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by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor   … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

"And who watches those watching the watchmen? It's VT who does. When it is too good to be true it usually isn't."
“And who watches those watching the watchmen? It’s VT who does. When it is too good to be true it usually isn’t.”

[ Editor’s Note: There is not polite way to say this so I will not make a weak attempt. While Assange the great  manipulator thought he was going to piggy back is world fame on the US election, he forgot about VT.

Despite the blackout on us in the US corporate media that does not extend world wide.

So Gordon was able rip Julian a new one, using the ADL and Haaretz quotes as lubricant. Juli can try to ignore our silver bullet all he wants about how the Israelis, the ADL, Shelly Adelson and the whole Jewish Lobby infrastructure world wide as been able to block Wikileaks from getting into their shorts.

That of course is a joke. Juli would never do that, and we know why. Dear, Mr. Assange, you know where were are and how to contact us if you want to have a public event sometime. Our readers would just love it. What do you have to lose?

BTW, when you are a very controversial person, especially when penetrating government stuff, part of the sacrifice for the work is giving up going after strange. It is the most stupid thing you can do in terms of a self-inflicted security breach. Next time go to the zoo, after hoursJim W. Dean ]


"We opened Wikileaks" - VT
“We opened Wikileaks” – VT

– First published  …  October 08,  2016

There is a powerful need, powerful and irrational, to believe in Wikileaks. For the past seven years, Wikileaks has warred on the enemies of Israel, pushed for attacks on Iran, leaked material, often found to be fabricated, embarrassing to political enemies of Israel. This has been done under a guise of phony anti-imperialism and anti-Americanism, easy to sell to the undiscerning dumbed down public by a generation of “info-tainment” news.

Mr. Showman, not "The Donald", but "The Julian"
Mr. Showman, not “The Donald”, but “The Julian”

Never a word has been spoken about the bombings of Yemen, the slaughter of the Palestinians nor the abuse of sanctions and the endless threats against Iran. All Wikileaks material is approved by Israel, as admitted by Assange in 2011, during his spat with the New York Times.

We also find that Wikileaks or really Assange based material, though often anti-Obama, is not only highly supportive of America’s warlike neocon agenda but almost invariably damaging to Russia and her allies.

Those who accept Wikileaks at face value simply aren’t paying attention. Back in 2010, Veterans Today did an analysis on Wikileaks and ran background on Julian Assange. We found Wikileaks to be an intelligence operation that using material given to Israel by the American National Security Agency (NSA) under a bizarre intelligence sharing agreement.

Assange himself had a theatrical and spotty personal background closely resembling the “legends” created for intelligence assets.

The Leak Fabricators

The US routinely passes on all raw domestic surveillance material to Israel including massive phone and email taps. This includes financial data on corporations and included Hillary Clinton’s private email as well. This is the real source of the leaks, there is no magic hacker cabal.

Israel simply scans the material, sends it to working groups, and uses it to manipulate financial markets, control currencies, blackmail politicians and channels some into the intelligence operation known as Wikileaks.

On December 3, 2010, National Public Radio host Judy Woodruff interviewed former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. The following partial transcript is from that interview:

Ziggy with Col. Tim Osaman, aka Osama bin Laden
Ziggy with Col. Tim Osaman, aka Osama bin Laden

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: But I think the most serious issues are not those which are getting the headlines right now. Who cares if Berlusconi is described as a clown? Most Italians agree with that. Who cares if Putin is described as an alpha dog? He probably is flattered by it.

The real issue is, who is feeding Wikipedia on this issue — Wiki — Wiki — WikiLeaks on this issue? They’re getting a lot of information which seems trivial, inconsequential, but some of it seems surprisingly pointed. …The very pointed references to Arab leaders could have as their objective undermining their political credibility at home, because this kind of public identification of their hostility towards Iran could actually play against them at home.

Author’s note: The use of the term, “pointed” is key. This indicates two classes of information and also begins building a hypothesis to support “intent.” If there is “intent” in the leaks, then they are an intelligence operation, not a leak.

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: It’s, rather, a question of whether WikiLeaks are being manipulated by interested parties that want to either complicate our relationship with other governments or want to undermine some governments, because some of these items that are being emphasized and have surfaced are very pointed.

And I wonder whether, in fact, there aren’t some operations internationally, intelligence services, that are feeding stuff to WikiLeaks, because it is a unique opportunity to embarrass us, to embarrass our position, but also to undermine our relations with particular governments.

Author’s note: Brzezinsky goes exactly there, indicating his belief that Wikileaks is tied to an intelligence agency. This is a full and direct challenge to the credibility of wikileaks showing no reservations whatsoever.

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: For example, leaving aside the personal gossip about Sarkozy or Berlusconi or Putin, the business about the Turks is clearly calculated in terms of its potential impact on disrupting the American-Turkish relationship….the top leaders, Erdogan and Davutoglu and so forth, are using some really, really, very sharp language.

JUDY WOODRUFF: But this is 250 — it’s a quarter-of-a-million documents.


JUDY WOODRUFF: How easy would it be to seed this to make sure that it was slanted a certain way?

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: Seeding — seeding it is very easy. I have no doubt that WikiLeaks is getting a lot of the stuff from sort of relatively unimportant sources, like the one that perhaps is identified on the air. But it may be getting stuff at the same time from interested intelligence parties who want to manipulate the process and achieve certain very specific objectives.

What All this Means

"And that includes the truth about Wikileaks" - Jim W. Dean
“And that includes the truth about Wikileaks” – Jim W. Dean

Nearly six years ago, Wikileaks was “outed” as an intelligence operation. As Assange has spoken often of his admiration for Israel’s Netanyahu and has, in extremely critical areas such as 9/11, moved to quell controversy and actually suppress any investigations, particularly those that might lead to Israel, there can be little doubt who runs Wikileaks.

Running background on Sarah Harrison, supposed editor of Wikileaks credited with spiriting Edward Snowden to Moscow leads us, not only into the middle of Britain’s MI6, seen by many as a Mossad “franchise” but to Snowden’s former employer, Booz Allen Hamilton, long tasked with undermining Putin through their Russian operation, the Moscow Times, run through a Swedish front company.

Harrison has been repeatedly tied to Mossad press assets in the US and Britain and has a clear association with destabilization efforts against both Iran and Russia.

The Wikileaks organization, when rosters are checked, is made up entirely of former employees of Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe, organizations that work under an advisory board which includes former Bush cabinet members Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice.

Today few doubt that the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, is an Israeli intelligence operation used to blackmail American politicians. Before being removed from that organization, its former head, Abe Foxman, became a standing joke, essentially a “Mafia don” in a yamukah.

Here is what the ADL published our Veterans Today’s efforts to expose Wikileaks, which can reasonably now be taken as confirmation of Wikileaks ties to Israel:

“Many of the conspiracy theories about Israel and WikiLeaks are being promulgated by an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist named Gordon Duff on his Web site Veterans Today, which features anti-Israel and Holocaust denial materials. Duff has authored numerous articles and appeared in interviews advancing his allegations that Israel orchestrated WikiLeaks as a public relations campaign. In an undated interview with British-based IQRA TV, Duff even implicated India’s intelligence agency as being part of the conspiracy to bolster Israel’s image.

In another interview with the mainstream the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on December 17, 2010, Duff told the paper that, “WikiLeaks is obviously concocted by an intelligence agency. It’s a ham-handed action by Israel to do its public relations.”

There are two ways to take this, one being that Veterans Today and this author are really awful, despite being pushed by Israeli mainstream media or, just perhaps, that when Duff and Brzezinski outed Assange, something else happened.

We believe the answer is simple, that as Wikileaks has never leaked a single document or email involving Israel, a nation central to global controversy, that Wikileaks is Israel.

We think it is and has been a “slam dunk.”


Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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  1. Dear Jim Dean.
    Als ich gestern den Artikel von Ian Greenhalgh gelesen habe, dachte ich mich tritt ein Pferd, nun lese ich heute Ihren Artikel mit der gleichen Aussage über Snowden und Assange, Sind dass wirklich trojaner ??
    Es wäre der Hammer. Anbei vielen Dank für Ihre Ehrlichen Truth Artikel. Kind greetings from Germany.

  2. Why? Because you are utterly clueless. You need to go away and educate yourself on this subject, reading the articles VT has posted exposing the true nature of Assange and Snowden would be a start.

  3. Well done! That’s why Juli gets quiet and misty eyed when speaking about the principles of wikileaks as an *individual* project. So it is, only in his dreams. … Well Israel needs a popular heartbreak like wikileak other wise we’d be discussing the neutron micro nukes they provided to destabilize the structural foundation of WTC2-South , WTC1-North, and finally WTC7. (and yes it had to be in that order, otherwise the bomb delivery passage leading from WTC7 to WTC2 would have been blocked and everyone would know that the treasury bonds war-chest, under Papa Bush, used for project Hammer, was made up of forged treasury notes.) [Put that together from Khalezov presentation, awesome VT article about neutron nukes created under Papa Bush and a couple of remote viewing session by Farsight and a documentary called ‘9/11 Conspiracy Solved’]

  4. Well, I certainly got conned by the Dude – I thought he was doing a great service – dumping shit on everyone. I gotta start thinking more – ” Clandestine” I guess – Thanks Jim and Co.

  5. I’m curious, what is the name of the Swedish Booz Allen front? Sweden seems to have a central role in supporting the Assange op as well.

    One of the girls “abused” by Assange, Sofia Wilen, was likely an intelligence resource/op. She came from nowhere, with no history, had sex with Assange and then disappeared, not to be heard of again. Either she has a new identity or is disposed of permanently. The other one Anna Ardin is well connected with the Swedish establishment, her role is more obscure. Either she was an informed part or just manipulated to do what she did.

    The way it all played out, with inconsistency upon inconsistency adding up to a complete farce in the way the case was managed by the Swedish police and prosecutors strongly indicate that strings where pulled from the very top.

  6. National intelligence agencies are in the “publishing” business heavily. If the Pentagon publicly set up an official disinformation office staffed at the top with Hebrew Klansmen, what do you think someone like the CIA has been doing…and the other major NATO intel platforms, not to mention the multi-nationals Intel platforms which are extensive. When he was detained in Britain, the press did mention that while on bail he was staying at a private estate, but as usual, forgot to add that it was a Rothschild estate. They also forgo to tell the public that one of the Rothschild’s major in-house law firms was representing him, I suspect for free. This is not a bread crumb trail. It is double center line exposing the usual suspects. VT was there first, not just because we were smarter, but because we don’t fear going where the others won’t go. In fact we enjoy it as we don’t have any competition up where the air is thin.

  7. Lately Janet Yellen told Obama the same thing. Must look for the JewTube video link, perhaps I can find it again

  8. Israeli administration just keep burying itself, the country and diaspora deeper and deeper. They cannot observe from a rational standpoint that they are predominantly acting anti-semitic. Too bad their legacy and role models come from MI6 and the credo of the imperialists of the Commonwealth, that might work if Israel was and island somewhere in North Atlantic.

  9. “Note: the article is about Wikileaks, a name that nicely pointed at Wikipedia as a source of truth, yuck yuck! At the time Wikipedia was not commonly known to be in key areas a psych warfare site.”

    The next big story will be the link between the two in terms of wikipedia being another psyops game operation.

    • There should be no link based on the “wiki” label alone. Wiki (as far as i know) is a simple collaborative editing tool useful for running sites with multiple documents.

      Though anyone who has tried to edit events on wikipedia will find that the whole site is heavily re-edited to take out any accurate information. Good way to prove it is a psy-op is to edit current events, but do keep in mind there are (theoretically) mass of people putting up articles. The ultimate proof of who is who is to find out who funds the servers and who administers the wiki. (imo)

  10. A badge of honor to be on that list, but their ad hominem slimy rantings did not add up to a denial.

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