Free speech is being ASSAULTED at our libraries and universities!

Bring up the Israeli connection to 9/11 in our universities or libraries and you may be ASSAULTED!
Bring up the Israeli connection to 9/11 in our universities or libraries and you may be ASSAULTED!
Bring up the Israeli connection to 9/11 in our universities or libraries and you may be ASSAULTED!

Watch this week’s False Flag Weekly News (embedded above – click here for links to the stories) for breaking news – presented by free speech heroes Tony Hall and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel – about the twin assaults on free speech at the University of Lethbridge and the Kansas City Public Library.

By Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor

Two of the Islamic world’s greatest gifts to the West are the library and the university.

Libraries brimming with books featuring a wide variety of contrasting and clashing viewpoints were a notable feature of such classical Islamic cities as Abbasid Baghdad and neo-Ummayid Cordoba. During the reign of Hakam II, Cordoba featured 70 public libraries, and its calligraphers cranked out 6,000 books per year – at a time when Christian  Europe’s largest library had only 600 books, all vetted for orthodoxy. Virtually the entire Western intellectual endowment filtered in from the Islamic world, primarily from Islamic Spain; and the  free exchange of diverse viewpoints under Islam’s religiously pluralistic civilization became the model for the religious tolerance that finally arrived in the West with the Enlightenment more than 1000 years later.

The university, like the library, comes from Islam. The world’s first university (and oldest continuously-operating university), The University of al-Qarawiyyin, was founded by a Muslim woman, Fatima al-Fihri, in 859 in Fez, Morocco. Islam’s waqf system of pious endowments helped the university concept take root and spread through the Muslim world. Eventually it arrived in Christian Europe and gradually mutated into the form we know today.

Ironically, the Zionist-Crusading leaders of the West, under the banner of the 9/11-inspired slogan “they hate our freedom,” are now crushing the very freedom they pretend to defend. Even more ironically, they are doing so in our two greatest institutions of freedom, the library the the university. And most ironically of all, the views they are ruthlessly assaulting and suppressing are those held by the majority of Muslims worldwide.

Millions of Muslims have been murdered by the so-called “war on terror.” What do the world’s remaining 1.8 billion Muslims think about that? Don’t ask! You might get assaulted, arrested, or fired from your job.

At the University of Lethbridge, a tenured professor, Anthony Hall, has been targeted for voicing views that echo those of the worldwide Muslim majority. Meanwhile, at the Kansas City Public Library, a brave young Jewish man, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel (and Library Events Director Steve Woolfolk) have suffered physical and then legal assault for asking Israeli agent Dennis Ross the kind of question that most Muslims would also ask if they could find the occasion and courage to do so.

Both Anthony Hall and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel have been targeted because they suspect that Israel and its agents had a hand in orchestrating 9/11, and would like to see the question freely aired, debated, and settled. So would pretty much all of the world’s Muslims.

Libraries and universities – the two main places for the free exchange of ideas – would be ideal places for the discussion of books like David Ray Griffin’s magisterial twelve-volume critique of the official storyChristopher Bollyn’s two volumes on Israeli involvement, and my own False Flag Trilogy, which offers evidence of Israeli involvement in recent false flag 9/11-follow-up operations.

Why is the government of Israel, and its North American front organizations, so desperate to keep any discussion of the Israeli role in 9/11 out of our libraries and universities? If there were no evidence to support the thesis that Israel had a hand in 9/11, they should be eager to prove their case in a free and fair debate, and lay all suspicions to rest.

Instead, the Israeli government and its agents orchestrate criminal assaults on those members of our library and university communities who ask the hard questions. Apparently they think the only way to stop  the spread of the message is to lynch the messenger.

At the Kansas City Public Library, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel was physically assaulted by an apparent agent of Israel playing the role of  “private security officer.” Rothe-Kushel’s crime was to participate in a Q&A after a talk by another apparent Israeli agent, Dennis Ross, and ask about Israeli involvement in 9/11.

At the University of Lethbridge, another Israeli government front group, the B’nai Brith, is working overtime to try to get tenured professor Anthony Hall fired for raising questions it doesn’t like, starting with the the question of Israeli involvement in 9/11.

The B’nai Brith, along with its apparent co-conspirator Joshua Goldberg, seem to be behind the manufacture and placement of an outrageously offensive “kill all Jews” image that was surreptitiously planted as an obscure comment on Professor Hall’s Facebook page. After the planting of the offending image, the B’nai Brith orchestrated a scandal in which Hall, who had no knowledge whatsoever of the image, was falsely blamed, and his good name and reputation unjustly besmirched.

Like the Israeli government agents’ assault on Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, their libelous attack on Tony Hall could also be characterized as criminal assault…in this case on Hall’s reputation and livelihood.

Neither Jeremy Rothe-Kushel nor Tony Hall is Muslim. But both are under assault for expressing views that are commonplace, indeed majoritarian, in the Muslim community.

Are Western universities and libraries going to ban all Muslims from their premises? Are they going to ban all books, films, and other media that present Muslim-majority views of topical issues, especially the “war on terror”?

Somebody around here “hates our freedom,” and it isn’t Muslims.

Fortunately, a few brave individuals love freedom enough to use it and defend it. The whole world owes a debt of gratitude to Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Tony Hall for asking the hard questions and having the guts to stand their ground.

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  1. Excellent article that documents the sinister Zio assault against any academic freedom. There is no way Prof. Hall would ever break the law or violate academic policy, he is a very mild mannered reasonable man that believes in free and open discussion from all perspectives–this is a complete setup by the Zios.
    This assault on academic freedom and freedom of expression of ideas is salient now at any university where any attempt is made to discuss who really did 9-11-01 and why. It is really racist, that is, Khazarians being racist against what they call Goyim (whom they view as inhuman cattle with no souls–but who is really lacking a soul? it is them and they are “projecting”). This secret war against truth in academia and media has been ongoing for at least the last 50 years and is well financed by the RKM Banksters directly and indirectly through Cutouts. I say, arrest the Zios for espionage as acting as agents on behalf of a foreign enemy and promote Prof Hall and give him a big raise for doing his job properly as a professor. It is obvious he is doing a good job, otherwise the Zios wouldn’t try to set him up with cyber attacks.

  2. Israeli is the patsy number 3 after Saudi and the Muslims. Do you really believe they would have had agents dancing around flicking lighters, or mural vans with planes crashing into the twin towers if they didn’t want you to think it was them? Reality is the art students (who didn’t look like they could climb over a box let alone rig a building) were just there for cover. The uncomfortable truth is it was 90% a C$A and US Military Black Ops project, featuring Michael Calibrese and his Sociopathic cohorts. But Americans nuking Americans doesn’t sit well until you factor in the psychology of who they recruit, and how they’re trained.

  3. Jeremy embodies the best of jewishness, a powerful voice that carries great weight and one the worst of jewishness cannot invalidate, all B’nai B’rith has is mafia stand-over tactics to continue to enforce the great deception… cowering away from any honest discussion with fear of discovery means they are on the back foot here…. Anthony and Jeremy with courage under fire, hitting back hard….. with a gnashing of teeth from B’nai B’rith heard in the background…. bravo!

  4. I had a profile on entitled “91101Truther” and featuring information about Israel’s involvement in the terrorist State crime of 9/11/01. My profile had been approved and was active for about 4 or 5 months until one day, I received an email from saying my profile was being permanently deleted for violation of’s “rules” of misconduct. The specific violation was never mentioned, nor was I given any advance warning to cease and desist. I was shocked! I had never even emailed anybody on their website yet. I had every reason to believe my account was hijacked. I have written recently to inquire about what evidence they have of the infraction, and they refuse to cooperate unless they receive a subpoena from a judge or lawyer. I have since discovered thqt is affiliated with Facebook, which is run by the Zionist nutjob control freak, Mark Zuckerberg, who also rountinely censors anti-Israeli posts on Facebook. I believe if more people come forward, there is enough proof out there for a class-action lawsuit against these Zionist assholes.

    • I forgot to add that after I contacted requesting evidence of why my “91101Truther “ profile was deleted, I received 5 phone calls with recorded messages with robotic “non-human” voices threatening legal action against me. Four of those phone calls originated from Washington, District of Criminals, and one was from California.

  5. Libraries and so called universities today have degenerated into largely cesspools of indoctrination and brainwashing, not the oasis of intellectual freedom and thought they should be and many people incorrectly believe they still are. Beware when you donate a book or money to either of these institutions, lest the book is simply sold at a book sale for pennies on the dollar and the money is not used for the purposes intended by you. You must seek to receive a written statement from a managing librarian that your donation will be placed on the shelves for at least two years. If they refuse to at least give you a letter of acceptance that it has or will be placed in the library do not give it to them if you value the book. This is all part of the international assault on the most precious of our freedoms, the freedom to believe and question anyone or anything regardless of who or where or how powerful they are. After you donated to them go back and inspect the stacks to verify they indeed placed your book there. That is correct, they can’t be trusted anymore even a librarian because outside pressure can and is placed on them to censor information. This is all a shameful disgrace in America and the world today.

    • Everyone has heard the wisdom, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Nothing could be truer today. Only the content of a book matters, not the author or the name of the author or the publisher or the paper it is printed on or the reviews or anything but the content. Now it is true that no librarian can be expert in all the details of all fields of endeavor. But openmindedness should be the goal. Err on the side of providing the information rather than censorship. Let the reader decide. But today, in our charged politically correct evil atmosphere, all it takes is the wink of an eye or the nod of a head to get a book removed from library shelves. We have degenerated down into a very deep and threatening cesspool of politically correct censorship worse than any the world has ever known. It is the job and duty of every seeker of truth to obstruct this evil practice wherever you find it. Some of the worst offenders are discussed in this great article above by Kevin. However there are many others too. One must never prejudge a book without actually reading it. Do not pay any attention to what other prejudiced people say about a book before you read it personally.

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