Doctors of Death: Syrian doctors in the US and their CIA-ISIS ties

SAMS are at the forefront of those pushing the false narrative of Russian ‘barbarity’ in bombing hospitals in Aleppo

…by  Ian Greenhalgh

I don’t watch Television much, hardly at all in fact, but I do have a TV in my kitchen and watch snatches of BBC News 24 and RT just to keep abreast of what the propagandists are bleating about currently.

Last night, while making a cup of tea I happened to catch a truly stomach-churningly disgusting report by the BBC on the Russians and Syrians bombing the hospitals of Aleppo with  barrel bombs, cluster bombs and even chlorine gas bombs.

Of course, this is a false narrative put out on behalf of Israel and her allies in London, Washington and elsewhere – the very people responsible for the creation of IS and the genocidal conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

I noted one particularly foul talking head who really laid it on thick about how barbarous and murderous the ‘Assad regime’ and their ‘Russian partners’, this apparently Syrian Arabic person who sounds precisely like an Israeli black propagandist reading a Mossad-penned script goes by the name of Zaher Sahloul and he is the spokesman for a group called the Syrian-American Medical Society (SAMS).

Sahloul has a blog which reads like it was written in Haifa by the same group of shills and trolls who plague the internet and attempt to infiltrate every ‘truth’ group whether the subject be 9-11, Sandy Hook or even JFK.


SAMS are based in Canfield, Ohio, a small, sleepy town in the rustbelt of the Midwest. Their primary role is to blame the victims of the CIA-Neocon-Israeli cabal that is responsible for the Syrian conflict.

SAMS deal in the sort of anti-Assad, anti-Putin propaganda we are all too familiar with from other fake groups like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and The Institute for the Study of War, as evidenced by this recent press release:

Press Release: Aleppo’s Largest Hospital Targeted for the Third Time in One Week. The Hospital Severely Damaged.

“SAMS strongly condemns these systematic and ongoing attacks against healthcare workers and medical facilities, and joins U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in calling these attacks war crimes,” said SAMS’s President Dr. Ahmad Tarakji.

SAMS have a history of trading in black propaganda and nefarious disinfo – they testified before the United Nations Security Council and the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs about the Sarin gas attacks in Ghouta, Syria in March, 2015.

We know that the Ghouta attacks were the work of Google Idea Groups and Israel, thanks to the brave investigative work of VT correspondent Jeffrey Silverman; therefore SAMS, in giving testimony pointing the finger at the ‘Assad regime’ were also part of the group responsible for the deaths of over 1000 people in Ghouta.

Despite being based in the rustbelt of the US Midwest, SAMS get around – they held their 15th International Conference in Gaziantep, Turkey earlier this year.


SAMS travel to Gaziantep under the protection of ISIS to hand out awards in the middle of the largest ISIS training and support facility.

Gaziantep is the town where a Turkish prosecutor was jailed for trying to arrest Turkish Security Agency agents for trying to manufacture Sarin gas. Furthermore, it is the staging post for the ISIS operation in Aleppo, where supplies and training for ISIS are centred.

Gaziantep contains stockpiles of Sarin, chlorine and mustard gases that have been used against the Syrian people.


SAMS have been fully supportive of Turkey and the Erdogan regime’s slaughter of innocent Kurds in Turkey, they have also supported ISIS in their slaughter of innocent Syrians.

Legitimate medical personnel in Europe and the USA have been coerced into endorsing and supporting this evil organisation, often by threats against their family members.

SAMS also have ties to NGOs that have been delivering chemical weapons into Syria that have been used to kill thousands of innocent Syrians



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  1. Good Ian. MSM has an undisputed and unchallenged monopoly, nothing new. Its biased, of course, its minority (jewish) controlled, undoubtedly. Two sides of the coin are never seen or heard of, wihich makes West looking very Soviet-era like, save for the commercials which are also Jewish, so everything remains at home, and designed according to the rules of the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion”.
    Sad it is to watch Adm John Kirby conducting a press conference full of psycopathic partiality and not seen even one journalist asking for origins or illegitimacy of US intervention in Syria. What is worst, its that intelectual junk food feeds the happy trigger sheeple, living under the Hollywood syndrome good-bad guys. Today, the depicted as the “bad guy”, are not like Japs and Krauts unable to reach the US, but certainly, a conflict with Russia would not give you a chance to pick an umbrella under a rain of megatons.

    . , .

  2. BBC = British Bullshit Creator,
    I have seen a lot of lying doctors in my lifetime.

    „Was bringt den Doktor um sein Brot?/ a) Die Gesundheit, b) der Tod./ Drum hält der Arzt, auf daß er lebe,/ uns zwischen beiden in der Schwebe.“

  3. If it wasn’t for things like The Sweeney re-runs there’d be nothing worth watching! It both saddens and infuriates me what the BBC has become. Long gone are the days of Martin Bell and honest war reporting.

    • Cheers Jim. The ‘house style’ of these Israeli-trained disinfo ops becomes quite easy to recognise after a while.

  4. There is a new article/video on Information clearing house with Venessa Bealey , just back from Syria and she explains the truth about the Hospitals and doctors in Syria. She pretty much blows all MSM out of the water with what she knows – after all – her father was an Ambassador to the ME – and I’m presuming – he was one of the good guys – as his daughter is. America is on the ropes in Aleppo – will they fight back?

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