How Israel Was Busted Nuking Yemen

Target arm - Livermore Nuclear Labs
Target arm - Livermore Nuclear Labs
Target arm – Livermore Nuclear Labs

[Editor’s note: This article was originally published in May 2015. We are re-publishing it today as it remains highly significant and with the current extremely high level of tension in the region, perhaps more significant now than ever. Ian]

…by Jeff Smith, with Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh

By now, every VT reader will be aware that Israel dropped a neutron bomb on Yemen on behalf of their Saudi allies. As well as the readers of VT, a billion Arabs also know this truth, every Arabic media outlet picked up the VT story as have the Russian outlets Pravda, Russia Today and Sputnik News. This story is too big to die, it is worldwide.

Israel nuked Yemen, period. This is hard fact that has been 100% confirmed.

Just watch the video, the scintillating pixels are caused by particles from the nuclear explosion hitting the camera’s sensor, there can be no other explanation; note the white hot ball of plasma seen briefly before the huge detonation.

The camera never lies

Until mobile phones with cameras and small video cameras were developed, small florescent lights were used as emergency nuclear explosion/radiation detectors.  Now, phones and CCD video cameras have become dependable “slam dunk” nuclear detectors.

The next few words are the technical explanation of why we are absolutely certain we are dealing with a nuclear event, with no questions whatsoever.  This is information available to all member of the press, the military, the scientific community and the general public.  This means, of course, that anyone in “denial” of our assertion, proven with this much certainty, is defective as to mental function or suffers from moral degeneracy.

The combination of the cameras plastic lens and the photoelectric effect produced in the cameras CCD pick up chip (because it is basically a very large array of photo diodes) allows them to act as very good detectors of high level ionizing radiation. Low level radiation in this case is not of concern because it will not immediately kill you or have long term negative health effects.


By simply pointing the camera at an explosive event it will immediately determine if it is nuclear or not. When the camera’s CCD pick up chip is overloaded by excess radiation it will pixelize showing white sparkles all over the picture of the fireball or blast image area.

The demonstration video still was taken in Yemen this month.  It is perhaps the best single demonstration image of ionizing radiation hitting a CCD receptor.  It is as perfect a demonstration of a nuclear explosion as detected using mobile phone or CCD camera technology, as explained above, as might be possible.

We are contacting scientists and physicists throughout the Middle east and Ukraine; we are distributing software that will allow us to detect not just nuclear weapons but radioactive threats of all kinds including polonium poisons; we are training teams to collect soil samples; preparing packages to allow medical personnel to screen for radioactive poisoning and we are offering materials for civil defence and decontamination efforts.

There has thus far been zero denial or refutation (other than by wingnuts and conspiracy theorists) of this having been a nuclear event nor has there been any effective denial of the pair of F-16A/Bs shot down over Yemen this week; planes which can only have belonged to Italy, Portugal or Israel, otherwise it came out of the mothballed stockpiles in the US southwest.

Russia speaks out

As stated in Pravda today, the world’s scientific community is aghast that ‘the Saudis have begun to wipe Yemen off the map’, they get straight to the point by telling us that ‘shocking video reveals proton bombardment from a neutron bomb’ and that  ‘forbidden strikes have brought about a storm of worldwide protest’ and might I add, this wave of protest isn’t going to be silenced by a handful of internet trolls and unemployed Haifa housewives.

‘Obama has recently offered military assistance to any external threat the rich Arab Gulf States may face’ according to Pravda. Russia is not only certain after viewing the evidence, that this is a nuclear attack but they believe that the United States is fully complicit in it; where other sources have cited the Israeli-Saudi nexus, highest level Russian sources believe this irresponsible move is the result of Washington kow-towing to both Saudi Arabia and The Gulf States.

It is too late to put the cat back in the box, the word is out – Israel is using nukes to kill innocent civilians.


Take note of the reaction to this very serious issue of the Israeli use of nukes. Anyone who tries to claim there was no nuke dropped on Yemen or apply a derogatory label to those who seek to get the truth about this most heinous of war crimes out to a wide audience must be viewed as a stooge for Israel.

The worldwide spread of the true story of Israel’s nuking of Yemen has got the perpetrators very worried; the truth is one of the things these people fear most.

Appendix I

A scintillator is a material that exhibits scintillation — the property of luminescence when excited by ionizing radiation. Luminescent materials, when struck by an incoming particle, absorb its energy and scintillate, (i.e., re-emit the absorbed energy in the form of light). Sometimes, the excited state is metastable, so the relaxation back down from the excited state to lower states is delayed (necessitating anywhere from a few nanoseconds to hours depending on the material): the process then corresponds to either one of two phenomena, depending on the type of transition and hence the wavelength of the emitted optical photon: delayed fluorescence or phosphorescence, also called after-glow.

A scintillation detector or scintillation counter is obtained when a scintillator is coupled to an electronic light sensor such as a photomultiplier tube (PMT), photo-diode, or silicon photomultiplier. PMT’s absorb the light emitted by the scintillator and re-emit it in the form of electrons via the photoelectric effect. The subsequent multiplication of those electrons (sometimes called photo-electrons) results in an electrical pulse which can then be analyzed and yield meaningful information about the particle that originally struck the scintillator. Vacuum photo-diodes are similar but do not amplify the signal while silicon photo-diodes, (CCD cameras) on the other hand, detect incoming photons by the excitation of charge carriers directly in the silicon. Silicon photo-multipliers consist of an array of photo-diodes which are reverse-biased with sufficient voltage to operate in avalanche mode, enabling each pixel of the array to be sensitive to single photons.


The first device which used a scintillator was built in 1903 by Sir William Crookes and used a ZnS screen.The scintillations produced by the screen were visible to the naked eye if viewed by a microscope in a darkened room; the device was known as a spinthariscope. The technique led to a number of important discoveries. Scintillators gained additional attention in 1944, when Curran and Baker replaced the naked eye measurement with the newly developed PMT. This was the birth of the modern scintillation detector.

Applications for scintillators

Scintillators are used by the American government as Homeland Security radiation detectors. Scintillators can also be used in neutron and high energy particle physics experiments, X-ray security, nuclear cameras, computed tomography and gas exploration. Other applications of scintillators include CT scanners and gamma cameras in medical diagnostics, and screens in older style CRT computer monitors and television sets.

The use of a scintillator in conjunction with a photomultiplier tube or a CCD camera finds wide use in hand-held survey meters used for detecting and measuring radioactive contamination and monitoring nuclear material. Scintillators generate light in fluorescent tubes, to convert the ultra-violet of the discharge into visible light. Scintillation detectors are also used in the petroleum industry as detectors for Gamma Ray logs. ( Note small compact fluorescent light bulbs can also be used in an emergency to detect radiation bursts from a nuclear event. They will flash or glow under radiation exposure).



Plastic scintillators and the CCD camera, cell phone connection.

Plastic scintillators are the most common type of radiation detectors found in everyday CCD video cameras, cell phone cameras and home security cameras. With little or no modification at all they can be used as simple radiation detectors for emergency self protection from nuclear blasts and high background radiation levels or to document nuclear detonations. The combination of the cameras plastic lens and the photoelectric effect produced in the cameras CCD pick up chip (because it is basically a very large array of photo didoes) allows them to act as very good detectors of high level ionizing radiation. Low level radiation in this case is not of concern because it will not immediately kill you or have long term negative health effects.
By simply pointing the camera at an explosive event it will immediately determine if it is nuclear or not. When the cameras CCD pick up chip is overloaded by excess radiation it will pixelize showing white sparkles all over the picture of the fireball or blast image area. If you are looking to protect yourself  from high level ionizing radiation produced by depleted uranium anti tank rounds or after a nuclear blast this will work. For lower level radiation effects usually just putting black electrical tape over the cameras lens is sufficient enough to detect lower radiation levels. Once the background radiation level has drooped off after an explosion. Usually after about 3 hours or more excluding ground zero where levels will remain higher for a longer period of time the  CCD cameras may not be sensitive enough to detect these lower levels of radiation and a better detector will be required. However for emergency use this this process altho crude will work.

If you have an Android or Apple smart phone there are several APPS that will allow you to use your phone as a simple radiation detector/ Geiger counter. Some work better than others and several are actually fake or toy apps so user be ware make sure the APP really works.


Types of scintillators

Plastic scintillators

The term “plastic scintillator” typically refers to a scintillating material in which the primary fluorescent emitter, called a fluor, is suspended in the base, a solid polymer matrix. While this combination is typically accomplished through the dissolution of the fluor prior to bulk polymerization, the fluor is sometimes associated with the polymer directly, either covalently or through coordination, as is the case with many Li6 plastic scintillators.  

Polyethylene naphthalate  has been found to exhibit scintillation by itself without any additives and is expected to replace existing plastic scintillators due to higher performance and lower price.

The advantages of plastic scintillators include fairly high light output and a relatively quick signal, with a decay time of 2–4 nanoseconds, but perhaps the biggest advantage of plastic scintillators is their ability to be shaped, through the use of molds or other means, into almost any desired form with what is often a high degree of durability. Plastic scintillators are known to show light output saturation when the energy density is large ( Birks’ Law).


The most common bases are the aromatic plastics, polymers with aromatic rings as pendant groups along the polymer backbone, amongst which polyvinyltoluene (PVT) and polystyrene (PS) are the most prominent. While the base does fluoresce in the presence of ionizing radiation, its low yield and negligible transparency to its own emission make the use of fluors necessary in the construction of a practical scintillator.

Aside from the aromatic plastics, the most common base is polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), which carries two advantages over many other bases: high ultraviolet and visible light transparency and mechanical properties and higher durability with respect to brittleness.

The lack of fluorescence associated with PMMA is often compensated through the addition of an aromatic co-solvent, usually naphthalene. A plastic scintillator based on PMMA in this way boasts transparency to its own radiation, helping to ensure uniform collection of light. Other common bases include polyvinyl xylene (PVX) polymethyl, 2,4-dimethyl, 2,4,5-trimethyl styrenes, polyvinyl diphenyl, polyvinyl naphthalene, polyvinyl tetrahydronaphthalene, and copolymers of these and other bases.


Also known as luminophors, these compounds absorb the scintillation of the base and then emit at larger wavelength, effectively converting the ultraviolet radiation of the base into the more easily transferred visible light. Further increasing the attenuation length can be accomplished through the addition of a second fluor, referred to as a spectrum shifter or converter, often resulting in the emission of blue or green light.


Gaseous scintillators consist of nitrogen and the noble gases helium, argon, krypton, and xenon, with helium and xenon receiving the most attention. The scintillation process is due to the de-excitation of single atoms excited by the passage of an incoming particle. This de-excitation is very rapid (~1 ns), so the detector response is quite fast.

Coating the walls of the container with a wavelength shifter is generally necessary as those gases typically emit in the ultraviolet and PMTs respond better to the visible blue-green region. In nuclear physics, gaseous detectors have been used to detect fission fragments or heavy charged particles.


The most common glass scintillators are cerium-activated lithium or boron silicates. Since both lithium and boron have large neutron cross-sections, glass detectors are particularly well suited to the detection of thermal (slow) neutrons. Lithium is more widely used than boron since it has a greater energy release on capturing a neutron and therefore greater light output.

Glass scintillators are however sensitive to electrons and γ rays as well (pulse height discrimination can be used for particle identification). Being very robust, they are also well-suited to harsh environmental conditions. Their response time is ≈10 ns, their light output is however low, typically ≈30% of that of anthracene.

Response to various radiations

Heavy ions

Scintillation counters are usually not ideal for the detection of heavy ions for three reasons:

  1. the very high ionizing power of heavy ions induces quenching effects which result in a reduced light output (e.g. for equal energies, a proton will produce 1/4 to 1/2 the light of an electron, while alphas will produce only about 1/10 the light;
  2. the high dE/dx also results in a reduction of the fast component relative to the slow component, increasing detector dead-time;
  3. strong non-linearities are observed in the detector response especially at lower energies.

The reduction in light output is stronger for organics than for inorganic crystals. Therefore, where needed, inorganic crystals, e.g. CsI(Tl), ZnS(Ag) (typically used in thin sheets as α-particle monitors), CaF2(Eu), should be preferred to organic materials. Typical applications are α-survey instruments, dosimetry instruments, and heavy ion dE/dx detectors. Gaseous scintillators have also been used in nuclear physics experiments.


The detection efficiency for electrons is essentially 100% for most scintillators. But because electrons can make large angle scatterings (sometimes backscatterings), they can exit the detector without depositing their full energy in it. The back-scattering is a rapidly increasing function of the atomic number Z of the scintillator material.

Organic scintillators, having a lower Z than inorganic crystals, are therefore best suited for the detection of low-energy (< 10 MeV) beta particles. The situation is different for high energy electrons: since they mostly lose their energy by bremsstrahlung at the higher energies, a higher-Z material is better suited for the detection of the bremsstrahlung photon and the production of the electromagnetic shower which it can induce.

Gamma rays

High-Z materials, e.g. inorganic crystals, are best suited for the detection of gamma rays. The three basic ways that a gamma ray interacts with matter are: the photoelectric effect, Compton scattering, and pair production. The photon is completely absorbed in photoelectric effect and pair production, while only partial energy is deposited in any given Compton scattering.

The cross section for the photoelectric process is proportional to Z5, that for pair production proportional to Z2, whereas Compton scattering goes roughly asZ. A high-Z material therefore favors the former two processes, enabling the detection of the full energy of the gamma ray.


Since the neutron is not charged it does not interact via the Coulomb force and therefore does not ionize the scintillation material. It must first transfer some or all of its energy via the strong force to a charged atomic nucleus. The positively charged nucleus then produces ionization. Fast neutrons (generally >0.5 MeV) primarily rely on the recoil proton in (n,p) reactions; materials rich in hydrogen, e.g. plastic scintillators, are therefore best suited for their detection. 

Slow neutrons rely on nuclear reactions such as the (n,γ) or (n,α) reactions, to produce ionization. Their mean free path is therefore quite large unless the scintillator material contains nuclides having a high cross section for these nuclear reactions such as 6Li or 10B. Materials such as LiI(Eu) or glass silicates are therefore particularly well-suited for the detection of slow (thermal) neutrons.

Assistant Managing Editor
Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

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  1. As to when and how Ben Gurion´s cohorts acquired nukes and tactical nukes, an overview is provided by former MOSSAD spy Ari Ben-Menashe. In his semi-autobiography, “Profits of War Inside the Secret U.S. – Israeli Arms Network,” an overview of “Israel´s” nuclear program from 1956 – 1990 is presented. The first public revelation of the nuke program occurred in 1986 via a former technician in the 2nd nuke facility near Dimona, Mordecai Vanunu. An Orlando, Fla- born, MOSSAD-trained seductress, Cindy Hanin(BenTov) assisted in the MOSSAD kidnapping of Mordecai Vanunu.(pp. 200-204). Secretly returned to “Israel” by the MOSSAD, Vanunu was imprisoned for 18 yrs, subsequently sentenced to house arrest. MOSSAD agent Cindy Hanin(BenTov) returned to Orlando about 1991 with her MOSSAD agent husband, Olaf BenTov. She and her mother operated a real estate agency, no doubt affiliated with the Bush family “holdings” in Florida. Orlando was the scene of the recent “False Flag” event, verifiable details of which are not available, suppressed by the F.B.I…

  2. You don’t understand how a disinfo op like Icke works – he has to put out a lot of good stuff in order to fool people, draw them into his orbit. Once he has your attention and made you a believer in him, he can then lead you astray by giving you some false information. It’s called poisoning the well. A disinfo op that lied all the time wouldn’t be very effective as it would soon be exposed and debunked.

  3. The Evolution of Matter by Dr Gustave Le Bon – 1907

    An interesting book on radioactive decay of matter from the man who first discovered the phenomena.

    Also see The Evolution of Forces by the same author.

  4. It lasts a few seconds and is easy to see live. Any editing software you can use to import the video into will be able to do frame by frame viewing, 1/30 of a second, will let you pick. We busted the Charlie Hebdo hoax on the cop getting shot on the sidewalk using this and found a blank was fired. Frame by frame analysis is a wonderful witness to have, and affordable. But you have to be suspicious and know what you are looking for. In the hebdo case is was the impact of a 2200 ft/sec big AK47 round hitting that concrete and blowing a hole the size of your fist in it, and it was not there. As always, nobody in mass media ever challenged us on the story.

  5. It was completely faked. Neil Armstrong and his crew were in the CCU on board the USS Coral Sea while Gus Grissom and his crew went to the Moon. They hung out there until the radiation sickness got too bad, and then died on the way back.

    Grissom’s crew didn’t burn in the Test Module. Those crispycritters came from Vietnam–listed as MIAs. The reason the Moon landings ended at the same time the USA pulled out of Vietnam was because all of the astronauts who actually went to the Moon were listed as KIA or MIA.

    The capsule was hoisted onto the Coral Sea’s Elevator 3–which is in Hangar Bay 3, where the only entry/exit for the CCU is located.

    Armstrong’s crew came out of the CCU and got into the capsule (after the corpses of Grissom’s crew were removed), which was then lowered back into the water for the Big Paddling the Raft Show.

    An actual astronaut told me this when he was in grad school at Berkeley, before he signed the NDA.

  6. This article would be great without the Icke shot. How does a video by a “supporter of his” lead to his discrediting?

    Most people can decide for themselves about him, why the extra push from VT? Seems fishy to me.

    And PJ and Icke have substantially overlapping ideas , and Icke links to VT almost daily!

    Just don’t see why this was included within this article, it Makes NO sense to me.
    Can someone explain why Icke was included at all?

  7. Very interesting article, although the scientific stuff was beyond me. I wonder if uranium glass would work as a radioactivity detector, for those unfamiliar with it, it is a type of glass mostly discontinued in the 1940’s and prized by vintage glass collectors. When illuminated with an ultra violet lamp it glows a beautiful green colour.

  8. Please do not forget me too. I am that old fashioned unexposed film roll. When a nuke event occurs nearby I too have tales to tell.

  9. The Saudis began operating their E-3 AWACS independently (with no Americans on board) back in early 1988–months before the black-ops cruiser USS Arkansas shot down Iran Air Flight 655. They recorded both missiles: the one from the Arkansas and the one from the Vincennes, which actually hit the Iranian F-14 they were aiming at.

    The Saudis have been blackmailing the US with these recordings since 2005. That’s when they found out that they had them.

    • You know that Iran gets bombed as soon as I release it, Gordon. An operative for the Southern Poverty Law Center, Leah Busby, released it to Rahm Emmanuel back in 1996–and TWA 800 got shot down–by a Phoenix missile from an American F-14.

      It was supposed to be blamed on Iran.

    • AHA, so you are just repeating a Zionist disinfo story. The SPLC, like the ADL and AIPAC is a Zionist op. Rahm Emmanuel is another part of that pro-Israel Zionist cabal.

  10. GOOD REPORT. with all the evidence we now have about ISRAELI TERRORISM why is no country doing anything at all to stop this state. the fact that no ethical govt is willing to take them on.i have in the past heard of
    ISRAELI NUKES in many capital city’s is this how they BLACKMAIL smaller countries , or is it something more SINISTER . ARE ALL POLITICIANS CORRUPT. so they cannot” object “or the blackmailers will “LEAK” some old SIFU OF MINE asked me which is better “DIE ON YOUR FEET OR SERVE ON YOUR KNEES” .peace and justice for ALL . mylo

  11. What an excellent article. This disclosure exposes a lot and is a major breakthrough in the future of so-called low intensity warfare, which from here on out will continually deploy these advanced mini and micro nukes, cheap and easy to build. And yes Icke completely blew his cover. Another example of years of limited hangout followed by a very bad payload that is quite easy to expose with the technical expertise of the authors of this fine VT article.

  12. Where do you get “death bed confession” from? Buzz is 85, but alive and well to date. I guess we will have to wait for his real confession that Kubrick was behind the camera ..

  13. Is it ok to ask how Icke differs from Preston James?

    They seem to have reached many of the same conclusions.

    • Not really. Dr. James believes in Jesus Christ. Icke does not. Dr. James understands the Hebrew “nachash” and the divine council. Icke has no utter clue. Where did you get and/or surmise your info?

    • Well, if you narrow down the scope of acceptable “thinkers” to believers in Jesus Christ you’ll end up in a glass bowl.

      The fact is that they do have similar descriptions of the puppetmasters.

  14. A couple of things seem odd about this entry:
    Is it really necessary to debunk David Icke? I mean, actually, his books are entertaining. I suspect his “enlightenment” was due to some drug – perhaps he drank the ihuasca, whatever. But Icke has done a great job debunking himself via his reptiles. Even if it were true, I’d certainly have to see it to believe it. But I don’t understand including him here because he seems like such a minor figure and his stance on Israel in his books is considered by some to be anti-semitic (even though it’s not). So if he’s an example of an “asset” – I think we have to wonder about the intelligence of the intelligence community at large. By the way, I only think Icke said he was “christ” in the same was as Indian Yogis do, so it’s a bit unfair to judge him on that basis.

    • I agree, besides the video was from 1991, 35 years back. I’m not saying he is right about everything, but he is right about some things. He has got through so much ridicule through the years that it’s hard to believe he is not doing anything than his own fight.

  15. No comments have been removed. Clearly you are a troll. I happen to have a degree in electronic imaging therefore I am qualified to talk about digital sensors. This ‘data cleaning algorithm’ you speak of is spurious, a red herring thrown in to mislead.

  16. From the Farcebook comments, it seems the myth that neutron bombs have no blast effect is alive and well.

    Does anyone know the origin of this myth (I remember hearing it from left-wing disarmament group when I was a child in the 1970’s), and why it was created?

  17. Mr. Dean,

    Why do you think they were trying “SO DAMN HARD” to do a Charlie Hebdo in Arizona at that Mosque JUST AS the call for prayer was going on?

    Oddly Americans are waking up as “Christians” showed up to thwart those plans.

    Americans should know by now and even more-so Veteran’s that your allowed to use any racist slang towards any other population on EARTH except those damn Zionist Jew’s. What is in France is coming to the US. Just as OTHER alleged freedoms those were told they were fighting for. – Voltaire

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  19. Yes, and they skip over things like even brief resumes: “Jeff Smith – Nuclear Physicist, is a former a nuclear weapons specialist with the Department of Energy and UN (IAEA) weapons inspector specializing in nuclear nonproliferation issues. He is now cryptographic curator and historian, preserving classified documents involving nuclear weapons research.” Regular VT readers are smart enough to know what the security clearances would be to ‘preserve classified document involving nuclear weapons research.’ This article got us more exposure in the Arab world than anything else we have done that I can think of.

  20. After that little nuke incident in Homs, Syria (back in 2013) courtesy of Israel, my money is on this being a repeat performance. I expect this additional Nuremberg-level breach had broad support in the Obama Administration and even within NATO’s command. Message?

  21. After a period of relative quietude, Yemen Nuke, Hasterts arrest, FiFA indictments, Patriot Act renewal showdown and another Anthrax scare that coincides with the inception and renewal of the Patriot Act.
    message: “Hey if we use a nuke, don’t say anything, we can ship Anthrax anywhere”

    It looks like confident elevation of ops, but could it be desperation ? Is there a new found boldness arising from the Saudi Israeli joint psychopathy along with the giddy eagerness of the new KSA Monarch ? Either way, these ops are right on time, on schedule, with the favored calendrical alignments for deception and money grabbing.

  22. As with the Nuking on 911, American satellites would be able to pick this up.
    Also Russian Sat would have done the same, we need to hear from Vlad about this, as American Intell are not going to say anything, prob gagged from White house.
    So come on Russia, play a card or two, 911 and Yemen

    I remember when S Africa let a nuke of back in Sept 22 1979, and was in the news straight away, and who supplied these weapons, Israel.

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  24. I wonder if other UN Security Council members are getting “facilitation payments” dressed in sheep’s clothing…
    it’s a shame there’s a one link limit, but Murray McCully as Foreign Affairs Minister for NZ, (e.g. the person most likely to attend UN Security Council meetings if the uber enthusiastic to join NZ to any US activities former merchant-banker PM doesn’t take the junket) does have his own webpage which is easy to find.

  25. Compare the Jewish Hollywood vilified German army of WW2 with generals like von Manstein who regulary defeated armies 3 to 10 times larger than his own to the IDF who; 1) Kill 85-year old blind, quadrapelegic unarmed Palestinian mne in wheel chairs uinsg Apache helicopetr gunships and hellfire missiles 2) Run over peace activist Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer 3)snipe and murder rock throwing Palestinain children 4) 5)Deliberately sink the USS Liberty a ship owned by the people who pay Israel’s bills,6) kill 3,000 Americans on 9/11, 7) regularly kill British journalists who report wars from Palestine8) Blow defenceless children to bits to cheering crowds using F16s. The soul of the IDF, the Jewish army, is pure distilled cowardice.

    • I cannot imagine why the IDF thinks its making headway by deliberately targeting helpless old men, innocent children and by nuking largely illiterate third world people. It doesn’t encourage fear or respect. It encourages loathing and revulusion for the Jewish state and what are surely Jewish street gang values. The IDF are not a military. They are enforcers for organized crime and Israel itself is clearly nothing more than a gang club house. Its not a nation at all.

  26. Great stuff!
    (pls note however, that most cameras today are CMOS not CCDs, but that dosen’t change the basics)

    Another current trend is the “we have a new reactor”-game. Russia started it: “we have these neat new reactors that will be easy to build and produce safe clean energy” if you scrape the surface they are saying,” look we have this simple new ways to build a nuke, meaning we can scale up our arsenal infinitely fast”…
    Several smaller nations then jumped the wagon…

  27. The evil Genie released in August 1945 has been contained because nobody ever thought these weapons were usable operationally so long as the other side had them. MAD — mutual assured destruction — didn’t strike anybody as a good enough risk to make it worth chancing. And as early as Korea it became obvious that using them against people without nukes wasn’t very bright. World opinion and all that stuff. The was talk about using them to break the Siege of Dien Bien Phu; when they did the targeting, the realized the only place to drop the weapons and have the desired effect on the Viet Minh was in the middle of the French perimeter. So, locked in the closet.

    Now, all bets are off. Now, to steal a line from Nick Fury, until the world stops turning I’m going to keep acting like I expect it to keep on turning. But, if this isn’t stopped and locked down immediately with appropriate sanctions, punishments, mandatory disarmament and anything else we can think of, I don’t see how the human race remains viable for more than 20-30 years.

  28. Just to be clear, I was a Chemical Operations NCO in the Army for 23 years. Because of my assignments, I learned a lot about nuclear weapons history, employment and effects. I’m not any type of conspiracy theorist — I consider it lazy thinking for the most part. And, although I’m a columnist at Vets Today, I usually stake out less edgy turf than the rest of the gang. I think the various bastards in this world may want to do more awful things than they do, but they’re usually so screwed up that they’ll drop their bomb on their feet. That said, there has been a nuclear detonation –NUDET — In Yemen. Now. There is no reason to drop a nuke in Yemen against a Shiite insurgency, except being a bunch of visceral and evil bastards who have a bunch of military units that can’t handle that same Shiite insurgency and the rest of the Yemeni splinter groups and rebels.

  29. Great stuff. I don’t know how Israelis can live with themselves. I wonder if they have much trouble selling Anne Frank in Yemen?

    • Only last week I told a female friend who was talking about the great tragedy of Anne Frank that the diary was a fake, I cited both court cases and mentioned it was written in ball point pen. However, she still got angry, called me an anti-semite and various other names and has stopped speaking to me. This is a typical example of how people have been brainwashed and conditioned to respond to alternative thought.

    • @Ian I read the diary(fraud) of A. Frankenstein.
      (i’m Dutch so i know the history et al, excuse my English))

      Every human beiing with some lifeexperience and some common sense will understand after reading this fraud that its impossible to believe a 13/14 year girl writes such a nonsens. F.e. Mr and mrs Daan make loud quarrels day and night, while German patrols walking by (the house).
      ALso the hate against the German people is splashing out of the book.
      Its totally busted ande the Zionists know and fear it.
      The Germans who fed and make rich mr Otto Frankenstein.
      Mr Otto F. who in 1940-1942 all the time traded with the Germans, until they discovered he cheated him, so they stopped.

      tell it to anyone…..tell it to the whole world and like Ted said, throw out those stupid prejudiced and brainwashed people. There are better!!!
      Good luck.

    • Thankyou for your kind words. I lived in Holland for a while and that was where I first learned that the diary was fake. The Anne Frank House museum makes a lot of money from all the tourists and anything that makes good money will be kept going as long as possible, such is the state of our capitalist world.

  30. If he wasn’t a shill, the British mainstream TV stations, e.g. BBC wouldn’t have him on as a guest, and high-street book shops wouldn’t stock him. I doubt Israel makes these moves without consulting at the highest level of the elitists shadow-government (and maybe even their sock-puppet “presidents” and “prime ministers” of various infected governments)… which doesn’t let them off the hook.

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