Was VT Wrong to Defend America from Israel?

Even America's walls are shit
Even America's walls are shit
Even America’s walls are shit

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Israel hates America. Most Israelis hate Americans, even American Jews. I am not making this up, for those who don’t know. Americans let themselves be lied to, robbed blind and led into slaughter, election after election. Americans love to be lied to and will do anything against their own interest, including selling their future, debasing their own progeny, over causes anyone else would laugh about.

American hate, once aimed at the “negro” is now centered closer to home, in actuality inside the home. American males, some 55% of them, have decided that women are the problem. By problem, as expressed so aptly by Trump, they are unwilling to submit sexually anywhere, anytime and to anyone, unless of course that “anyone” is a billionaire with his own reality TV show and clothing line (made in China and Indonesia).

Israel, though an apartheid state, has a freer press than America and a more open political system, despite the fact that 51% of its population has no human rights whatsoever.

With everything we have pointed about about Israel – their manipulations, their wars overt and covert – they have some loyalties, and theirs is some system, and they have some sense to what they do, despite the flawed morality.

No one can say that about the United States.

For the past decade, VT has waged a propaganda war, one VT has largely won, against the Israel lobby in Washington. To a lesser, perhaps much lesser extent, VT has warred on Israel’s policies of exploiting American bigotry and ignorance, pushing national divisions, supporting religious extremism and fostering hatred of every kind.

We wanted to save America, they wanted to burn it all down. We wanted to save America because we assumed, as veterans, that America has, at its root, a great heart and could still represent the hope of all mankind. They saw it differently, that America deserved no better than it got, a nation imbued with hubris, built on hypocrisy and butchery. (like Israel)

But where Israel thumbs its nose at the world, bible thumbing America still plays the game. This isn’t about Donald Trump. In many ways, his insanity is a breath of fresh air, like the proverbial monkey and the typewriter, Trump stumbles on occasional truths, fed to him by internet-scouring handlers, which he voices knowing he is above the law.

Trump isn’t doing anything Bush or McCain or Romney didn’t do, he just does it in a more objectionable way and with much less hypocrisy. OK, maybe all of them don’t really hate women like Trump or hate the disabled, but they do have one thing in common, they look on Americans as cattle, as “goyim” as they put it in Israel, to be fed off and slaughtered.

Nobody likes to be “common man,” nobody sees themselves as such, despite pronouncements to the contrary.

Bill Maher, himself an Israel apologist, is someone who gets it right, not to the extent that George Carlin did, but says what needs to be said. Watch the entire video. He carries off anger with less vitriol than I do, better get that message from him than me.

A well regulated universe long ago taught Trump that his power was limited to his own domain, New York clubs or his own depraved manor holdings. Try crotch grabbing in a New Jersey diner and it will be his nuts served on a plate.

We can’t deny that, while Trump is burning down America, just as Hitler did when the German people began submission to the allied onslaught in 1945, he exposing a rot he didn’t create. Trump didn’t make America what it is.

He is just one of the endless rich little pricks that dance through our waking nightmares during our short lives, pissing on our souls.

There have been so many and there will be many more.

Returning to the issue of Israel. If so many Americans hate each other, why deny Israel from doing the same? Israel would never have gotten away with persecuting millions of Palestinians unless their Arab neighbors were fully complicity. Nobody likes the Palestinians, a people driven into anger and frustration, a massive global “inconvenience.”

Nobody likes “inconvenience.”

Now America is “inconvenient.” Israel just saw it first. Israel has always admitted to being a nation of assholes. They are, and have been, the “Donald Trump” of nations, grabbing at the “crotch of the world” with impunity, shielded by the wealth with which the holocaust has endowed them.

Their point here is simple. “At least we are better than America.”

Trump has proven them absolutely right. VT stands corrected.


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  1. Mr. Duff does have a point – why bother defending us and trying to make things better if we are all too stupid to live?

    Self-interest is what is left, since if the 95% go down, they will most likely drag the 4%, who are not cut-outs but are aware of what is wrong, with them.

  2. As it was stated and recorded going on 40 years ago now, ( January 6, 1977 ) by a 300 year old Plejaren woman, : “There will not be Peace On Earth until this imposed hebrew religion / race connection is finally dissolved.”
    The best offer for you is to just give it up and just walk away because the jig is up khazarian ashenazi jew.

  3. Nobody likes the Palestinians? Not even the Queen of Jordan, who is Palestinian? But you have a point. Israel and her cozy Arab buddy governments in the ME could have solved the Palestinian issue eons ago. Instead, they created the Palestinian Authority, yet another cozy buddy. Now they have a real problem.

  4. Israel is probably an establishment that has used the USA war platform to the fullest and together with the UK regime. All these preeminent war plans were on Thatcher’s desk and the other British conquerors before the plans were on Pentagon’s desk. I see Israel as a British-outsourced dangerous project to Pentagon. It was to dangerous for the British. Also so many contradictions concerning and surrounding Israel ( a majority of Israel is comprised of central and eastern European people, Russian mostly, and Israel sees its natural and military allies in North Atlantic ). I think that Obama would gladly hand over the US status of guardian of Israel security-and-military-aid-first to any other emerging power like Russia or China, if only he could. Also, Israel a leading start-up nation, assassinates scientists. Stages false flag attacks in North America and Europe, the only associated places that accept its independence.

  5. We see in major media publications, all over the Western World, news that defames Donald Trump while elevating Hillary Clinton. Reportedly, 90% of major news media is controlled by the constituency of Judaism. http://jewwatch.com/jew-domination-media.htm) Thus, one concludes that Hillary Clinton is the choice of Judaism for the U.S. presidency. Viewing the news media of the Western World, one concludes that Donald Trump is being used as a scapegoat, distracting from Judaism´s subterfuge in the Pentagon, and around the earth. Perhaps, space exploration, also.
    The continuous defamation of Trump by Judaism-controlled news media indicates that Donald Trump is not a patsy of Judaism-Israel. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for continued subterfuge against “Goyim” by Judaism-MOSSAD, continued ISIS-ISIL terrorism, continued CIA/MOSSAD false-flags throughout the Western World, and continued provocation of the leadership of Russia. That is, until Judaism´s puppetry in the Pentagon, with assistance of Clinton, initiate a nuclear war with Russia. STOP

  6. how many reading this really get it?…..and see the full spectrum of what constitutes “israel”…. was is past tense….has VT given up defending America against what constitutes “israel”…. leading the world on a path towards a Day When The Earth Stood Still?….wake up people …we are defending the whole world against “israel”…. it is not a plot of land stolen and misnamed

  7. We are on the same page Gordon.

    Trump is a total nut-job, and Hillary is a criminal.

    Yet reality dictates that you have to vote for one or the other.

    Hillary getting the top job was always a given, and i have always suspected Trump was a paid actor to guarantee that the witch got the job.

    At least there is a chance it will blow a head gasket in a year or two…

    • Your own editor Ian Greenhalgh pointed out in his article that it was blacks that were convicted for raping the Central Park jogger. And that somehow Trump was “wacist” for being mean to the black rapists. You can look that up.

      But it is “racist hate speech” to point out that they were in fact rapists, and admitted to the crime for which they were jailed?

      There is “hate speech” going on, all right. But it ain’t from me.

    • Oh dear, you have got things completely wrong. Deliberately so? Those five black men were falsely accused and were innocent, they have been pardoned. Trump used his ties to the mob and NYPD to influence the case, to get those 5 men convicted. If you had read the article you refer to that Gordon and I wrote you would know that, hence I find it suspicious that you are now saying the exact opposite of the facts we laid out in that article.

  8. So “The American hatred of ‘negros'” turns to the male hatred of women? What happened to the females? Didn’t they hate the ‘negro’? Who do they hate now? Or aren’t women capable of bigotry?
    These sweeping generalizations don’t help your point of view.
    But of course “this isn’t about Trump.”
    This is about the common man, (the same Hillary hates according to the Podesta emails).
    The uninformed, media manipulated, bigoted American, the people VT set out to save but now hate(a few writers anyway) because they just don’t get it and you “can’t fix stupid.”
    Unfortunately there is only one anti war candidate out there and that’s Jill Stein, but without a chance to win.

  9. The two party system was never written into the Constitution and as well Thomas Jefferson once stated his feelings about such in that they would become corrupted.
    So now we see a political system totally corrupted , worthless to the American people and threat to the planet. Both parties are war parties. Both parties threaten the peace and prosperity of all as they have destroyed the prosperity of the American people. They destroyed the middle class. They destroyed any chance of upward mobility. They destroyed America’s leadership in manufacturing.
    College grads, burdened with over a trillion dollars of debt cannot find jobs that can support them, let alone pay off their massive student debt. Living with their parents is now creating a collapse in the housing market.
    And now they are destroying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The war on drugs, the war on terror…what next are they going to declare a war on? Gun ownership? Free speech? Property rights?
    The right to not incriminate yourself? The right to remain silent? The right to due process? Thanks to the Patriot Acts, the NDAA and Military Commisions act, many of these rights are no longer in force.
    And the people in congress approved of these violation of our rights!

  10. Americans believe the lies and have resistance to the truth: Isaiah 9: 5 The Jews’ will not tell the truth, they learned the language they speak lies “Birds fly, fish swim and Jews lie. Israel hate America, they hate Jews, Americans, as Goy and cattle, and the Americans see in Judaism splendor and serve the Jews as God’s people, shameful and humbly America serves Israel and deserved what she got, the Jewish spirit the Americans have become a criminal nation, imbued with pride , built on hypocrisy and slaughter. Do not these American Israel would never existed. Goyim Americans serve their masters in order to fulfill God’s will and ruled the world. America fight wars on behalf of Israel, and it is the duty of Gentile. So deep worship service ensures supremacy of the Jews that God has declared to his people, and the story of the Jews and America realized.

  11. I live in a Blue State that is a liberal bastion in most parts. More government spending here per capita than almost every other secures this. I have yet to see a Hillary sign anywhere. Trump pence signs are all over. I don’t intend to participate. I registered republican to support Ron Paul and after the way they treated him I’d like to see them collapse. And if Trump does only that I’ll be happy. The bad thing is if he wins they will do anything to usurp him. Up to including a false flag. Or more likely impeach him shortly after taking office so that lunatic Pence can take over and fulfill the dispensationalist wet dream of launching Armageddon. When Psychopaths rule an organization and psychopathy becomes accepted it permeates throughout. I believe we have reached that point.

    • Indeed, yes. After what the GOP did to Ron Paul my thoughts were”to hell with them” and it seems now Trump is going to take down the GOP. Make it so! Hopefully the damage to the GOP will be severe enough to allow it to disintegrate into dust. They deserve it.
      As for Pence, you nailed it.
      As for the Democratic party, they need to go as well. Both need to go the way of the Dodo. They’ve remained past their “sell by” date.

  12. I suspect a bit of trolling going on by Gordon on Trump…’trying to be controversial to spur interest’..

    Certainly, if elected, there’s risk of Trump turning into the next POTUS-puppet or water boy if he doesn’t get JFK’d

  13. What you can learn turning on our corporate media?
    Trump grab somebody somewhere at it happened decade ago !!! , we cannot have person like that as a President !
    Instead we should have full information not on what Trump said but what Hillary DID, her full criminal record.
    it is puzzling to me that any veteran, under any circumstance can cast vote for Democratic Party.
    Party of 100% slaves owners.

  14. Gordon, being the accredited diplomat he is, must have a sufficiently twisted, serpentine, byzantine, ambagious mind to think along such lines…. What am I saying.. ! Honest Guvner, it weren’t me what thought that one up.

  15. Do you not think it is already too late, JohnZ, with the predicted dollar collapse round the corner.

    Re Hillary, I wonder if Gordon and others anticipate Hillary’s health not holding up, and Bernie Sanders becoming the President – which in an honest election, perhaps he could win as an independent, or he could be finagled back into the Democratic Party to that end.

    • Who knows exactly when the collapse will happen. No one has that kind of info or that kind clairvoyance to prognosticate the actual time. I’m not an economist. I only go by what others such as Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, Jim Willy and others are saying.
      The best we can do for now is prepare.
      Good luck

  16. I love you, Gordon. Seems like the “pissing on our souls” is coming a little bit from everywhere. I’ve just about given up trying to drive myself through the Satanist armada of national television, corporatism, and politics. A lot of these people have never done a single thing to help humanity, have actually hurt it terribly, and then shut up the people who are sincerely trying to help. Pretty disgusting. I’m moving to Israel. LOL

  17. As no one is perfect, getting a second a second chance for most human transgressions is a natural. Some will obviously live and learn and make a point of being a better individual, some never will, while others will not be anything other than evil dirt bags. Everyone has their “warts” now and then. Too many evil types with their hands on the levers of power though.

  18. Glad to see they are finally getting your meds better balanced. I’ve never had a good word to say about Hilary or Trump. As far as I’m concerned Trump will at least initiate a civil war with maybe 100 million casualties. Hilary who will feel it necessary to prove a vagina can be as tough as any swinging dick will be fondling the football between naps and could raise that number to 7 billion. But you’ve made me see the light, and I think I’ll vote for her too since she’ll pay for my sex change operation so I can massage my own muffin. Go ahead and Haifanate me again.

  19. Zionist influence and control over the issuance of America’s currency, political system, MSM, most major publishing companies and Hollywood, are largely to blame for the degradation and self destruction of America. They have used her (America) for more than a hundred years. Now that they’ve drained every last ounce of life blood from America, like the insatiable parasite that they are, they are now destroying their host country from the inside out, hoping to make her “too weak to retaliate.” Just like Theodor Herzl laid out in his diaries. Prominent Zionist parasites have always claimed that there are no American Jews, German Jews, Russian Jews, etc. To them, there are only Jews that live in America, Germany, Russia, etc. They refuse to assimilate into the cultures of the countries in which they reside. Instead, they expect those countries to change their cultures to suit their Talmudic ideologies. We are witnessing the reason why “Jews” have been ran out of more than 100 different countries in the past. This is what happens when the synagogue of Satan gains control over the issuance of a nation’s currency. This eventually leads to their total control over the government and therefore, the military and media, which is then used to push their propaganda on the public hoping to convince everyone that those who resist the perpetual debt servitude of the learned elders of Zion, are also the enemies of America.

    • That being said, I understand that not all Jews feel this way, but their inability to stand up against those in their own community who give them all a bad name, makes them complicit to some extent. In the same fashion, our apathy makes us complicit to some extent as well.

  20. VT was not wrong in defending America from isrealhell. I fully support and endorse the idea that America needs to divorce itself from that vampire squid and tell them to shove it somewhere.

  21. Americans had the chance 8 years ago when Dr. Ron Paul was running for president but the GOP elite and their propagandists destroyed Dr. Paul’s chances. Far too many Americans were either brainwashed or deliberately deceived.
    The choice we have in this election is no choice. With either candidate, we loose. We cannot even count on those who are supposed to represent us in Washington to do the right thing any longer. They are bought by corporate money, blackmailed by isrealhell and its agents and controlled by those lurking in the shadows.
    Greed, corruption and degeneracy inside the nation’s capitol threatens to destroy this country and unless more Americans wake up and realize what is happening around them, it’s all over.
    For the most part, we are all to blame.

  22. “Israel hates America. Most Israeli’s hate Americans, even American Jews”.

    I am curious of the percentage in both countries and other countries as well; I was not aware of this information.

    I am reading a book titled “The White War” by Mark Thompson, there is plenty of hated of murderous citizens killing other citizens only because of a language type, and this continued into the WWW II.

    Grammar error: ‘their’ replace with ‘there’ and remove ‘is some’
    With everything we have pointed about about Israel, their manipulations, their wars overt and covert, they have some loyalties and ‘their is some’ system and some sense to what they do despite the flawed morality.

  23. If the american public is too stupid to voluntarily elect the continuation and expansion of zionist globalism they therefore deserve martial law and a technocrat dictator in a pant suit.

    Is this for real?

    • Gordon, and can you guarantee she won’t invade Iran? Start a war with Russia, or turn another middle eastern country into a hell hole? Can you guarantee she won’t act worse than the current despot in the White House? Can you guarantee that more of our rights won’t be trampled into the dirt? Can you guarantee she won’t continue the misuse and abuse of the office with more absurd executive orders? Can you guarantee she will not be another of isrealhell’s toadies?
      Can you guarantee she will respect the Constitution and order an end to the assault on our rights?

    • Don’t you mean the ‘Hag in the Orange Bodybag’? And BTW, Gordon, your response is pathetic. You’re equating ‘free-thinking’ Americans with Pavlov’s dogs. There is a third choice, and we’re free to decide what that is.

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