US Suffers Massive Defeat as Terrorists Crushed in Northern Aleppo

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The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) re-launched attempts to seize the Al-Sha’er Gas Fields from ISIS in Homs province. The government forces stormed ISIS positions southwest of the gas fields and reached its gates. Clashes are ongoing in the area.

The pro-government forces have achieved another notable success in northern Aleppo. The army and Liwa al-Quds took control of Talat Bureij, Majbal Al-Zatin, Tal Owayjah, and Tal Al-Asfar. Controlling of these hilltops allows, the government forces are able to easily defend the previous gains in northern Aleppo, overlook areas in the northern part of Haydariyah Neighborhood and prepare a push to set control of the Ba’edin Roundabout. In southern Aleppo, the army and Hezbollah captured the strategic Sheikh Sa’eed hill in the Sheikh Sa’eed Neighborhood.

In Western Ghouta, the army and the NDF seized the Air Battalion Base, located southeast of Der Khabiyah. Now, the government troops are deployed at the western and southern flanks of Deir Khabiyeh controlled by Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front) and Ahrar Al-Sham.

Yesterday, the army’s Tiger Forces and the NDF took control and defended from terrorist counter-attacks the town of Ma’an in northern Hama. Today, the Tiger Forces and the NDF are advancing west of the nearby village of Kubbariyah in an attempt to reach Suran, located at the highway between Hama and Aleppo. If Suran is re-taken, the militant controlled town of Ma’rades will become next target of the advance.

Next Saturday in Switzerland, Rusisa, the United States and local powers are set to discuss the military and political situation in Syria in order to find the so-called “peaceful solution” of the conflict. Most likely, the Russian-Syrian-Iranian alliance will not be ready to make some concessions to the “American partners”.

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7 Replies to “US Suffers Massive Defeat as Terrorists Crushed in Northern Aleppo

  1. What congress are you talking about. Don’t you remember Obama saying he will bypass congress if they don’t agree with him? Obama has one more MAJOR piece of work to do before he steps down and that is WWIII.

  2. Only answer: Balancing Assad own forces with “devices”, then see what Netanyahu tells US to do, he´s a brave man with US protection and American blood facing feebly neighbors, but in. the knowledge that its neighbor may loose its patience and with nothing to loose as its country is already demolished, almost a half population became refugees and half a million lost their lives under the Yanin Plan, would make Netanyahu think twice about going on with war, as Haifa, Tel Aviv and the core of Israel population its at throwing Stone distance from Syria. A TRUE existential threat may change Bibi´s mind about irrestrict warmongering. One thing it is trying to stop Palestinian firecrackers, another guessing the trajectory of an oncoming U239 payload..

  3. So the US/Saudi/israeli fly boys weren’t allowed to intervene on behalf of the Syrian military? Those S400’s are either working their charms or the axis of evil needs time to rehash a new air game to insure Syrian defeat. I still cant comprehend why they pretend to support the Syrian people when its obvious they don’t care about the Syrian government, its people, or its natural right to sovereignty when they accidentally bomb everything from hospitals, schools, and infrastructure needed for their survival to Syrian troops trying to regain territory. Its Dresden against, sort of.

  4. Screw the dumb stupid animal yanks .Declare a no fly zone over Syria use those S300/400’s to shoot down any NATO air incursion. Use nukes on the two yank air bases being built up in eastern Syria.

  5. Thanks for the good news. At this point, I believe the only peaceful solution is to tell the US to stop all actions in Syria, or face a war crimes tribunal.

  6. The only concession the ‘American partners’ should be given is that IF their minions leave NOW they won’t be eliminated tomorrow.

    1. I think we’re going to see something BIG happen before November 8. Obama is using distraction tactics for Clinton. He’s rooting for her more than she is herself. Meanwhile big arms buildup in the Indian Ocean area.

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