Donald Trump: “Bombs were used on the World Trade Center!”


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, with Rick Shaddock of

Rick Shaddock points out: “Donald Trump was the first 9/11 Truther to speak out on TV, on the very same day, challenging the official story, and saying bombs must have been used, years before Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth was founded, from the perspective of people who know buildings are built to stand strong, even against planes.”

Trump, like many other people who know something about how buildings are constructed, could not believe that planes could so easily penetrate the Towers’ steel exoskeleton and cause the complete destruction of the buildings.

On False Flag Weekly News this week, we covered Obama’s move to veto the JASTA bill allowing 9/11 survivors to sue foreign governments. (Trump blasted Obama for vetoing JASTA. Please click here to lobby for a JASTA override.)

If the 9/11 families sue the Saudis, will the Saudis defend themselves by pointing out that the 15 Saudi patsies were actually CIA agents? And that the whole World Trade Center was blown up by explosives, not destroyed by jet-fuel-kindled office fires?

While I personally do not view Trump as a 9/11 truth candidate – he would not be cozying up to neocons like Giuliani, Adelson, and Woolsey if he cared about the truth – we should hold his feet to the fire on this issue…and thank him for supporting JASTA.

Let us hope that Obama is right and millions of citizens of dozens of foreign countries sue the US government for its global terrorism, which has taken the lives of more than 50 million innocent people since World War II. Pass JASTA! Sue the Saudis…and then the Israelis!

Here are some same day statements by Donald Trump on Channel 9, on 9/11/2001.


Alan Marcus: Donald you’re probably the best-known builder particularly of great buildings in the city. There’s a great deal of question about whether or not the damage and and the ultimate destruction of the buildings was caused by the airplanes by architectural defect or possibly by bombs or more after shocks you have any thoughts on that?

Donald Trump: It wasn’t architectural defect. The World Trade Center was always known as a very very strong building. Don’t forget that took a big bomb in the basement (1993). Now, the basement is the most vulnerable place because that’s your foundation and it withstood that and I got to see that area about three or four days after took place because one of my structural engineers actually took me for a tour because he did the building and I said “I can’t believe it”. The the building was standing solid and half of the columns were blown out. This was an unbelievably powerful building. If you don’t know anything about structure it was one of the first buildings that was built from the outside. The steel, the reason the World Trade Center had such narrow windows is that in between all the windows, you had the steel on the outside, the steel on the outside of the building.

That’s why when I first looked – and you had these big heavy i-beams. When I first looked at it, I couldn’t believe it, because there was a hole in the steel and this is steel that was, you remember the width of the windows of the World Trade Center folks. I think you know if you were ever up there, they were quite narrow and in between was this heavy steel. I said how could a plane, even a plane, even a 767 or 747 or whatever it might have been, how could it possibly go through this steel? I happen to think that they had not only a plane but they had bombs that exploded almost simultaneously, because I just can’t imagine anything being able to go through that wall. Most buildings are built with the steel on the inside around the elevator shaft. This one was built from the outside which is the strongest structure you can have and it was almost just like a can of soup

Rolland Smith: You know, Donald we were looking at pictures all morning long of that plane coming into building number two and when you see that approach the far side and and all of a sudden within a matter of milliseconds the explosion pops out the other side.

Donald Trump: Right. I just think that there was a plane with more than just fuel. I think obviously they were very big planes. They were going very rapidly, because I was also watching where the plane seemed to be not only going fast it seems to be coming down into the building. So is getting the speed from going down hill so to speak. It just seemed to me that to do that kind of destruction is even more than a big plane because you’re talking about talking about steel, the heaviest caliber steel that was used on the building. These buildings were rock-solid and you know it’s just an amazing amazing thing. This country is different today and it’s going to be different than it ever was for many years to come.

Rolland Smith: A very profound statement and very true.

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  1. I don’t see anyone mentioning “no planes.” They were holograms. Thin aluminum planes don’t go thru thick steel like that, or even just concrete for that matter. They break up into lots of pieces and bounce off. It was first explosives, then thermite, then mini-nukes to bring 1 and 2 down. No plane in
    Shanksville, PA, no plane at the Pentagon, just explosives for both, possibly a missile for the latter.

  2. Trump’s association with Nuttyyahoo, and his promised support of Israel. Dismissing the Palestinians, is very troubling. However, Clinton is evil incarnate. I only pray Trump learned 1 thing from Obama, and that is say, and promise what you must to win. After that he can tell them all where to go.
    Then I have a recurring vision of a newly elected POTUS forced to watch the Zapruder film. Business as usual.

  3. We can make excuses for any politician by saying he or she is lying and killing and hanging out with the wrong crowd merely to get elected and accumulate enough power. THEN they’ll move decisively against the bad guys and fix everything. Yeah, right. This blind faith in Trump reminds me of the blind faith of the Obama kool-aid drinkers before the 2008 election.

    Read my book Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters, mostly written BEFORE the 2008 election. I wrote it to wake up the hypnotized true believers in Obama. Didn’t work. But at least I was right then…and unfortunately I’m probably right now. From where I sit, Trump looks like just more “change you can believe in.” (If you’re credulous enough.) Odds are he’d be even worse than Obama, maybe even worse than Hillary.

  4. yes you can bet he knows much much more about the details. His mentor and lawyer was Roy Cohn. look up Roy Cohn in regard to Joe McCarthy and the Rosenburg spy trials.

  5. Chertoff can wave his menorah flag off of mental asylum. Together with pirate and quill and dagger as a reserve team jerseys.

  6. Bush’s commission for poppy and Israelite artefacts was like Göring’s advisory for French art history. They are so busted, the whole world knows who did 9/11, they are judeochristian scumbags and are spoken about behind their backs which is worse and less respectful than at face value, and is the ultimate exceptionalism defeat.

  7. Tell us something new Mr Trump not those old things we now knew for nearly 15 years. Tell us who planted and ignited them and who the real culprits are.

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