NEO – The CIA Sex Mercenary Army


by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

The Jihadi magic carpet VIP service that the rest of us don't get
The Jihadi magic carpet VIP service that the rest of us don’t get

[ Editor’s Note: VT has long editorialized about the ease with which jihadis can move around the world, going into and out of conflict zones as if on their private magic carpets, quietly donated by an “ET” NGO.

For the rest of us, we are under constant surveillance, to the point where Homeland Security will fly a whole team into Detroit airport for what they thought was going to be a treasure trove of Intel, via their five-hour grilling of Gordon Duff.

All they got is the opportunity to go through all of his German vacation photos and videos, hundreds of them, all time- and date-stamped, which prove he was not training IS snipers in Syria or Afghanistan. And of course, the taxpayers footed the labor bill on this fiasco.

Boko Haram is miraculously able to secure the use of satellite phones — very hard to get without major ID and a traceable payment schedule — normally leaving behind a bread crumb trail that should have drones raining down on them, to the extent that getting a satellite phone would technically be deemed a form of suicide.

Yet, VT does not find anyone in Intelligence, investigative media, or politics who is the slightest bit curious about such anomalies, despite their being the flashing neon light kind. When we query professionals about this, we can tell with rare exceptions that the issue has never entered their minds before.

It’s like they have a DNA-activated “no go” survival instinct that renders them dumb, blind and stupid, whenever it’s in their best interest. This orchestrated failure of not asking the right questions is carved in stone in the history of the War of Terror; and what a hoax it has been, as to who has primarily been running it and why.

Gordon will tell you the rest, in his own special way, his good deed for the dayJim W. Dean ]


– First published … September 26, 2016

The game is called chaos theory. The goal is destabilization, putting the world “in play.” The tool is sexual frustration driven by cultural bias and economic hardship, put in play by the CIA to move literal armies of young Islamic males around the world.

Those not being sent as jihadists for ISIS or the oft rebranded “moderate” mercenary surrogate armies, now flood the cities of the world where carefully orchestrated press, staged incidents, false flag terrorism and a very real social disaster is radicalizing fearful Americans and Europeans, driving them to political suicide. None of this is an accident.

To the CIA and other agencies that are run by social scientists with excessive moral flexibility, all conflict is good, an agent for change and all change can be controlled, directed and managed.

Agents of change are typically terrorism, political strife, poverty and, less well known, sex. You see, the current agent of chaos, the one dominating the world scene is testosterone, the drive for “coupling” by the endless population of young males willing to uproot themselves from hopeless lives and go wherever they are directed for whatever task is put in front of them.

All that is required is the promise of sex and maybe hope for a life of some kind even if the work is tyranny and beheadings.

The author of these migrations, mostly Islamic males, is the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad along with France’s DGSE. Intelligence agencies are agents of change “on the cheap” and operate best when governments fall, when alliances crumble and when social unrest festers and erupts into open conflict.

Here, the “masters of the universe,” the Washington and Tel Aviv think tanks, the self-proclaimed geniuses of Whitehall, themselves no more than jackals serving an unseen master, manipulate the world with Twitter and Facebook. There is a wonderful efficiency to social media, anonymous, deniable, cheap and dirty, oh so very dirty.

In America, it is done from Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, the US Army Intelligence School. There every Arabic dialect is known, every social network penetrated, the word is put out:

German women are all whores, you can simply rip their clothing off and have your way with them. German authorities are cowards, the German people weak and best of all, the German government will pay you to live like a king and you never have to work.”

The Israelis, working closely with their Saudi and Turkish friends from centers staffed with unemployed housewives, have their own version, one that plays well from the Philippines to Africa’s Sahel, one that has brought a hundred thousand or more from obscure villages to the battlefronts of the Middle East:

Come to Syria and Iraq, join ISIS. Travel across the world, from airport to airport, no visa, no tickets, you will move across the world like magic, to a world where all is yours, any woman you want, any boy, protected by the US Air Force, paid by Saudi Arabia, rape, murder and steal and when you are done, you can live in Paris or Frankfurt or Stockholm.”

And they do move as though by magic, some 8000 miles or more, through the most secure airports of the world, across impenetrable borders, fed, clothed and protected, paid, armed and furnished with wives from among the tens of thousands of sex slaves who live in agony and thrall to the CIA and her sister terror groups who, as more and more accept, are ISIS and every other terror group on the planet.


They are called “Non-State Actors,” typically armed (ANSA) and are cataloged by Geneva Call, a Swiss group that lives in heady denial of the reality of our time, that ANSA’s are surrogate armies that act as agents for destabilization on behalf of world organized crime, also known as the “global economy.”

What we are addressing today is the sexual component of “war on the cheap” and how human biology makes this all so easy. It is no secret that young men are vulnerable to bad decision making. In males, or so we are told by social scientists, the cerebral cortex doesn’t develop properly until well into the 30s.

When you add to this certain tenets of Islam, the seemingly overt demonization of sexuality outside marriage and the many controversial interpretations of the Koran that allow rape, then you have created a powerful message. Further exacerbating the issue is the high birthrate, always inside legal marriage mind you unlike in the West, that Islamic countries enjoy, that and the crumbling economies.

Place this is a social subtext of sex within marriage only when the population is entirely Islamic, as is so often the case, and little hope of achieving the required economic status that would allow sex within marriage and a certain desperation ensues.

Place a few I-Phones around, load up social media with tales of sex parties in Manjib and Mosul, of fat Saudi paychecks sent home to needy families, of heroic war against the West and recruiting jihadists is an ease. Little do they know they are working for Israel or Washington or London or Paris, as they are all the same anyway.

Behind this put a supporting mechanism that controls the world’s airports through companies like Israel’s ICTS and the global terror databases that seem to allow only terrorists to travel without being questioned, and it all comes together.

Aiding it all is the United Nations and an endless number of Non-Governmental Organizations, that provide training, transportation, medical care, food and, of course, the finest high technology weapons possible, the best missiles, sniper rifles, satellite intelligence, F16s flying air cover and Western diplomats providing needed subterfuge.

There would be no terrorism, no “war on the cheap” without phony charities, and most charities are just that.

Google Idea Groups
Google Idea Groups

Then you have the world press, the Reuters news agency, the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, BBC and Guardian, all secretly bought by drug profits from Afghanistan, fed by CIA contracting companies like Booz Allen Hamilton and Google Idea Groups, and it all starts to come together.

It isn’t just Syria and Iraq, not just Africa. The refugee crisis in Europe, the crisis that has already destroyed Europe as more and more admit each day, is just another stage.

In the US, the current election process, a purely theatrical expression with no democratic aspects whatsoever, now is heavily backdropped with “Islamization” scare tactics.

Each day every American receives emails linking to YouTube videos showing gang rapes across Europe and promising that this will come to America unless the right candidate is supported. The emails all trace down to Washington think tanks closely aligned with the Israel lobby of course, but few look and fewer care.

Who are the victims? Who are the winners?

Add to this an endless stream of carefully staged events, shopping center knifings, school shootings, car bombings, too many to be believable, often with perpetrators whose history leads back to intelligence agency contacts or suspicious psychiatric treatments, but this is another subject for another time.

Can you hire an army with a handful of “tweets?” Sure you can. Can you uproot millions with the promise of sex? We’ve seen it done? Is it all part of a plan? We know it is.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Good article making some astute points on the connection between sexual repression and violence. A few cultural/historical observations,

    (1) This is nothing new, historically speaking. At the battle of Uhud, fought between the polytheist Meccans and the Muslim Medinans, Abu Sufyan, the commander of the Meccans, brought some of the finest young ladies from Mecca. They were singing, dancing, and taunting the Meccan soldiers, so as to inspire them to combat and violence; who would want (especially in the world of 1400 years ago) to pass up the opportunity to bed one of Mecca’s most attractive women after battle?? Sociologists have also pointed out that the early Jamestown colony was one of the most violent societies in history, with constant duels and fights. The reason: the strenuous early colonial lifestyle was mostly suited to men. Only the richest could afford to bring their wives from the homeland. The rest were a bunch of single males, too much testosterone.

    • (2) I always had a (very mistaken) impression that Islam was sexually repressive (though some modern variants certainly are!). In the purview of its original context, Islam’s attitude toward sex was relatively liberal. While Muhammad (pbuh) warned of the sins and pitfalls of sex, he also proclaimed its blessing when done correctly (i.e. in marriage, with the perspective/attitude of serving the OTHER person). He encouraged people to marry early, encouraged people to be open to having sex (again in the “right”, Islamic way), and even expounded the detrimental impacts of abstinence on those who were not married. And for Shias, Islam even sanctioned a form of temporary marriage. Done properly, maturely, and sincerely, it’s a classical, Islamic parallel to the concept of “boyfriend”/”girlfriend.” It’s mind-numbing how this early, advanced understanding has been lost to a large degree in the modern Muslim world.

    • (3) Sex isn’t just being used in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia to engineer hordes of sexually frustrated jihadis. Sex is also a driving factor in the control of the West. So many of the trends and fashions that are pushed on the public, generation after generation, are driven through by sexual frustration/repression/anticipation. Many people adopt their identity, lifestyle, and image wanting to feel connected with the masses, and this is, I believe, subconsciously (or even consciously) driven by sexual desires, sexual frustrations, and sexual programming via the media.

      Isn’t it amazing how so much human dysfunctionality is being driven by sex?

  2. Excellent article Mr Duff, but I need to ask a few question so please excuse my ignorance. Could you please tell me what “ET“ NGO stands for ? because when I first saw `ET` my mind went to Extraterrestrial like it would with most people but I`m stuck on `NGO`. Also I find it interesting that you emphasized those abbreviations at the beginning of your article as though you want us to get something into our heads without actually saying it. This brings me to a radio interview you did sometime back where you indicated that there was a group on this world looking for land areas on Earth to house an incoming Extraterrestrial Alien race and one of those countries was Africa. Since that interview all hell has broken loose in Africa and the East, so I ask is it all connected ? is this terraforming ? total disruption and destruction to make room for this nomadic race of Aliens, or have I got it all wrong, I apologize for my ignorance if I have.

  3. Yes, I’ve always wondered how no one questions how is it that Governments know every persons digital footprint in real time, yet we still have so called terrorism acts on innocents. To me that’s all people need to know of who really is behind everything.

  4. Well, Gordon, I believe you’re absolutely correct. I have suspected this for a long time. But good luck convincing the mainstream of this. I have been dropped like a hot potato by several “friends” for saying things far milder. None so blind as those who will not see.

  5. creators of war are no longer able to sanitize themselves through a screen…. they manufacture a humanitarian mess for the humanitarian excuse they need, opposing all truth and pitched to the public through selective soundbytes, over and over like parrot repeaters, in order to use the military under the flag of nations to simply move in and carve up their lust for all to share in the spoils of war together, users and abusers of the whole planet and their spokespersons out front all babbling the same lines without question, all the while outback they inhabit another space….underground throughout a holy land not one of them holds holy built courtesy of a United States the flag they desecrate before the eyes of the whole world with no compunction whatsoever…. those once fooled will not to be fooled again
    ”more than 360,000 foreign terrorists from 83 countries have entered Syria since April 2011. By the end of 2015, the Syrian Army was able to kill 95,000 of those, while 120,000 returned home or travelled to other countries”…Syrian Foreign Minister UN address .. only days ago

  6. Good article. 5 hours with DHS must have had you laughing. Being flown around the world, given a little cash, and sex of your choice. Sounds better than the $96 per month, and the $26, or $27 (bonus bucks) combat pay given to me in ’68. Only to come home after 13 months to find I couldn’t get laid unless I had a fist full of $20s. About a week before my discharge date in ’69, I was offered the prize. $3,000, and choice of duty station. All I had to do was re up, visit ft. Benning’s famous jump school, train to be a door gunner, and 1 more tour in country, and after that the world was mine. Of course I turned it down. Gordon, the odd thing about this is, to this day, at times I feel guilt for refusing. What’s that about? Brainwashing?
    Remember back in the day, every assignment had a “life expectancy”? 15 minutes is my recollection. It wasn’t openly talked about, more like whispered, voices from the grave.
    I picture the mercs, who make up ISIL, and others, as poor, few options for a decent life. Young, dumb, and full of …..! How did the song go? “….the new boss, same as the old boss….we won’t get fooled again….” Right?

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