Europe’s New Terror Nexus, They Will Never See it Coming




Evidence is pouring in now, tying the terrorism in Europe which has been blamed on European immigrants to a right wing cabal of Freemasons, industrialists, royals from Belgium and the Netherlands and the intelligence agencies of Israel and Turkey.  Attacks staged in Paris and elsewhere were easy to follow, intersecting webs of business addresses, safehouses, ratlines, the picture solidifying more as each day goes on.

Aiding them are ISIS and, a surprise for some, the Ukrainian security services and their neo-Nazi associates in Poland who sponsored the Breivik killing in Norway.

The weapons they used, AK47s during Hebdo and Bataclan, the suicide/car bombs, will soon be replaced by Anthrax, Sarin, Chlorine gas and other surprises.

Even worse, the terrorists are protected.  What led us to them was surprising: following claims made by Iranian physicist Mehran T. Keshe warning us of paedophile networks and his personal “enemies,” who it turns out really are terrorists after all.

Rogue police and security agencies in France and Belgium, aided by police informants, some of whom are tied to terrorist networks, the Mossad and Turkish intelligence, are planning biological and chemical attacks across Europe.  The Breivik murders in Norway are going to be a model, right wing lone wolves, Syrian refugees, all cataloged and ready to activate along with the trolls, bloggers, podcasters and of course the mainstream media, the BBC and Guardian.

There are just too many coincidences.  We all know this.  Terror attacks on demand, always with the same things in common, crisis actors, sometimes imaginary victims, imaginary grieving relatives, too often timed for political expedience.  Each terror act has its “cover and deception” operation, proving the involvement of intelligence or police agencies.  Along with the mainstream controlled news come the armies of bloggers, shills and trolls.

Reports have been received from several activist groups in Paris that the real culprits in not only the devastating Bataclan murders but in Charlie Hebdo as well are ‘free as a bird’ and waiting to stage their next attack. In something we have now seen over and over, ambitious and corrupt police and intelligence officials have been working with networks of terrorist informants and agitators, some of whom are very real terrorists.

Behind it all is another far more shadowy network, this is where the investigation has taken on real depth and breadth. The reality is of proven ties between: Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, ISIS in Syria, Turkish Intelligence, Saudi Intelligence, the ever-present MOSSAD, the Italian Mafia (including some police organisations who are mafia) and Europe’s powerful ultra-right wing Freemasonic/Zionist cabal.

We tried to contact Dirk Laureyssens, “Facebook warrior” and longtime internet troll, who has been courting the subjects of our research.  He has as of yet been unavailable for comment.

The few independent intelligence platforms remaining began tracking this network through social media, varying anti-immigrant groups, charity scamsters, the mysterious ‘Keshe Victims Group’ and the vast European paedophile community.

Careless operators, police informants, phony activists and ‘trolls’ working through Facebook, Skype intercepts proven via computers the FBI seized from paedophiles established a trail of Jihadist killers brought into Europe.

Identified police informants in communications with terror handlers in Belgium

The ratlines run through Italy and Corsica.  The Italy trail runs through Kosovo, Albania, into Italy and France or from Turkey, through the Balkans and into Austria and Germany.  Similarly human trafficking networks run through Africa to Morocco where phony charities channel victims into Spain and by boat to Brittany and into Belgium and beyond for exploitation.

Other ratlines run from Chechnya into Ukraine and across Europe and back into Syria where CIA trained Chechnyans make up the backbone of ISIS cadres.

Behind them all, old line “black nobility” families, the bankers, the defunct eurotrash royalty, manipulating NATO, distributing Afghan heroin and partnering with their neocon counterparts in America including the Illuminati infested Pentagon.

Worst of all, both American presidential candidates are involved, more than involved, and on exactly the same path despite minor differentiation in their public pronouncements.


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Ian Greenhalgh

Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

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  1. Ian – I use this to contact you…..up here in ‘Bonnie’ Scotland there are a number of people waking up (thanks to me) in regards to the SNP Globalist/Zionist agenda (why ‘we’ voted to Remain – I voted to get the f**k out of paedo central EU) – I have said countless times to anyone who’ll listen that Sturgeon’s party, the SNP, are mini-Globalists, hence their desire to Remain, rather than take up your time here I have posted this link, one of many uncovering their new found friends, unbelievably Mr Kissinger (satan’s minion)….also you may wish to look into paedophile ‘magic circle’ as it is known up here, with a large membership of ‘nobility’ and Law patrons, I’m sure there is excellent stories to be had – anyhoo –

    as they say in Starship Troopers – “would you like to know more?”

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