Did McCain and Obama BOTH admit 2016 election is rigged?


1-flag-electionBy Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

In a stunning bipartisan admission, President Barrack Obama and Sen. John McCain reportedly have revealed that the outcome of the upcoming presidential election has been essentially decided in advance, and that the pre-ordained winner – barring an act of God – will be Hillary Clinton.

McCain’s reported remarks echoed Obama’s statement in August that Trump will be declared the loser, and will not even be allowed to raise questions, unless he is at least 10 or 15 points ahead:

“If Mr. Trump is up 10 or 15 points on Election Day and ends up losing, then maybe he can raise some questions,” President Obama stated on August 4th according to Reuters. (McCain expressed the same sentiments yesterday according to Press TV.)

The official admission that Trump will not be alowed to even “raise questions,” much less claim victory, unless he is “up 10 or 15 points” speaks volumes about American elections. If youmikeconnell_killedincrash_arnebeckjustice win by less than 10 or 15 percent, they will steal the election from you – as Bush/Cheney did when Kerry won by roughly 54% – 46% in 2004, but had the result nullified by rigged voting machines. The cyber expert who rigged the machines, Mike Connell, was killed in an engineered plane crash shortly before he was scheduled to testify in court against Karl Rove.

Whoever rigs the election for Hillary would be well-advised to stay out of courtrooms and small planes.

In light of the political lay of the land, as well as likely Establishment control of major polling outfits, the chances of Trump being “up 10 or 15 points” on Election Day are less than negligible. Thus we already know the official outcome – Hillary Clinton will be declared the winner, and Trump’s questions will be ruled off-limits – even if Trump were to win a solid 8-point popular vote victory and Electoral College landslide, as Kerry did in 2004.

The Establishment declaration that Trump will be declared the loser, and denied the right to ask questions, if he is not “up 10 or 15 points” on Election Day confirms Trump’s position that US elections are routinely rigged, and that Trump himself will likely lose a rigged election this November.

Trump has increasingly been calling attention to the problem of election fraud. In last Sunday’s debate, Trump declared that Hillary stole the Democratic Primary from Bernie Sanders. That happens to be true, as I explained in a July Press TV interview. Now he is repeatedly claiming that the November election will probably be rigged against him. Here, too, Trump is speaking an unspeakable truth.

I am not a huge fan of Donald Trump. I don’t think he is the right person to lead the Second American Revolution. But I do appreciate the way he routinely drops “truth bombs” on the Establishment, blowing up the mendacious mainstream machine and paving the way for the Revolution that, I hope and pray, will be led by a better man than he is.




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  1. There is no conspiracy not to cover the Wikileaks emails here. We will be discussing them on today’s False Flag Weekly News, 11 a.m. Eastern on NoLiesRadio.org, which should be posted here soon.

  2. T-Rex, would have a very special meaning for occult Illuminati. “T” stands for Tammuz, the Christ figure to come, whose symbol is the T, or Tau cross. The word “Rex,” meanwhile, stands for Man as King. In Weishaupt’s Illuminati system, the highest degree initiate earned the “Rex” degree. Thus, the symbols on Newt Gingrich’s necktie is displayed for all the world to see, but for only Newt and his Illuminati henchmen to understand that: Our Illuminati goal is a tyranny, ruled by a single ruler – the fearful Antichrist; beast of prophecy!

    Manly P. Hall advises the Mason that, once he has the seething energies of Lucifer in his hands, he is to walk in Tubal-Cain’s footsteps. Hall makes it sound like Tubal-Cain is one of the Greek gods but we know conclusively that Tubal-Cain

    • There is no way Trump can win this election and no rigging is needed. He’s not getting any votes from minorities nor by women. So I’m afraid the Zionist wan’t to rig the election in favor of Trump. Heard people talk that a state agency has been active in 20 states in relations with voting process, Why do zionist want Trump?
      If Hillary wins it will be easier for military they know she’s corrupt and would refuse the orders. If Trump wins they will be fooled and would easier follow his orders.

  3. Hillary & Co. will not need to rig the election to win against Donald Trump. Trump has already done all that he can to ensure that Hillary wins.

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