The Emasculated German Police

Can Merkel dodge another refugee security scandal
Can Merkel dodge another refugee security scandal
Can Merkel dodge another refugee security scandal

The German police couldn’t muster the will necessary to protect German women from a mob of unruly immigrants on New Years Eve, but they seem to have no problem with turning water cannons on their own people:

Water cannons and pepper spray have been used to push back more than a thousand anti-immigration protesters in Cologne as anger mounted in a demonstration following attacks on New Year’s Eve.

Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) called a rally demanding Germany closes its border for refugees for “protection” after women were assaulted by crowds of men including asylum seekers.

But they were met by a huge counter-demonstration against end of sexual violence, racism and Islamophobia, while defending the right for refugees to seek safety.

Germany used to be a strong nation. Maybe it will be again someday, but clearly it isn’t now. Angela Merkel is leading the country down the path to destruction and ruin.

So crippled and mentally shackled are the Cologne police that they at first insisted New Years Eve had been “largely peaceful,” this apparently out of a desire to avoid saying that which might be construed  as offensive to the millions of refugees flooding into the country. Only after it was revealed that sexual assaults had occurred on a wide scale did they admit that, yes, things may have gotten a little out of hand.

But even then, several more days would still need to go by before an internal police report could be leaked to the media, a report containing the candid admission that what had occurred on New Years Eve was “chaotic and shameful.”

And then finally two days later–what happens? Out come the water cannons–but not against the illegal immigrants, rather against German citizens protesting in outrage at what had occurred. And of course their anger was justified. Take a look at the following video. This is what really occurred on New Years Eve.

And according to this report, women were forced to walk a “pathway of punishment.”

The analyst interviewed states it very well at about 5:45 when he says, “The police weren’t backed by German politics.” That’s it in a nutshell. The German police have been emasculated by the corrupt politics of the German government.

Corruption weakens a nation. And anytime a country falls under the Judeo-Zionist influence, as has happened in Germany, corruption is bound to set in. That’s not anti-Semitism. That’s simply a law of nature. Whenever leaders place the interests of a foreign nation and a foreign culture above their own, corruption is bound to be the result. And not just on a limited scale. We’re talking about corruption of the entire political landscape. This is how nations fall. And this is what is happening in Germany.

But it isn’t just Germany, of course. What took place in Cologne and other German cities could just as easily have occurred in France, Britain, or even America. When countries lose their moral, ethical, and spiritual values they go down. It’s that simple. And this is the general direction in which things are headed in the West.

Notice in the above video, at about 4:30, where it talks about a church in Germany removing its crosses so as not to offend refugees. You won’t be surprised to learn that it isn’t just Germany where churches are engaged in such absurdities.

In Sweden, a bishop by the name of Eva Brunne, reputedly the world’s first Lesbian bishop, has advocated that churches in her diocese remove their crosses and put up markings showing the direction to Mecca for the benefit of Muslim worshipers.

This is the extent to which spiritual values have cankered in the West, and it has been done all, or for the most part, in the name of multiculturalism.  Multiculturalism is in fact the new religion in the West (along with a few other religions, such as worship of money).

And guess who its main advocates have been? The Judeo-Zionists. The following video has been around for a few years, but I’m going to include it here because it basically sums up what I’m saying:

“When crimes are committed, and people place themselves outside the law then there must be consequences for asylum claims,” Merkel is reported to have said in response to the New Years attacks. Empty words. It was the German Chancellor’s policies which created the crisis in the first place, and she has given no indication of a substantial change in direction.

“The chancellor of the free world” is how Time Magazine described Merkel just a month ago in naming her “Person of the Year.” As of Sunday, January 10, a total of 516 complaints had been filed with the Cologne police, 40 percent of them for sexual offenses.

The tearing down of nations, as well as religions, is a goal being pursued–consciously by some people, subconsciously by others, the latter most likely a little further down the pyramid from the former. This has been happening in the Middle East for a while, but now we see it in the West as well.

“We have worked here for more than 40 years. I have never experienced anything like this before,” said the elderly Cologne lady interviewed in the video above. “We don’t understand the law. Even if we identify them [the refugees] we can’t deport them if they’re endangering the home country. That’s where my understanding of our laws ends.”

Perhaps for this lady, as well as many other Westerners, underestimating the venality of our leaders has been one of our most consequential shortcomings.

In the unlikely event the West experiences a revival of its spiritual and moral values, it may recoup some of its former strength, cohesion, and equilibrium. Absent that, however, it will continue to decay.


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  1. In all of her public photos Angela Merkel has kept showing the “all-seeing eye” hand sign with her two hands (i.e., a diamond-shape hand sign). In other words, she publicly “declares” she’s an Illuminati working only for the Reptilian agenda (which is now Agenda 21/2030).

    So, what can the Germans expect from their Illuminati Chancellor? If the Germans want a good and patriotic government that cares for their country, they should do everything they can to overthrow the Merkel Administration. That’s the only solution.

    What did the Icelanders do to remove their corrupt Congressmen? They went into the Parliament and literally threw the bastards out to the streets!! I love the Icelanders.

  2. I’m not sure what your point is, but since you ask, I will tell you I have never had the pleasure of visiting Germany, but I have read the works of German theologians such as Rudolph Bultmann and Adolf Harnack. I am also aware that German scholars have been leaders in the field of ancient Christian studies, and in fact a couple of years ago I wrote an article in which I quoted Harnack extensively. Since you seem to want to check up on my credentials, you can access the article here:

    Obviously Christianity used to be a central component of German culture. While I am not a crackerjack connoisseur of contemporary German civic life, it does seem to me that, regrettably, religion and spiritual values no longer play the roles they used to in Germany–which is the case in the West generally.

  3. One source of accurate news in Germany is KOPP Press. An article from 29 Nov 2015 explains how the “Moslem refugee” has affected Sweden and Scandinavia. Translation: KOPP Press 29.11.2015
    “Sweden: The civil war in our towns
    For a long time Sweden was a showcase project for the successful integration of Muslims. Now the borders have been closed due to the similar to civil war circumstances created by migrants in more and more towns. Sweden is closing its borders. Too many Muslims. Too much terror. Too much civil war. Too much restlessness. And not enough integration. Scandinavia is closing its borders as what has happened in Sweden is taken into view. Once peaceful, small villages have developed into war zones in which five year-old children must go to school under police protection. The Swedes are defending themselves against the moslem refugee Tsunami.” The Israeli press of Germany supports chancellor Merkel, whose decisions indirectly support ISIL´s driving Moslems from their homelands into Europe.

  4. Symptom or cause, whichever one is chosen determines not only narrative, but world view.
    It is not simply Germany, but the very fabric of European people which is targeted. Is this targeting because of something in the European character, something a control complex is eager to destroy, or is this merely a convenient place to launch a destructive agenda, and profit from this destruction?
    Certainly the fiascos of Lybia and Syria, the Soros backed Arab spring and Ukrainian “revolutions”, the banking clans’ world wide impoverishment campaign, and the suicidal murder of the Earths life support capabilities suggest that the war on Europeans is but one agonizing chapter in the story of a plan hatched by the powerful, and unleashed upon all.

  5. Merkel should be shot…The Rothschilds and their clique who demanded the destruction of ME countries and then helped finance and facilitate this invasion should be hanging from trees. I’m ashamed now for not going back to Germany a long time ago to help these people. Germany needs several million German-Americans who will speak to truth to power ( the Holohoax and the real history of WW II ) and help save that country. The Europeans had better realize that this invasion is the Jewish Supremacist endgame for European genocide!

  6. Just as Jonas Alexis predicted Mein Kampf is making it’s return to book shelves,not that anyone reads any more. This is the KM controllers plan for this face of the program. Norway has taken a similarly sickening “official” stance with the groups welcomed by the EU bosses whoever they truly are and wherever they truly came from.

    • “Just as Jonas Alexis predicted Mein Kampf is making it’s return to book shelves…”

      Having an Austrian corporal to round up all the Hollywood executives (and their foreign equivalents) and put them in a labor camp is an idea I could support.

  7. It is Possible that, all this is just a big” DISTRACTION”… orchestrated by the Big Reptilian News Corporation to camouflage what’s really going on right now.
    With the FINANCIAL Terrorist been hunted Right now…Psychopath (Reptilian Instruments) making us believes that all is coming down and will be PEACE…
    Here is a hint for you:
    { h t t p:// }

    Humanity is in trouble!

    How Psychopaths operate and how to deal with them.

  8. There were several articles on this topic at Truthseeker today. One of them featured a video in which Nicolas Sarkozy (President of France, 2007-2012) was speaking: “The goal is to meet the challenge of interracial marriage. It’s not a choice. It’s an obligation. If voluntarism does not work for the republic then the state will move in with more coercive measures. We must change, therefore we will change.” Many people, including myself, have never had a problem with interracial marriage, but would never support the state using “coercive measures” to force people into marriage, interracial or not.

  9. Yes, and most likely a (NAZI/NATO) MI6/CIA agent at that. Like her father a fake (pretending to be Lutheran) pastor, and grandfather, who deserted to the enemy camp in WWI.

  10. Very good article, very well said. The police (Polizei auf der Straße) in Germany is actually very good (far better than most of the police in the US of A), it’s the corrupt traitors ‘above’ them.

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