CBC launches Hannity-style attack on Professor Anthony Hall

In this June 4, 2015, photo, University of Wisconsin of Milwaukee associate professor Lorraine Malcoe, second from left, joins other angry educators and supporters in protest by taping their mouths shut outside a Board of Regents meeting in Milwaukee. A spokesman for university professors says Gov. Scott Walker's education policy changes that eliminate tenure could embolden faculty in Wisconsin and around the country to become more organized as Walker mounts his expected run for the White House. (Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via AP)

 …by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

David Gray works for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. But in a recent attack interview on (I mean, with) Professor Anthony Hall of the University of Lethbridge, Gray appeared to be auditioning for Fox News.

In the eight minute CBC-broadcast version of the interview, Gray begins by accusing Hall of “championing the causes of several conspiracy theories,” then repeatedly interrupts Hall’s attempts to answer his questions.

The above-posted uncensored version of the interview, filmed by Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, shows the full extent of Gray’s incessant hostile interruptions and goading attacks on Professor Hall. Like Sean Hannity interviewing me on Fox News, Gray apparently thinks his job is hostile interrogation, not journalism.

Can the absurd, CIA-created, weaponized term “conspiracy theories” be used to force tenured professors out of their jobs?


Before 9/11, such a thing could never have happened.

I taught at many colleges and universities in California, Wisconsin, and Paris from 1990 to 2006, and during that time I cannot recall meeting a single academic colleague who believed the Warren Commission’s version of the JFK assassination. Whenever I brought the subject up, which was fairly often, the responses ranged from “we’ll never know what happened” to “everyone knows the CIA did it.”

Today, in the post-9/11 world, Obama’s former information czar Cass Sunstein tells us that conspiracy theories are so dangerous that some day they may have to be made illegal. In the meantime, Sunstein argues, the government should “cognitively infiltrate” what he calls “conspiracy movements” and try to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.”

Was 9/11 a botched, all-too-obvious false flag operation? Is that why the post-9/11 Western world must abolish free speech, free thought, and free inquiry: to prevent the social disruption that would accompany the emergence of the truth?

Sunstein, like the B’nai Brith tormentors of Tony Hall, apparently knows that a free and fair debate will prove that certain socially disruptive “conspiracy theories” are true. So that debate must not happen!

Some administrators at the University of Lethbridge appear to be willing to end the institution of tenure—which was designed precisely to protect the most unpopular and disruptive ideas—rather than allow Tony Hall’s dangerous ideas to be debated and discussed.

Professor Tony Hall is not going to give up without a fight. He is not going to watch academic freedom, and the institution of tenure that is one of its prime foundations, get taken down in a controlled demolition.




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  1. It’s never going to stop. Anti semitic? You’re Fired! Holocaust denial? Your Fired! and or, Imprisoned! Climate change? No debate allowed!
    Wholesale slaughter? OK! Malicious lies! Perfectly FINE! Race War? A goal of theirs. Assassination? Legal by their definition. Logic? Not now sonny boy. I’m deep in thought. WTF!!!!

  2. You can see it worldwide, must be a human behaviour of all menkind. If they run out of arguments they begin with a smearcampain. Seems to be the “normal” behaviour. I have seen it in all discussions I had over all the years. I am 62 now and the only way is to end the discussion and show them the end of my back.

  3. The interview with professor Hall had the camera pointed at the back of his head most of the time. They should have either had another camera in front of his face or moved the other camera to a position in front of his face. I believe they did this deliberately and rudely to make him appear poorly presented, but that would be a conspiracy theory. Why have the camera at all if it is not pointed at his face when he is speaking? Instead the camera was pointed at the face of the interviewer Gray showing is facial expressions of displeasure at professor Hall’s responses. The point is the long standing rules of Academic Freedom were designed to protect exactly what professor Hall is charged with violating. These people are in effect seeking destruction of the basic principles of the university itself and they appear to be succeeding. The ignorant inmates have taken over the asylum. Political correctness is evil.

  4. Gray was feigning interest from the start with the shots ready to fire …..Professor Hall walked in on their turf…..coming before the Sanhedrin

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