Angelina Jolie admits to participation in Satanic Illuminati Ritual?



We can’t confirm that the female in the video is actually Angelina Jolie. Although there certainly is a resemblance the video itself is old.

However, that doesn’t mean that the video isn’t authentic. Given Jolie’s meteoric rise to fame and the way she has been lionised by both Hollywood and by politicians and bodies like the United Nations and Council on Foreign Relations, all of which may be part of the payoff.

Angelina Jolie has also been appointed a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II for her campaign to end sexual violence. Put that together with her work as a UNHCR Ambassador and you might think that she was being groomed for a prominent political role, a part that she has admitted she would be open to.

All of which means that if Angelina Jolie assumes a more potent political post, she will probably owe her power and position to much darker forces.

This 1970’s documentary on Illuminati sacrifice rituals is worth watching:



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  1. I can hear that voice “I’ll have some o them french fried taters”….
    Isn’t it weird that after that crazy role he played, that Angelina turned out to be the satanic one!

  2. That is Angelina Jolie in the video. It is well known that she has been in to S&M for a long time and used to freely admit it. She used to wear a vile of blood around her neck apparently of Billie Bob Thornton’s when they were together.

    In Hollywood, you get in two ways: nepotism or sleeping with someone who can open doors for you, male and female. If you are underage it is even better for the pervs to start victimizing the child behind the parents backs so the child does not question it, gets very confused about it but goes along with it like in the cases of the two Corey’s (Haim and Feldman) Corey Haim was addicted to drugs most of his life because of the pain he was covering up and finally succumbed to them. RIP Corey!

    In Angelina Jolie’s case it is nepotism. She is the daughter of Jon Voight. She kept her middle name Jolie as her last name.

    If you start researching you will notice a strange “coincidence” that after an “actor” or “musician” has someone close to them die such as a friend, family member or spouse, their career suddenly sky rockets.

    To name a few: Jennifer Hudson, JayZ, Eminem, Liam Neeson, Ozzie Osborne,

    Other sacrifices of actors or musicians are done to make money on the individual whose career is fading and will suddenly create a new stream of income once they are deceased. (Whitney Houston)

    They also plan way ahead, which “star” they plan to “whack” on a certain satanic date like Paul Walker, Prince, and many others.

  3. Working in Hollywood you have first sell your ass, then your body and soul to the devil. Or they wouldn´t promote you to a Star.
    Look for the background where Brad Pitt is involved and Angelina Jolie and what they both promote that tells you all.

  4. I watched the A-J video elsewhere, and if it’s not her, whoever it is has the look, mannerisms, and voice down pat. A-J did not get where she is on acting talent alone, that much should be fairly clear to anyone who has watched her act. The casting couch could explain her meteoric rise in Hollywood, but not the very successful switch to other roles.

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