BUSTED: Another CIA sockpuppet tries to smear Hillary and Obama



[Editor’s note: This is a false story planted by a CIA sockpuppet organisation. The Washington Times is owned by the Moonies, that quasi-religious Korean sect that publicly indulges in mass marriage ceremonies but privately, has links to pedophile networks and human trafficking. Most significantly though, the Moonies are a CIA front and always have been.

The Peshmerga are the Barzani-lead, Erbil-based faction that is closely aligned, or rather, are a puppet of, the Erdogan regime in Turkey. They are well armed and equipped, including heavy weaponry in the form of Soviet-era armour and artillery. However, that is just the official story, we know that they have also received large quantities of US and western arms and equipment.

In 2005, a VT staffer was in Erbil meeting with senior Peshmerga figures, he was shown a walled compound that contained dozens of US Abrams tanks, Humvees, Armoured personnel carriers, Apache attack helicopters and other ‘goodies’ all lined up neatly, fresh off the boat – hundreds of millions of dollars worth of arms. He was warned not to take any photographs as it ‘could get us all killed’ (meaning both the VT staffer and his guides, who were very senior figures indeed.)

The role played by the Peshmerga in the fighting in Iraq is rather murky, they are publicly enemies of Daesh and allied to the Turkey-US-NATO coalition, but this is far from accurate, not least because they played a major role in the Daesh seizure of large portions of northern Iraq. It has been alleged that the Peshmerga were Daesh in northern Iraq

It is the other Kurdish faction, the one that Erdogan has been busily attacking inside Turkey for several years now that is doing most of the fighting against Daesh, they are the Kurds who, with US assistance both on the ground and in the air, captured Manbij earlier this year. Ian]

Leaked emails: Clinton advised Obama to arm Kurds to defeat ISIS

Leaked documents show that the democratic nominee for the US presidency Hillary Clinton had advised Barack Obama to provide arms support to the Kurdish Peshmerga if the administration wanted to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS).

According to a report in the Washington Times, Clinton who had left her post as Secretary of State in 2014 still continued to advise US President Obama on Iraq and Syria.

“If we provide advisers and planners, as well as increased close air support for the peshmerga, these soldiers can defeat ISIL,” Clinton had told the Obama administration, according to leaked documents published by Wikileaks.

“Mrs. Clinton recommended providing the Kurds with heavy weapons such as artillery and armored vehicles to fight the Islamic State,” wrote the Washington Times on Wednesday.

The Obama administration had remained cautious about its agreement with Turkey not to supply heavy weaponry to the Kurds, but “But Mrs. Clinton said fighting the Islamic State should be the priority.”

Obama ordered air strikes against ISIS in August 2014 when the extremist group attacked the Kurdish Peshmerga on many fronts.

Clinton has been vocal in her support for the Kurdish forces in recent weeks especially in her latest presidential debate last Sunday where she said: “I would also consider arming the Kurds. The Kurds have been our best partners in Syria, as well as Iraq. And I know there’s a lot of concern about that in some circles, but I think they should have the equipment they need so that Kurdish and Arab fighters on the ground are the principal way that we take Raqqa after pushing ISIS out of Iraq.”

“There are a lot of very important planning going on, and some of it is to signal to the Sunnis in the area, as well as Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, that we all need to be in this. And that takes a lot of planning and preparation.” Clinton said in the debate.

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  1. Obama one day says it’s not possible to rig the election the following day he accuses Russia of rigging the election

  2. “…has links to pedophile networks and human trafficking. Most significantly though, the Moonies are a CIA front and always have been.”


    And you have evidence to prove this to be true I assume.
    PLEASE, get a real job will ya!

  3. We know that israel has been vocal about creating a Kurdish state.

    But the Hillary is talking about alienating Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

    I guess it is good for israel…

    • Trump is Sheldon Adelson’s candidate. Trump is more slavishly pro-Rotten-Child than Hillary is.

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