)

10-The book Excalibur Briefing by Lt. Colonel Thomas Bearden.

11-The underground book on scalar transmission edited by “Commander X”, the Guide to Incredible Conspiracies, What They Don’t Want You To Know.

Do premier scientific labs have ethics, or will researchers do anything for money? "er, We know the answer, and we are just trying to determine price."
Do premier scientific labs have ethics, or will many researchers do anything for money? … “er, We know the answer to that; now we are just trying to determine their price.”



Obviously, any article that specifically described the current deployment of psychotronics (electronic warfare) against the American People would be as thick as a phone book. I have given a brief overview here.

An atom's quantum information written onto a photon polarization state
An atom’s quantum information written onto a photon polarization state

Some of this new Psi-power quantum based technology is just too sensitive right now to disclose specifically, but many VT readers can connect the dots from previous articles and draw realistic conclusions.

Suffice to say that it is associated with: the secret societies, pedophilia, child and adult torture and sacrifice; mass-murder through wars and induced crime in synthetically engineered urban jungles; the invocation and negative energy “feeding” of the Third Force; and attempted applications to triple-helix gene-splicing technology to create the synthetic soul and use of inter-dimensional quantum computers and psychotronics.

Current psychotronic and Mind-Kontrol technologies using remote induction/entrainment make it quite easy for the Secret Shadow Government’s Defense Contractors to create synthetic terror: including lone wolves willing to “sacrifice themselves”; manipulated patsies; radical mercenary groups like ISIS; and KM Cutouts and Doofuses who become willing to give up their souls to serve the KM’s “Order of the Snake” for the vast rewards they can and usually gain.

The Russian Federation has developed significant and effective means to neutralize these devices in all forms, and it is believed that others such as Dr. Keshe have such neutralizing technology.

It is no exaggeration to conclude the KM which has infiltrated and hijacked the USG and its Defense contractors is now deploying massive electronic warfare against We The People and many Americans, especially certain specific groups, which are now “deer in the headlights”, setting themselves up for slaughter watching TV and believing the CMMM, like lemmings heading for the cliff.

This bevy of psychotronic weapons includes: ground based ELF and EMF (some handheld or stationed in neighboring homes and apartments run by Intel operatives); Wi-Fi systems in home, schools and businesses; cell phone and cell tower systems; remote home phone systems; chemtrails and ingested smart dust which migrates into the CNS which can be flashed; Doppler Radar; and satellite based scalar transmissions and various unmentionable Psi-chotronic weapons, which are actually inter-dimensional quantum based Psi-power weapons.

A Plane of All Possible Worlds With Different Start Conditions - some argue that action doesn't matter because the eternal soul can just flip into a different plane, ignoring that with wrong action (destroying earth or remaining in the fetal position), the only choices are entropic, not the whole palette
Does Psi-power allow the individual to interact with a plane of all Possible Worlds with Different Start Conditions?

If you want more research, you can research these provided leads and you will eventually gain a decent brief overview of what We The People now face.

The hardest part to uncover is the beyond-black esoteric Psi-power weapons which are not covered in this article, weapons being developed now to use quantum technologies to strip the human soul out, hive the victim and reduce them to a slave, such as has been done with numerous synthetically engineered ISIS recruits. ISIS is basically a huge test for mass mind-kontrol based on psychotronically induced hiving.

I have explicated some of these means in numerous prior VT articles and who is behind them.

The concept of an Aerially discharged Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb (EMP) is often discussed as the ultimate weapon. Actually there is a sinister new EMP-derivate called the “E-Bomb” that can provide scalar emissions to suddenly reprogram the brain of millions at once, or in a different form that will neutralize the CNS of millions at once with no damage to electronics and buildings.

Some Intel insiders believe that the Russian Federation has this weapon now and perhaps in operational form. It is rumored to operate as an inter-dimensional quantum emission device which allegedly prevents any shielding and can allegedly easily penetrate DUMBs, too.

All future Electromagnetic weapons systems are likely to be based on the new quantum physics and the previously censored/removed Maxwell laws that explained such matters. Right now the Russian Federation is the world leader in these weapons by quite a long shot, according to informed Intel insiders.

Suffice to say that We The People can deploy some of these same means (especially mass-consciousness and mass-focus as raw unbridled Psi-power) against our common enemy that the Khazarian Mafia and its Top Chieftains and their Establishment Hierarchy have deployed against us. When based and combined with Truth we can attain immense mass-power not previously thought to be available.

Prayer, living by God’s rule to treat others as we want to be treated, a commitment to personal honesty and integrity and a willingness to declare the truth to all who will listen is actually a very powerful application that elicits strong Psi-power by and for We the People.

The whole KM system is a system of mass lies, deception and Mind-Kontrol. If their system of abject lies is destroyed, it will collapse like a house of cards at every level.

And many believe this happening right now, that the KM system of lies is being eroded more and more each month, thanks to the Internet and word of mouth one to another.

From 2nd L, Mike Harris, Jim Dean, Gordon Duff, Col. Jim Hanke. Dr. Barakat - Damascus Counter Terrorism conference, Dec. 02, 2014
Intel Cowboys – From 2nd L, Mike Harris, Jim Dean, Gordon Duff, Col. Jim Hanke, Dr. Barakat on far right – Damascus Counter Terrorism conference, Dec. 02, 2014

As many VT readers know, the Four Intel Cowboys at VT who attended the Conference in Damascus in December of 2104 for Combatting Terrorism and Religious Extremism were actually able to provide the information exposing the Khazarian Mafia (KM) which served as a catalyst that stopped WW3 at the time. These men overcame at least two serious interception events, one immediately neutralized by “Iron Mike” Harris who provided security for the team. Each of these four men should have received the US Congressional Medal of Honor for their bold and heroic service to America and for their successful efforts.

This process of checkmating the KM through the promotion of truth that exposes their massive system of lies and deception now becomes the responsibility of all of us, the American Masses, We The People to expose and stop.

Fortunately we have had a new weapon at our disposal, the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press. Soon a serious attempt is likely to be made to take this away from us. It may very well be that far too much truth has already been dispensed.

The big game of the KM for many years since 1913 has been to use their hijacked Major Mass Media and all the mechanism and branches of the USG, corporations and hijacked institutions to make their criminal acts which should have been public private.

Much to their horror and intense anxiety, the Internet has reversed this process by making secret acts of criminality, child-sacrifice, murder, war-making and mass-murder public.

You would be correct if you came to the conclusion that We the People are now involved in a war for our very survival: it’s the Truth versus the KM lies and their massively deployed psychotronics; and it’s their cultural Mind-Kontrol versus the Psi-power of decent Americans and others who live by the Golden Rule of treating others the way you want to be treated, aka “love your neighbor as yourself”.


Joe Bonamassa was a great fan of late late, great Gary Moore and said his music was like a storm descending on your head. Here is a tribute to his music genius: One of his greatest hits.


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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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  1. I always thought that there would be civilian apps for synthetic telepathy. I’m just wondering when the military is gona phase out it’s mind control experiment & let the civilian sector run with it. I guess when the benefits outweigh their gains in repression & mind control. When will the militarily comes clean about all the star-chamber rulings & their liability & how they will compensate for years of abuse on unwilling subjects / unduly considered enemy combatants… The military has nurtured a whole lot of resentment utilizing this tech against mostly unarmed citizens. I know that the ti’s (targeted individuals) are getting ready to band together & start prosecuting their perps (perpetrators) & their networks (Military, Church of Scientologist) Ths for accepting my friend request Ramez Naam. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nexus_Trilogy

  2. The KEY ingredient in the chemtrails which is lithium, although dispensed to cause lethargy in most humans, has the exact opposite effect on certain people, causing them to go ballistic. This makes them available to be the mind controlled zombies that go on shooting rampages for all of the false flag events.

    This is the deadly cocktail they have discovered!

  3. Yes, prayers are very important.

    Different futures lie ahead of us and the one we get is the one we create. Have a look at Chet Snow’s ‘Mass dreams of the Future’ which has been mentioned in Talbot’s ‘Holographic Universe’.

    Shakuntala Modi’s research shows that there is great destruction in the future but “with the help of God through prayers, together we have the power to prevent the massive destruction. The choice is ours and God and the heavenly beings cannot interfere with our free will.”

    If people do not wake up and consciously choose a good reality, they will sleepwalk into a bleak and dismal future. Visualize a peaceful world where people live in harmony. Do not put your energy into what you do NOT want (like saying you do not want a nuclear holocaust). We cannot save you from yourselves.

    • They do not interfere in domestic issues. Each of you get to choose what you want, and live with your choice. Not choosing is itself a choice.

      In my dream, I was told “Just do the work. Do not be attached to any outcome. Let the chips fall where they will. It is what it is. Let the people decide what they want. It’s their planet. Free them of the mind control. Tell them what is going on and let them decide”

    • The E.L.E. is coming soon. The way out is to choose the spiritual path. You choose by your thoughts, your deeds and your actions. Walk away from the distractions they throw at you. Look to what you want to happen in this world. Be kind, be caring, be loving, be joyful. Make your sphere of influence as positive as you can. Spend more time in nature. The future you get will match your vibration. Visualise a wonderful, peaceful, harmonious world. It all boils down to the individual and his choice. We have done what we can and you will be left with what you choose.

    • One can eliminate almost all (if not all) fluoride by use of multilevel water filters such as Berkey (sold all over the Internet and in outdoor stores, very highly respected and lab verified) or Zero (sold at Target stores and other stores–comes with an electronic water quality meter, NSF Certified). Some anti-fluoride “purists” use reverse osmosis first and then use additional specialized filters to pull out the fluoride such as the highly respect “Zero” brand sold retail. Reverse osmosis can get a lot of it but not all and that where additional filtering like Zero is useful. And there are some other manufacturers that make filters with this capability. Most others beside Zero sold in dept store are not designed to and cannot take out fluoride because they accept the big lie that fluoride is necessary to form strong teeth and bones (is isn’t and has the opposite effect and slows development in children and lowers their IQs up to 8-12 points as verified in respected recent medical research). The problem is that fluoride is a very small compound molecularly and can easily get through most water filters.

    • Unfortunately the shift to chloramine(from chlorine) by many municipal water supplies ruins reverse osmosis filters in a short amount of time. Refer to the salt water aquarium blogs about their efforts to eliminate chloramine. However, chloramine can be neutralized using small amounts of acorbic acid(Vit C). Flouride can be neutralized with small amounts of borax. Berkey filter after that and hope. Google is, on this occaision. your friend.

    • About a year ago, I was considering RO filters, but decided distillation is simpler and more reliable. I have not regretted it. I got a US-made distiller from Steam Pure, that seems built to last. The only gotcha is it uses charcoal after-filters (in case there are VOCs) sold only by them.

      The distilled water tastes quite good after I remineralize it with a pinch of salt. I like to also magnesium chloride (cheap when sold as nigari for tofu making), borax and maybe a few fennel seeds, soaked for a few minutes then strained out.

      You might also find a spring near you (search at FindASpring.com).

  4. The other side of the coin is, since there are so many provable conspiracies around, that many/most people are actually “conspiracy denialists”!

  5. Excellent Dr. James, excellent. I would just remind people that everything that they can do with their technology you can do with your own mind. You very simply have to stop letting them dictate reality to you. There is no reality. It’s the first thing Mr. Duff told me and I have learned just how right, as usual, he was. As they say in Dune “my mind affects my reality.” Theirs too, they are weak, they need machines and those they have picked a fight with do not…

    • There are approximately 15% of the population that absolutely can not be hypnotized, mind-controlled or otherwise influenced. They know this and it is driving them crazy..

      For the rest…there are outside and inside sources that can be utilized to prevent attacks. One has to make a concerted effort to put up barriers because this is the biggest story we should be talking about and thank you for reporting on it here!

      Morgellons is one of many side effects of the nano-technology they have rolled out in the chemtrails. These microscopic hairlike fibers with diodes on the end are inhaled or burrow through the skin and the immune system tries to force them back out. People can feel them just under the skin.. It’s horrible and this is only one of many ways they have set forth their agenda.

  6. Dr James, another key term to check out is “gay bomb”, although it really is more of a general lust bomb. I believe the first mainstream articles about it came out in 2005, and were about supposed Pentagon research in 1994 into spraying pheromones on Iraqi troops. Personally, I think that electronic methods would work better, and that they have been used for some time by contractors. Tesla said every organ and gland in your body could be tickled with its own individual frequency, so we have had many years to develop his ideas.I believe these weapons have been used on “targeted individuals” along with the usual old-fashioned methods, to make them lust after the nearest available person or creature. I wonder how many young, bright politicians have been targeted this way, perhaps even just once, with video, and then blackmailed for the rest of their lives?

    • Good point JS. They sprayed these hormone soups in certain large cities and then monitored the urine samples at the local labs. The program started in the early 1960’s and has continued even today, although the main thrust now is by manipulating TV and the popular culture to confuse sex roles. Numerous researchers have suspected that the massive use of endocrine disrupters in plastic containers (now present in water in most cities in levels that disrupt normal sex hormone levels in men and women) was not a coincidence and that plastics compounds were developed that would serve this agenda.

  7. This website links Joseph Mengele (Dr. Greene, AIG CEO Maurice Greenberg, etc) .
    to both MK-Ultra and satanic child abuse and sacrifice networks in the US.
    It’s my impression that the Third Reich’s access to alien technology during WWII is generally accepted as fact. I know that the technology mentioned is this article is well-verified. In light of the recent Satanic sacrifice of a young Swedish woman at Cern, the opening of measurable EM portals at Cern, Cern’s connection with WWII Nazis and blatantly occult attributes, that the presence of undetectable interdimensional entities may be as significant as those mentioned in this article.
    In any case, I believe prayer and universal love are our best defense against dark forces.
    Thank you, Dr. James.

  8. I really appreciate you continuing to bring this forward. Back in 2001, I found out about this from a friend who told me he knew about the technology being used, and it was similar in the Vietnam war. In Vietnam, I guess from what he said, the enemy drugged you and put in a transistor tooth which served as a microphone and programmer to the subject repeating interrogation type communication. Now technology is so much smaller. Cell phone and “blue tooth technology” are kind of off shoots which are now even dust sized according to many tech articles. The key to this being, how can the foreign objects be identified and extracted? It seems improbable that some implants could ever be extracted. Neutralizing them would be fine. Obviously they have wanted to make it impossible to remove them by both the thought about the implantee as being crazy, and there being little ability then to legitimately identify then then extract or neutralize them. It is criminal and a violation of a person, similar to rape. Please keep us posted on when something is available to neutralize implants. Everyone should own this type of device to neutralize them, especially when they are nano-sized. You can use a degausser according to the “medical ”patents online. However, it is challenging to find a strong enough degausser to neutralize the implants. They are very expensive and hard to obtain.

  9. Maybe they are experimenting since the 1960th with several psychological examination technics together with this mindcontrol weapons.

  10. Kerry admits the “parallel universe” he lives in…”Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova has repudiated the address given by the US Secretary of State at the UN Security Council regarding Syria, calling it a “show for the mass media and millions of people” where “he confessed he is in parallel universe in Syria”;

    “Commenting on what John Kerry said today regarding Syria, I think that he just confessed that it is he who is living in a ‘parallel universe’,” added Maria Zakharova.
    … this parallel universe Kerry, in the thick of it and living a false reality that only leads to the destruction of humanity….thats why we are here to step in and stop it

    Read more: https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/20160922/1045581266/syria-ceasefire-humanitarian-convoy.html

  11. Great article, Dr. James. Perhaps you should also give the sources for help against those attacks so people can further research for themselves.

    • I avoid making specific recommendation because I do not know enough about the groups which claim to provide help. My best suggestion is to do a lot of web research and discover the self-help groups that have organized, especially those near where they reside. Then come to your own conclusions about what you try.

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