Was VT Wrong to Defend America from Israel?

Even America's walls are shit
Even America's walls are shit
Even America’s walls are shit

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Israel hates America. Most Israelis hate Americans, even American Jews. I am not making this up, for those who don’t know. Americans let themselves be lied to, robbed blind and led into slaughter, election after election. Americans love to be lied to and will do anything against their own interest, including selling their future, debasing their own progeny, over causes anyone else would laugh about.

American hate, once aimed at the “negro” is now centered closer to home, in actuality inside the home. American males, some 55% of them, have decided that women are the problem. By problem, as expressed so aptly by Trump, they are unwilling to submit sexually anywhere, anytime and to anyone, unless of course that “anyone” is a billionaire with his own reality TV show and clothing line (made in China and Indonesia).

Israel, though an apartheid state, has a freer press than America and a more open political system, despite the fact that 51% of its population has no human rights whatsoever.

With everything we have pointed about about Israel – their manipulations, their wars overt and covert – they have some loyalties, and theirs is some system, and they have some sense to what they do, despite the flawed morality.

No one can say that about the United States.

For the past decade, VT has waged a propaganda war, one VT has largely won, against the Israel lobby in Washington. To a lesser, perhaps much lesser extent, VT has warred on Israel’s policies of exploiting American bigotry and ignorance, pushing national divisions, supporting religious extremism and fostering hatred of every kind.

We wanted to save America, they wanted to burn it all down. We wanted to save America because we assumed, as veterans, that America has, at its root, a great heart and could still represent the hope of all mankind. They saw it differently, that America deserved no better than it got, a nation imbued with hubris, built on hypocrisy and butchery. (like Israel)

But where Israel thumbs its nose at the world, bible thumbing America still plays the game. This isn’t about Donald Trump. In many ways, his insanity is a breath of fresh air, like the proverbial monkey and the typewriter, Trump stumbles on occasional truths, fed to him by internet-scouring handlers, which he voices knowing he is above the law.

Trump isn’t doing anything Bush or McCain or Romney didn’t do, he just does it in a more objectionable way and with much less hypocrisy. OK, maybe all of them don’t really hate women like Trump or hate the disabled, but they do have one thing in common, they look on Americans as cattle, as “goyim” as they put it in Israel, to be fed off and slaughtered.

Nobody likes to be “common man,” nobody sees themselves as such, despite pronouncements to the contrary.

Bill Maher, himself an Israel apologist, is someone who gets it right, not to the extent that George Carlin did, but says what needs to be said. Watch the entire video. He carries off anger with less vitriol than I do, better get that message from him than me.

A well regulated universe long ago taught Trump that his power was limited to his own domain, New York clubs or his own depraved manor holdings. Try crotch grabbing in a New Jersey diner and it will be his nuts served on a plate.

We can’t deny that, while Trump is burning down America, just as Hitler did when the German people began submission to the allied onslaught in 1945, he exposing a rot he didn’t create. Trump didn’t make America what it is.

He is just one of the endless rich little pricks that dance through our waking nightmares during our short lives, pissing on our souls.

There have been so many and there will be many more.

Returning to the issue of Israel. If so many Americans hate each other, why deny Israel from doing the same? Israel would never have gotten away with persecuting millions of Palestinians unless their Arab neighbors were fully complicity. Nobody likes the Palestinians, a people driven into anger and frustration, a massive global “inconvenience.”

Nobody likes “inconvenience.”

Now America is “inconvenient.” Israel just saw it first. Israel has always admitted to being a nation of assholes. They are, and have been, the “Donald Trump” of nations, grabbing at the “crotch of the world” with impunity, shielded by the wealth with which the holocaust has endowed them.

Their point here is simple. “At least we are better than America.”

Trump has proven them absolutely right. VT stands corrected.



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