Breaking: Israel ‘telegraphing’ nuke war false flag 


[ Editor’s Note: A recent obscure, planted news story has revealed Israel’s plan for Trump’s lauded ‘October Surprise’, only the imminent threat of nuclear war with Russia, orchestrated by Israeli false flag military action could prevent Trump from circling the drain.

All the components are in place – a phony news service, imaginary Pentagon spokesperson and a wild tale that could only have originated at the hands of the ‘Masters of the Universe’: those Tel-Aviv Nobel Prize winners tasked with orchestrating world events. 

Today Iran published an obscure story from a London-based news service’ according to the story the Pentagon is planning to attack Syria and maybe Russia, under it’s own authority to save President Obama from ’embarrassment’. The story originated with the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, a known disinfo source, but was legitimised by Iran’s Al-Alam in a major Israeli intelligence coup.

The story has no legitimacy and has the key element common to all Israeli intelligence plants; it quotes anonymous sources making statements that could never be made, in this case an unattributed story simply says the Pentagon without any authorisation would attack Syria, even Russia and the reason given for this act of war, according to this story is to save President Obama, a president leaving office soon, from public embarrassment! Who would concoct a narrative like this?

This story is clearly part of an intelligence operation to sell the idea of distrust of the USA and to exploit well known Pentagon extremists who, rather than saving the president from embarrassment would, in reality, burn the world down. Russia has long followed the ‘end times’ Christian evangelists and ‘Dominionists’, the ones who stole the Barksdale nukes, the ones Obama and secretary Hagel cleaned out of America’s nuclear command structure .

Last month, we believe that Obama ordered the destruction of the Israeli military satellite masquerading as an innocent Facebook-owned bird to provide internet to Africa as it sat atop a Space-X rocket. The real purpose of this satellite was to give Israel long range tracking and guidance capabilities which would enable them to target almost anywhere on the globe with ballistic and cruise missiles.

We now believe that Obama acted decisively in order to remove the possibility of Israel using this new capability to carry out a false flag missile attack that could be conveniently blamed on the USA…. Ian ] 

We begin: 

US Launching Missile Attacks Against Syrian Army Soon: Report Revealed

The Pentagon is considering carrying out limited attacks in Syria that don’t drag US President Barack Obama to an embarrassing situation, along with several US security bodies holding meetings since weeks to figure out a solution to the rising crisis in Aleppo amid potential US attacks against Syrian Army.

Officials in the Pentagon and the White House told Asharq al-Awsat newspaper that “These airstrikes will not be disclosed and the US won’t claim them publicly”.

Some analysts expressed concerns over the mounting tension between Russia and the US as this might drift the Syrian war and spur a military conflict. However, the Pentagon source seems certain that a US decisive military step can be taken without any risk or real danger.

Meanwhile French FM Jean-Marc Ayrault in joint press conference with Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday spoke about the French efforts to push towards a ceasefire in Syria, describing the situation in Aleppo as “extremely dangerous”.

Ayrault met, earlier, Russian officials to discuss efforts to reach a ceasefire especially after Washington-Moscow brokered Syria truce collapsed, tension increased and accusations were being exchanged.

Yet, the political arena seems suspicious towards Obama’s administration desire or ability to take such a tough decision at the meantime. On Thursday Russia warns US against targeting Syrian army and said Moscow was ready to use its air defense systems to protect them.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said that any missile attack or airstrike on the territories controlled by the Damascus government would pose a clear threat to Russian military personnel.


Is ‘why?’ a reasonable question? Is Trump’s promise to support Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the West Bank enough to justify this risk? What else is pushing Israel’s acts of desperation? Acts that deeply parallel Trump’s own insanity.

Let’s take a look at the last debate, how many  remember Trump advocating support of Russia and Iran against terrorism? How many remember Trump’s statement during that event advocating a post-election US attack on Iran to destroy a nuclear program that everyone knows simply doesn’t exist? Is Trump so stupid (and he may well be) that he is capable of this level of contradiction? Or is it something else?


Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

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  1. The amount of BS you spout, always 180 degrees opposite of the facts we publish, makes it highly suspicious and quite natural we think that you’re a shill. If you’re not a shill then you’re just a loudmouth who;s full of shit. Either way, you’re utterly wrong and refuse to accept facts, if you’re not a shill, I’d be very surprised.

  2. Either you are a retarded idiot or, more likely, you are being paid to come here and spread this pro-Trump BS. Either way, you should hang your head in shame.

  3. Trump was drafted in to literally be the Trump card For Hillary.

    There was never any chance of Trump getting elected, and you guys are smart enough to know that.

    BTW, that was a really good editors note Ian. I am on the same page.

  4. Gordon has stated that Obama is not in control of the military. Who is? Well that’s the 6.5 trillion dollar question.
    The masons that want to perpetrate Albert Pike’s vision of ww3 is the frightening part of all this and may just be ready to go false flag or not.
    As for Trump having any relevance in the whole scheme of things I find it unlikely, besides it seems Hillary is more than ready to “whatever force nessasary” to stop “Russian aggression.”
    Starting something like this surely wouldn’t guarantee a Trump victory, I would guess just the opposite.

  5. “The Pentagon is considering carrying out limited attacks in Syria that don’t drag US President Barack Obama to an embarrassing situation”….as opposed to all the other “limited strikes” that have?…. and forced to cover for

  6. No one can be trusted and, nothing in the arena of politics can be taken at face value.Years of Hillary allow me to say I can predict how she will act. She is a bold faced liar, who will enact the deadly misnamed “free trade agreements”, designed to cripple what remains of US manufacturing and, forward the NWO agenda. She hasn’t lifted one finger to help Palestine and, is guilty of war crimes vis a vis Libya and, Syria. A known grand thief with a morbid past. Though Trump has made contradictory statements which discount Palestine, in essence validating the Israeli genocide and, it sounds bad. Hillary has given license to the genocide, by silence. So, no difference here.
    Both Bush and Obama have shown the public that it’s ok to lie. My hope is Mr.Trump is saying what he must to win and, once elected will reverse his positions on Palestine and, Iran. Clinton is a known value. Trump is has an unknown value. I favor the unknown, today. Nothing to lose.

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