75% Truth – 25% Lies And Going Down With My Boots On

Movie-Second Hand Lions
Movie-Second Hand Lions

by Katherine Frisk

I got involved in this diabolical mess in 2011. At first, like most of the world, I just put down what Americans were saying as their insanity. Really, that is what most people think.

Only in America can people be this crazy. Things that are taken for granted now. Drones to bomb you; geo-engineering to flood you out; GMO to poison you; cell phones and the Internet to spy on you; vaccines designed to kill you; Common Core to dumb you down. But… I did not really understand how crazy.

By November 2011 I finally “got it!” I spent most of that month curled up in a ball of sheer terror. I got it, I got it all. I realized the whole game plan. I might not have had all the details to fit with the program, but I understood the general trend. Barbaric, primitive and completely uncivilized. In a nutshell I realized that what the world was facing was Scar versus the Lion King. Harry Potter versus Voldemort. Frodo versus Sauron. Luke Skywalker versus the Sith Lord. But this is real…. it is our world. It is what we have become. I finally came out of fear mode and decided that if they were going to take me out, I was going out “with my boots on.”

yoda-yoda-senses-internet-tough-guyI remember the day I made the commitment.

Back in 2011 I was a Facebook warrior. Along with thousands of others around the world. There really are so many you lose count.

Many of us have evolved since then. Started our own web sites, news sites and in my case, writing. The pen has always been mightier than the sword any day.

The word… in the beginning was the word. It can be used to great benefit for the whole planet or it can be corrupted and become the most incredible evil.In most cases it has become the latter as we see in all Main Stream Media outlets with their lies and propaganda.

I have learnt a lot in the last five years. The most important lesson for me was to realize that certain desperate Americans were trying to get the truth out, to somebody, to anybody, to even one single person who would listen.

But in order to tell their truth, they had to disguise it in some fashion that would make it look like a “conspiracy theory,” or “disinformation.” IF you are awake and do not take things at face value or are wised up to propaganda, you see what they are telling you. The BS that goes with this information is all lies. But they would not survive otherwise. And each and everyone of them has put their life on the line for doing so. So many names, the list would take up pages, a whole book. Motti Nissani is compiling one. Some good examples are: William ( Bill) Cooper, Aaron Russo and Russell Means.

Those who become too vocal and too honest are either blatantly murdered, are given a terminal disease like cancer ( yes they can do that) or are “suicided.” As Jim Dean keeps reminding people, please go to Veterans Today Contact page and at the bottom you will see a list of people. IN MEMORIAM – Missing but not forgotten…

John Perkins knows the official story of 9/11 is BS - that's why he risked his life to become a whistleblower
John Perkins knows the official story of 9/11 is BS – that’s why he risked his life to become a whistleblower

We all tell our truth as best we can in whatever manner we can.

And in 99% of the cases, it costs us dearly in one way or another. But there is no greater gift than laying your life down for a friend. For those who you love and are nearest and dearest to you. And furthermore for the whole of humanity as well.

John Perkins said something that really resonated with me:

“I’ve got a daughter and I’ve got an 8-year-old grandson. Bring on the trouble for me, OK, but let’s create a world they’re going to want to live in. And let’s understand that my 8-year-old grandson cannot have an environmentally sustainable and regenerative, socially just, fulfilling world unless every child on the planet has that.

And this is new. It used to be all we had to worry about was our local community, maybe our country. But we didn’t have to worry about the world. But what we know now is that we can’t have peace anywhere in the world, we can’t have peace in the U.S., unless everybody has peace.

putin-rides-a-bearTen years ago I never once thought that I would take the side of Russia, or stand shoulder to shoulder with Vladimir Putin and Lavrov.

America was after all, the home of freedom and democracy, justice and the defender of human rights and a peaceful civilized world. In the last five years I have learnt otherwise.

Do I hate Americans? No. Because they are the very same people who warned that their own government, politicians, bankers and corporations were and still are a very real danger to the world.

We should thank these people and respect them. Many of them have done what they did without earning a living. They saw the emergency for what it is. Many of them have been killed for their trouble. And many of them see Vladimir Putin as their only hope of getting their country back from psychopathic, insane criminals much in the same way that Russians themselves once did. .

This does not mean that these truth-tellers are communists. Far from it. Amerika is not a capitalist country and has not been since the death of John Kennedy. It is a corporate, hegemonic, fascist structure that is on a par with feudalism and in fact has more in common with pure, hard, communism. Except all ownership is in the hands of a few corporations as opposed to the state.

Banksters7They, like their slaves these people and their corporations have taken out, bought out and destroyed any and all competition in the room.

What is more these banks and corporations have paid political parties and politicians to ensure that tax payers money goes to them through very clever legal loopholes and not for the benefit of the people who pay those taxes.

They have also done this internationally through the privilege (and it has been a privilege not a right, of trust that has been broken) of having the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. They are now attempting to extend this privilege through the TTP and TTIP agreements and failing that, World War 3.

To those people in eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, South America who hate the west with a passion. Please know that thousands if not millions of westerners are fighting alongside with you in any way that they can. And most people today would vote Vladimir Putin as the President of the United Nations if they could.

Putin is the only adult in the room.

And if he goes down, I am going down with him …

with my boots on.


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Katherine is a freelance writer, political commentator, activist and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian
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  1. Great article that aptly summarizes so many truth tellers find themselves in. Right now a colossal struggle between the Internet’s alternative media and the RKM’s Controlled Major Mass Media is occurring and the victors will determine who charts the future course of America and most of the world. If the truth tellers lose this one, a new deadly dark age with engulf the world and it’s a good bet that a full scale ICBM-based nuclear WW3 will ensue that will mass-murder about 90% of the world’s population. This is truly fine work. More of this excellence please.

  2. I think this is where not only the US but western society has become confused with itself. On the one hand for all the evils of colonialism, it has since the time of Noah had a cross cultural ethic driven by economics and by wars of Empire. But at the same time a creed which feeds an elite mindest. We are all torn between the two, the major emphasis having been placed on Genesis 2 but the natural proclivity being on Genesis 1. Diversity and variety. It is written into our DNA. Now we have globalism versus Nation State sovereignty. There is nothing wrong with either concept so long as the one is not sacrificed at the expense of the other and a balance is maintained. We need globalism for international trade and co-operation but we also need to safe guard the well being of communities. Right now TTP and TTIP is a threat to the latter in the extreme. While fanatical nationalism becomes a threat and turns violent towards “the other.’ And good neighbourliness is forgotten. It is all a balancing act really.

  3. All these stories whether you are religious or not are woven into the western mind and we become programmed from an early age. But there are always two streams of thought as I have written about. The alternate stream which stems from Genesis 1 where we are all made in their image. This is neither racist, nor sexist and includes the whole of humanity. What is more the Bible stories themselves are stories of cross cultural integration. The sons of Noah in a sense representing the family of “man”in general. Abraham marries into Syrian ( Mittani) bloodlines, Joseph marries into Mizraim bloodlines, Judah marries into Canaanite bloodlines. Moses married a Cushite women which theoretically means that there are descendants of Moses in Africa today. All this is ignored. The USA is, if anything a cross cultural expansion on this theme, expanding on diversity. But it has forgotten that it is part of the world and as you said has also adopted a “divine protection in their own malevolent intent and actions”instead of respecting the boundaries and cultures of other nations, including within their our nation, the Native Americans are one example. Alternatively Zionism is a closed rank society which will lead to interbreeding and eventually infertility and mental impairment. It runs counter to the very concept of creation and is a death culture.

  4. With regard to your last sentence do you not think that they are as deluded with their sense of being “chosen”and as you put it so eloquently “divine protection in their own malevolent intent and actions”as have Americans in the belief in their own exceptionalism? At core the principle is the same. And at the core of that to my mind is the Genesis 2 myth that promotes a particular family and bloodline. Which is nullified in an of itself both before and after Noah. Before Noah in that his wife was Nubian the daughter of Enoch. And people argue the toss around that one endlessly and that she was a “second wife” or any excuse they can find to support their particular racist mindset. The Dead Sea Scrolls call Noah one of the Righteous, because he only had one wife. Then you had Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel who were Syrian, Abraham was Armenian. And Asinath Egyptian. Tamar a Canaanite , the son cursed by Noah, Ruth a Moabite and Bathsheba a Hittite. And then the Talmud heroine, Esther a Babylonian, and the story copied and adapted to Jewish history from Babylonian myth which is another root core of “divine protection in their own malevolent intent and actions”

  5. Thanks Katherine.

    In the last few decades, Vladimir Putin might be the only world leader to do anything positive for his country and the world. His critics are left without a leg to stand on when asked to provide objective and verifiable data to back up their criticism. I’m not sure who said it first, I think Ken O’keefe was the first I heard say it but, “you can’t prove water is not wet.” This is why Putin’s critics have such a hard time providing objective criticism, because he is telling the truth and his critics are liars, for the most part. Others are just parroting the lies they hear on their idiot boxes. At this point in time, no US politician can criticize any world leader, without being a complete hypocrite. They cry about human rights and war crimes, while they ruthlessly murder more than a million people in illegal, aggressive wars in the Middle East. Under the guise of fighting terrorism, they invade sovereign nations to overthrow their leadership and support terrorists to do their dirty work. Countless innocent civilians die as a direct result. If USG officials were held to the same standards set by their predecessors at Nuremberg, many in the Bush and Obama administrations would be required to hang by the neck until they are dead. I say let the chairs be kicked and the ropes be stretched. Nothing will change until someone us held accountable. Not even George Orwell himself could have imagined the backwards society we have accepted as “normal.”

    • Amelius, let you be assured that the cure can not be the same means as the illness.
      If we allow vegeance, revenge and violence in any shape or form, we just exchange the actors but not the script.
      We can´t let them keep on raping earth and humanity and our souls, we have to put them away from any position to harm anybody. But our motive must not be revenge – it has to be protection of our future.
      If we shouldn´t find any other way, they´ve got to die – but not because we go on with “an eye for an eye…”.
      We should handle this in an adult and responsible way. The main issue is the brainwash we all got – that violence can solve anything. We´ve got to let go competition and embrace cooperation. We have to let go dispute and embrace consensus. We still believe everything should be handled faster and faster – a means to stop REAL thinking and feeling. When we have these guys and their system put away, we can take all the time in the world to find solutions for all our issues. I do not know all the answers – I just know in my heart that Jesus was right – our power source is love and cooperation. I am damn sure that we need a lot of healing and time to recognize our REAL issues.
      We all are part of this mess – we all created our part of it – in some time in our past. We need to let go blame and accusation. We need to protect – and this could lead to the same treatment of the perpetrators as with judging their action before a trial…

    • I am not speaking about vengeance, or violence fuelled by revenge. All I am asking for is justice, for those in power to face the repercussions of their actions to the full extent of the existing laws, as set by their predecessors at Nuremberg. If justice was rightfully served, it would send a clear message that the days of killing millions of innocent people with impunity, on everyone else’s dime and without their consent, are over. I fully understand that peace cannot be achieved through violence. Just like love cannot be experienced if there is hate in your heart. I absolutely agree with the substance of your comment. I think maybe you might have misunderstood what I was asking for, that’s all. Not vengeance, or agressive violence, but justice. Not by my hand, or on my terms, but for them to be held to account and face the penalty for their crimes, according to the standards set by their predecessors at Nuremberg. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • I agree with you Amelius. We are not talking vengance here. But after what the banks alone have done, never mind the military industrial complex and the death and the destruction they have caused, Justice needs to be done and seen to be done. People who work hard every day, obey the law, pay their taxes and contribute to their societies become disheartened and eventually give up when they see these people walk away and get away with murder. Iceland did a good job of dealing with their criminal bankers and at the same time taking care of their own people. This weekend at the Hague Monsanto has been called out of crimes against humanity and ecocide. It is a start. Geo-engineering needs to be exposed and crimes that have been committed as in the tsunami in Sumatra and the earthquakes in Haiti.War criminal Bush and Blair need to be brought to book. etc etc etc. It has gone way beyond attempting to sweep these crimes under a carpet of “conspiracy theory”which nobody is buying anymore.

    • Very well said , Katherine. Seeing the international moneychangers and their puppet governments stomping on one nation after another, while robbing us blind and destroying our nations in the process, is very disheartening, indeed. They will not stop until somebody is held to account. As long as they believe they are “untouchable”, they will arrogantly continue creating problems and offering their diabolical agenda as the only solution.

      Thank you for the good news regarding Monsanto, I was not aware of this.

    • It is the usual game “Catch the thief” while having the hands in other peoples pocket, stealing their homes and looting their countries, if needed killing them. And who deny them this looting is a terrorist because he doesn´t want to give them everything.

  6. The epiphany comes to all of us in different ways. But I think we are all having them these days in leaps and bounds, which is a very positive move, even though it is very painful and traumatic in many ways. Trust broken, begin betrayed by the very people you once were brainwashed into believing had humaities best interest at heart, can be soul destroying … it you let it.

  7. Thank you Katherine – again!
    Because of you and Jones I´m still looking up VT. Not a word you´ve written here, I couldn´t have said myself – but your way telling it is WAY better!
    Since the start of his help in Syria, I grew from a critisizing look at Putin into an absolute Putin fan.
    He saved the Levant, he gives the possibility to choose here in Europe, he plays a fairer game than the other side, he made cease-fires possible in Syria for several times, he stepped back (while winning) to offer the hand of peace and this several times, he showed mercy when others where barbaric…
    The last point was the most important for me because the offers to the militants and to NATO / US and the willingness to give them a leap of faith AGAIN even though they prooved time and again to cheat upon their “partners” – that makes Putin exceptional.
    He represents the force that can KILL OR HEAL.
    And it is not him who decides but the other side (the terrorists / the three letter gangs) which one it will be.
    This makes him a giant and – how you express it – a real adult and (in my heart) a real christian.

    • Thank you volker-dee. It is time responsible adults took over. So far we have had spiteful, selfish children with no sense of social or even planetary responsibility. Lavrov is another one of my favourites. I think he rocks!

  8. Vladimir Putin is not going down, he will continue to rise … truth elevates above and beyond those leading in lies…..the flag of a nation cannot hold the hearts of the people while leading in lies….hearts drawn as swords for truth do not shrink back …truth advances, boots and all

    • 🙂 I think Putin has just copped out of the “lights, camera, action routine.” Russians have been through enough in the last 100 years not to play games with their lives or their country. Or anyone else’s for that matter. And so far everything he does with within international law.

  9. [Editor’s note: Only one link per comment. ]
    “Amerika is not a capitalist country and has not been since the death of John Kennedy.”

    The best analysis of the “JFK assassination” fairy tale was written by Miles Mathis.
    “The Hidden King(s)”.

    “In this paper I will tell you what really happened that day [November 22, 1963], and what has really happened since 1944. The JFK mystery is just one part of a much larger mystery, a mystery I will unravel for you in the second half of this paper. The JFK assassination is the key that unlocks more than a half-century of closed doors, allowing us to see behind the greatest curtain of all. Up to now, we have had two possible theories. Either Kennedy was killed by Oswald or he was killed by someone else. I will show that the facts, taken alone, point to neither of these two conclusions.”

    Read the PDF from Miles Mathis website
    or in html at Gaian Corps

  10. HRC openly blames Vladimir for the hacks, and Katherine, the mainstream propaganda media says expecting mothers who get flu vaccines will have healthier children and if not be sure to vac”sin” nate your newborns. Good work, fear plays into their hands thanks.

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