US Deploying Forces in 7 Bases in Northern Syria

US Deploying Forces in 7 Bases in Northern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA) The US has deployed its special forces in at least 7 bases in Northern Syria which are located in Qamishli, Ain Issa, Kobane, Hasaka and Tal Abyadh regions. The Pentagon admitted last week that it has stationed its forces in Northern Syria but didn’t reveal any details.

Based on information obtained by FNA from media outlets and field sources, the 7 bases in which the US forces are deployed are:

1.The US forces are seeking to turn Rmeilan airfield in Syria’s Northern province of Hasakah into their new operations room and build helipads in there.

2. Mabrouka village in the Western parts of Qamishli where at least 45 US special army forces have been deployed.

3. The French Lafarge cement factory, which is located between Kobane and the town of Ain Issa in Jalabiya in Northeastern Syria. Informed sources have reported that the US has increased the number of forces deployed in the region, adding that another base is being built for training the militants and helicopter landing.

4. Ain Issa base near a town in Northern Syria, which is hosting over 100 US forces.

5. Kobane base in Northern Syria in which more than 300 US special forces have been deployed.

6. Tel Byder base in Hasaka province and in the Western parts of Qamishli which is equipped with helipad for military helicopters. The US trains militants in this base.

7. Tal Abyadh base which has been the scene of most US forces’ moves in Syria. At least 200 US special forces, equipped with armored vehicles, have been deployed in the region and the US flags have been hoisted above certain government buildings in the area.

No official report has been released yet about the exact number of the US forces and weapons transferred to the above mentioned bases but field sources have reported observing armored vehicles, semi-heavy weapons, TOW missiles, thermal cameras, advanced wireless devices and night goggles in them.

Reports said last month that the US has set up a new military base in Hasaka, Northeastern Syria, under the pretext of demining the region, Kurdish sources said.

“The US has deployed tens of its marines in Mabrouka village in the Western parts of Hasaka province under the pretext of demining Ra’s al-Ain city which is now under the control of Kurdish forces,” sources told FNA.

According to the Kurdish sources, the US forces have set up their base in one of the buildings of Syria’s power department in Mabrouka named Housh al-Kahroba.

The Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper reported in December that the US experts are reconstructing and equipping a desolate airport special to carrying agricultural products in the region controlled by the Kurdish forces in Hasaka region to turn it into a military base.

A number of US experts entered the region to develop and prepare the runways with 2,500m length and 250m width to be used by fighter jets.

Abu Hajar airport which has not been used since 2010 is located in Tal al-Hajar region in the Eastern countryside of Hasaka which is controlled by the Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG).

The airbase is located Southeast of the town of Rmeilan, which is one of the YPG’s main strongholds and “largest arms and ammunition depots”.

The US has not received or even asked for a permission from Damascus for reconstructing the airbase. The United States does not have a UN mandate for intervening in the Syria war.


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  1. Plans deviced few years before the fall of the Soviet Unión are taking place. 1986 rounds between Kampelman and Israelyan were the starting point to the end of the Soviet Unión, followed by Jewish take over of Russian economy and military dismantling. About Kampelman: signatory of letters published by the PNAC; leading to US inasion of Irak; member of the Jewsih Institute for National Security Affairs: JINSA; in 2001 collaborated with the hardline National Institute for Public Policy: NIPP promoting agressive nuclear policies, although in WWII decided not to fight by declaring himself a conscientious objector, a very typical Jewish stand meantime promoting US wars fought with gentile blood.
    US gradual Syria presence would try to cut the IRAN-IRAK-SYRIA corridor, support a fractioning of Syria and Irak with a Barzani -Kurd state all leading to Russian retreat from Syria and consequent Putin prestige loss and surrendering to the NWO, as well leading to nuclear confrontation.
    So might is right as the US doesn’t abide to any border, law or agreement when Israel wishes are at stake.

  2. How in the he’ll do we get away with inserting troops, and creating bases in.a sovereign country. A country without a history of bothering any other nation. Oh, I forgot the rule of Exxon, BP, et al. Trumps all.

  3. When I read the comments of the posters, it seems to me as if they have missed the point of the ZIONEOCON’s…….. and that is Agenda 21. Its about the great Cul and do you think they give a damn in what shape or form it comes in? That it will happen is pretty much pre-programmed, and will only be avoided as and when the heads of the hydra are loped off……….. and when do you think THAT is going to happen ? This conflict is FAR from over, barring the complete irradiation of the Israeli continent, which would bring it to a very rapid end, its gonna grind on for a long time yet.

  4. I went looking for the CMMM / UN outcry about Turkish and US forces invading Syrian territory, and illegally annexing parts of UN member Syria. Nothing but crickets. Lots on Ukraine / Crimea though. Apparently, it’s only illegal annexation if 90% of the population votes for it. What an interesting world we live in.

  5. Totally criminal: ask yourself what America would do, say if the Canadians or any of the southern neighbors deploy special forces here at the continent. I have the feeling this will not end well for the Americans over there.

    And talking about these special forces, why are they following illegal orders?


    • Exactly right, guitargirl. A war cannot be fought without order followers and obedient workers. We all know that the President, Joint Chiefs, Generals and Admirals are not fighting on the front lines. Brainwashed American citizens are blindly following illegal orders. And the obedient factory workers are churning out TOW missiles and Cluster Bombs right here in the USA. “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?”. War exists only because the American public supports it and chooses to participate.

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