Propaganda War Against Syria Heats Up



[Editors note: The MSM have really pissed me off in the last 24 hours by pushing, in unison, this most disgusting and hateful false narrative. Make no mistake about it, this tale of Russian and Syrian warplanes dropping barrel bombs, cluster bombs and even chlorine gas onto Aleppo’s main hospital, killing and injuring innocent children is nothing more than unadulterated, pure and malodorous bovine fecal matter.

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go – if anyone bombed that hospital, it wasn’t the Russians or the Syrians, the finger of blame needs to be pointed at either Israel or the US-lead coalition, with the bulk of the suspicion falling on the former, especially if chlorine was used.

Remember the article I wrote some months back about the MiGs painted up to look like Syrian air force that were being held in waiting to carry out some nefarious false flag activities? It would not surprise me one iota if those MiGs have been used to bomb that hospital, murdering innocent women and children in order to be able to falsely accuse the Syrians and Russians of barbarity.

The Syrian ambassador to the UN was asked yesterday if Syria had bombed the hospital, he simply gave the journalist a withering stare, a small laugh of derision then walked away in disgust – a suitable response to such a question in my view.

However, the reaction to this rebuff has been thoroughly disgusting, with many media personalities and politicians taking to Twitter to decry the Syrian ambassador, calling his laughter most disgusting; among the critics was that most unpleasant woman, US ambassador Samantha Power, further reinforcing our existing view of her as a completely co-opted and corrupt piece of filth.


The sources for the story of the hospital bombing are CIA-Israeli controlled disinfo operations, which is why I say ‘if’ anyone bombed the hospital. Prime among these sources is a fat, sweaty little turd of a man living in a flat in a north London suburb who pretends to be a major information outlet by the official-sounding name of The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. VT exposed this fact last year and the truth about the SOHR has been broadcast by Russia Today many times.

Whenever the SOHR’s name appears on a story, rest assured, it is CIA-Israeli disinfo.

So what are we to make of this whole fiasco? It all boils down to a concerted effort by the CIA-Israeli controlled MSM to ram down our throats a false narrative of Russo-Syrian cruelty and indifference to human life and suffering of innocents. The purpose of pushing this narrative is to further the agenda of the Neocon-Zionist-Israeli cabal that is responsible for the war in Syria, to attempt to use subterfuge to counter the military successes of the legitimate Syrian government and their Russian allies against the proxy mercenary armies employed by the cabal.

The victims in all of this are once again the innocent people of Aleppo and it deeply disturbs and upsets me to see the entire MSM singing in unison like good little shills from the cabal’s hymnsheet; never failing to miss a beat in the cacophany of lies and deceit that has provided the soundtrack to the war in Syria for over 6 years now and with no end in sight. Ian]


Asharq Al-Awsat

Pro-Regime Airstrikes Shut Aleppo Hospital, Cut Water Supply

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and local Syrian coordination committees reported that Russian and regime warplanes have bombed one of Aleppo’s central hospitals on Saturday for the second time in four days. The attack resulted in the hospital shutting its services.

The Syrian American Medical Society, which supports the hospital, said it had been struck by barrel bombs.

M10, the city’s main trauma hospital, in eastern Aleppo, was struck as the United States and its allies urged Russia to halt the bombing and reach a diplomatic resolution.

A doctor at the hospital told the Aleppo Media Center, an activist collective, that thousands of people were treated in the compound in the past adding that two people were killed in Saturday’s airstrikes and several were wounded.

“A real catastrophe will hit medical institutions in Aleppo if the direct shelling continues to target hospitals and clinics,” said the doctor whose name was not given. He said the whole hospital is out of service.

The attack drew immediate condemnation from France and Germany. French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said the shelling of healthcare structures and personnel in Aleppo amounted to war crimes, adding: “Their perpetrators will be held to account.”

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier tweeted: “The bombing of Aleppo needs to finally stop! Whoever wants to fight terrorists does not attack hospitals!”

On the other hand, in an effort to restore control over Aleppo, Russian-backed regime forces in Syria continued battering opposition-held civilian neighborhoods on Saturday.

As pro-regime forces pushed with their offensive against opposition-held areas, Aleppo’s supply of fresh water has been cut due to fighting between opposition fighters and regime forces near a water pumping station in the eastern Suleiman al-Halabi district.

“There have been airstrikes in Suleiman al-Halabi in the area of the water pumping station. Engineers cannot perform work there now, as the front line passes nearby and the militants are keeping the station under heavy fire,” a field source said.

The U.S. envoy to the United Nations last week described Russia’s actions in Syria as “barbarism,” not counter-terrorism.

U.S.-Russian tensions over Syria have escalated since the breakdown of a cease-fire last month, with each side blaming the other for its failure. Syrian regime forces backed by Russian warplanes have launched a major onslaught on opposition-held parts of Aleppo.

Russian news agencies quoted Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying that a U.S. intervention against the Syrian army “will lead to terrible, tectonic consequences not only on the territory of this country but also in the region on the whole.”

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  1. How often the last 50 years I ´ve heared the same BS over and over again, telling us ” that those evil dictators bomb and kill their own innocent population, so they have to go”.
    10, 100, 1000. 10000 times ?
    In every war around the world the same lies from the same bunch of liars in the same tone of caring voices. And I am 62 now.
    It is the same satanic agenda visible since more than 2000 years by the same entities. I am sick and tired of this bullshit. I grow mad as hell now, I can´t bear it anymore.

    • My wakeup day was November 23rd 1963, the day after JFK was murdered and I saw my parents weeping bitterly, which I never watched before and after that day openly. I was 9 years old and since then I followed that story.

  2. Spreading the word…

    Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong

    Streamed live on Sep 29, 2016
    What’s really going on in Aleppo? Are Assad and Putin exterminating the population for sport? Is it a war against US-backed “moderates”? That is what the mainstream media would have us believe. We speak with Vanessa Beeley, a journalist who just returned from Aleppo for the real story.


    • Beely’s account makes a lot more sense than the USG / CMMM line. Only a moron would believe anything coming out of the USG / CMMM.

      On a related topic, official spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, has commented on a recent speech by the US’s special UN representative, Samantha Power (during which Power declared Russia and Syria’s actions were “barbarism”). Zakharova’s comment: “When Samantha Power says something, then one wants to cry out of fear for the future of the world, because it is in the hands subject to these kinds of heads.”

      Smart lady that Zakharova.

  3. The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet have been spiting out anti-Russian propaganda for nearly one week.

    The Russian are blamed for everything… MH17, Aleppo and the broken truce.

    This anti-Russian propaganda in the Swedish MSM, is the worst that I have been reading over the last 10-15 years!


  4. the “new option” rolled out overnight as they lose Aleppo…. “We don’t have a basis (to intervene), our lawyers tell us, unless we have a UN Security Council Resolution which the Russians can veto or unless we are under attack from folks or unless we are invited in. Russia is invited in by the legitimate regime,” said Kerry…..“Assad’s indifference to anything” could push the Obama administration to consider “new options”, Kerry acknowledging the Assad government’s stature under the doctrines of international law.” The Secretary of State implied…. that this violation of international law would only apply if the United States engaged in a full-on war to oust President Assad rather than leading a coalition engaged, purportedly, in counter-terrorism strikes and called into question the legality of Russia’s actions despite confirming that Moscow is involved in the conflict at the invitation of the “legitimate government.”
    an audio recording of the 40-minute meeting that took place at the Dutch Mission to the United Nations on Sept. 22 after the ceasefire collapsed on the sidelines of the UN…The recording was made by a non-Syrian who attended the session, the newspaper reported, adding that several other participants confirmed its authenticity.

  5. Paul Craig Roberts has made an analysis of the latest developments. His is a very, very gloomy scenario starting to build up, or in his words already in process.

    This interview is done on The Mind Renewed Oct 1 2016,

    Seems to be very few signs of hope at the moment. The puppet masters are going all in it seems. Where are the good people? They are needed now.

  6. If a tree falls in the forest….it must be Russia’s fault. – Old Zen saying just invented by neocons / neolibs.

  7. It is not logical for the Syrian or Russia airforce to bomb Syrian hospitals. Assad is the duly elected Syrian leader and Russia is there athis request. To believe otherwise, one would have to take the MSM’s word for it. And anyone who takes the MSM’s word for anything is ignorant beyond words. Anyone who has been following this war knows the USG is the bad guy. I remember not long ago when a US AC130 gunship tore up a Doctors Without Borders hospital for over an hour. It’s the USG an their murderous ‘anti-terror’ coalition who have a history of blowing up hospitals. If Syria and Russia were the aggressors, they would have acted on the enumerable provocations of war by the US and started intentionally targeting US forces on the ground and shooting US/British/Israeli jets out of the sky over Syria. They have every right to do this and a part of me wishes they would start doing this. What I want to know is, where so they find these people to join the US military? Who agrees to risk their lives for the most murderous, oppressive and tyrannical force to ever to stain the pages of history? If they think they are fighting for anything more than an unprecedented criminal organization, they are terribly misinformed. It’s no wonder the suicide rate of returning veterans is higher than ever, at around 62.5%. That’s probably a consequence of not knowing what you’re fighting for.

    • These kind of hateful lies, aimed at decieving millions into supporting yet another illegal and aggressive war in foreign lands, should be defined as intellectual terrorism. I could not be more F’ing sick of this disgusting display of inhumanity. I would have thought that after the US used the pretext of overthrowing a brutal dictator to utterly destroy Iraq, Libya, etc, that the western masses would be able to see that this is exactly what they’re doing in Syria. Seriously, when do the ones calling the shots hang by the neck until they are dead? Why should they not be held to the standards established by their predecessors at Nuremberg? Until this happens, USG officials will inevitably continue to commit these crimes as if they are untouchable. If GWB and Cheney were made to stretch a rope, it might send a message to the rest of the political parasites that the same thing can happen to them. What bothers me the most is that if the USG accomplishes their diabolical goals in Syria, they will not stop there. They will simply use Syria as a stepping stone to Iran and start the whole process over again. We are all F’d.

  8. Of course organizing an orderly exodus of refugees is a no-no because the initial intent by the Neo-Con/Israeli/US coalition was to have the Syrians stew in a cesspit to begin with.

    Wonder if the Irish colleen – the shrill banshee herself Samantha Power is stirring her great humanitarian angst and concern for poor suffering Syrian humanity reading the Children of the Famine by Marita Conlon-McKenna, raised like Power in Goatstown Dublin. Or if more likely, she prefers time instead to regale and impress her Illuminati pals with tales of the Hell Fire Club on Mount Pelier in the Dublin mountains, a short drive south-west from her native Goatstown where stories of wild behavior and debauchery and occult practices and demonic manifestations have become part of the local lore over the years. Either way you can be sure whatever she dreams, contrives or says will be nicely served – in true Irish fashion, with good dollops of raimeis, droppings only inferior in satanic measure to the sulfurous rear-end emissions of the head, buck-goat himself.

  9. I suppose this propaganda is a prelude to some dramatic escalation by criminal US invaders posing as ‘good guys’. Can we expect that no more war by proxies “tectonic shift” soon?

  10. The “activist”-staffed Aleppo Media Center (AMC) is also FAKE. Funding for AMC comes from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is stoking the flames of the Syrian conflict.

    France has not designated al-Qaeda’s al-Nusra Front as a terrorist organization, and the French Foreign Minister told Le Monde in July 2015 that he thought that al-Nusra was “doing a good job” in Syria.

    Describing Western media coverage of efforts to retake Aleppo as ‘disgusting’ is an understatement.

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